Trump, Clinton, Sanders Get New UFO Film

Award-winning, non-fiction account of proven contacts between extraterrestrial race and Swiss man ongoing over 74 years, includes evidence, prophecies

Executive Producer, Marie Adler of Adler & Associates, sent copies of the award-winning, non-fiction UFO film, And Did They Listen?, to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Sent to the candidates prior to the recent article about Clinton’s interest in UFOs in The Guardian, And Did They Listen? reveals that the UFO cover-up is actually about the Billy Meier contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 74 years. Adler & Associates is representing the film at the 2016 Cannes Film Market.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Meier’s is the only scientifically proven UFO case, with over 1,200 UFO photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples independently authenticated by scientific experts. It’s unknown to most of the world because of governmental and media censorship, and a decades-long disinformation and distraction campaign about imaginary “aliens”, so-called abductions, etc.

Prophecies from Outer Space

Since 1951, Meier has also published specific, prophetic warnings from the Plejaren extraterrestrials, accurately foretelling everything from climate change, global warming, AIDs, the US-Iraq Gulf Wars, etc. And Did They Listen? includes an update showing Meier’s 1987 warning about the recent Islamist terrorist attacks on France and Europe. In 1958, Meier also specifically foretold the dangers of the mass migration of asylum seekers and recently reported that there already were 17,461 IS “sleepers” scattered throughout Europe because of it.

US Turned Down Contact with ET RACE

In 1979, the Carter administration turned down the offer of contact with the Plejaren race, fearing it would destabilize religious, political and governmental control. While the contacts won’t be offered again, the new US president still would have access to the huge amount of already freely offered information, with recommendations as to how to stop the IS terrorism and wars through an international military coalition, how to replace fossil fuels and atomic energy with non-polluting technologies, how to prevent asteroids like Apophis from hitting the Earth, etc.

The People Were Warned

And Did They Listen? was produced by Michael Horn, who is also one of the more than 125 eyewitnesses to the Plejaren spacecraft. Remarkably, Horn recently made two historic presentations on the Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University, facilitated by a skeptical professor. With the younger generations facing the increased threats of environmental destruction, wars and terrorism, it is hoped that their awareness of the truth about the UFO cover-up – and the specific information from the Plejaren – will help them, and all of us, to assure our very threatened future survival.






23 Replies to “Trump, Clinton, Sanders Get New UFO Film”

  1. I think it’s great that they are getting copies of And Did They Listen?, but will they, it’s all nice when they talk about UFO’s and let’s assume that they do start to believe who Billy is, the ELEPHANT in the room is RELIGION, how are they going to wrap their heads around that and get the rest of the world to follow suit. But it’s a good first step!!!

  2. Is it just me,but I think it strange that the Plejarens speak German and no other language?
    They also call items here on earth the same, for example a car is a car to them as well as
    to people of earth. I believe that Billy Meier’s visits are real, but about the rest of us. One person can not expect to inform the whole world.

    1. Well, the fact is that now…you know about the contacts. Perhaps you want to let others know and thereby the whole world will also eventually know.

    2. Roy, the Plejaren speak a lot of different Earth-languages, not just German, e.g. Ptaah speaks Greek. But the contacts are in German because German is the only present-day language on Earth that has all the possibilities and meanings of the Lyran language.

    3. Hi Roy. The Plejaren had to learn German. There native language is Sarat which is unknown on Earth. There language experts must have learnt/studied all of Earths languages in order to reach the conclusions that they have (about our languages). They’re understanding is immense.

      To call a car something other than what it is would be illogical. We, the reader, must understand what they are talking about. Clarity is essential. If there was a Sarat word/term for ‘car,’ a direct translation into German wouldn’t be clear to us. They have no comparable vehicle.

    1. If you’re referring to the phony Edgar Mitchell Foundation about so-called “experiencers”, it’s on my short list.

      But now that you’ve mentioned it, here’s a link to the latest delusional, time-wasting, escapist nonsense:

      Of course I already sent them emails showing and linking to Meier’s evidence, prophetic information, etc., but they’re too busy doing the work of intelligence agencies in gathering together weak-minded escapists and people who may have indeed suffered an “abduction” at the hands of the secret military, as our friend Joe also pointed out (

      The biggest enemies of the truth are the dopes in the UFOCI and their relentless profit-motivated disinformation, lies, etc.

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