UPDATE: Two new developments, pertaining to both Russia’s military movements and climate change, can be found here and here*.

There is, and most likely will be, no shortage of reporting (and hand wringing) about Russia’s new military move into Ukraine.

So this is a brief blog to simply remind everyone of what is long foretold regarding Russia’s coming military expansion and aggression in the Henoch Prophecies published by Billy Meier.

So, perhaps if intelligent people in the Balkans, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, US and Canada are paying attention, we might start thinking seriously about how to rewrite some of our otherwise grim future history.

Or I guess we could just title this Part III of Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately.

You can also see the unedited version of Dr. Weinstein’s comments about Meier’s foretelling of Russian troop movements in my new film, And Did They Listen?.


*Thanks to Ron Watson and Michael Vanderpool for noting these developments.



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  • Nato warns that Russia is risking Europe’s peace and security

    Tensions rise as Vladimir Putin mobilises all reservists and US Secretary of State John Kerry flies into Kiev.

    Ukraine has mobilized for war amid warnings from Nato that Russia’s annexation of Crimea “threatens peace and security in Europe”.

    With tension nearing boiling point, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato Secretary General, vowed the organization would stand by Ukraine, a nation of 46 million which occupies a vital strategic position between Europe and Russia.

    Speaking before he chaired an emergency meeting of ambassadors from the 28 Nato member states, he said: “Russia must stop its military activities and its threats.”

    The United States dramatically intensified pressure on Moscow, threatening to remove Russia from the G8 club of developed economies.

    John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, condemned Russia for what he called an “incredible act of aggression” and threatened “very serious repercussions”, including Russia’s possible expulsion from the G8.


  • If only the governments on this planet would take time to actually listen to their citizens, you know, the ones that always pay the price for the decisions that the leaders of nations make!?!

    • Hi Allen, you know it. I saw an interview of a Crimean citizen who states that all the citizens (no matter what background) seemed to get along and that no one is really worried about Russia taking over their state. Who am I to argue with that.

  • ….. hmmm on the other hand the west (EU and the US) could be very well aware of the Henoch Prophecies, which is a reason why they make in their pants as soon as the word russia falls… This however creates overreactions which can lead now to an economic isolation of russia, which will be a new factor again for russia to strive more intensely for new ressources and economic stability….. which can lead the future or near future to a new imperialismenby the russians…. like the west did….. One can nicely see the bumerang coming back as it seems…. :))

    The last what was said by Ptaah concerning a new WW was, that at the moment everything seems calm, but also that this could change very rapidly…. A WW is a war which starts locally between a few countries and then grows over the moths and years…. the stupid thing with this is that generally noone of the morons ever dared to stop it from growing, but they just continued in their blindness in what they were doing and never saw the consequences coming, like someone who starts a fight with an other person and with this involves ever more people the longer it goes without stoping,…. because he is afraid when he stops he will get a punch in the face…. so he continues…. and so the mob continues and grows until everyone lies in hospital…..

    There are anyway now many reasons that could lead to a new WW… ressources, the imperialisme or thirst for world domination of many countries, a meteorite crash,…. etc.

    OM: “Gute Heuchler sind stets in schlechter Gesellschaft.”


    • Economic Isolation … I don’t know how that works because all the alleged experts say it can happen but in all honesty does that suggestion even work? As big as Russia is, is that even a tangible thing to say given how much trade it conducts already and just how big the landmass and borders are?

      I can say this much, there appears to be no encompassing idea on the effort it would take or the length, depth, and scale of the SIZE of a country like Russia is. I’m not talking about military analysts or actual experts, mainly the talking heads where people seem to be getting their news sources from these alleged experts (and conspiracy experts too). From what I can tell, no one clearly explained how they’re going to even approach that, let alone remotely have a workable plan to do exactly that, so it’s just talking heads reporting what they think from one alleged experts words to the audience. Or, all talk and no walk.

      So if we did US geography just to give an idea on the scope on what we are talking about, which is Continental in SIZE, the Eastern border with the Ukraine’s European border (including Belarus and to the Baltic coast there) is like from the east coast from Northern Maine to Southern Florida. The Depth between between there to Moscow is from NY to something like Kansas City MO. How many millions of men & women do you think would cover that and that’s just Western Russia (approximately) if the folks that seemed destined for WW3 to happen would suggest? Then there is everything else and the Arctic, even more millions of men & women.

  • There is an interesting Q&A between Vladimir Putin and a Reuters reporter at the 49:00 minute point in this video of the full 4 March 2014 press conference in Moscow.


    Putin says to the reporter, “Good on you! You should join the diplomatic service; you’d make a good diplomat. Diplomats’ tongues, as we know, are there to hide their thoughts.”

    Here’s a link to the transcript:


  • I watched your film ‘AND DID THEY LISTEN’ and really enjoyed it. It certainly has opened my eyes and I plan on telling others about it as well. I have a question. Billy mentioned that demonstrations won’t do anything. Yet Ukraine made major headlines with huge demonstrations.
    What did Billy mean by this? If we the people don’t stand up for our rights and defend what we believe in, how will we ever expect to change things. I don’t believe in violence, but peaceful demonstrations can make a difference. Perhaps you could explain what he meant by his statement

    • Thanks, I’m truly glad that you enjoyed it. Peaceful demonstrations are, can and/or should, be different than “protests”, which invariably focus on the negative that needs to be changed but many times inadvertently also increase it.. I think people have to understand and figure that out. The idea is to find out what one supports and focus on that, rather than getting tied up in the negativity.

      Now I can’t say much from personal experience, though I did engage in just a thing many years ago in a much, much less important cause. But if people take Billy’s overall advice, i.e. to truly live, think, feel and act with love, peace, freedom and harmony as their guide, things will go much better. Certainly we don’t live in a fairy tale world where the opposition just sits down, rolls over and barks happily on command. But we must remember that cause and effect is one of the main laws of life, so we first must…see things as they are (Neutral-Positive Thinking) and then intelligently evaluate situations and create thoughts that focus on the positive, preferred outcomes and act accordingly.

      • Very well stated Michael… Easy to loose that thought within this subject(Neutral-Positive Thinking)!
        Sorry Jacqueline for butting in… Just cant help but to respond as well:)
        This subject is gaining in importance as it always has! Most seem to be focused on this ‘change’ yet how and in what way? Negatively seems to be the easiest way… with no true precise direction or purpose.
        With these demonstrations, protest’s popping up everywhere increasing in all manors… it is inevitable that it will be right at our doors in due time. I can only hope ones again! It is sorely needed here in the states!
        Very good question Jacqueline and something I am highly interested in and always thinking about lately.

  • Is there anything in Prophesy that shows Putin playing a trump card such as: showing the US up by offering money to Cuba and then setting up a military base or some other defense alliance.

    Sees strange he has not done it as a PR move.

  • “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

    I fear unless someone with a higher level of thinking steps up to the plate and lays out an logically plan whereas everybody especially the people of earth and the planet itself then whatelse can be done unless the parties get arrested and we put leaders that are not afraid to stand up to the “despots”. Ron Paul would have been a good choice to head us in the right direction I feel.

  • The H prophesies link USA aggression w other countries’ reacting against them. We now know, months later that the USA was involved in the internal politics of Ukraine and invested $5 billion towards the eventual overthrow of their elected government. The USA wants the Ukraine to join NATO in order to secure a naval base in the Black Sea and Russia has reacted to prevent this by invading Crimea. Ultimately, the USA and it’s handlers want Putin out. From the Henoch prophesies, it appears this will eventually happen, but the Putin replacement will not be any better and may even be the one who creates all the chaos. Very interesting!

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