Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More

And the hits just keep on a-comin’…19 years after Meier published them

Better Late than Never

This new article is indeed…better late than never. Though, unfortunately, probably too late for an untold number of families and stolen children.

Once again, Billy Meier was told, and published, this important information almost 20 years in advance of it being publicly revealed or “discovered”. You can read the truth about Mother Theresa, as told to Meier by the Plejaren, in 1990.

If you’re not offended enough by the goring of sacred cows, here’s some more about a major…Bull-Slinger. And, on a somewhat related note, another Buddhist Bad Boy.

Print It

In light of what Billy Meier said is a coming, global financial collapse, please watch this video.

Perhaps the new motto for the banking system will be:

“We make money the old-fashioned way…we print it.”

Remember There Is NO Global Warming

So, keep on truckin.

See the article here.

Personal Development vs Screaming Hysteria

Comment from a reader:

“I didn’t expect much but I assumed it would have something to do with our current direction in life. I’ve noticed a lot of the information is self-explanatory. That’s honestly what got me very interested in this. The information feels very organic. Not many of these ‘truthers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ and anyone along that nature really had a game plan, logical explanations or even mentioned personal development. The overload of useless information they provide could hurt more than help. You gave a great platform showing us how personal development is the most important route to take. Unlike Alex Jones and others screaming civil war on the fourth of July. Life is too real to be following these people’s delusions.” A.M.

And there’s no need to be concerned about Wi-Fi, 5G, EMP, etc. – or is there:

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Don’t Go Along with That

(The Patriot’s Song)

Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching


Thanks to Ken Smith and Donna Ambrose for links to the articles and information.



40 Replies to “Billy Meier Right about Mother Theresa, Stolen Children and More”

  1. It is very interesting to read what Billy has said regarding the Dali Lama. There is not enough in relation to this on the Internet to help so many women in particular that have been abused by Tibetan Buddhist Lamas or those who blindly throw money in their direction when it could be used for so many are who are ingenuine dire need.

    Back in the 90’s, I was part of supporting a certain person who is no longer in this world. Eventually, he exposed Sogyal Rinpoche who was and still is making a massive fortune for the Dali Lama. Sogyal, of a new Tibetan Book of the Dead’ fame, was changing ancient texts inserting that those who are enlightened have the power to go on to enlighten women via sex. His escapades actually brought a number to breakdown where they had to be hospitalized. This is not hearsay because I saw both this man who exposed him and 3 of Sogyal’s victims for therapy.

    All the Dali Lama did was put Sogyal in a luxury retreat center in Ireland for a 1 year retreat where he carried on his misconduct. I was going to put a YT link verifying but it has been taken down.

    From living in the high remote Himalayas which is now dominated by Tibetan refugees, quite clearly everything Billy has said about the Dali Lama has been personally witnessed. There are various small sects in Buddhism that are against the D.L and know that the ‘freeing Tibet’ is a colossal money making business.

    Too many tales in relation to this, but I have written about it and tried to get it out there for the sake of those who fall into this trap. But two horrific things in relation to Buddhism need to be told. One is, that if you don’t pay a lot of money (for poor people) to have a Lama doing rites over a dying/dead person for 49 days, your next incarnation is in the form of a dog. Poor people save up their entire lives for this. A high proportion of these Lamas have been found to be spiritual fakes

    The other is the certain tradition of cutting a family member’s body up in pieces and leaving it on rocks for vultures to consume, which is supposed to teach followers to see through our temporary physicality. Quite the opposite, it’s been found that this either traumatizes for life those who feel forced to participate and leads to all sorts of psychological disturbances, or hardens the person’s psychology.

    Another illusion is that the growing rise in young Buddhist monks is not because they see it as a calling, but that their families put them in monasteries in childhood to be educated and to eat descent food. For contrary to popular belief, monks and Lamas etc have every material comfort even in these remotest region aided by naive westerners that donate huge amounts to the Tibetan cause.

    Initially staying in such monasteries to observe first-hand, it was always a relief to return to Hindu areas where there is far more hospitality and joyousness. From has been witnessed over the years, the Dali Lamas sect and other Buddhist organizations do very little (if anything) to help poor people whereas Hindus are very generous by nature and support the poor.

    Lastly, I would like to respond to Sheila’s question basically asking about my children and if I had abandon them in coming to live in India as that would surely say a lot about me.

    My two ‘children’ are in their forties. I became a mother aged 20/22. They had both left home and were stable and flourishing for 3 years before I came to live in the Himalayas. They have made visits here and I have also been back for weddings. However, I have been in India solidly for six-years now and they know I and not going back to the West again.

    It has to be said that I hope this blog is a friendly and welcoming place for more people to connect in order to discus certain things that confirm Billy’s prophecies, and to explore how the spiritual teachings are effecting them personally – and to also verify what is leading humanity to the point of its own destruction.

    1. Hi Mary, isn’t funny how all religions, even the ones that seem more peaceful, like Buddhism, are all a scam. It seems that almost every single last religion has the goal of disempowering women, too. Luckily, thanks to the law of cause and effect and reincarnation, it can only be the case that more and more women will resist this insanity and demand liberation from their religious and mental shackles. There are still so many women in the world who are enslaved by religious dogma. The indoctrination starts at birth, and is often instilled by the female members of the family. We still have such a long way to go in many parts of the world.

      1. Yes, Mellssa, indeed…

        If I was more explicit in what was said, it would really make your hair curl.

        Such a large number of Buddhists here are found to be so incredibly cunning – and mean. And there are so few female nuns. Once, I was invited for a celebration in a huge German built monastery complex built as a gift for the Dali Lama where his sister resides. It stood out like a sore thumb with all the small humble structures around it housing poor Indians.

        There were so many rich goofy westerners there throwing huge amounts of money around. Then a heavy rain came and I asked if I could stay the night but didn’t have enough money for the expensive rent – so I was refused. It was such a shock after experiencing great Hindu hospitality.

        The head cook overheard and said I could use his humble room. In the night, I got up to go to the loo and because of a power cut, knocked over a large box.

        When I got my torch out, the box contained over a hundred explicit pornography films in CD form. The cook, sleeping in the kitchen, heard the noise and came in. He then poured us both a large whisky (I don’t normally drink) and discussed for several hours how bad he felt about his fake life. Apparently, the lamas and monks appetite for porn (and the rest) is insatiable.

        The other thing is that that night they showed a film of Tibetans in a Dehradun market being persecuted by Indians – when the synchronicity was that I was actually there witnessing it at the time and it was the Tibetans causing all the trouble and the Indians becoming frustrated. It was all in Hindi and distorted to squeeze the westerners there for even more. So very glad Billy has the guts to say what he does.

        This is something I watched on YT this morning and found the speaker and certain facts very interesting – and all the way through to the end.

        LOVE! X

  2. I just finished watching the video Contact about Billy from 1977/78 with Brit and Lee Elders and Wendell Stevens and Jim DeLatoso. Toward the end of the video Billy stated that the Plejarens visit Billy because the vibration of this very young primitive world Earth is very violent and very bad hence the need for the spiritual teaching to put us up to the level of the Plejarens,upgrades if you will. Seems to me in this very day and age most if not all have not learned to grow up,develop and evolve to reach the level of these very advanced human beings from Erra,Timarz and so on from the Plejaren Federation. I also think but I might be wrong here that these melevolent SERCO are from the Syrian Star System trying so very hard to kill us all off any which way they can which makes the MIBs look tame. “Money is more important than saving lives here on Earth that is why all these cabals don`t want cures for diseases they just want the money so they can live in the lap of luxury so we have to live as slaves to pay for their tradition medications and die. That is why this world Earth has degenerated to the point of non existent buying defective cheap products be it food, clothing and anything else just to radio chip us spy on us and try very very hard to kill us all off.” Now I understand why the Ps only want to contact Billy because the rest of the people of Earth are really very barbaric savages with bad negative vibrations due to religions politics,corporatism and militarisms etc! It`s either the spiritual teachings or death for Planet Earth!!! How else are we going to evolve and become more like the Plejarens and join them in,harmony,logic etc,etc,etc!

  3. Wyatt, I checked your link out and going off-line, now as I’ve overdosed on enough human greed/insanity for one day, thanks! %)

    1. Mary that`s why I like to watch ballet videos on Youtube etc to get away from all the negative predictions that Billy says and that last article I sent to all of you including MH from c2c on the ISS space station about all those space bacteria’s floating in space etc if Billy`s predictions are correct.

        1. Actually it’s not nuts because it’s the way of evolution. The original sin is that the human race on earth was genetically engineered to be aggressive and live short lives. Scientists have been cloning over 600 species of animals since 2001, the technology will only get better and will probably results in reversing the aging gene.

          1. Shelia This is millions of years ago when the bad Sirians tried very very hard to shorten our RNA and DNA to make us more malevolent and aggressive so that we will all die sooner than later as the SERCO Syrians from the Syrian Star System are trying so very hard to do to us to level the playing field so that we can`t ever reproduce and just die out as a civilization just like what ahppened to the Akart from the red star Proxima Cenauri which was not only way over populated but also under a malevolent dictatorship too as what is now hapening in the U.S. which just recently got thrown out of the UN aweek ago due to the immagration fiasco which is only going to get worse and fuel a civil war very soon!!!

            1. Terry the most recent uproar was the US as part of the UN’s health branch (apparently representing corporate lobbyists) refusing to allow Equador’s promotion of breastfeeding for children’s health because that type of resolution doesn’t sell baby formula.

          2. There is the natural evolution of Nature and the man-made (psychologically warped) manipulation of Nature.

            The two are very different and need separating.

            One is natural and one is nuts.

              1. That’s enough, Sheila.

                With in-depth psychological understanding, your comments and insinuations – and highly private question in relation to my ‘true’ character – is obviously judgmental – and condescending.

                Not only this, but such cynical overtones in group discussions must surely be giving many other people (silently looking on) fear of joining in. In fact, initially joining this blog, I was surprised at how few regularly people participate.

                The feeling is there is some sort of distorted hierarchical ‘masculine’ overtones that need to be readdressed.

                A little more feeling, please, a little more heart because it’s obviously what’s sorely missing in this dimension today.

                1. Cloning has been going on for 17 years now and nothing you can say or do is going to stop it. Sorry that you can’t handle the truth. Plus it’s not really up to you to decide what I can or cannot say. I don’t really care about your psychological gobbledygook, but please be advised that my handwriting shows that I see things as they really are through a psychological gobbledygook assessment, which you may mistake as a masculine overtones, lol. I live in reality. But funny that you were accusing me of something that you are also guilty of…
                  Actually the reason for low viewership is there’s a glitch on the saved website so just a blank page shows up which makes it appear that this website is off-line. This site may want to email all their readers to inform them that they will have to re-type in the site address again.

                  1. Sheila,

                    I’m certainly no stranger to in-your-face criticisms, etc., but I also try to be topic and intensity appropriate. I don’t always succeed and I’ve been over the top at times too.

                    I don’t see the need though, in your exchange with Mary, to have guns blazing and to presume so much about her person, life experiences, etc. For instance, while you may not agree with Mary’s psychological perspective, it then isn’t helpful to present your handwriting analysis to support your own validity, etc.

                    Hey, human beings are funny sometimes…all of us.

                    While I think your strong suit includes often being incisive in your observations and direct in your communications, there are times when we can, as the old saying goes, “Disagree without being disagreeable.”

                    BTW, regarding viewership, the stats reveal many hundreds of views (and often more) daily on the blog. Perhaps they’re new viewers, I don’t know. But if you’re finding that accessing it without retyping is occurring, please confirm for me and I’ll see what I can get done.

                    I think the fact that contributions/comments is low, or limited to the “usual suspects”, could have a number of reasons, including if the environment seems hostile to people, etc.

                    1. Hi MH, your website has appeared off-line since last Thursday or Friday. On my phone the saved website comes up as a blank page and in small letters it says “pageok” but nothing else. I had to re-enter the website address.
                      Over the top? Like when Mary just accused me of being the reason for no one blogging here? Because it had to be me instead of the real reason that everyone’s seeing your site is off-line.
                      Mary assumes that cloning is the devils work when we know from the Meier material that it’s the natural evolution of humanity and proponents against it are considered wrong – as per the material. MH can you show me how to say that in sweet flowery words?

                    2. Hi Sheila,

                      Did you, were you able to refresh the browser? I don’t know anything about phones and the internet…as you can tell.

                      We don’t need flowery words, what I suggest instead – for all of us in these increasingly trying times – is to try to put our points across, to disagree, correct, inform etc. – with more neutrality.

                      We don’t need to personalize, in a highly critical way, what someone says. Since seeing things as they are is indeed a cornerstone of the teaching, as is complete self-responsibility, we must also understand that we may not always see all and everything as it truly is. We may still have some filtering through our own beliefs, assumptions, past experiences, etc.

                      Actually, since none of us are perfect, the best we can do is…our best. And be self-understanding and self-forgiving, as well as the same towards others. So, by stating the things that we may well see clearly, in equally clear neutral ways, language and tone, we encourage the good in each person to contribute and feel safe in doing so.

                      How many of us weren’t raised with respect for our feelings and thoughts? And how many of us (meaning all human beings) are negatively impacted because of it?

                      Because the mission and the spiritual teaching strongly emphasize self-responsibility, through self-reflection we can better understand not only ourselves but others and how what we say and do may also be received by others. Seeking to present our un-compromised thoughts and opinions with neutrality allows us to stand strong and also be non-aggressive towards others, even when we disagree completely with their viewpoint.

                      So, this isn’t in any way about being politically correct, New Agey, duplicitous, etc. It’s sometimes as simple as saying things like “In my opinion”, “The way I see it”, “That doesn’t accord with my understanding”, etc.

                      Fortunately the people who contribute and comment here aren’t flowery, nor are they wall flowers, so don’t worry about not putting your essential points across by finding ways to express them more neutrally, without personal barbs, etc. There is a world, we could say a world of hurt, out there that provides more than enough opportunity to thrash each other.

                      Let’s create a better world.

                    3. Hi MH the only way to access it again was through DuckDuckGo search engine. My other search engines did not work. I get notification through my email of any of your new blogs and assessing through that was hit and miss as well.
                      Okay I think I’ve got it, thanks.
                      Hi Mary in my opinion and according to Billy’s material the people who are screaming against genetic modification are wrong because it’s the natural evolution of humanity. In the same way that we ourselves have been genetically modified. Hopefully we won’t see the human/pig hybrid but probably will but I do have doubts about its capability to raise children in the wild.

  4. Hi Mary “I could`t even look not even watch that youtube videos due to the fact that these mad scientis aren`t even moral not even ethical!” Funny how before I heard about Billy and the Plkejarens I used to watch The X Files and Dr. Who. Now I won`t even watch any of those TV series due to the fact that they like to showcase monsters and robots not friendly benevolent human extraterrestrials like the Plejarens. Salome Terry

  5. Hi Terry,

    Yep, I was a bit hasty putting that link up. Busy with people arriving and will concentrate more when there is time. You have also made me reflect that it’s best to stick with personal experience to verify truth.


  6. Thanks Mary I`m getting to the point where the news isn`t even worth bothering with anymore. It`s better to stay positive and think positive thoughts rather than listening to all the bad news. Things are bad enough and reading Billy`s prophetic predictions is really very frightening and scary to say the least. It`s best not to dwell on all these negative thoughts. I do all my meditations on Youtube,watch ballet on youtube and listen to harp music on youtube. I love the harp and always wanted to study and play the harp but it`s an expensive hobby so listening to the harp on youtube is very relaxing for me plus I love classical music etc. Salome Terry

  7. Shelia This is millions of years ago when the bad Sirians tried very very hard to shorten our RNA and DNA to make us more malevolent and aggressive so that we will all die sooner than later as the SERCO Syrians from the Syrian Star System are trying so very hard to do to us to level the playing field so that we can`t ever reproduce and just die out as a civilization just like what ahppened to the Akart from the red star Proxima Cenauri which was not only way over populated but also under a malevolent dictatorship too as what is now hapening in the U.S. which just recently got thrown out of the UN aweek ago due to the immagration fiasco which is only going to get worse and fuel a civil war very soon!!!

    1. G’Day Terry, to put your mind at ease, slightly, we read in Contact 219 of June 16, 1987, the following:
      73. The danger of the pursuit of the refugees, or rather their distant descendants, by the distant descendants of the former inhabitants of Sirius is no longer existent because over many thousands of years, the disposition of the Sirians has changed for the better, and so now, they live in peace and without ambitions for power.

      77. But today, these are now just 63 of their human beings who continue in the traditional hatred and try to cause harm to the most distant descendant of the Sirius refugees, even in the way that they try to transport you from life and thereby make your mission and the teaching of the spirit impossible.

      82. Their repertoire ranges from fake sightings and observations as well as alleged abductions up to simulated contacts and sexual intercourse with extraterrestrials, from which alleged pregnancies occur that, if they already appear, are caused quite normally with an earthly partner or by artificial manipulation of a medical nature or one’s own nature.

      83. Also through these extraterrestrial “Men in Black,” the illusion is produced in susceptible Earth people that somehow, through carelessness, etc., things penetrated into their body unnoticed, such as the incidence of metal fragments or small projectiles, etc., implants of extraterrestrial forces and beings, which is absurd, of course.

      84. Since these Sirius renegades are too small in their numbers to inflict really major damage on Earth and its inhabitants, they have invested in their hatred, in order to create confusion in manifold forms all over the Earth among the people.

      87. In addition, the elements are extremely vigilant and clever, so it could take years or decades before we get them on track and dissuade them from their actions.”

      Also, when you stated, “the bad Sirians tried very very hard to shorten our RNA and DNA to make us more malevolent and aggressive…”; they actually succeeded in doing this along with shortening our lifespans but not to the point of it causing us to die out as they wanted us around to do their negative acts on their behalf so they could stay too positive.

      We will reverse this manipulation of our genes through much trial and error through the good work of good humans but unfortunately there will be nefarious sorts that will use the good effects garnered by the hard work of the good to produce malevolent effects too, probably. What I call, “Welcome to Earth!”

      1. G`Day Andrew what about the SERCO group that wants to do harm to humanity here on Earth including a nuclear war to reduce humanitys overpopulation to its lowest point etc. Isn`t SERCO what is left of the Sirian MIBs? There are far better ways to reduce Earth`s overpopulation by benevolent kinder friendly safer ways say a birth stop and a birth check.

        1. G’Day Terry, yes, SERCO & SES (Senior Executive Service) are a ‘tad’ worrisome but are not the Sirian MIB, from the exact same Contact 219 of June 16, 1987 linked to above:
          “81. Moreover, these renegades and “Men in Black,” as we also call them, and these have nothing to do with the so-called “Men in Black” who are of earthly origin and, thus, who are secret service-driven Earth people, strive to induce real visions and hallucinations through apparatus-driven, suggestive impulses in Earth people who are susceptible to these.”

          As you ask, when are we going to grow up and get along with each other? Not any time soon by the looks of things, what with all we know that is wrong with the vast majority of the inhabitants of our little home, overpopulation stemming from religion and greed for “power” and “wealth”.

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