Warning to America, false humaneness led to 131,476 criminal refugees now in Europe

On January 30, 2016, Billy Meier was informed by the Plejaren that there were 17,461 IS “sleepers” in Europe, largely because of the open borders policies of Angela Merkel. Let’s also remember the very specific advice from Meier and the Plejaren on what they called “the only way to stop the IS”.

Now, according to the Plejaren in a Contact Report from January 1, 2017, the number of terrorists, criminals, asylum seekers, etc., arriving in Europe is over 131,400 persons.

Ptaah: With regard to the criminals and violent criminals who have settled in all the European countries, our registrations for the whole of 2016 show a total of 131,476 persons, which, however, are actually distributed across all European countries, of which Switzerland is also affected. This number mainly refers to legal and illegal criminal immigrants from various African, Arabian and Asian countries, as well as from South and East European countries, of which 102,108 were registered in Germany alone and 916 in Switzerland. The remaining number is distributed to all states of the EU dictatorship.

Other suspicious refugees, such as economic refugees and those who wish to seek only financial aid, are not included in our registrations, because, if they are neither criminal nor violent, they are not relevant to our clarifications.

With almost eight times as many criminals now in Europe overall, and a figure of 102,108 in Germany alone, this statement from the Henoch Prophecies:

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

…no longer seems like an outrageously absurd possibility, as some of my learned friends laughingly told me, not so long ago. It should also be noted that when he was nine-years-old, Meier was told by Sfath about the coming, and now present, breakdown in Europe from criminal elements among the vast numbers of refugees. Sfath pointed out that there will be problems because of those who are “so out of touch with everyday life and unrealistic, ignorant and naive as well as hypersensitive, weak, feeble, softened, fragile, squeamish, etc.”, which applies not only to those in Europe, but also to Americans who are afflicted by and suffer from the same delusions and false humaneness.

Trump’s Policies

Very much in the news now is the upheaval being caused by Trumps immigration policies and the people who are reacting most demonstrably to them. To be sure, this is no easy matter, although certain elements of it are actually quite clear. This article is one of a number available online that clarify the issue about the seven countries Trump singled out in the immigration ban which, we learn, were the…same countries that Obama had identified in his Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.

Americans should heed the clear warning of internal decay brought about by Merkel (“a dangerous psychopath who wants to destroy Germany”) and her so-called “compassionate” policies that are a form of national suicide for Germany, which apparently also has its large share of self-loathing, guilt-ridden, confused do-gooders.


Recently, I had a conversation with some people who told me that there was a 25% poverty rate in the city. They said the main demographic is “undocumented workers”, a chokingly politically correct euphemism for illegal immigrants. Do you react to, think or feel, the same way about terms like “undocumented worker” and “illegal alien”?

Terms and euphemisms are often created to manipulate our feelings and opinions, to hide factual realities and create different, more favorable, or unfavorable, feelings about things…and people.

What was being obscured, what was being avoided by the euphemism, was that because of people’s inability to solve their economic problems in their own countries, they illegally entered this country. That means that their first action regarding this country was to …break its laws.

Now, they place the burden on the lawful citizens and create further economic burdens. There is of course the unavoidable slippery slope that some people indeed slip around on, as they try to justify their selective regard, or disregard, for the laws of the country. A very self-honest, objective examination of the murky so-called “compassion” underlying such ill-conceived conduct will reveal some very uncomfortable, hidden beliefs, even prejudices against the very people for whom they try to make excuses and legal exclusions.

Some well-meaning – but misguided – do-gooders now want to encourage people to create so-called “sanctuary homes”, as a means of resisting the repatriation of economic refugees back to their home countries.

To be clear, protecting the persecuted and truly endangered is a correct and noble thing to do. To “protect” those who gambled on entering the country illegally and benefiting from the economic opportunities here, instead of being responsible to their own country is misguided. How are people to learn self-responsibility if they are coddled, excused from the consequences of their actions and effectively treated like children…as well as exploited for votes, cheap labor, etc.?

If you or I default on our debts, payments, obligations, etc., or commit crimes that would lead to our being apprehended, tried, etc., should our fellow citizens take it upon themselves to give us “sanctuary” from the consequences of our own irresponsibility? Would we really want to be regarded as too incompetent to be responsible for our own lives? Hopefully not. Yet such condescension is what lurks, largely unrecognized, in the consciousness of many do-gooders.

Cause and Effect

Of course, at its core, the whole problem is a result of overpopulation and, in many cases. the insidiously insane policies and influence of the Catholic Church. A stereotypical condition is, especially in these Catholic countries, that people are encouraged to breed like bunnies and coerced to “contribute” to the church. Overpopulation produces the over-consumption of resources and some families find themselves with 4, 5, 6 or more children, unable to support them, with their own resources having been exhausted, land no longer workable, etc. And overbreeding doesn’t stop with arrival in the new country.

Dead-end Partisan Politics

I spoke with another person and explained that so many of these types of problems also, in addition to religion, had their roots in politics and the myopic, childish, partisan rigidity that it produced. I went on at length to explain how politics always seeks advantage and creates conflicts that could be far better resolved by prioritizing the discovery of, and agreement about, real, eternal values of truth, fairness, mutual benefit, cooperation, etc.

When I…took a breath and asked the person what her work was, she told that she was a professor of…political science. Amazingly enough, she told me that she found my ideas to be not only different but worthy of consideration.

US Policies

In our rush to save everybody from themselves – and the effects of decades of terrible US policies – we must also not compound the troubles that are coming as a result of trying to be the world’s policeman (or rulers, etc.), some of which have also begun to befall us already. It’s a complex situation. But realizing that so many people in the country either never knew about these destructive American policies, or opposed them, or were too young, etc., we still musn’t succumb to the kind of false compassion, guilt and self-loathing that has clearly befallen many people in Germany…and which has now set them up for the fulfillment of the actual destruction foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

Culturally Compatible Countries

Dare we be so politically incorrect as to point out that there are any number of countries in the Middle East, Africa, etc., whose cultures, religions, beliefs, etc., are far more compatible with asylum seekers from other countries in those areas than with countries in the West, like the US and even Canada?

Meier and the Plejaren have long explained that the muddled mess of multi-culturalism doesn’t bring forward some utopian unity but only a wide variety of ills.

This is of no concern to most politicians; they are not altruists. They sought and attained positions of power mainly to attain personal profit, to secure their seat on the gravy train, quite often at the expense of the electorate that they were supposed to serve. There are rare exceptions.

Clueless in Canada

As has been rightly pointed out, it’s impossible to know the motivations of all asylum seekers and we can be assured that there are already a significant number of people in this country who have very bad intentions towards us. The same is probably true in Canada as well.

But some politicians will rush to embrace foolish policies in order to be politically correct, curry favor with their constituents, as well as certain powerful people inside, and outside, their own countries, instead of erring on the side of caution…and reason.

The Spiritual Teaching

The solution, as frequently mentioned, is to study – and apply – the spiritual teaching. For instance, whatever your point of view may be, take your strongest, underlying conviction, or belief, and examine it. How did you come to hold it? What thoughts created the beliefs you have and that you use to support your position? In other words, examine your thoughts about every aspect of the issue and especially the feelings that these thoughts give rise to.

And is it coincidental that Alex Jones featured this article on his site after we took him to task for perpetuating unpeacefulness? We’re glad he did, whatever the motivation.

From FIGU Regarding Averting the Coming US Civil Wars

Here is a response from Christian Frehner, at FIGU, to a question asked of him about the likelihood that the prophesied two coming US civil wars could be averted:

“Apart from the fact that I don’t know for sure whether the Civil Wars will happen, I would say that it is not impossible that they can be prevented, but that it is rather unlikely. It would require that the great bulk of the US people would immediately wake up from their hatred, racism, paranoia* and religious narrow-mindedness etc. That’s requirement one. And simultaneously, the overall greed for material profit among the ‘elite’ should change to a substantial degree to a perspective of decency, modesty and welfare etc. for the entire society. That’s requirement two. And above all, the shadow government (which is directing the course of the USA behind the official government and unknown to it) would have to make a 180° turn of its long-term objectives of ruling and exploiting the entire planet. And all of this would have to occur extremely fast (compared with historical developments). And of course additional measures and requirements would be necessary to bring a positive effect.

Who knows, perhaps Donald Trump may achieve some positive results if he really concentrates on the welfare of his country and would finally succeed to unite the different population factions which are at enmity with one another.

Everything depends on the thinking of the people. And usually, a change or development of thought modes and views need quite a lot of time.”

To Be of Equal Value

There are times to err on the side of compassion and there are times to err on the side of survival and rational self-interest. We know that there will most likely be an upsurge in Neo-Nazi, anarchy and racist activities, caused by extremists on the left and the right.

It would be most helpful, especially in these ever deteriorating, polarizing times, to contemplate what Meier wrote about “being of equal value”. While we may have to make hard choices about things like illegal immigration, etc., we must always remember to treat individuals, our fellow human beings, with the utmost respect, true humaneness and love.

While we will see ever more disagreement arising, only by seeing the other person as of equal value to ourselves, and worthy of understanding, listening to, reasoning with, etc., can we hope to direct de-escalate conflicts and turn our course away from…misguided, potentially nation-shattering civil wars, as unimaginable as such things may have…once seemed to be.


*625th Contact

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  • Excellent article Michael, I hope all the liberals and the left radicals who are protesting because they think they are doing the right thing for humanity, realize and think for themselves logically that they may be hurting their home rather than fixing it by opening up our borders to anyone who asks for help. The world is full of things that morph into what ever it needs to morph into, to destroy our love for doing the right thing. Don’t be fooled, be mindful and logical as well as conscious of the times we are living in. Things are not always what they seem to be and history has taught us much about this.

  • Hi MH Your last paragraph states exactly what I said a year ago about who should stay and who should go back to their native land after what hapened in Paris and Brussels one year ago. We need to become wiser and more responsible about who comes into the US and who is honest and sincere with the best intentions who will not rob us with their culteral influenses and dictates etc. We can`t just let anyone come into the US who has a criminal record such as these exsteams and finatical religious beliefs etc that will do harm to others here in the US. We have enough criminals here uin the US such as the KKK, Areian Nations, the Builderburgs,the Deep State to say nothing of these politicians making a mess of this world and causing and doing harm the rest of us such as all these stupid bloody wars,crimes,diseases and so on etc. “All these politicians are criminals in themselves just trying to mess us up for the sake of a bloody war and a fight to the death! these politicians would rther see us all dead than alive oir els make ussuffer for their sins,how stupid and backwards can you get! That`s why the plejarens see us as mear savage barbarians and childlike!”

  • @ Michael – I look forward to reading your “Misguided- part 2”.
    I truly appreciate you for who you are and what you strongly believe in given the knowledge you have acquired thus far. You are who you are and I respect you for that. And I see everyone else the same way. The immigration issue right now is very complex and it’s just one of many issues we all must learn to resolve over time as we evolve. From our forefathers hundreds of years ago to those of yesterday who migrate to various countries for whatever reasons, from evading prosecution to seeking wealth and everything other reasons in between, I believe all must be given a fair chance.

    @ Greg – I personally know many humans who are multi-racial and and I also know many inter-racial children who are just as healthy and intelligent and well rounded in knowledge as any mono-racial humans out there. I’m sure you’ve interacted with some yourself. The humans are to evolve spiritually. The physical or material body is only a vessel for that. Whether you reincarnate as a different race or bi-racial in your next lifetime will not stop you from growing spiritually in my understanding, which is the ultimate goal here.

    The P’s and their federation with all their wisdom still don’t know it all and can’t know it all. They’ve miscalculated before and may still do so over time. Their world is not our world and will never be as ours. Every human evolution on multiple worlds will remain different from each other. From my understanding, some of their degenerates were cast away to this planet long ago and if they had been that wise and travelled far and wide over many worlds and studied carefully, then they would have known that these different races being sent here either willfully or against their will would eventually intermingle.

    Just my thoughts with all due respect gentlemen. Peace and great health to you all, my good people.

    • Hi Chika,

      Thanks for your understanding and sharing your viewpoint.

      Just a couple of things. It isn’t up to people in other countries to give economic opportunities – or allow them to be gained illegally, by outsiders, citizens of other countries, etc. It’s up to people to be self-responsible, at every level of their lives, which definitely includes structuring their lives and societies very responsibly. The best way to for us to help people in other countries is to teach by example and provide education and aid so that they may accomplish their goals for their own people.

      Overpopulation, encouraged by religions as well as for other reasons, is at the core of these imbalances. It’s a simple mathematical reality too. Are we running to other countries, like Mexico for example, to get them to take care of us? First, they don’t allow illegal immigration, and certainly other countries don’t either. Truly, what’s happening in Europe should be very sobering to us.

      As for the health and importance of the physical body. According to the Meier material, the damage from multi-racial mixing may take some time to appear in future generations. And while we think that the body is “only a vessel” for our evolution, it’s also made clear in the teaching that it is to be cared for properly; that it’s an important part connected to our capacity for evolution, etc.

      While the Plejaren certainly “don’t know it all”, I can say that so far, after decades, I haven’t found any of their scientific information to be shown to correct. Also, we know that they do have countless years more experience in social structures and many other aspects of having a civilization. I think that in the areas in which they are advising us, they will have a very significant amount of correct and valuable information. We are free to test it ourselves of course.

      All the best.

      • I second that Michael… we are or should be concerned with our own actions and deeds… not stand with our hands out waiting for someone to “save” us… Responsibility rests upon our own shoulders… the US should not be the police of the world.


  • Thanks Michael for your thoughts here. Please understand Michael that my intentions are not to argue with you here. I’m simply searching everywhere for valid reasons to help me understand why legal immigration and race mixing are unsuitable for the reasons that peaceful anti-immigration activists are suggesting. If the reverse were the case with Mexico, we would be migrating to Mexico for better opportunities. Most migrants simply seek to migrate for better livelihood. They don’t wait around for invitations. Some die migrating which leads us to see how desperate they are for better way of life for their families. Corporations and businesses seek better business opportunities in other countries. That’s just the way our world economic system spins. Apple, Google, Microsoft to name a few.
    Had Russia or Ukraine or China or even Uganda been better off economically, we would all be hustling to get into those countries one way or the other. USA has been blessed with many innovations from many races from many countries over the years and over many generations i.e various scientists from various countries pre-war war II and after, business minds from various countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America etc.
    Now we refuse the same people who somehow look like us similar opportunities because we’re on the “hottest selling piece of land” on the planet right now.
    I’m curious as to how the P’s have peacefully resolved the issue of mix race on their home worlds. I’m sure they have one or two. Because segregation didn’t work in the ”60s. And what happens when Johnny falls in love with Chen Chen or Siegmund starts to date Parinaaz? Assemble different people together in common environments such as workplace, playgrounds, schools etc and after a while, human nature kicks in and some start to feel affinity towards some others regardless of race. Do we caste them away, lock them up, use hypnosis to peacefully discourage them? If this has been asnswered somewhere, please disregard.
    Thanks and have yourself a wonderful night!

    • Hi Chika,

      There’s no problem whatsoever with disagreeing, arguing, etc. No one here has all the answers.

      Something that seems to be overlooked is that this country has a very high unemployment rate. It’s really a bit baffling that people who entered the country illegally, who broke our laws…become our main concern.

      The conversation must return to laws, reason, rationality based on real…principles. It also seems – to the best of my knowledge, which could be woefully inadequate – that there hasn’t been a successful multicultural nation, nothing comparable to the US that succeeded, that really…worked. Maybe it’s right in front of my nose, or maybe it’s ultimately, simply not the way to success for a nation. And neither is it successful when a country basically collapses its own borders and people who haven’t succeeded in building their own country come in to see what they can get for themselves.

      But a lot of this is abstract, so perhaps we should ask ourselves how we would react if someone came into…our home and said they were going to live there. And maybe bring their family in as well, because they liked our home and thought it was better than the one they had. And they said that it was unfair, racist, un-compassionate to tell them to leave and learn how to build or obtain their own home, through their own efforts. And if we spoke up about it we were called “Nazis”, etc.

      That’s a microcosmic analogy, perhaps imperfect but big jumps have been in demonizing people who see that the country and society are breaking down, in every sense, in part by the country being overrun by people who…ignore the laws and appropriate procedures for legal entry and literally steal into the country.

    • “…I’m curious as to how the P’s have peacefully resolved the issue of mix race on their home worlds.”

      Hi Chika. It would seem to be very simple. They think logically, responsibly and unselfishly. They respect all of nature (inc. biologically), so avoiding the problem in the first place. The veneration and love for Creation. The opposite to us in other words.

      • Also… the Plejaren only allow a population of 529 Million when we are edging up to 9 Billion! Having 4 hectares (or 9.88 Acres) per person is a nice buffer…


      • “…I’m curious as to how the P’s have peacefully resolved the issue of mix race on their home worlds.”

        Hello Stephen, mixed race communities is a new thing for us on earth, the only way we can be sure of what we think we know of that, that its new, is by looking at the friction its all created, to then see that its new. Its capitalism and consumerism that does it, usually or should I say naturally speaking, groups of people live with one another for a million years without a majority mixing, only a few individuals now and again visiting politely, but with out rapid aging and rapid development its been restrained by religion thanks to the p’s but before that became very harmonious between the races, we lived in very peaceful conditions for many thousands of years away from one another but on the same world without being on top of one another as we are today. In the Plejaren Federation that have many races that work together, but all of their differences are observed, and a lot of tolerance goes around and they speak to each other normally and with respect, what they don’t do is make a loud noise to alert everyone if someone makes some minor racial observation to make even more a thing of it until everyone in the federation is arguing night and day over their differences. So they have small teams that work together its not clash of the cultures, only of the individuals.

        • Where did this come from: “but with out rapid aging and rapid development its been restrained by religion thanks to the p’s” and this “what they don’t do is make a loud noise to alert everyone if someone makes some minor racial observation to make even more a thing of it until everyone in the federation is arguing night and day over their differences. So they have small teams that work together its not clash of the cultures, only of the individuals.”?

          Are you describing these things based on something in the CRs, or assuming, making it up, etc.? Please clarify and substantiate.

          • It’s all original, by me, self authorship, auteur. No Billy Meier has never said or written anything even remotely similar to it ever. Sorry, I thought it would be ok to share my opinion here in the form of a comment, I thought that was what everyone was doing, everyone was doing it.

  • A few years ago I worked alongside an Iranian (here, in Australia), he was one of the nicest fellow Human Beings I have had the privilege of meeting.

    He emigrated (legally) to Australia after the Iranian powers that be tore up his Doctors degree right in front of his eyes because he refused to continue to inject the Iranian soccer team with certain performance enhancing drugs at half-time, which he said he was forced to do during a World Cup qualifier between Iran and Australia in 1998, where Iran went on to qualify and Australia did not.

    He more than likely was removing himself and his family from the likes of what Quetzal tells us about in Contact Report 150 from line 306 through 317.

    *** Translator’s Note: the following lines through line #317 are very graphic and further describe the subject that has just been introduced. If the reader decides to read these lines, he or she should know that a proper warning has been given. If the reader does not wish to read more details about this, then he or she should resume reading at Meier’s comment after line #317.


    • Well it’s a good thing you posted that as I forgot the great opportunity to rebuild the American infrastructure much safer! Further down Billy and Q talk about railroad safety and Trump seems like the perfect individual to mandate not just rebuilding old infrastructure BUT also building them SAFER and BETTER roads, railway, and airspace with corresponding integrated technology to inform users of the wear and tear they do to their equipment for better mastery and maintenance. It’s too bad fanatical elements in society cannot seize such an opportunity in the making to not only make things safer but more capable to handle our needs as a society.

    • Some of my closest and dearest friends are from Iran. The folks that I have met with that heritage have been intelligent, kind and easy to be with. You would never hurt one if they were your neighbor… why do so if they live far away?


  • Fantastic post, Michael.

    Did you see what happened last night with #milo / #miloatcali? I immediately thought of this article with all the chaos, but beyond that, I immediately thought to myself – “Well, looks like good ole’ Meier was right after all.”

    …not that he hasn’t been in many, many things. It’s just sometimes, you wish he isn’t for the sake of a lesser, damned fate our world has so desperately curbed itself into. What happened last night was truly yet another obvious unfolding of the prophecies.

  • What makes me uneasy sometimes when the Plejaren speak against “race-mixing”, etc., is that it reminds me of “eugenics” and all the evil that entailed during the early 20th century and Nazi Germany. While I have no doubt the Plejaren want nothing to do with “eugenics”, the phrase “race-mixing” is a loaded term which evokes all sorts of bad historical memories.


    • It’s important to get rid of old notions and think for yourself, Matthew. Ask any mixed race person how they feel about themselves and almost always they will hate a part of themselves. They don’t feel good enough and lash out at anyone who is not like them. Now ask yourself how that leads to evolution? Not saying that there cannot be progress though with the spiritual teaching.

      • Hi Sheila,

        I am a mixed race person and I do not hate myself, nor do I hate my split heritages, nor do I lash out at anyone who isn’t like me – even before I found the spirit teachings. Be careful of those notions, as it is not true for everyone whatsoever.

        • Everyone was doing it, Matthew, mixing their race with another race, only that was not happening apparently. The spirit-form inside has various calibrations of identity which Billy Meier has provided only small little cheese gratings of knowledge about, and some little choice trimmings and wafer thin explanations. Maybe in a few hundred years as another personality he’ll talk about racial identities after everything has calmed down again.

          • Daniel,

            I’ve asked several questions about your statements that you haven’t answered.

            Please answer what thesis supposed to mean:

            “The spirit-form inside has various calibrations of identity which Billy Meier has provided only small little cheese gratings of knowledge about…”

      • A little more research and human interactions may broaden your view on how incorrect your statement is. Self loathing has nothing to do with race mixing. I can only wonder how in the world you came to that conclusion.

        • My statement comes from interaction along with observation. Where does your opinion come from? And where does self loathing come from then?

          • ???

            Influences ranging from parental to societal, environmental, media-based social programming, TV, games, movies, celebrity influence, etc. I can go on with this list. Self-loathing is not a specific mixed-race trait.

            Do you hear yourself?

          • Hi Sheila:

            I also agree with Chika and Jedaiah. I am originally from Brooklyn/Queens NY and I grew up with so many people who were of mixed races. I interacted with them through out my childhood and teenage years. I also observed them in their homes when I was invited for dinner. Never did I observe any self hatred for being of mixed race. In fact, it was just the opposite. They completely embraced the cultures of both their parents and I only saw love and acceptance. However, it is possible that there may be a very small percentage of people who may not like one side of their family due to being treated badly. But in general from growing up in Brooklyn with kids of mixed races, I never saw what you are speaking of.


          • “integration of different cultures.”

            Culture and race are two different things. They happen to blur lines (sometimes) but they are not a strict indication of your point concerned ‘mixed-raced people hate themselves’. As a mixed race myself and a student of the spirit teaching, I’m walking proof your idea is misleading and if I’m to be honest, disturbing.

            As for overpopulation? Sure, but overpopulation directly and indirectly affects everything. Cherry-picking over race mixing is straw man fallacy.

          • So none of you have read MSMichelles explanation on the FIGU forum? Go enlighten yourselves. The Metis for example want to be white but still want their Indian treaty rights so are torn between their cultures, which a lot of times leads to self destruction, as I have observed. The real problem here is most of you live in cities and never really get to know your neighbours or even talk to them. And none have ever asked questions about how they really feel. I do.
            All races have their own culture, no blurring involved. My friends daughter-in-law came from India. Her father was a pastor and had to be told he’s not allowed to beat his wife and children. You’d think that was a no-brainer. It’s not. The Somalis employed at a meat packing plant who single handedly got the plant shut down because they didn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. You won’t read that in a newspaper but that’s how the e-coli got into the meat. Domestic violence by Muslim men warrants a Muslim RCMP officer to go out and never lay assault charges.
            Before you start claiming I’m a racist, I’m not. Just giving you known examples of why integration of cultures is not working.

          • “Before you start claiming I’m a racist, I’m not. ”

            No need to get so defensive. This is your own self assertion, I’m merely weeding out what your true intent is and it seems on the brink of ‘good human nature getting out of control’.

            Just so you know, I’ve traveled across the world and experienced many different cultures and people from several different backgrounds; both pure and mixed bred, and while there are cases that are influenced from the obvious overpopulation and the false humanitarian ideal of ‘diversity’ and the failure of multiculturalism, your generalization that ‘mixed-race people naturally self-loathe’ is simply false and misguided.

          • I talk to many mixed race people and know that “not feeling good enough” is definitely an issue. I’m glad it’s not your issue, but it seems to be prevalent in western society. But let’s just pretend it doesn’t happen.

          • Straw man fallacy and to be honest, a pathetic conjecture based on limited, and or lacking experience with (what appears to be) a racist, pre-conceived thought process muddled in plain ignorance.

            I’ve talked to many pure bred people that have also confessed self loathing for various reasons. Your statement that ‘mixed race people naturally hate themselves’ is not only racist, but extremely flawed, illogical and frankly, laughable.

            Whether it’s because of disapproval due to your family’s decisions (as seen in another post) or not – I can’t truly say. You need to seriously reevaluate to your merit, because this is the kind of misguided thinking I’d see on alt-right forums.

          • No Chika, I’m not a racist no matter how many times you tell me I am. You have no clue. Would you agree that racism is wrong? I think it’s wrong. As a parent would you subject your children to it or would you move to a place where there is no racism? The effects of rascism is depression and suicide and other kinds of mental anguish. This is probably the best reason why everyone’s race/culture should have their own part of the world where this cannot happen. Would you agree with this? What are the long term effects of racism? Apparently it’s genetically inherited so that in itself does not bode well for future generations.

          • Hi Michael, I tried to get this through yesterday with no luck, so I shortened it up. Maybe I’m not supposed to copy & paste sections of the contact reports? Well, either way, please let me know. Thanks!
            This is from contact report 582 where Billy and Ptaah discuss race-mixing. Ptaah says a lot more, but I just copied the part where he was talking about the intermingling of different peoples.
            Ptaah: And as for the intermingling between our peoples, it must be said that such occurs only in rare cases, in the wise when members of different peoples enter into bonds with one another, which however is actually extremely rare. The rule is that the individual peoples and the prevalent ethnic groups in these dwell amongst themselves and therefore neither mix nor change their customs and traditions through other cultural influences. This helps that each ethnic group’s own system of health and all their characteristics are preserved, which contributes to the fact that diseases no longer appear, or even if, then only very rarely. The whole issue of this non-mixing of peoples also contributes in that no diseases and epidemics are carried about, as well as one peoples part doesn’t clash into some troubles with another ones, either with regard to foreignness or race nor concerning goods, products or language, etc. Since, as a rule, the members of a peoples remain amongst themselves – with only very few exceptions in very rare intermingling partnerships – also no mixing-of-peoples and foreign-hostile and race-hostile conflicts arise with other peoples or between families and neighbors, etc.

            It appears that even among highly evolved human beings, conflicts can come about due to race mixing. I think its nature’s way of ensuring that humans/animals don’t do it on a large scale.

          • Hi Melissa,

            It didn’t show up for approval, for whatever reason. I don’t have automatic restrictions, etc.

            P.S. I think that Ptaah’s comments show that it’s really not at all prejudicial but, in fact, respectful of not only keeping the peace but of the evolution of the cultures and races being allowed to proceed with and to their full potential.

          • Yes, I agree Michael. The preservation and evolution of each race/culture seems to be, along with preventing diseases and epidemics, the main priority. Each group should have the chance to go on their own evolutional path without interference. However, love bonds can occur between any peoples because, why not? We are all human.

    • As someone who is interested in women purely not of my race, I personally asked Billy of this question, to which he responded in favor (he also said ‘enjoy it’) of race-mixing as long as it isn’t on a mass scale. This is fair, as we do want to preserve all races. At the same time, we also must respect the exceptions and treat them with respect.

      • Hi Jed,

        Interesting to hear your views of Billy’s response.

        That isn’t how I interpreted Billy’s response to your question, which I remember reading when you first posted it, but, my interpretation may not be correct, i.e., that he was saying “Enjoy it” as your question suggested that you were having some problems with others’ opinions, etc., which also has to be considered as an effect of entering a mixed relationship. In other words, you wouldn’t have asked the question if it was all going well and you were really enjoying it and it’s important to be aware of our own thinking when asking Billy questions and the motivation behind them as he answers with a view to that in my experience.

        • Hey there Matt,

          That’s understandable, however since Billy is a teacher to me, I was aiming for his advice since at the time, there were strange opinions on the FIGU forums that seemed somewhat racist.

          I’ve talked to Billy about this in other questions as well, which you’ll have to look through the FIGU forums to which he specifically spoke of the ‘exception vs mass’.

          My objective back then was my primary objective on a whole – ‘doing the right thing’. That relationship had other issues that was not rooted in race.

          • Understood – your motivation was to get Billy’s view on the subject, which he answered and is covered in FIGU’s info on the subject about small amounts v’s large amounts of mixing. Got it, thanks and note that the relationship did not last for other reasons, although I’m still processing many relationships from 20 years ago 🙂

            Unfortunately, the media often demotes and excludes black women’s place with black men and vice versa here in the UK and appears pitched towards promoting large scale mixing, which is counterproductive according to where we should be in both Billy’s and FIGU’s recommendations.

            Whilst this may explain, not justify, some intolerant views to be expressed from FIGU associated people, (although they could just have been contributors to the FIGU forum rather than FIGU members?), intolerance of others because of skin colour, genetic heritage, is completely unacceptable in my view.

      • There’s no thumbs up or thumbs down here. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s just people typing and interacting with or without political correctness.

        • Apologies Sheila. I will try not to do it again. I was only “thumbing up” in agreement to what Matthew Reed posted earlier regarding the research on eugenics and how the whole idea makes me uneasy as well.
          Stay well and in peace.

          • Hi Chika,

            Michael mentioned something about how future generations from intermixed relationships can suffer biologically. The few generations surfacing problems could be where all the parents of each generation were from different racial backgrounds, as opposed to say one generation from a mixed couple where their descendants then reproduced with a consistent, perhaps specific, race in that home nation? Not sure, but, have we got enough scientific data about that yet?

            Not letting fear stop us – as responsible human beings we do have to find answers and not sure if Eugenics research pre or post WWII turned up anything and if those discoveries then informed Western culture, i.e., to be used as a weapon against the people – you know, to make them generations down the line dependent on medication and/or excessive aggression, effecting misery, warmongering-like attitudes and unpeace in the parents and the rest of society. I’d like to see the information Michael is referring to get another view and see if there’s any more details or other real research that’s been done other than the limited popular reasoning from observing the first generation looking “soooo cute” and other shallow ideas and which promote more mixing with possibly terrible consequences for those (your) offspring, possibly.

          • Sorry to hear that Sheila.

            The “May Be” bit of that headline in the article is very concerning. I mean, if there’s any kind of risk – why are they not taking it off the shelves and banning the sale of it immediately, just relabeling it? ‘Oh it might kill you but it’s safe for some people’. Crazy drug regulations.

        • No doubt Matt, why? It appears that Health Canada has been in bed with the pharmaceutical companies since the ’50s as far as I can tell.

          • Sounds like Health Canada have contracted something nasty from Big P & should get it checked out in that case.

  • Hi Matt,
    The same scientists who will find any reason to dispute almost anything that Billy and the P’s have revealed unless it’s coming from them(scientists). How are we to trust their researches as being honest without political influence or influenced by “the highest donor”?

    Over our earthly existence and history, we’ve been suffering from all kinds of afflictions, mental health problems, sicknesses, diseases, physical and genetic deformities ( some of which can be attributed to environmental pollution, unhealthy diets, unhealthy thoughts, etc) and these are very well known to occur within the same races long before the widespread race-mixing of modern world.

    War mongering and aggressive nature are coded within our DNA? by our friendly P’s ancestors. Same races have been warring against each other and against others for as long as our history allows us to remember way before race mixing.

    Now the P’s will not reveal the technological remedy yet for reasons unknown to us yet to correct these defects. So in my opinion, there isn’t anyone in my books yet who can condemn race mixing without concrete scientific evidence to back it up. The P’s can and we’ll wait until they think we’re spiritually ready to receive the knowledge. But until then, I say to all those teenagers and adults out there with a lot of love in their hearts to fall in love, live well and love again and be peaceful.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Just remember, interracial marriages happen within the P’s as well, though as Ptaah said, ‘extremely rare’ – which means it *still* happens. (Last one was 30 years ago if I’m not mistaken?) It didn’t seem like the P’s condemned so much as they advised based on their findings. Condemning seems religious.

      Students of the spirit teaching need to be very careful they don’t wrongly assume and become authoritative on condemning race mixing (in small portions) as this in itself (the whole act of ‘condemning’ ignorantly) is religious-minded.

      There seems to be benefits of genetic benefits from a state of pure mixing. This (based on my research, logic, rationality etc.) can come from current pure-breeding (that continues with gene deterioration being fixed etc.) to a current interracial couple mixing now, and that line remains within its mixed boundary and does not further mix. (Thereby creating another race)

      It’s also reasonable to assume the P’s may have spoke of race mixing something like this example: Initial mix -> create offspring -> offspring finds other mixed races, mixes again -> that offspring finds more races and mixes YET again -> cycle continues, hence gene degeneration. This one is the one I think the P’s were *mostly* referring to.

      This would be vastly different vs Initial mix -> offspring finds those within either parental lineage for further breeding -> line eventually bred into a singular form (or) Initial mix -> finds others within that initial mix gene pool, mixes with them -> stems a new line -> stays within that line.

      You can also logically see how exceptions are fine if you look at these models.

      However, it is to note that none of us can concretely speak on the exact subject of genes and race mixing – its advantages, disadvantages, etc. because we still have to research it as an earth-human collective and not off what our older cousins suggested. The P’s are here to guide us, not enforce their order.

      Our world will never (and can never) be the same as theirs and our evolution, discoveries etc. will be different, as is the entirety of our civilization – which also goes further into why the P’s have not revealed many things beyond race (technology, cures etc.) because each world is different. (There is a world out there with purely only female creatures but from what I understood, are peaceful and under creational teachings)

      Catch my drift? We Earthlings have to evolve into our own civilization. Things will always be different down here – that is the individual uniqueness (and you can even see that in global-individual-nationalism vs globalist-world-dictatorship)

      • Interesting Jed, thanks for your thoughts. I concur with much of what you wrote. If we could get within a thousand years of being anything like the P’s are spiritually and socially, I’m good 🙂

        In relation to our experiences, there’s an example from Billy about how long genes from a progenitor stay within a family blood-line and it’s in regards to the effects of interbreeding from incestuous relationship… which is 7 generations. I know because I’m a 3rd generation inbred (the Royals made the church waiver cousins marrying in the UK unfortunately and probably accounts for much of the problems outlines by Chika). The 7 generations may be proven accurate again in the future once our scientists pull their thumbs out.

      • Interesting Jed, thanks and yes my thoughts align with that too. If we can get within a thousand years of where the P’s are, spiritually speaking – I’m good. 🙂

        Billy has provided us some clues (which will no doubt be verified later by scientists in 2050 or something, or, as soon as they have a thumb free) and that is in the Goblet of Truth (think): It basically says that it takes 7 generations for inherited problems associated with inbreeding to work themselves out. It’s that magic number again.

  • “Clueless in Canada” words were never spoken so true!!! In fact I sent an email to our “teenage” PM last week stating exactly that. It is mind-boggling how politicians put logic and common sense aside to look good in front of their peers. Putting everyone else in danger.

      • Hi MH, that video was definitely very interesting! The body language tells a lot about one’s personality, and I feel the host’s evaluation of the whole situation was point on!

      • Your body language expert was very accurate on the Trudeau’s assessment. Thank you for that. As an add on Trudeau has already put future generations in debt $700,000 billion already after being left a surplus in 2015. His male choices to deal with China – the old drunk John McCallum. To deal with the EU – the wet noodle Stephan Dion who will most definitely not be able to defend Canada against the EU as he will fold under any pressure. Trudeau has already met with his friend George Soros. 3 more years before we can boot his arse out.

      • Boy was she spot on. He is not confident in himself or what he’s saying and he definitely has no business being the leader of a country. He will succumb very easily to not doing what’s best for his people. He’s a young pretty boy and I’m certain that’s what got him his position. Far be it from us that we pick people based on their knowledge and skill. No, we’re into emotional and identity politics. This is another negative issue I see with large scale multiculturalism; we have to make sure everyone gets a position whether they are qualified or not. Like Michael mentioned earlier, I want to make sure my doctors, lawyers, teachers, pilots, accountants, plumbers, electricians, etc. are qualified.

        • Trump is hardly a pretty boy. He is, in fact, the only person wealthy and corrupted enough to stand up against the deep state, and that war is not yet won. The American government is so thoroughly infiltrated by corrupt judges, prosecutors, politicians pedophiles and brain-washed liberals that there is hardly any machinery of government left to use to clean up the system. Were it not for a small fraction of the military and the forces of Good, he would be dead. He also has a huge capacity for work, great courage and the resolve to sacrifice his comfortable life to help his country. He is not blinded by false compassion like most of my friends who concentrate on details yet are blind to principles and repercussions.
          Your comments show lack of understanding of the war behind the scenes. And compared to Hillary,who was involved in drug and people trafficking and who was backed by the deep state, he is an angel.

          • There are things to agree with there and I don’t think it’s at odds with other positions expressed about Trump. To be clear though, he is, as the other presidents have been, unable to truly enact a good agenda in most regards. The combined negative forces are simply more powerful than he is, or is allowed, to be.

          • FYI, Karen, that’s not even about President Trump. It’s about Prime Minister Trudeau. My understanding of what’s going on is firmly intact.

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