Mars Has Much More Water, etc., etc., etc.

Yes, as the old Yogi Berra saying goes, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” A “new scientific discovery” confirms exactly what Billy Meier was told about the actual existence of water on Mars by the Plejaren extraterrestrial, Semjase…in 1976.

One can only shake their head* at the egotistical denial and resistance tactics of many mainstream scientists to being presented with endless evidence of Meier’s authenticity and abundant corroboration for his prophetically accurate scientific information.

See also:

NASA’s “New” Mars Report Published by Billy Meier DECADES Ago

Billy Meier’s Information Regarding Life on Mars now Corroborated


*Speaking of heads, let us for a moment stand in awe of how one brain dead scientist is looking forward to demonstrating how he acquired his own gray matter.


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That`s right Daniel.”These corporate guys will just contribute to the corporation”.

Daniel Zumon

Reread what I said. You said

“Those corporate SHILLS are going to get their just rewards for RUINING Planet Earth”!

I said, YES, they will. What you should have said is ‘NOT’, its a very important word that changes the binary oposition polarity of what your saying into a justification.

We have many problems in the world because people say YES, instead of NO, – JUST instead of NOT JUST – Do you see what I am saying?

Daniel Zumon

Darcy Hi, thinks my comments are weird probably because he has not studied the binary opposition polarity of psychology, emotionalism, value held in words, most people have not so absolutely acceptable naturally. But that is where the real creative natural laws are, just so you know, that is where the study is.

justification vs unjustification
good vs bad
correct vs incorrect

In science there is a positive and negative to everything right?
Well its the same in the creative natural laws. The solutions [to anything] therefore can only [surely] be held in that region of knowledge.

Daniel Zumon

In case you were wondering, yes, thats why in the english language we have a book 3x the size of a standard bible just for words, a big dictionary. We also have this many words because of the tainting of words religiously, another important factor of the language which should be offered to english speakers around the world probably, but its not like we can is it, there being no god capabilities in the universe and all.

Daniel Zumon

Based on what I have explained.
The anti-christs – all that religious bio-mass, historical junk.
christ = religion, emotionalism, confusion, the wrong assessment of the facts, vagary, ambiguity.
Anti-christ 1 = is the united states government, establishment of reason -leading to;
Anti-christ 2 = is the european union, boosted establishment of anti values

The value held in words, establishment of the real evaluation of the universe, the anti-time where we begin to evolve due to the establishment of reasonable assessment of the facts.

But its going to be difficult isnt it, at first, religion establishing a difficult anti-backward, polarity reversed situation, the facts and proper establishment of the facts creating a difficult situation, comes down to language, the use and value of the facts and proper evaluation of the facts [as I said twice]

Daniel Zumon

Some people want all the answers, I am saying, this is all the answers, they’re all held in normal things, in front of us.


Daniel / Sheila

When did this forum become the Jerry Spring show ?


Correction. “Jerry Springer Show”


I’m sorry David if you feel this is akin to Jerry Springer. Apparently Danielle can only dish it out, but can’t take it. I would call him a Sheila but I don’t want to disrespect myself.

David Scott

Daniel , again , you could not be more wrong in your perception . The answers are terrifying when you find them . One who knows would never spew such disdain . Your a smart kid , but you remind me of the carpenter that got familiar with his circular saw . And due to his lack of respect for the instrument , he got carless and cut off several fingers . And you make me feel like your a federal troll , just trying to calm the masses , yes , its going to be alright , breathe , nice breathe , slow …. Really . You need to wake up , the truth is like living a nightmare . And NO , its not out in the open its hidden and twisted and camoflouged to fool you and wreck your mind . A far cry from your government spoon feed .


laughs. ok my attempt to get the both of you to realize that other people might not like having to watch and read arguing in a forum where people of a higher understanding meet to discuss the meaning of life didn’t sink in. Arguing is like poison ivy. It never gets better when you keep scratching it. You both carry on now. I’ll be over here smelling these awesome flowers ive planted a while back.

David AKA Watch Dingo.


Who exactly is making you read this David? I did understand but I do have free will. And don’t pretend that you wouldn’t reply if someone called you a homosexual and told you that your name meant shit. So if you really wanted to put a stop to the Jerry Springer episode why didn’t you say anything then? Am I not allowed to reply to accusations concerning my gender and sexuality? Often times the younger ones do not understand unless it happens to them. Plus I’ve noticed that all your posts have always been about peace, love and harmony David…

Daniel Zumon

Your confused and insecure. But yes, you are welcome to share your opinion and in fact I would encourage it, so that you can, in time, be less confused and insecure. I would ask you to put an extra letter on the end of Sheila to indicate a surname, but its the same thing with David and his , double , spaces. Do what ever you want. As for Jacobus and his troll comment, that would be fine if we were actually talking about what is being talked about. So your all wrong apparently.


Daniel, I’m afraid the confusion is all yours because in your mind everyone else is wrong except you. If I was as insecure as you believe, I wouldn’t have replied in the first place, duh. I don’t need your permission to have an opinion, nor do I need to respond for your request for my last name. How do I know you’re not an identity thief? You’ve done nothing on this blog but blah blah blah pretending you’ve read the Meier material, but obvious to those that know, that you haven’t. You try and pretend everything you’ve read in text books somehow has gotten you to the same point as those who have actually read Billy’s material. It’s obvious that you are out of touch with reality. I doubt CF would have told you that if it were not true. If I were you Daniel, I would go with the Daniel Zoo Mule name that you like so much because Mules are unable to reproduce.




Zumon = The Man Who is a Beamship Operator


According to Wikipedia, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

So yes, a person, a human being who sows discord knowingly. I wonder how much these guys get paid? And thinking about it, what a crappy job it must be, to sit around hours upon hours in front of a computer screen and do, basically nothing? Sitting around, wasting time, as if life is just a silly game to be playing?

Now I am not accusing anybody of falling into this category, even though I have noticed the Jerry Springer affect on the Figu forum and on this forum. We are infested with trolls and I am sure, it must give them some kind of a kick to be leading people by their noses. It is such an incredibly dishonorable occupation, to be deceiving the masses. But what can you say if it is paying the bills, right?


What is even more sinister, is that tactics are being deployed, one could say military tactics are being deployed to divide a target group in two and then let them start fighting amongst themselves. The oldest trick in the book.

I can see it happening here, on this blog. Whenever there is a harmonious sequence of comments, out of the blue, usually, some random person jumps in to start a fight. You are giving yourselves away by your despicable behaviour. Whoever you are, on a deeper level, you must know that you are also just a sheep, following orders, like the rest of humanity.

In a proper and just society, the deception you indulge in should fall under criminal activity and should have very serious consequences. But luckily for you, we don’t live in a just and fair society, and instead of putting a stop to it, criminals like you are being encouraged to do as they please. But naturally, as a rule, always hiding behind a fake personality.

Darcy Wade Carlile

I agree with your comment Jacobus. It sounds logical.


Thanks Darcy. What also could be happening here, is that many different so called personalities, could actually be one, or at most, two people, attempting to distract honest individuals from the main topic being discussed.

Darcy Wade Carlile

Organized crime?

Darcy Wade Carlile

Organised individuals making their own laws rather then being a law abiding citizen of their own country and they migrate to other countries without acknowledging the laws in that country.


We could always ask them very nicely to bugger off.

Darcy Wade Carlile

It’s Mike’s blog not mine, I would need to ask for his permission/consent first.