The Prophetic Warnings, the Press, the Disasters

International media censored warnings of Islamist invasion, now too late to stop

We continue to see the ongoing fulfillment of the warnings in the Henoch Prophecies about what will befall Europe, thanks to the deliberate machinations of Angela Merkel, who may well be regarded, in the future, as one of the greatest traitors in history.


This article in the Daily Mail (UK) confirms the accuracy of the warnings that Billy Meier published about the 17,461 IS “sleepers” that were already in Europe, by last January 30. A comment that I submitted to the paper about this…wasn’t published.

Meier’s prophetic warnings and corroborations, etc., have been sent, repeatedly, to numerous media outlets. Among them are the ones that pride themselves on presenting cutting edge and/or alternative news, such as the Drudgereport, InfoWars, The Real News – even NPR – all of which are equally culpable in deliberately suppressing the Meier information.

While anything UFO related is usually reported in order to mock it, not a single arm of the media,  including the tabloids like the National Enquirer, the Globe, etc., will dare to do so with the Meier information. This is done to avoid some portion of the sleepy population actually noticing the information, discovering it’s true and realizing it’s been deliberately censored and concealed from them for so long.

New Corroborations

There are numerous new corroborations of information Meier verifiably published, usually long before “official discovery” or occurrence, etc. Among them are:

New information regarding the way media and technology are being used to contribute to violence, terrorism, etc., supports the conclusions that the Plejaren have long stated, and that they are further studying (see the 633rd Contact), in regards to the negative effects of computer and video games, etc.

In addition to all his environmental warnings, dating back to 1951, Meier had warned earlier about the dangers of globalization to various, plants, animals, native species, etc., this article specifically makes that connection:

“Invasive species are migrants, a product of globalization — and the golden mussel is just one example of the many foreign bodies that could threaten native environments in the coming years.”

More than 30 years ago, Meier published information foretelling the currently spoken about “human-animal chimeras”.

And, while there’s  growing concern that the developing financial crisis may lead to the collapse of the US dollar, Meier already warned about it when he also gave the real reason for the Iraq War, as I originally reported…10 years ago.


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95 Replies to “The Prophetic Warnings, the Press, the Disasters”

  1. Interesting what was said in the Henoch Prophecies, and what is now becoming more apparant between China and India:

    244. And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her.
    245. China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone.

    ‘Maintaining influence’: US, India sign major military pact amid Chinese concerns

  2. Contact Report 616 Ptaah: … I am able to remember this – wait …, yes here, it was already in 2010, and namely on March 22nd after part of our 491st official conversation, which we still continued privately, therefore this part is not included in the contact report. Among other things, together we spoke about probabilities of coming world-happenings, in which we also prepared possibility-calculations in various relationships, and indeed also with regards to how the European Union will form itself in the future. In the process we jointly reached the calculation-result, that the EU will sooner or later provide a European army. And indeed, the time is now given, since our probability-calculations begin to fulfill themselves. It was really only a matter of time.
    The reporter lives in the area and mentioned the now growing desire for a superstate in the EU, the fear caused by NATO pushing on Russia is having its desired effect.

  3. Hi MH I don`t know if I got this article in the right post but you better read this hideous article from counterpunch for 1013/16 The Senate Armed sevices Comittee Preps for War by Renee parson. I tried post this article. I guess I must nave posted this in the wrong blog. Sorry abou this but I thought I better let you know that this planet is really really deterating and going down hill very very fast thanks to the stupidness of those brassy bratty no brains military industrial complexes who will stop at nothing just to star another war or even more wars etc. “I`ve yet to see a pacifist stop this warmongering cabals from running all over our bodies and heads!”

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