First it was concern for the environment, then people overbreeding like bunnies, now Pope Frankie has apparently seen the light on…pets:

According to the Pope, the worst problems in the world today are poverty, corruption and human trafficking. He also expressed his astonishment when he read about what people spend money on. “After food, clothing and medicine,” he said, “the fourth item is cosmetics and the fifth is pets. That’s serious.”

In fact, for an “environmental pope,” Francis seems to think that people pay altogether too much attention to pets.

“Care for pets is like programmed love,” he said. “I can program the loving response of a dog or a cat, and I don’t need the experience of a human, reciprocal love.”

The Pope said this kind of trade-off is “worrisome.”

Now if the Pope would just fess up to the whole thing, acknowledge where these “new” ideas are coming from, take off the Halloween costume and simply tell people that they’d be much better off studying the spiritual teaching and Billy Meier’s information, etc., it wouldn’t take another 800 years to turn this mess around.


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  • Like everyone else here I ponder the inner workings to figure this all out and there is still a lot of questions that need to be answered . My approach at times is an aggregate and I don’t mean to offend. What I have realized is that as man dives into the genetic modification process we alter the balance of nature or the creation. Its very clear. So much so we can see obvious malice in the direction of GMO (genetically modified organisms) for instance in corn that does a few things. Its a highly effective estrogen mimicking substance that is also ’round up ready’ as infers glyphosate in the mature corn plant . This GMO corn is used to feed animals , and humans . In humans its in sugar ( high fructrose corn syrup , and corn oils ) as well as outright . The effects are animals have whats called false pregnancies and show effects of pregnancy full term and do not reproduce at all. The humans show high rates of women or should I say pre teen girls with enlarged breasts and miscarriage at early ages even without sex , and men are feminized , from homosexuality through transgender attempts. This is clearly an evil male attempt to alter the genes to do obvious things. Prevent reproduction,limit food supply, effectively use food as a weapon, using estrogen to debilitate a potential male ability to , well be men and all men stand for . In otherwords destroy the balance . Its very sinister .
    My comments are that the whole human race on our planet has been genetically modified from the beginning . I used to joke that humans were the disease of the planet earth . But now that stands to be true . We , like genetically modified organisms do not play along with the rules of the creation or nature . Its clear as day now. So who spawned us . And where did THEY come from . AND , where did THEY come from .In other words where did this all start ? Just like I jabbed Gabby about . She said it , where do we come from. Where did the Plejaran come from ? And before them ? This entire Astronomical mystery ? That is one of the big questions or the biggest. It discredits a lot of things . And its why I get so into the now and pushing out the findings of disbelief that I come across. Not an obvious thing however. Think of all the civilizations that we ‘discovered’ here on the earth . They were here and had catastrophic disappearance situations . Like clockwork. Rise, fall . History has been a propaganda exercise from the day I was born. That’s my experience and I am mad as hell with that. Lied to by the ones I once trusted. So what is going on ? BEAM has been the best rail of truth I have found , but it is still , fill in the blanks and seek and you will find. What I find is shocking. But my last question is what created this place . The big bang is not going to cut it for me.

    • As with ALL things, there are always two sides, a plus and minus. We mustn’t get tunnel-visioned into only seeing the conspiratorially tinged one.

      Here are some things that Jacob Smits pointed out about…genetic engineering:

      The Assyrians artificially pollinated their plants around 870 before Jmmanuel.

      The advocado is a geneticly engineered tree/fruit by ETs.

      Modern cross breeding of plants/animals is well over 100 years old.

      Successful scientific trials use a genetically modified adeno-virus (common cold) to treat cystic fibrosis, by using this virus as a vector ‘infect’ the faulty lung cells with the correct and working gene.

      Genetic manipulation allows for very specific cancer treatments.

      Genetic engineering allows for meat to be grown as a culture instead of slaughtering animals.

      Genetic engineering will free us from our genetic faults, our short lifespan and overly aggressiveness.

      Genetic engineering will allow for cloning of organs, so there will be no need to transplant organs from dead people or even animals.

      The Plejarens themselves use genetically modified fruits to export to other worlds where there is a shortage of food (think of foot size apples, huge banana’s, etc), this stems from the German-only book “Die Wahrheit uber de Plejaden”.

  • I appreciate that Michael , I had always thought that way myself , however, the efforts lately have raised a huge concern. And it was easy to think altered nature was showing up with a clear reaction against. Responsible usage of technology is the understanding and that is in line with what the creation teaches us. I am so tired of the mishandling of technology . I would hope to see the day that technology comes to fruition where it works for the good of everyone.

  • One of the speakers slated for the Vatican rollout of the long-awaited Papal document on climate change ONCE SAID THE EARTH IS OVERPOPULATED BY AT LEAST 6 BILLION PEOPLE. (Emphasis mine)

    The teaching document, called an encyclical, is scheduled for release on June 18 at Vatican City. Perhaps with the exception of the 1968 encyclical on contraception, no Vatican document has been greeted with such anticipation.

    The choice of Professor John Schnellnhuber, founding director of the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, as one of three presenters may be giving the left added hope and giving giving skeptics severe heartburn. He has been described as one of the more aggressive scientists on the question of man-made global warming.

    ….Schnellnhuber, who has advised German President Angela Merkel and is a visiting professor at Oxford, said of global warming: “In a very cynical way, it’s a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something –- namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people.”

    • “Climate Change” a.k.a “Global Warming” is NOT occuring!

      Read books by James McCaney. Here is an article of an interview with him on the subject of weather:

      Earth weather is a function of the Solar Discharge Capacitor. Look at this image of the Eskimo Nebula:

      Our Solar System would look like that from a neighbouring star system.

      The peripheral region of the star system (Kuiper Belt) contains the accumulated contents of the proton wind together with asteroids and comets and also planet-x type objects. There are also the occasional roaming object that enter the system from outside the solar system nebula also seen in the Eskimo Nebula image.

      Occasionaly there will be an event whereby a large planet or star passing nearby but outside the nebular region perturbs the motion of objects in the Kuiper belt sending objects in towards the Sun. These objects are generally positively charged because they originate in a region densely populated with protons that are positively charged. As the object moves toward the Sun, it will pass through the solar wind that has a net excess of protons. The electrons that are 2000 times small by mass than the protons will accelerate towards this positively charged object 2000 times faster than the protons causing the object to become negatively charged. This object then pulls the protons toward it causing a comet tail to form. The comet nucleus is slowly sucking in the material that is being manufactured in it’s tail causing it to grow! When the nucleus achieves sufficient mass, it will have sufficient surface gravity to pull the protons in the solar wind directly and will now be able to discharge the solar capacitor directly via a powerful electron beam originating from the Sun. Depending on the energy of the Sun at the time, the energy may be sufficient to cause the comet nucleus to become molten so that the nucleus takes on a spherical form through it’s own gravitational forces therby entering it’s phase as a planet. Over time it’s elliptical orbit will become circular and become a new planet of the solar system much like planets Venus and Mercury. Solar systems grow from the inside out. The introduction of new masses to the solar system will result in an adjustment of the orbits of the existing planets in the solar system. Ancient Egypt and South American cultures spoke of a 360 day year that changed to a 365 day year with the arrival of planet Venus. Usually however, the smaller newer comets that achieve spherical form are “captured” as moons by the larger planets in the system. Comet Hale-Bopp was the size of our moon and had it orbit reduced from some 4000 years to some 2000 years during it’s last visit due to it’s tail drag.

      That however is an aside to demonstrate the action of the discharge of the Solar Capacitor where it concerns Earth weather. Fusion is occuring at the Sun’s corona with the Sun putting out vastly more electrical energy than light. As the Earth passes through the Solar Wind, the electrons pass around the Earth forming a magnetic tail while the protons are attracted towards the Earth forming a proton tail where water is manufactured. This water rains-out at the poles so that the poles are constantly accumulating new ice that puts pressure on existing ice sheets causing these to break-off at the periphery giving the climate change crowd “evidence” for a warming Earth. The temperate regions of the Earth, to either side of the equator have proton sheets causing weather patterns moving eastward while the equatorial belt is negatively charged with electrons moving westward.

      Two days after a new moon gives the Earth a new shock of solar wind that spurs weather activity on the Earth especially when there is planetary allingment including our Moon in line with the Sun. Comet activity during such a time will also add to the severity of weather we experience on the Earth.

      Much of the rain that we receive is a function of water production in the Earth’s comet tail. Our Moon has a sodium tail that rains out on the Earth causing our seas to become salty. You will just have to read James McCanney’s books to find out why the lakes are fresh water.

      The Moses event and the ten plagues were a function of comet Venus entering our System to take it’s place over the course of a few hundred years.

      …Read James McCanney !!!

      • I suggest that you read…Billy Meier. Meier first started to warn about climate change, global warming, the coming ice age, etc., in 1951. You’ll also find that a recent Pentagon report:

        …echoes Meier’s specific information as does a UN report:

        It goes on and on. WHat Meier and the Plejaren have said is that while certain things are quite natural, i.e. changes in climate, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, etc., they are no…75% from manmade causes.

        • MH, I am an ardent reader of Meier taking very great interest in the Contact Reports. The over-population issue is THE most important issue facing man because it allows a small group of men to enslave the vast majority through compulsory compliance of Government legislation (taxation), wars, and Religion. Also, the Earth cannot replinish the properties in the soil at the rate that it is being taken out for food production.

          I do not put much weight on the Pentagon or the UN as both are mouth peices for the military industrial complex and the owner of everything on the Earth – namely the “Crown”/ Vatican. Climate change is big business and a criminal excuse for taxation.

          I know you are in California and experiencing severe drought. There are many theories for that including weather manipulation to drive farmers off their land so the land can be transferred to new “owners”.

          But back to the subject of “weather”. When the last comet event (Venus) occurred, there was immediate cooling as a result of Earth axis shift and mountain range formation as a result of the gravitational waves that operated between the two large bodies. The Earth has been warming ever since that Moses event. Man made global warming cannot be used to explain why the other planets are also warming. Earthquakes and volcanism are a function of the Earth “relaxing” from that stress dating back to that Moses event.

          One thing I must say about the Plajaren, is that they have been involved in Earth history for a very long time to help mankind. From my read, they will stretch the truth if it serves their objectives.

          Technology does exist today to replace fossil fuel and nuclear energy. Solar is NOT the answer as it only serves the central energy grid establishments. The three blade wind generators are not the answer either as those are NOT efficient and are idled when the winds are too strong to prevent dammage to expensive infastructure.

          James McCanney does have a replacement in the form of his Wing Generator Energy Grid that utilizes the wind even at very low speeds that is scalable so that each generator can replace two nuclear power plants without the use of fossil fuels. See:

          Of course, there is always established interest that will stand in the way of anyone that tries to take away their business.

          There is also the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) project that is now open sourced. See:

          However, QEG requires infinitely more in the area of technical expertise and technology and is not something that communities in poor developing countries are going to be able to implement for their energy needs.

          • Just because there are vested interests on the part of the Pentagon, UN, etc., not only doesn’t meant hey are wrong but more likely indicates that they are right in their concerns – and their figures – regarding climate change, etc. If not, they would have painted a rosy, inaccurate picture, instead of effectively validating the specific things Meier published decades ago. The Pentagon report pointed out the environmental factors that would negatively impact the military agenda, so there’s no reason that they would deliberately even want to publish it if it didn’t reflect their findings.

            The last comet event WASN’T Venus but more likely the Destroyer in 1680.

            As far as saying that the Plejaren will “stretch the truth if it serves their objectives”, you need to clearly spell that out.

            As far as so-called free energy, again, deep geothermal is abundantly available now and…works.

            I think you may be relying more on other information from sources that simply don’t have the expertise of either Meier or the Plejaren and that also draw from conspiratorial and incomplete historical information.

  • MH, Read the Transcript from Cohen’s 1997 DOD Conference here:

    Search for the string: “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

    Notice that Cohen made no mention that the US military was itself involved in such weather manipulation for use against anyone uncooperative with US interests.

    We are now in a time where the elite have vast underground facilities to ride-out anything that occurs at the surface. Of course, they don’t have to deal with any overpopulation issue there.

    The military can deliver missiles to any part of the Earth regardless of weather as well as control and counter weather.

    The Pentagon making a statement about vulnerability would most likely be to their advantage as they don’t tell us about their strengths.

    Anyway, one cannot trust a party that is not only a serial killer but a serial liar (WWI, WWII, Pearl Harbour (Hiroshima/Nagasaki atom test on human populations), Vietnam, Korea, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia, Syria). The war against Japan would have ended at Pearl Harbour had the US taken-out the Japanese fleet. But no, they needed an excuse to test their bomb technology (to let the world know behave or else…) and to take possession of Japan which is still theirs to this day just as is Germany.

    Keep in mind that much of the axioms of Astronomy (including weather were cast in stone during the early ’40s before satellites were sent to explore the moon and planets and comets. So much of the physics still employed to this day (even at universities) is archaic and deliberate to keep technologies in the hands of the millitary industrial complex. Also, there is a lot of compartmentalization within such organizations so that the mouth piece can say things desired by those in the know and who can get away with it because the science in the public domain is not evolved enough to counter such statements.

    Same with the Plajaren who will “stretch the truth” if they feel they can get away with it to further their agenda to bring “balance” to the Earth and it’s inhabitants – a primary objective that if not successfull could lead to destruction of this solar system and neighbouring systems and possibly the Universe and other neighbouring Universes. Hence the prophecy in 800 years time of the second comming to stop such an eventuallity. They can and have offerred help to man but “Did they (the PTB) listen?”.

    I don’t have the CR# but it was Billy asking Ptaah about how the Plajaren would respond to a question from someone who didn’t know what they were talking about. The response was they would reciprocate with corresponding nonsense. That is not the exact wording as I don’t have that particular CR#.

    As for the comet/Destroyer of 1680, I am not sure. Something did cause the Maunder Minimum 1645 – 1715. Usually a visitor will cause increased solar flaring and sunspot activity. Also, there was no pole shift of the Earth’s rotational axis during this period. So it was not a major event as described in the Kolbrin (

    Geothermal is workable if those with their hands on the purse strings will allow it. But we know where they are. Even though there is ample fossil fuel, a result of repeated cosmic visitors (comet Venus/Destroyer/…), we a being weaned-off this towards expensive and impractical solar and 3-blade wind. When the central power stations realize they cannot control the voltage as these are widely adopted, they will push for legislation to make such systems illegal and then push toward nuclear – the Pentagon must have their crown jewels – depleted uranium and plutonium. Yes, I am aware of the liquid thorium reactors – but again it is central control – pay as you go! How about energy independence where a community can simply disconnect from the central generating system and share power in an smart energy grid using no fossil fuels or nuclear? Can you hear McCanney Wing Generator Grid or QEG?

    I don’t think there is any historical source of information remaining on Earth to compete with what the Plajaren have ( After Prophet Muhammed, there was Hazarat Ali who claimed to be a living book with direct connection to the Cosmic Consciousness and there is one man alive to this day who is a direct descendant. But even then it is only of value if people are willing to listen (as in Did they Listen?)! Of course they did not listen! Hence the rift in Islam which is not even supposed to be a religion as it was made very clear early on that “there is no compulsion in matters of faith!” (faith meaning not “blind faith” common to the Religions of the world but faith based on scientific testing that has stood the rigours of time). Meier has made no public statement to this day on this subject of Hazarat Ali and his descendants, in a line to this day, although there is a CR that mentions the existence of five individuals evolved here on the Earth who have achieved the level of the Plajaren spiritual elders.

    Hope this clears any misunderstanding.

    • There are still too many inaccuracies based on incorrect information, assumptions, etc., in your post.

      For instance, that the Plejaren ‘stretch the truth’ if they feel they can get away with it to further their agenda to bring ‘balance’ to the Earth”, is utterly unsubstantiated nonsense and would contradict their purpose as well as their directives, etc.

      Faith in itself is completely unscientific and not part of the spiritual teaching in any way. When something has been proved to be true…their is no need for faith, belief, etc.

      And Meier hasn’t mentioned many things which, though they may be of some interest to some people, have absolutely no importance in the greater scheme of things.

      I will also repeat this segment of my response to Moshe:

      “It’s time that the comments took on more of a tone of how personal self-responsibility and the might of the thoughts are at play in one’s own life.”

      In other words, while we can fill pages with information of varying degrees of accuracy and/or importance, it doesn’t get us anywhere. Expressing just how one is creatively working towards self-responsible actions that contribute to making positive changes in their own lives, and ultimately to all, is far, far more important.

      One example would be the blog titled:

      The Might of the Thoughts in Practice

      …please share your own and start to make such changes in your own life and tell us about them.

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