The Canadian Prime Minister’s Response to Our Petition

Sheila Clark just received this response from the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office to an email she had sent him that contained our petition. It’s heartening to know that there are those who aren’t so conflicted and congested by their political correctness, anger at a government, leader, etc., that they can take a stand for what is right, in their rational self-interest and in the best interests of humanity:

 On behalf of the Prime Minister, thank you for your correspondence regarding the situation in Iraq.  We appreciated the opportunity to review your comments and have taken note of your concerns.

Since early 2014, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has been carrying out a campaign of unspeakable atrocities against innocent children, women and men, as well as religious minorities in Iraq.  Specifically, it has tortured and beheaded people, raped and sold women into slavery, slaughtered minorities and kidnapped innocent victims whose only crime was to have a different set of beliefs than ISIL. We know from experience that terrorist groups such as ISIL cannot be permitted to gain control of a territory in which they are then able to train and prepare for further attacks in the region or against the international community.

Last summer, when ISIL stood on the brink of committing genocide in Northern Iraq, Canada’s allies, led by U.S. President Barack Obama, intervened.  We joined this response by offering humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering of the Iraqi people.  We also provided Canadian Armed Forces specialists to offer advice to security forces in Iraq on battling the terrorists, and provided aircraft to transport weapons and supplies to fight ISIL.

As you know, on October 7, the House of Commons voted to authorize participation in air strikes against ISIL, joining other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Jordan and many others.  This motion includes the commitment of up to six CF-18 fighter aircraft as part of a strike force.  It also sets out continued assistance to Iraq and other allies in the areas of ongoing advice to security forces, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and aircraft refueling.

To be clear, Canada’s engagement in Iraq is not a ground combat mission.  It includes a number of targeted measures, being taken with allies, to severely limit the ability of ISIL to engage in full-scale military movements and to operate bases in the open.

The military measures we are taking are helping to provide security on the ground and degrade the capabilities of ISIL.  These actions are necessary to ensure that effective humanitarian assistance is provided and reaches those most in need.  Canada is proud to be the 7th largest contributor to assist in this crisis, providing food, hygiene kits, cooking materials, blankets, tents, medical supplies and other essentials including emergency repairs to water and sanitation facilities.  We are also providing emergency shelters and medical assistance to thousands of Iraqi civilians.  This is in addition to large-scale financial assistance to other governments in the region impacted by the crisis in Syria.  Rest assured we remain committed to working closely with our allies to determine how best we can continue to support the needs of Iraqis, including religious minorities.

Left unchecked, ISIL is a threat not only to peace and security in the region, but to global security as well.  They have already voiced their local and international terrorist intentions and identified Canada as a potential target.  It is imperative that we act with our allies to halt ISIL’s spread in the region and reduce its capacity to launch terrorist attacks outside the region, including against Canadians.  Our Government has a duty to protect Canadians and shoulder our burden in efforts to combat such threats.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.


Prime Minister’s Correspondence Unit


NOTE: There is also a Canadian petition.

101 Replies to “The Canadian Prime Minister’s Response to Our Petition”

  1. It’s starting to sink in for a few people who I’ve sent the link to. One even replied surprisingly that if Billy and FIGU are this strong about their position on the subject that maybe there’s more to it than just media hype. So that’s positive.

    Just thought I’d put that out there. I may bring it up with my MLA in person now. If he sends a message about this to the PM or anybody in the party, it may not get the same mass produced token response that we saw here. This party is notorious for this so we have to take that into consideration.

    1. They are constantly making secret deals together (totally ignoring the voice of people who live here which is why they get shut down in court all the time [this party has set a new record for failed court cases]) trying to make damaging changes and gutting environmental and treaty laws here to go with harper’s mining and oil extraction plans (first one being the PEEL watershed which I told you about [an untouched natural area 6 times larger than Yellowstone National Park which thankfully got shut down two weeks ago in court] and other’s to go with it like what is in the link below). By the way, again, if you don’t want to take time and find out about what goes on here in my local area, then don’t bring it up. Federal and local conservatives are working very closely together which is why the lines between the two are so blurred now. This is partly why they think they can get away with so much. They just want to turn this prestine beautiful natural wonder (which is still thankfully mostly natural and untouched) into another tar sands pit and pipeline grid like Alberta (which brings up another court case from the 1970’s that we won). Come see this place sometime and see what the difference is between having a dinky little touristy expensive park like Jasper Park vs having an entire territory twice the size of Germany. We at least still have a relatively healthy caribou heard and a great lack of development and senseless destruction for greed (despite the already 1200 dead mines which are now toxic waste dumps which the governments will spend the next hundreds of years cleaning up). They are even pushing to start fracking in our neighborhood and around our city. Alberta is about as developed a place as I have ever seen. Ever see the pipeline maps? If you come here and see what untouched natural beauty looks like, you may change your views and stop pretending your pet party is accomplishing anything but pure environmental degradation and destruction (which is EXACTLY what Billy and FIGU talk so much about clamping down on).

      The liberal (LOCAL) party never worked so tightly with federal parties to try and force so much destruction here before. Never. Ever. The only reason he got booted was because he went party line on gun registry. Now he’s back and everyone can’t wait to restore some sense of sanity in our homeland. Lesson learned and with a heavy price.

      The fact that this place is almost completely undeveloped is the same reason harper (remember that thing with russia in the north pole? and everybody else) wants to lay claim to the north pole. Mineral and resource extraction of virtually untouched territory. They tried to trample over everybody’s rights to get it here and they failed (very very thankfully).

        1. Daniel you said “It would be best if Harper differentiated between them first because with his secret visits to our local conservative riding,”
          Daniel even Elizabeth May’s article talks about Harper’s Once a Year Trip to the Yukon but you claim he’s there all the time having secret meetings. If you cannot give me the dates in which he had those secret meetings to find out if they were in fact secret like you keep claiming, makes me think you were exaggerating. So give the dates to prove it. I kind of like proof as opposed to opinion and since you are the one making the claim, it’s up to you to prove it.
          Of those 1200 mines currently in the Yukon, how many of those were operational prior to 2006? You say your previous Liberal MP did nothing to develop the Yukon but that number tells me you are wrong.

          1. Holy moly, you are so full of it.

            He has “secret” trips. Get it? “Secret”. So yeah, when he has a BBQ at my neighbor’s place unannounced which we find out about two weeks later, that’s called “being secretive” along with secret phone calls with our local riding and so forth, which come through with the bills in our local riding (which again [I don’t know why I have to repeat myself so much here] was discussed in the recent court case).

            Just in the same way he is being secretive about developing the military in the far north (again for mineral extraction purposes of large untouched swaths of land [which is what the Russian hostility is about if you recall in the contact notes]) which we SEE here. Get it? We SEEEEE it with our EYES. No media required!

            Do you remember the big gold rush of 1898? That was HERE. Not in Alaska as americans like to claim. For the most part this land is still relatively untouched (unlike Alberta [so please visit it sometime and SEE for yourself!]) but yes, there are many disaster areas (and IF YOU WOULD JUST MIND DOING AN OUNCE OF RESEARCH PLEASE ABOUT THE PEEL) you would (AGAIN) have been able to figure this out with the recent attempted development of 71% of the PEEL watershed (6 times the area of Yellowstone) which just got squashed as well as other new bills dealing with changing of environmental laws and treaty rights for resource extraction purposes.

            And no, since the spoken of local liberal leader had been in power in recent decades, there were no attempts of anywhere NEAR this magnitude of gutting an area 6 times the size of Yellowstone National park for oil and minerals. Only the shutting down of proposed pipelines and respecting as well as ENACTING (rather than doing away with) of environmental laws, respecting science and treaties. The difference between you and I in this discussion is that I LIVE here. I actually SEE it and live with the impact of it (and have done so for my entire life [apart from the few years I lived in Alberta]) I don’t need to depend on media in this instance. Isn’t that nice? One of your main complaints squashed. This is one of the great things about living in a small population. But it’s all there if you want to find out about it. Unfortunately it really seems more and more that no matter what bad news comes out about your dear leader, (even when proven in court), you always dismiss it as “leftist propaganda” (even when right leaning magazines point out these very same problems). So that tells me more and more that you are quite blinded by political belief in this party. I don’t care which party comes in, as long as they have a track record (HERE) of not flat out ignoring 98% of the population to make a quick buck at the expense of mass swaths of still beautiful natural relatively untouched land (which I have call home since the day I was born).

          2. For a small list of things the federal government HAS done and it STILL TRYING to do to hamper our local government’s abilities to handle local situations on environment and mining/resource extraction as well as treaty rights:

            (And by the way, just an after thought. Your saying we already have 1200 mines [which I responded to already in another post] in some off handed way implying we might as well keep having more [in your clear supporting of the recent record breaking developments by your favorite government which are in stark contrast to anything we’ve ever seen here] tells me without doubt that you have absolutely no regard for protection of the environment) and makes me wonder if you’ve read any of the contact notes yet regarding that subject.

            Anyways, back on topic:
            FEPA China agreement (met with grave concern even by members of the conservative cabinet) which was signed in (even while it was still being debated in the supreme court) and with NO consultation to canadians which gives the Chinese the ability to SECRETLY take ANY level of government to court and sue if a law (new or existing) infringes on their companies profits for the next 31 years with no ability to back out of the deal. So for one tiny example, environmental laws. Or workers rights. You name it.
            The U.S. agreement can be terminated in 6 months and was discussed and debated very publicly for a long time before its signing.

            Or this (which I’ve shared with you before) which is being brought in on the federal level which prevents our local governments from being able to have any say or power on the subjects affected (again environment/resource extraction).

            And the PEEL (which you should know all about now) which was just a first attempt by them.

            And here’s an alberta pipelines map and I’ll then share with you a Yukon pipelines map to give you a comparison of the differences in development between the two places and why he’s so interested in dynamiting the protections we have against them here. Lots of money to be made!


      1. Well Daniel none of that is going to matter much when the North American continent is destroyed either through IS or the attack on Alaska from the Russians.

    1. Daniel, please quit watching the CBC as your only source of news information. If Trudeau were the PM now all he would want to do with ISIS is find out why they feel disenfranchised. If Mulcair were the PM he would simply blame Alberta (did you notice how friendly he was with all the union employees at the Oil Sands) and be ineffective because he’s a lawyer he’d probably just want to sue ISIS. I would be interested to know your thoughts as you were sitting in the House on Oct 7, 2014? At that point did you realize that ISIS was such a threat or were you there to STOP those horrible warmongering conservatives that you hate so much? Please be honest with your reply.

      1. Excuse me Sheila, (again) but CBC does not cover my local area. So when I say that the conservative party (AKA my family FRIEND MLA who is in contact with the PM and who puts on BBQ’s with the PM literally next door to my farm whenever he secretly comes into the territory) who were just shut down by the supreme court two weeks ago for ignoring everybody (natives, environment groups, and 98% of people in the territory) on opening up development of 71% of the PEEL watershed (untouched prestine lands which are essential to caribou migrations and many other NATURAL habitats) instead of 21% (which was the agreed upon amount) to mining and oil extraction which is in MY back yard, that is very personal. Thank you very much. Stop being such a know it all. Yes, I get it. You hate CBC. You hate the government. BLABLABLA whatever. But here in my local area, it makes a big big difference when we know the people personally because we can assess their character without the need of radio or tv. The liberal leader never DID anything near as brazen as that HERE IN MY LOCAL AREA. NEVER. After decades in office. I’m not talking about federal politics. Again, these are people we know personally. Here in my local area it makes a big difference who is behind the wheel because they have different values. So again, stop with your annoying know it all comments. You clearly know absolutely nothing of what goes on in my local area. If you’re interested to find out, then find out. Otherwise, keep your deeply misinformed opinions to yourself.

        1. Maybe you should take some of your own advice Daniel. You say you are not speaking about federal politics but your CBC link is of federal politics. You didn’t notice that? I never said I hated the federal government so quit putting words on my keyboard. Unlike yourself, I always make sure I either say provincial or federal as we all know they aren’t the same thing. The CBC is useful for one thing and that’s to forward liberal views to the point that they aren’t covering anything that puts liberals in a bad light. For example Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s right hand man who was instrumental in getting the sex education curriculum in Ontario schools, had been charged with 7 counts do with child pornography. Why is that not big news?

          So excuse me for being choked at how often you site CBC as your news source when anyone with half a brain realizes that they don’t always tell the truth or they outright slant the news in their liberal leader’s favour.

          1. As for CBC, I said “my local area” and went on to explain to you how I do not need the CBC to know about the PEEL watershed plan. All you have to do is live here and you know all about it. It’s the biggest decision that has hit this territory since the 1970’s. The link I provided you with on that subject was not CBC. Perhaps you could pull your head out of the sand because you’re leaving your butt highly exposed.

      2. And as for what I remember you saying about going to war, you were dead against it when you mentioned how evil the Liberal party was for joining the war in Afghanistan. Overall war is not my thing and it’s easy (as we all know from past experience) to get swept up in propaganda. So to answer your question about October 7th, I did not KNOW FOR SURE at the time what would be the best solution because I don’t make decisions until all the information is in. Basically I wanted to be cautious (for good reason). They all had good points in the debate. The conservative party was (as you might remember) wrong about sending jets in since the ISIS fighters just went into the crowds of civilians after a couple of days (which Billy has been clear about). And they are still very wrong to be trying so hard to take Russia down instead of working with Russia right now. So again, I’m holding you to your position if you want to play that game which you made very clear before october 7th and so I won’t ask you the same question because I already know your answer. I don’t assume anything based on what a political party has to say because they like to garner votes more than anything else. And since there’s an election right around the corner, it’s even more reason to be skeptical of their motives. I’m glad the Plejaren and Billy made their positions clear. This is WHY I predicted the existence of the Billy meier case when I was 17, nine year before I discovered it (because I figured it would be the best way to cut through all the noise). That is my honest response to your question.

        1. Oh so it was exactly what I said that you “were you there to STOP those horrible warmongering conservatives that you hate so much”. Thanks Daniel and try not to be such a know-it-all just because you “predicted Billy Meier”.

          1. Actually the only reason I was there was by accident. I was on my way to my grandmothers funeral in Quebec. I just happened to stop over in Ottawa for a day with my family because that’s where the plane took us. Otherwise we would have had to detour around through vancouver first. I did not even plan to visit the parliament building but my dad could not resist so we went and just as we walked in the door, the debate started so we decided to go check it out. All by happenstance. So no, I wasn’t there to STOP those horrible conservatives as you pointedly accuse me of. If it had been my choice, I would have skipped over Ottawa altogether because I hate politics. I hope that answers you in abundant enough clarity. I just thought since I was there watching the debate for which they voted on that day, I might as well do the peace meditation in the same room.

            Again, you assumed way too much. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt (sarcasm greatly emphasized).

          2. I’m not being a know it all by saying I predicted billy meier. I’m telling you WHY I did it in the first place. If you feel threatened by that somehow, then that’s your choice. Billy predicts things all the time. Do you therefor call him a know it all? You are being extremely childish.

        1. It would be best for future reference to differentiate between provincial and federal politics because you like to pretend they are all the same party, which they aren’t. For example the B.C. Liberal party is actually the conservative party in that province.

          1. It would be best if Harper differentiated between them first because with his secret visits to our local conservative riding, they like to work together very closely on mining and oil development (regardless of what anyone here actually wants) which was proven by the courts decision a couple weeks back.

      3. And my apologies for the timeline of my responses being so screwy when they are posted. Blame the way the blog is set up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could do much better. If you read through, you should be able to piece the picture together yourself based on hour and minutes everything was posted.

        However I could have posted that Huffington Post link in response to your CBC complaint much sooner. It just occurred to me afterwards that I should do that.


        1. Since military operations are never discussed openly in the House of Commons, and with Mulcair knowing that, I wonder what his point was other than to score brownie points?

      4. Also, I find it strange that on the CBC news sites, I’ve seen an awful lot less discussion in comments sections as well as articles in support of climate skeptics and the lack of importance in dealing with Climate Change than I ever saw on right leaning news sites.

        Those right leaning news sites seem so far to be in line with your way of handling that discussion as well which your above comments alluded to. And so far, CBC has not been against handling things in iraq militarily either. And now that the price of oil has tanked, harper is all of a sudden getting cozy with Ontario, the liberal tree hugging capital of the country. Just an opportunist scumbag in my view and not a very forward thinking one at that. Could have invested in green technology while the oil dollars were flowing in so that Alberta wouldn’t be in such a hard pinch when the inevitable down cycle in oil prices came about. Like Denmark and other Scandinavian countries have done with enormous success. Or Germany. But the right leaning folks keep trying to convince everybody that environmentalism is bad and green technology is crap. Well there are several great examples in the form of entire countries which demonstrate just how so very wrong those arguments are.

  2. Shelia and All Who Wish to Participate,

    Here is the link where you can send an email to President Obama: Just click on the “email us” in 1.
    Below is a draft of an email to President Obama. Please do NOT just copy it verbatim. I don’t think anyone would want to, as you’ll want to put in your own pieces. Personalized mail does have a better chance of reaching the president. So be your own person while doing this. Copying and personalizing it would be a way to go unless you already have your own letter ready in mind or on the computer. This is just about the maximum length permissible for an email. Remember to be respectful and polite. My original was twice this length. I gradually edited it down to this acceptable size:

    Dear Mr. President,

    ………………………. I have an active interest in global affairs. Today I write to you out of grave concern for our world’s safety.

    The Bush administrations pre-emptive action of taking out Saddam Hussein created a Middle East power vacuum that the radical and destructive ISIS now fills. ISIS goal is nothing short of world domination and the destruction of our civilization; and the USA is responsible for its rise in this Middle East meltdown.

    Great orators, like yourself, Mr. President, appear in times of need. The world needs you to stand and convince it to not only stand against ISIS but defeat it completely, as Senator Cruz of Texas has stated and many others now realize is necessary. This must be done now before it is too late.

    As the amassed and growing strength of ISIS now numbers around 100,000 such action must be multilateral. England has committed to fighting ISIS and your oratory leadership could bring all civilized countries on board. If not stopped ISIS will shortly infiltrate Europe creating havoc there as its destructive rampage marches on. If ISIS is not stopped while its support is at 100,000 it will be impossible when its recruit numbers reach half a million; all hell will break lose, and western civilization will crumble in the aftermath.

    Mr. President, please do not let this happen. Act now. Please meet your counterparts in all civilized countries. Coordinate military commitments from them. Use all necessary and modern weapons of warfare to stop this evil threat to our civilization.

    In closing: I admire your Presidency. Your heart, unlike many political leaders, is in the right place. On sad occasions, however, we must meet fire with fire. Mr. President, our current situation is similar to when Hitler rose to power 75 years ago. If we do not act now a most terrible destruction is destined to follow. We must stop ISIS now, defeat them completely, and end forever their growing evil reign of terror. You can go down in history as the leader, like Churchill of WWII, who united our world’s forces and countries to eradicate an evil threatening our civilization’s destruction.

    Thank you for sparing the time to read this letter. I wish you, Mr. President, and your family, every good wish for the future, and a safe world for all to live in. With your leadership in action to eradicate ISIS such a world will soon arrive.

    I am sincerely yours,
    (your signature in freehand)
    (Your name typed)

    To send snail mail I used my personal letterhead paper and almost the same letter as the email. Obviously you can write longer in snail mail, but remember the President doesn’t have any more extra time so again brevity, and succinctness are more likely to enable your letter to make his desk. My longer version also emphasized that the rise of ISIS into the ME or Iraqi power vacuum was not Obama’s fault but that he had inherited this nightmare from the Bush administrations. Someone could put that in there exchanging it for something they’d take out. Just vary the contents.
    Here is the postal address to send a letter to the President:

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500.

    Even if the US government is controlled by a bunch of criminals that doesn’t mean Obama will not stand up to them or garner enough other group and public support to do so if enough people show they are behind him. One person’s voice has often changed the direction of world events.
    Let us not forget that despite clams of financial backing from special interests that the people of the US of A broke the government’s back over Vietnam and stopped the war. Special interests may have tried to influence and control it via financing but the fact is they were ultimately forced to submit to the will of the people. It’s never easy, and it won’t be easy this time. No one is under any illusion about that, but as John Lennon said to those having a tough time protesting the Vietnam War (or I am paraphrasing), “No one said it would be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”
    A stack of letters can make a difference and they are read by more than one person in the White House. They do have some kind of effect, and what effect that ultimately has no one can know beforehand. To illustrate this:
    Back in the late 70s Dr Peter Beter was putting out his information on a secret WWIII being planned by a number of VERY UPSET POWERFUL ELITES that had been kicked out of Russia and who had returned to the US determined to see Russia annihilated. A newsletter publisher I knew at the time requested hundreds or thousands of subscribers to mail the US government telling them to stop these crazy plans and to seek reconciliation not annihilation. Many responded affirmatively. About a week later the newsletter publisher was visited by government or FBI agents who said the government had been inundated with mail they suspect had originated from them. The meetings were very cordial. The newsletter publisher never knew how effective their campaign had been. What they did know was that the government heard their message and responded positively, but more important no WWIII did occur and the threats calmed down. Due to their campaign? Maybe not, but, maybe yes. We will never know. In that respect writing may be a thankless task: you can never know if your letter was what helped win the cause; but never doubt that IT WILL BE WORTH IT. The pen has won more battles than the sword, though right now it seems both are needed.

    Obama needs our support, now perhaps more than ever. He is not afraid to take on certain powers that be. I’ve heard that very powerful oil magnates are thoroughly upset with him because he went against them – again – when he sent Kerry to Saudi Arabia to convince them to go with the program of lower oil prices, probably to hit Russia economically/politically, and to help the American people with cheaper oil prices. He wants to do well, I’m sure, but his back is up against the mountain. It is doubtful we will have a better person/chance in the White House for a very long time to come. Make NOW count.

  3. The ………….in the letter/email template above is where you introduce yourself. For example I mentioned myself as a teacher of a course in Current Affairs at university.

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