Take America Back! or…Can You Feel the Love?

I recently got an email from an online friend of mine that was one huge page of anti-Obama jokes. Were they racist? No…not all of them.

Is my friend a racist? I don’t think so. Actually, she and I are the most unlikely of online friends. Our views on everything from religion to politics – and certainly regarding the Billy Meier case – couldn’t be more opposite. So why are we friends? Just because we can recognize some commonality as human beings, immersed in the human condition, and we somehow chose to allow that to create a friendly bond that superseded our differences.

I will also say that she has a website that is hostile to the Meier case and my representation of it. But my own sense of things is that human beings, the ones who survive, will indeed be grateful to acknowledge and greet each other when the smoke clears, in the future, so why not start now?

Returning to the anti-Obama cartoons, the unleashed nastiness, the selective targeting of Obama as the cause of every single one of the problems and ills of the country and everyone in it, brings with it an ominous aura, which, I guarantee, is undetected by those who revel most in the bashing of the president. It’s almost as if you can already see the way the movie plays out – if the most vocal of his adversaries get their wet dream fulfilled.

Should one of the sorry lot of political hacks floated by the Republicans actually become the next president, I see absolutely no chance that the Henoch Prophecies, as they pertain to the U.S. will not be fulfilled. Speaking as someone who is non-political, who actually has contempt for those who not only manipulate the unthinking masses but for those who willingly participate in the dead-end, dog-and-pony show that is politics, a Republican president will “rescue” the country from a basically decent, highly intelligent man, with flawed policies, who also inherited a many, many decades long disaster in the making.

In fact, Obama was the perfect fall guy in many ways. Bright, energetic, socially conscious, etc, perhaps all too easy to encourage, and manipulate, by those powerful parties with their own agendas such as always operate clandestinely behind the scenes…or not so clandestinely in the case of the Bushes, Cheney, etc.

So should the people choose yet another stinking politician to “Take America back!” they will probably get far more than they (we, and the rest of the world) bargained for. For what can they take us “back” to? The plain answer is the same military/industrial war machine mentality that has already manipulated us into over 200 unprovoked acts of aggression, around the world, in the last 60+ years. By unprovoked I mean just that, none of the people, countries, etc. in that list ever…attacked us. It didn’t matter then and it won’t matter again if the Republicans succeed.

Now that the country has exported all its other major jobs and industries, now that millions more people are also losing their homes, their retirement funds, whatever they thought they actually owned and had, the white knight, even if he or she can barely blubber better than the last Bush, will certainly be effective in igniting the masses of willing tinder to flame up and welcome proposals to “save the economy” by manufacturing – and liberally unloading on every “enemy” – all sorts of new weapons and munitions, etc. Actually, there already are new, horrendous weapons in secret development that may not remain secret for that much longer, if a “new” version of the worst of what Americans have long shown themselves to be swayed by gets elected.

Those who are already loudly beating the drums for someone to oust Obama will accept the most familiar kind of demagogue and politician and likely give only the most superficial consideration to their character, substance, integrity, etc.

So when civil wars again come to America, when the long prophesied turning away from the U.S. and turning against us instead is underway and building to full force, when the Russians and Chinese have gone on their long-prepared military marches – aided by greedy, self-seeking Americans who sought to profit from selling our military applicable technologies to them, etc. – when the laws of cause and effect are delivering unto us that which has been delivered in our name, for decade upon decade to those who never did us any harm…perhaps then those who still can remember the turning point will lament their own lack of patience, their unwillingness to think and their own unacknowledged hidden motives and prejudices…in their rush to “Take America back!”

I hope that you, me, our families and friends (and many, many more) are among those who will be here “when the smoke clears” and be grateful to see another human being, whatever we may have considered our differences to have been…back then.

10 Replies to “Take America Back! or…Can You Feel the Love?”

  1. Very well stated Michael. We are all brothers and sisters and it doesn’t matter what country we’re from, we are all in this together.
    I just hope your next election isn’t rigged and Obama remains for another 4 years. I’m sure the corporations love Rick Perry, the climate change denier. I guess Rick Perry doesn’t read the latest info from nasa that the ozone hole is manmade:
    (Of course we already knew that from the contact reports)

  2. What you mean Ron Paul isn’t different from the status quo? The pentagon is saying it will be a good 10 years before china’s military is even modernized it appears to me like there is still time to change the course.

  3. Ah , ” I love the morning with the smell of napalm in the air ” .

    Revised sentiment , I love the morning the with smell of citronella gum-trees in the air .

    Are the dogs of war to soon be at our gate !

    If some people get their way I guess the first sentiment will be
    reality .
    Michael , I see similar political parallels in my own country .

  4. “when the laws of cause and effect are delivering unto us that which has been delivered in our name, for decade upon decade to those who never did us any harm…” You are so right about that. It is long overdue, and that’s the way things work, you reap what you sow. Here (Cambodia) they call it Karma.

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