Terrestrial Astrology: Science or Superstition?

Since my previous blog also became a lightening rod for opposing views on astrology, I offer this one for the discussion of the topic. I have titled it Terrestrial Astrology: Science or Superstition? since the issue includes the idea that the astrology that the Plejaren are said to practice is far different, more advanced and accurate than our terrestrial version.

Hopefully some light can be shed that will be of value to all concerned.


UPDATE on earthquakes:

Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile

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  1. October 7, 2014 13:49:40 UTC M6.0 – 22km WSW of Weiyuan, China
    October 8, 2014 02:40:54 UTC M6.2 – Gulf of California

  2. Odd, I’m seeing “Zoe Saldana is Expecting Twins” as one of the “You May Also Like:” links above. Anyone else seeing this? Is this a new ad link on this blogsite?

      1. Yes, I’ve seen these ads at your blog site regularly now, interspersed with real topics. If I’m the only one seeing it, then I might have a trojan somewhere.

        For example, at this moment it is not showing any stray topics. I have saved a few of the incidents as PDF files so you can see what I’m talking about when we meet.

  3. Quite interesting to see that someone is trying to sell Astrological Birth Charts on Groupon. I was notified by the Groupon email this morning.

    1. Speaking of which, I’ve been receiving the usual looney emails from Astro-Tony now claiming that he was right about Obama being a “liar”, etc., which of course is the polar opposite of what Meier and the Plejaren have said all along.

      Of course he’s claiming it as another “hit”…while wishing us all death within the next 14 years, etc., etc., etc.

      1. Well, I guess he does not still realize the religious delusion imbedded in astrology in general that relies on “divination” as a means of generating good luck/fortune via “stars” (Sol is a star and the chief one in astrology) without requiring real hard scientific effort. Then when his study of the “stars” is not to his level of worship demanded by his presence, then his leaves shows the dark-side of doing divination much like the religiously delusional folks he claims to be against do so wishing mis-fortune on everyone else.

        1. You know, I find that each time I receive those comments from Astro-Tony, try as I may, I’m simply UNABLE to approve them! If I even try to press the APPROVE button my finger is, somehow, suddenly diverted, pushed away as if by a magical magnetic force.

          I finally figured it out. There’s an astrological influence that makes it absolutely impossible – despite the might of my thoughts – to approve his comments, so I guess he was…right!

        2. Actually, Duke, if one is to take into account what BEAM wrote in the other post, it would appear that part of the inaccuracies of terrestrial astrology may be due to not accounting the central sun as a variable. Perhaps I’m wrong on this. However, it remains to be confirmed if the SOL system alone accounts for the majority of influences on Earth. Personally I do suspect that that is the case with the body of evidence both scientific and non-scientific. Perhaps a parallel can be drawn for a human being and his/her community. For example, as one ages, one’s parents have the greatest influence, then his/her siblings, then his/her relatives, then his/her school, then his/her community … … It is by no means a good analogy since one cannot compare the (permanent?) energetic body characteristics one is born with against the ever-evolving human-relations influences, but one gets the idea of what I’m trying to convey hopefully.

          1. “Astrology is basically the teaching of the central sun – which is located in the very centre of our galaxy – and its galactic radiation and waves, which have an “influential” range as far as the edge of our galaxy and even beyond it, which means that the central sun sends its radiations and waves through the galaxy. And depending on the position of any solar system, and of its particular sun and planets, these radiations and waves are not only deflected or diffracted by the positions of any sun and its planets but are also mingled with the individual radiations and waves of the sun and each planet. Furthermore there is also an amalgamation with the cosmic radiation that eventually leads to a mixture of the radiations and waves of the central sun, the particular solar systems with their suns, planets and moons as well as the cosmic radiation itself. ”


          2. I did, unless I missed something where it says “From Billy Meier, August 2014, translated by Patric Chenaux”.

            Hi Mike,

            Was this part of correspondence or found somewhere else? I only ask so I can sneak a peak at the German version of it.

            1. Hi Duke,

              This was direct correspondence especially for us translated by Patric. No German was provided.

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