Frying the Friendly Skies

The real conspiracy is hidden in plane sight

Billy Meier’s information on the so-called chemtrails has been criticized by many conspiratorially minded people as being either a deliberate attempt to…cloud the issue, or simply as obviously incorrect and uninformed. Meier and the Plejaren never state scientific theories but only facts that have consistently proved to be unerringly accurate.

So the information forwarded to me by Chris Lock is welcomed for its informative and credible content. Maybe now attention to the real dangers and causes of our atmospheric and climate problems will surpass interest in the escapist nonsense that captures the attention of the gullible, time after time.

Revisiting Neptune

If that inconvenient truth is too depressing, let’s just revisit some of Meier’s prophetically accurate, out-of-this-world information.

In August of 1989, several “new discoveries” about the planet Neptune were made by Voyager 2, which Billy Meier had already published in May of 1989. Meier had already described the giant storm that NASA would discover, as well as information about Triton, etc. Meier scooped NASA here by several months, as he did with his information about Jupiter, Io and Europa decades ago, and which the skeptics inadvertently corroborated.


Having to endure the decades of skepticism from irrational, illogical skeptics was a given; to force people to accept, or “believe” the case and its evidence as authentic wasn’t allowed and would have only violated people’s free will. In their desperation, skeptics failed to factor in the fundamental, real life elements that spoke against any kind of hoax on Meier’s part.

Just a bit of objective, logical consideration of human behavior, and the established absence of means, motive and opportunity, would have been sufficient to eliminate the possibility of hoaxing. But the skeptics were so invested in the hoaxing premise that they completely failed to ponder why anyone who was so devoid of financial, technical and collaborative resources – and who clearly could have used the kind of money that such “hoaxes” could have earned him (Meier was offered, and turned down, three very lucrative offers from major movie studios) – never tried to capitalize financially on his evidence. In fact, it was, and still remains, the responsibility of interested parties to go through all of his information and either corroborate or try to debunk it themselves, the latter of which hasn’t proved very successful.

Although the skeptics immediately try to dismiss it, the fact is that Meier would have had to possess high levels of mastery in numerous skills and sciences that he simply didn’t, while accomplishing everything in the pre-computer and digital era with only one hand. And while they try to minimize that element as well, the precedent setting reality of this one man accomplishing all of this – and never seeking to personally profit by it – completely escapes the understanding of the glib and vacuous critics. The very idea that his principles and values prohibited him from seeking personal gain from what was meant to be freely given to humanity is beyond foreign to them.

After all, when our so-called scientists and educators are as corrupt and sold-out as our politicians, people who want, and are able, to see the real truth are becoming as rare as a…clear blue sky.

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