Skepticism Bears Good Fruit When Truth Prevails

All that’s required is intellectual honesty, instead of pseudoscientific prejudices of skeptical movement

After years of defeating skeptical challenges and attacks, the irony is that Prof. Scott Antes – a skeptical professor – would be the one to open the door for the historic first presentation of the Billy Meier UFO case in an American university, NAU.

Prof. Antes recently sent me this comment, further showing that the right use of skepticism allows, invites and encourages a fair presentation and examination of the facts of the matter:

“I’m really surprised it’s taken so long for you to get a Meier-related gig at a university. I would think that universities would be more open-minded. As educators, as students, we certainly don’t need to accept everything a person might say as fact, but we typically are not so narrow-minded that we refuse to give it a listen. Your talk is secular, it promotes no political agenda, it’s not the least bit dangerous or radical. Rather, it is thought-provoking. Provoking thought is what universities are about. It is all too common today for people who think they know better to automatically dismiss alternate views. People who aren’t willing to listen are directly or indirectly responsible for the sad condition our planet is in today.”

Prof. Scott Antes, Anthropology, NAU

All that is required is intellectual honesty and not the arrogant, pseudoscientific prejudices of the majority of the skeptical movement. In fact, Prof. Antes also sent me this comment right after the attacks in Paris:

“More on this later, but guess what the first thing I said to Laureen was, when we first heard about the Paris bombings? I knew this one was on its way. Thanks.

Prof. Antes”

And he said that to his wife because I had previously provided him with information such as this. Without preconceived notions, Prof. Antes was free to acknowledge the true facts, without being compelled to accept the totality of the case and its evidence. In other words, he behaved like a real…scientist should.  It is just this spirit of honesty and integrity that’s long been missing from mainstream science, the media, governments, politics, religions, etc.

We Were Warned

It would be worth your time to use an online translator if necessary to read the news articles in this new FIGU publication. While probably not being covered very much by the US and other western news services, we can see how Meier’s warnings, dating back to 1987, about what will happen in and to Europe are now unfolding. And about a week before his heart valve replacement operation, Meier again tried to warn us, as he did more than a year ago.


A lot can be done when truth prevails and if you’re a student, professor, or in some way connected with a university, college, or other organization that’s open to such presentations, please let them know, or let me know and I’ll contact them.

I invite you to see WHEN TRUTH PREVAILS, if you haven’t already done so. It not only documents my historic first presentation in an American university but also includes wonderful footage of world class skeptic, Ray Hyman, examining some of Billy Meier’s stunning, authenticated UFO photos…with wide-eyed wonderment. And it includes a clip from my 2004 production, The Meier Contacts – The Key to Our Future Survival, where I present Meier’s all too prophetically accurate warning about radical Islamic terror attacks in France, etc.

As a special offer to welcome in the new year, when you buy the DVD, just enter the name of any other single DVD in your order and I’ll include it for FREE.

You can also download the new film here.

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Thanks to Randy Arena for the FIGU articles.



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  1. Has anyone else but me been looking at an ordinary compass these days? I have a compass which consistently points about 45 degrees west of true north. If I move it around in the room it might occasionally point to where I know true north is, but not very often. 45 degrees west of true north points to a place in the city I live where I suspect there is some kind of magnetic disturbance. . . . but is this a universal phenomenon? What do your compasses tell you?

  2. I just thought of an idea. Why not send Linda Moulton Howe all of Billy Meier`s information about Billiy`s contact reports not only to Linda but also to all the other presidential candidates including John Podesta too that way everybody can find and get the REAL ET proof for sure that we HAVE ET`s visiting us especially Billy Meier but you might not want to bring up Billy Meier name out of fear that these politicians would think like Basset and Friedman i.e. too hot and touchy to handle. This is just an idea a thohgt. Linda Moulton Howe can be reached at

    1. Hi Terry as you may or may not know Linda Mouton Howe is part of the coverup. I mean holy crap, all the animal mutilations she’s investigated and she claims they’re all done by ET??? Which proves she’s a very crappy investigator. So what will she do with the Meier material if she’s incapable of outing the paramilitary organization that is doing the animal mutilations?

      1. Years ago, Howe asked to bring scientists to examine the seven-fingered prints on the cars at the center. Meier said yes but asked that the cars not be destroyed.

        Of course she never came through. These people are all part of the utterly misleading, destructive, profit-oriented UFOCI, a cynical, truth-suppressing farce that has done as much to damage humanity as all of the government, intelligence agencies, programs, etc.

  3. Thanks for the info. I forgot about Howe`s cattle mutilation investigation because this was years ago long before we had computers back in the 1980s. She once had a two hour investigated special on cattle mutilation which we now know is being done by the CIA. That special was on HBO back then. Back then I didn`t know any thing about Billy and the P`s. As far as the government intelliegence agencies are concerned I personally DON`T trust these nefarious dark entities AT ALL any more. I guess maby we shouln`t give out all this info to these politicians after all since like Stan Friedman and Stephen Basset, they`ll think the Billy Meier UFO case is just to hot to handle,but it was just a thought to get this information out before something REALLY REALLY BAD happens such as WW4 nuclear war or worse such as North Korea exploding another hydrogen bomb etc. “I just WISH the P`s were still watching us here on earth to make sure that such a nuclear war dosen`t happen. Why the Plejareans left the earth is beyond my comprehention since we are still in the childlike addolcent stage of evolution. Maby this world ISN`T ready to face the REAL TRUTH yet.

  4. The CIA recently released real X-Files containing an independent account of phenomena we see only in Meier’s photographs from the 70’s and 80’s.

    One report from Germany is about 46-year-old Oscar Linke, a former mayor of Gleimershausen, Germany, who was travelling home on the 9th July, 1952, when he blew the tyre of his motorcycle. What he saw can be found in the report, ‘Flying Saucers Reported Over East Germany, 1952’ here:

    Correlations between Linke’s report and the Meier case:

    1. Oscar Linke: “What I had seen were two men who were now about 40 meters away from me. They seemed to be dressed in some shiny metallic clothing. They were stooped over and were looking at something lying on the ground.”

    “metallic clothing”:

    2. Oscar Linke: “Now the side of the object on which the holes had been opened began to glitter [a]. Its color seemed green but later turned to red. At the same time I began to hear a slight hum [b]. While the brightness and hum increased the conical tower [c] began to slide down into the center of the object. The whole object then began to rise slowly from the ground and rotate like a top.”

    a. “glitter”:

    b. “hum”:
    Description of “angels” in biblical accounts and the ‘wheel within a wheel’ in Ezekial 1.
    Wherever the angels went, the wheels went too. Could the hum have been mistaken as angels singing?

    c. “conical tower”:
    WCUFO at night, as described by Rhal Zahi,
    “There is a perception (of the nighttime WCUFO) that in one of the pictures, the central core of the WCUFO extends upwards a little bit” here:

    3. Oscar Linke: “The object, surrounded by a ring of flames, was now a certain number of feet above the ground”

    “ring of flames”:
    Biblical accounts of prophet Elijah (Elja) being taken up into heaven by a
    “fiery chariot” in 2 Kings 2:11.
    This is not seen as being symbolic, or, a visionary event as Elijah’s friends
    searched for his body for 3 days and never found it.
    Additionally, a group came up to Elijah’s associate, Elisha, and mocked him saying, “Go up, baldhead! Go up!”.
    Ezekiel 1 describes a craft coming down out of a terrible fire and whirlwind which had the description of being a
    “wheel within a wheel” and the color of “burnished bronze” and “beryl” (a glossy stone) which reminded of those photos of the
    undercarriage of the WCUFO at night:

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