MUFON’s Lizard Lady Invokes and…Thrusts!

Well look at what we got from Susan Swiatek*, the “I ran over a 10′ lizard, I did, I really did!” lady:

“This is, once again, complete insanity. If you think a video of a prop tied to a tree in the distance makes for convincing evidence you have rocks in your head. If you implicate me by name in any way, shape or form, as endorsing the Meier case, I will invoke the full thrust of the law against you.


Susan Swiatek”

Sweet Sue, these are actually called Reptrillions – cause as everyone knows there are trillions of them running around everywhere, deducting people and impregnifying women, which accounts for all of the Reptrillion-human hybrid (and lowbrid) babies clogging up the welfare rolls. Of course, in time, they become contributing citizens in society, largely responsible for…keeping the insect population under control.

You can see actual photos of the 10′ Reptrillion (it’s actually 10′ 3″ in stocking clawed feet) “tied to a tree”, as well as of Ms. Swiatek scraping the Repto-slime off of her car and shoes…here:

And this is someone questioning Billy Meier’s still irreproducible, expertly authenticated UFO evidence?

Ms. Swiatek appears to be a wee bit unclear on the concept that when you defame someone, it’s up you to substantiate your claims. And of course when you make claims, well, you get my drift.

So Ms. Swiatek, darlin’, get ready to invoke and…thrust, ’cause your name’s going to the top of the list.

Hopefully MUFON’s much wiser advisors and representatives are now ready to…straighten things out and get up to speed on the Meier case, which will do a great deal towards making MUFON a relevant and credible voice in a very credibility challenged field.

Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


* This is one of Susan Swiatek’s lovely emails concerning my previous attempts to get MUFON to stop suppressing the Meier case. It was sent to Victor Martinez and is from December 2011:


Michael Horn is a complete asshole and the Meier case is moronic. Not only does Horn keep pushing a case only a village idiot can love — he also has to assail ALL OTHER CASES AS FALSE. He doesn’t even have the courtesy to at least use the weasel words of “You may have your own truth in your case. But the Meier case is the best.” No, Horn can’t even bring himself to say that much. It’s HIS case or the highway. No other cases or UFO contacts need apply.

Horn is the supreme arbiter in all things ufological. He alone can decide that NO CASE HAS ANY MERIT BUT MEIER.


Susan Swiatek

MUFON – Virginia State Director

33 Replies to “MUFON’s Lizard Lady Invokes and…Thrusts!”

  1. Mind you, I think it’s a beautiful and unique ship, just not “Hollywood” style. (In my mind that attests to its authenticity more than anything else. . . . lol)

  2. Yes I got that Michael…your point about the broken link. I’m referring to your earlier response to me, that Sue Swiatek doesn’t have any photos but expects us to take her word for it. Gotcha. Her video also sounds rehearsed and contrived. She’s sellin and we’re not buyin!

  3. What a load of EGO-MANIACAL DRIVEL (her words not mine). I love the way she and her husband have teamed up as the all-knowing and mighty UFO researchers which of course have all the evidence they need to chase lights in the sky, but no evidence (where’s the lizard pictures Suzie). Of course in this the 21st century she would have had a camera on her mobile phone, or maybe she hallucinated it all, eh!! See David Icke for more lizard facts won’t you from now on Suzie moo.

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