People are too weak to heed the warnings from 1946 to now

Michael Horn will be on “End of Days”, with host Michael Decon, Saturday night, July 15, at 8:00 pm PST/11:00 pm EST.

Certain to be discussed are the remarkable prophetic warnings given to UFO contactee Billy Meier, as far back as 1946, and which even then accurately foretold the various wars, upheavals and terrorism – past, present and now unfolding – that have their roots in US policies.

In addition to also discussing overpopulation, the environmental crisis, the refugee problems, the focus will be on the solution to these problems as presented in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching.

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14 comments on “The Ceaseless Fulfillment of the Meier Prophecies

  • MH, How come you don’t upload your interviews to your Youtube channel so I/we don’t have to always go looking for them?

  • Hi MH, Sorry to be off topic but you might want to listen to George Noory`s interview with David Adair for the first 2 hours on Coast to Coast AM. David Adair will discuss protecting the Grid from EMP attacks called the Shield Act Legislation being stalled in Congress. I`ll be listening to this too but I will not listen to the last 2 hours with another guest since Coast to Coast AM is on from 1am to 5am eastern daylight time in my area. I rarely bother to listen to c2c most of the time because most of c2c is so negative and frightening like the SciFi channel which is so full of horror movies etc.

  • Hi MH, I just finished listening to David Adair about the EMP and CME attacks. Here is David`s website named after his book America`s Fall From Space Divd suggest we write letters to Congress about this very serious issue. There are 2 senators who are trying to pass this Sheild Act Bill. One is Senator McClausky from Nebraska and the other one is Greg Walden but I don`t know what state he is from. You need to check all this out if you are interestead. You should also pass this information onto Billy and Ptaah too if they cou7ld look into these 2 very serious threats from CME(Mass Coronal Ejections) and EMP which is man made especially if this melovent Un in North Korea think he can get his filthy brubby hands on such an EMP device. Adair think this Un will try to get his hands on ANYTHING just to destroy the US and even ALL of planet Earth. Adair thinks writing letters will be more effective than emails because Congress is scared of letters,this letter writing will be much more effective if we are to get really serious about fixing our grid against such CME and EMP attackts!!!

  • That means ill have to get up at 0400 GMT here in the UK. Is there any way the host can upload them to their website so us brits can listen please MH…oh…go on please!


    • The only thing they’ve changed is the size from 325 m to 370 m. According to BEAM it is 350 m. They are still denying that it will hit the earth at all citing some “anonymous” astronomers. They haven’t changed their tune at all.

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