Trump puts arrow of truth in center of corrupt media/intelligence cabal

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, the fact that he’s a non-political, non-politically correct (“his own one-man party”, according to the Plejaren) thorn in the side of the political status elite and quo, was driven home in his news conference of January 11. You’ll be able to watch the conference and loads of analyses about it online, so I won’t delve into the details.

The overall good news (and possibly the bad news) is that Trump unapologetically shot an arrow of truth and nailed the fake news purveyors, the intelligence agencies, the Clinton campaign, the preferential treatment given to her by the press, etc., in their collective bullseye.

Skewed Priorities

While all of the concern and subterfuge about Russia*, so-called hacking, false reports about Trump, non-existent business deals with the Russians, non-existent Trump personnel in Prague, etc., no concern seems to have been expressed by the media that the “hacked” information revealed the seething corruption of the DNC, the warmongering psychopath who ran against Trump, etc. People are only concerned that it was….revealed.

So, while the good news is that Trump actually tells it like it is and put an arrow into the bullseye, he simultaneously may have put a few bullseyes on a number of other people, including himself, staff, family members, etc., etc. – as Sen. Chuck Schumer even boldly suggested…or was it threatened?

While Schumer is probably among those in a position to indeed know about the “six ways to Sunday” that the CIA can use to strike back, like the ever-present troll McCain, another warmonger, who also seethes not only with malice but envy to “sit at the table of power”, lest anyone not be clear on how non-hyperbolic such warnings are, here’s what Billy Meier had to say about such things. For his trouble, Meier has been the target of 23 assassination attempts by parties mainly…unspecified.


In case people aren’t quite yet noticing, we’ve entered a new, highly volatile, extremely polarizing time in US history. Meier not only alluded, in 2012, to being informed in 1975 about what may be coming here (and the international ramifications) around 2020, depending on who succeeded Obama and what their policies, etc., would be, but we have an incredibly information rich document that fills in a lot of other information, again pertaining to the climb up to 2020, worldwide, as told to young Meier by Sfath…in 1946.

The Master of Understatement

Billy Meier is someone who chooses and uses his words very precisely and carefully. He warns but doesn’t theorize. He foretells, he explains, he teaches and releases to each person the full and complete self-responsibility for what they will think, feel and do with and about it.

As the time fulfills, as events unfold – many hopefully for the better – I invite you to review any and all prophetic information, the evidence and the already corroborated prophecies and predictions, the environmental warnings, and especially Meier’s brief videos on my channel and anywhere else they may be found online.

In light of what transpired in Trump’s press conference, we see that a(nother) gauntlet has been thrown at the power-hungry degenerates, several bullseyes have been hit…and others possibly issued vengefully and clandestinely.


What does await us, will it be détente and cooperation with Russia (and hopefully others) in the elimination of the IS, or will the globalists succeed in provoking Russia into a worldwide, terminal and long forewarned of final world war?

Will the traitors, conspirators, corrupt power-hungry in, and outside of, our country and government succeed in further polarizing the population of the country and push us into the also long foretold two, coming US civil wars?

The Same Answer

Strangely enough, the answer lies in whether enough people turn to the spiritual teaching. And while of course by this I specifically mean the spiritual teaching brought forth with the help of the Plejaren, Billy Meier and previous prophets in this lineage, I also want to emphasize that the core principles, which include complete self-responsibility, seeing things exactly as they are, neutral-positive thinking, the pursuit of truth, peace, love, freedom and harmony, are not the sole possession of this teaching and mission.

Many good, like-minded, consciousness-oriented people pursue these values and qualities. All who do so are contributing to positive evolution. So, coming together with like-minded people and sharing common concerns and efforts, and the elements of the spiritual teaching when welcomed, is all part of the overall contribution we each can make through the conscious and well-directed might of our thoughts.


*Bill Bonner put the concerns about Russian hacking in perspective in a recent newsletter:

“Republican Senator John McCain even says it was ‘an act of war.’ But if that were so, the U.S. has committed acts of war against dozens of different countries over the last 50… 100… 150 years!

Stephen Kinzer, a senior fellow at Brown University, wrote in The Boston Globe:

One of our first operations to shape the outcome of a foreign election came in Cuba. After the United States helped Cuban rebels overthrow Spanish rule in 1898, we organized a presidential election, recruited a pro-American candidate, and forbade others to run against him. Two years later, after the United States annexed Hawaii, we established an electoral system that denied suffrage to most native Hawaiians, assuring that only pro-American candidates would be elected to public office.

Ever since, says Mr. Kinzer, the CIA and other clandestine U.S. agencies have been routinely ‘hacking’ elections.”

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  1. To Carolyn Snyder:
    Thank you for kind reply. My husband and I do try to keep a low profile as we are outnumbered here, but sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable. If you get invited to a gathering, after people introduce themselves, the next question is “what church do you belong to?” And it kind of gets awkward after that. My husband talked me into attending a pool party with ‘just the women’ and each woman talked about her personal experience with the devil. As it finally got around to me and I told them I did not believe in the devil/lucifer and they looked at me like I was nuts. They could not believe that the devil did not ever try to scare me in some way. Some of these women were college educated. I felt like I was the only sane person there. I usually never get asked back again. We keep a low profile to make life easier for us and our child. Again thanks for your thoughtful reply.


    1. Thanks Diane for clarifying that you were only uncomfortable and not fearing for your life like you alluded to. Please feel free to use this saying from my dad when I asked him what religion we were. He said he was from the round church so the devil couldn’t corner him. Judging by your gathering, it would have been perfect. You also missed a good teaching opportunity. When it was your turn you should have told your audience about the apparitions traced back to the old lady having a nap and projecting her younger self in that house she used to live in as a child. You could have explained how teenagers also have that ability. You could have used that to explain what exactly they were really seeing. Perhaps next time?

  2. I watched the Spacex launch this morning of Iridium satellites. The dragon launched and landed in 8 minutes, 15 seconds. Incredible.

  3. I personally (my own opinion, even before Billy made his public) think Trump to be the lesser evil, as I ,albeit cynically, feel it better to get a few cheap lol’s before we go out, rather than being slowly drowned in the perpetual misery Hillary would have certainly exuded to a catastrophic degree. But it’s almost as bad as choosing whether to be smothered or strangled. If the direction we’re headed was solely up to Trump, I would certainly agree with his supporter (at least those supporting him for the right reasons). Only the profoundly irrational could let their politically-corrected-panties tighten into such a knot that they could actually judge ignorance, offensive vocabulary, and crude behavior as worse than pure, calculative evil. But unfortunately, thinking that he’s capable of “making things right” is at the very best wishful thinking. In the end, Trump won’t follow his own agenda, if it doesn’t adhere to that of the true rulers (and if it’s beneficial for the greater good, it surely won’t). It’s simply impossible, unless the Plejaren help protect him from assassinations (Hint, hint! If you’re reading, Ptaah). They’ll force him into bed or find somebody else that’s eager and willing. We cannot ignore a recent quote from Billy regarding the the future of this country; “…Indeed, America will be wrecked.” He didn’t say “maybe” or “perhaps”. He said “will be”. It simply means exactly that. No amount of denial, wishful thinking, or bickering about the “what-could-of-been’s” can save us. It’s done, America is a miserably failed experiment. It’s time to move on and try again, but apply the lessons we’ve learned from our numerous mistakes. We must focus our intellectual minds with progressing with our study of the spirit-teachings, in tandem with our own exit/prepping-for-the-worst strategies.
    Happy New Year 😀

  4. Just wanted to share a different perspective on the so far unsubstantiated (read: phony) story of Russia’s hacking of the DNC servers. Here’s an analysis of President Obama’s body language during his recent press conference regarding the matter:

    Body Language: Obama, “Election NOT Hacked”

    I found it to be quite interesting. And although I have a great deal of respect for Obama, he needs to be called out for playing the same tune as some powers in the US of blaming Russia for just about anything.


    1. Maybe he has to David. IC could have easily pinned the DNC loss on Obama instead of Russia. He’s done on Friday and now would not be the time for him to make waves.

      1. You could be right, Sheila. Who knows what’s been going on behind closed doors? I only hope Trump succeeds Obama on Friday without incident.


  5. The idea of using our own minds to think given information about the probable future… is always a good and might I say… “fresh” idea. Having the idea about what may happen makes it easier to think, plan, strategize… which I’ve noticed is in short supply with many in the media… internet community…

    Thanks for all the good concise information over the years Michael.


  6. “URGENT” Here is another rotten bullseye that is just too shamful to mention: From Democracy Now with Amy Goodman from In The news for Friday February 24,2017 1.Trump Suggest He Willk Seek to Expand Nuclear Arsinal 2. Pentagon Plans Would Expand US Troop Deployment Indefinetly From counterpunchy.org 1. Sleepwalking into a nuclear Arms Race with russia by Pierre M. sprayer-Franklyn”Chuck”Spinney 2. The United states of Permenant War by edward Hunt and there is one other article in counterpunch about a 100 year war too. This Trump and his shilly cabals are the “WORST” that Iv ever seen in m y entire life This Trump gang is a slam dunk no brainer that has to go to HELL! Talk about Hilary being even worse! As the the old 1960s song goes”Where have all the flowers gone,when will they ever learn!

  7. It is more than likely that NK never had nuclear weapons.
    Maybe this was the reason Trump had so much persuasive power over the discourse with Kim and now south and north are making historic gestures of peace
    Ptaah commented some years ago that the nuclear test NK conducted was basically a sham and they were nothing more that conventional TNT.

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