Fiddling while Rome Burns

That title has often been a figurative saying, such as the way in which I will apply it today, but if Billy Meier’s record of prophetic accuracy is any indication, well, they better get the fire trucks ready in the near future.

First, speaking of Meier’s accuracy, Bruce Lulla sent this link, which again reminds us of all the information connected to the now fulfilling warnings about the Russian troop movements (and eventual attacks) foretold in the Henoch Prophecies and what Meier’s said in as the time fulfills, etc.

The “Disclosure Congressional Hearings” Hoax

Once again the self-seeking disinformation specialists in the phony “Disclosure” movement are trying to not only fiddle but also conduct another orchestrated Congressional dog-and-pony show. I recommend avoiding any support for it…unless they will make sure to present the evidence for the singular, scientifically proven authenticity of the still ongoing Billy Meier UFO contacts. Don’t hold your breath…hold your nose instead.

The last fiasco was noteworthy for not only rerunning all of the lights-in-the-sky stuff but also because each of the congressmen were paid…$20,000 in an effort to legitimize the charade of the limelight-seeking hack, Stephen Bassett, and all of those who try to push their agenda to distract, disinform and cover up the Meier case with another circus in Washington.

While we see more and more of Meier’s prophetic information being proved to be absolutely and astonishingly accurate – and especially disturbing in light of the deadly developments concerning the IS about which he’s warned for decades – certain parties want us to be suckered into a cynical, time and money wasting debacle that is in itself a major cover-up.

Gosh, Now What Do I Do?

As Stuart Robbins tries to insulate himself from those who try to post comments on his blog that reveal the inept, prejudiced, self-seeking and pseudo-scientific behavior he’s indulged in, not only does he completely block and censor such well deserved criticisms, he’s now gone on the offensive with this weighty, pressing issue of cosmic proportions and unparalleled importance.

Look, Up in the Sky, It’s a…Whatever!

And perhaps as an act of futile defiance of the truth and relevance of the Meier material, John Greenewald once again plays to the lights-in-the-sky chasers with this new, cutting edge bit of mental masturbation. Allow me to help him plug it, i.e. go on record here as to just what kind of marbles are rolling around in his head:

Introducing The UFO Detector

The Black Vault is excited to be a part of a project that provides a UFO Detector – a free software tool that will let you utilize your computer and camera to scan the skies for possible UFOs.

The software is the idea of a programmer going by the name of projectCE, who created a computer algorithm to scan a video feed from your computer’s camera. Once a light emitting object is detected, the program will analyze whether it’s a bird, a plane, a helicopter, a bug, or quite possibly… a UFO! That’s right, this software continuously analyses the sky for movement and will omit the obvious and explainable objects. When it sees, what it believes, can be a UFO; it will record the video in the best available quality, and save the clip for you to review later.

The software is still in its beta phase and it is not meant to be a 100% accurate filter, however, it will save HOURS of time sifting through video, and produce a short list of results of probable UFO candidates for you to look at.

Download it today – and get started for FREE!

Yup, you don’t wanna miss the opportunity to fritter away your time with what now can really only be called a deliberate disinformation and propaganda project, a…rat catcher for the feeble-minded UFOCI. Of course why anyone wants to play to that crowd, with their absolutely unscientific, illogical, amateurish, infantile preoccupation with UNIDENITFIABLE phenomena is beyond me. Unless of course it’s for the kind of celebrity and success that is – and will be ever more so – useless in terms of dealing with real life and the coming foretold events in the US and globally, etc.

Speaking of globally, our website had it’s first visitor from Macau, the 129th country.

Work It Out

And now, since I’ve gone ahead and helped Greenewald give people pains in their necks from looking upward in the wrong place for answers to our manmade problems down here on Earth, allow me to plug something that may be useful for anyone who also has to sit too long, or who wants to use their time sitting to iron out a few kinks:

Sit & Get Fit is a program of regenerative movement that I created and taught more than a decade. It’s probably something that our friend, Mr. LSAT, could’ve used while he was whiling away all of his time debating whether to pursue a career in law or as a manicurist. (You’ll have to read the comments at this blog to be in on the jousting and jibing.)

Sit & Get Fit – Upper Body Program Description:

This doctor recommended program utilizes very gentle, circular movements to safely increase flexibility, strength, circulation and range of motion.

Natural breathing techniques also help to promote increased breathing capacity and relaxation.

Also helpful for regaining spinal flexibility and joint mobility.


“We are grateful to have people like Michael support our wellness programs here at Xerox. As you can see from the 100% overall satisfaction your program was a great success.”

Celeste Scheer, Fitness Director, Xerox Corporation

“Michael Horn is one of those rare people who is what he teaches…Michael is stress relief.”

Richard Greene, Consultant to Princess Diana, best-selling author, talk radio host

“Sit and Get Fit is a video that has provided my patients a framework to start an exercise program that emphasizes flexibility and strengthening in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Michael Horn has thoughtfully incorporated Eastern and Western exercises that benefits a wide range of ages. I especially find this most helpful for older patients who are de-conditioned due to illness or younger patients who have difficulty motivating themselves to follow handouts to treat shoulder and neck tension.”

Nina Trinh, MD

“I went through this whole video and for almost anyone this is not too strenuous. He has a wonderful exercise on this where you simply take your fingers and you bend them back slightly and I hadn’t even thought about that. Think about it for a second, how many times do you stretch your joints in your fingers backwards? Now why should that matter to you? Well it matters to you because over time, people as they age, develop arthritis in their fingers and part of that almost certainly is by the fact that they’ve lost range of motion. By habit and lack of motion, what happens is, you’re slowly decreasing your range of motion in every joint of your body. And through very simple, very pleasant, not strenuous at all exercises Michael Horn has a video that will show you how to keep your body, your legs, your back, flexible and strong. The video is very easy to follow and very good. This is not a commercial, I don’t make a penny, we don’t charge for people to be on the show, so I’m just telling you that if you’re a person who is worried about things being too strenuous for you, and wants to maintain strength and flexibility, it’s a wonderful video.”

Peter Brill, M.D., Host of “The 3rd Age”, KEYT News Radio

“Your videos are superb, they’re very nice, done very, very, very well. I find them very simple, effective and useful, and very practical. And also I like the testimonials, all the people who talked in the beginning and also at the end there was tremendous change in their facial expression and liveliness. I think you’ve got something very good on your hands.”

Norman Narchi, M.D. Neurologist, Center for Well Being, Westlake Village, CA

“Techniques for senior citizens which we Europeans can only envy. The exercises benefit bone strength.”

Dr. David Purdie, Hull University Center for Metabolic Bone Disease

“I really liked it and I don’t really like to exercise too much… I have to sort of force myself… and this was great. Before I sat in a chair I satin bed and did it. I’m a very lazy exerciser, but it had another aspect to it, which I sort of need in my life, I’m very hyper, I’m running, I’m doing multi-tasking, doing need to slow down and focus. And this had a very calming, nice way, nice focus. There’s a little kind of a meditation thing that happens in between the segments and it was a beautiful way to start my day. This is a video I’d put on first thing in the morning, it’s like having a personal trainer/meditation in the box. Thank you.”

Leslie, Producer Santa Barbara, CA

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Cori J. Goodhart, Internal Consultant Member Events Management AARP

“You’re a GOD! For the first time in family history, my elderly aunt and uncle worked out together. Both in their 80s, married for 60 years and they both want to live forever. I pray they do. They called to thank me for the Lower Body workout and requested the Upper Body video as well. Thanks so much. I’m glad I followed my gut feeling and took a chance in buying it for them.”

Julie, Oak Park, CA

“The class was great! Thanks you so much for sharing your multiple talents. It was mind expanding and enlightening and very powerful stuff.”

Rod, 51

“I love your class. I have a back problem and when I do your exercises I feel better.”

Wissal, 21

35 Replies to “Fiddling while Rome Burns”

  1. Actually the neuro linguistic programming has captured the attention of America by president Obomanation . His speaches have been a part , however , its the cadence in speech and the delivery of the message that has captured the interest , the allegiance of the populous . In concert we factor in all the illegal immigrants that were allowed to enter the country and he has a strong hold on the majority of transforming this country we love . People have on record been asked on the street about changing the xyz of this and that if Obama put it forward . And in shocking examples the college students just answer up to and including , yes , whatever our president decides is probably the best for us . Well , just know he just said that we will be a people that finds fema camps for not the crimes we have commited , but for the crimes we may commit . Really ? I have a freakin craxy train being built to go from Miami to Orlando . Hello . What the H or F does that have to do with life in Florida ? Nobody in Miami rushes to go to Orlando . Orlando sucks . Its a Melding pot of the world . You do not want to go their , it totally sucks , trust me . I live here and avoid it like a migraine . To go from Orlando to Miami , Really ? we already have that . Why a super rail . Ohhh , I remember Agenda 21 , America 2050 . Just total political evil . Think work camps with catch nets around the work facility . Except their is no net . Think Vlad the Impaler . Now we are in tune with the world . You have no idea how complex the next mind &$(# is going to be and how bad it will , ummm , exterminate you . Wake up sheeple , its in your face . If you would wake up you could see it . Clear as day , ……if you were just simply taking life as a precious gift , not sucking up to the news feed … oh yeah those footballs from airegate or freakiing kardashians blah blah blah , or the general news . Its a total PSY OP PEOPLE . The news is like a spoon fed intellect they want you to have . Good SHEEP . What do I have to do to make people wake up ? Please that is a quality question . Just absolutely shocked right now at the state of affairs …:(

  2. I have no words and I really tried to read it “The Titles of Research Grants, Out of Any Context, Makes Taxpayers Angry”…doesn’t write so a 9-5 can understand it! Gay hook-up apps! Just could get through it! But then I’m just one of the 9-5 who can’t seem to get out of the crater. And, have to pat self on back, I also am one that no matter how difficult it is in the translation of German to English the Meier material holds my attention.

  3. Why didn’t anyone tell us.
    What are we going to do now.
    When did we loose site of logic and reason.
    Where are we going to go now.
    I can just hear it, While we collectively picked our stuffed noses, never realizing our true potential, even when it has been so generously offered to us.
    What a world, what a stupid expression of creation, earth thinking creatures.

    1. Including this; “secret cabal (secret societies)” involved in the international powerplay:

      It is not all our fault; the biggest reason why we havew all failed, including those in the BEAM Mission, is mostly because of the Bafath – Vatican (Zionists & Jesuits) conspiracy! We never really stood a chance! The conspiracy has just been too great! They always wanted either global enslavement and/or global destruction. And they are surely going to succeed. The only thing which could have prevented this has been global revolution, “to make them (the “elite”) tail and run”; but it did not happen; simply because, unfortunatrly, they executed indoctrination (“divide and conquer”) and their PROPAGANDA just too well…

      1. Pessimism never helped anyone! And it is not true; if some people have had their eyes opened, means that it can happen to all. It just takes time and patent labor of the dedicated and untiring ones.

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