New NASA Discovery: The Earth Is Round!

Let’s see these developments as small victories and use them as inspiration to…get proactive.

As a follow up to our previous Earth Day article, here’s something else that actually may affect us all.

For many years NASA has remained steadfast in denying* that there was any danger to Earth from asteroid Apophis, which was “officially” discovered in 2004 but already warned about by Billy Meier in, in 1981, and called the Red Meteor**.

One former astronaut spoke out about the need to deflect incoming objects several years ago and the Russians, who are said to know about and study Meier’s information, apparently took his warnings seriously enough to call for an international effort to deflect Apophis, emphasis added since this was the specific method recommended by the Plejaren, as opposed to blowing it up, etc.

NASA, however, remained confident that there was no danger from Apophis, or perhaps thought that there was no danger to…us. After all, it would most likely hit “somewhere else” – Meier was told it would be between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

However, it must have finally dawned on NASA that we all live together on a round planet, where everything is actually interconnected causally and geophysically. And it appears that they’re taking Meier’s advice even to the degree of partnering with the European Space Agency in a tacit admission that we too have a vested interest in deflecting asteroids, etc., the most threatening one so far being Apophis.

You May Need to Sit Down

Not to suddenly make you giddy with more good news but it appears that another earthshaking recognition of reality has occurred. The government of Oklahoma admitted a connection between the processes connected to oil drilling and…earthquakes.

But as a gentle reminder of the still prevalent, deep denial of those who prioritize profits above all else, please note:

“Tuesday’s actions met a mixed response from the oil and gas industry and the governor’s critics. The Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association disputed the Geological Survey’s conclusions, saying in a statement that further study of the state’s quakes remained necessary.

‘There may be a link between earthquakes and disposal wells,’ the group’s president, Chad Warmington, said in the statement, ‘but we — industry, regulators, researchers, lawmakers or state residents — still don’t know enough about how wastewater injection impacts Oklahoma’s underground faults.’”

Better Late than Never

Let’s see these developments as small victories and use them as inspiration to…get proactive. Start making some righteous noise of your own. Send links to this article and others like Happy Earth Day…Really?, etc., to any and every news outlet, forum, blog, radio, TV show, etc., that you can find.

After all, it is Earth Day, we’re still here and we have lots of work to do.


*NASA Rules Out Earth Impact in 2036 for Asteroid Apophis

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Thanks to Bob Wiegand and Jhaag.

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  1. Michael , I appreciate you , and you are right . Much of my comments are very fringe and new . In time , however , they prove to be accurate . Like my comment regarding Barack Obama and the Musilum Brotherhood . Here is a follow up to a blog member questioning my commentary .

    A glimpse of my point and early commentary that always is on the cusp of truth . I have to say , I do not like posting this stuff . I want to enjoy nature and disappear into the beauty of life . But the massive overtaking of this globe is not nice . I suggest our readers find Hailie Selassie that Billie talks of . He is a good read or find the book Ishmael and read good things about our lives . But its factual and here is another link to ponder that highlights our plight and talks of current events that are very intense.

    I try to inform , with real reporting and awareness , never conspiracy . Most of the time the ability to fathom reality is resisted with the first conception of ‘oh , it must be a conspiracy , its not real ‘ . That’s fine , be skeptical , but inspect what you inspect . Do you find yourself comfortable with QE 1 , QE 2 , bailouts , the Iraq war , the Afgahn occupation , 9/11 , Oklahoma bombing , Boston Bombing , Sandy Hook shootings , the firing of 377 military leaders , the Chinese and Russian troops totaling over 25000 in your country , Jade Helm , Obamacare , the privy to allow banks to pay derivatives before FDIC deposits , negative appreciation of your bank account , paratroopers as police , blood drawn at checkpoints while driving , taxation on death or inheritance , Gmo foods that kill bees and introduce disease , vacinations federally mandated to avert imprisonment ? This run on sentence will not stop for a hundred pages . Do you get it yet ? Or are you just OK with it .

    1. David,

      Your comments and p.o.v. are certainly appreciated too. I have some ideas to move things along that I’ll be introducing in the next blog.

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