Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

Looking back from the future to see how we got there

Michael Horn Live EP 36!

We go out on a limb and focus our attention on that which Billy Meier has predicted,  for the US and the world at large. After all, the economy is supposedly great, so how could Billy Meier’s predictions about a global financial collapse possibly be accurate?

There are some people who, understandably, wonder why we should bother anymore when some events will now happen with certainty. The answer is that there are also other events in the distant future that will happen that are quite positive but also require the fulfillment of the efforts – including the ones we make now – in order to be realized (See: 1958 Letter).

How’s the Weather?

Some of the area we’ll cover mainly for the slow learners:

The ever-fascinating, boundless stupidity of human beings.

A watershed moment as we fertilize ourselvesto extinction.

Then there’s politics, the dead-end, power and advantage-over-others pastime loved by millions…with disastrous results. You gotta love any system that strenuously ignores focusing on eternally valid life principles in favor of futile attempts to fix the problems it creates. However, even though The Game Is Rigged Choose Not to Play, one can still play, keeping a few things in mind.

We’ve also got a short list of things to NOT do, such as:

Attending pro-Left or pro-Right “rallies”

Subscribing to, or participating in, any “us against them” forums, meetings, etc.

Getting involved in any of the pre-civil war run-ups being manufactured by agents provocateurs on the left or right.

Coming Detractions

Meier has been advised by the Plejaren to expect a new round of attacks on his credibility, evidence and even his person, as the opponents of the truth will step up their efforts. We can probably expect some of the “usual suspects” to participate in this, as well as perhaps other parties as yet unknown. This is another very good reason for people to focus on the essenceof this material , the spiritual teaching, with its focus on love, peace, freedom and harmony, and avoid unnecessary, contentious interactions.


Holy haberdasher, Make America Great Again’ hats may DOUBLE in price!

Some news about honey bees and some other miracles of nature.

Wouldn’t you know it? Don’t worry be happy with 5G!

Michael Horn Live EP 36!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

7:00 Pacific Time

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6 Replies to “Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions”

  1. haha good one! You know we, here in the Northern part of Arizona, went from summer to winter in about two weeks! Also, these opponents of the truth stepping up their efforts, we know they are squirming….as difficult as it is we/mostly I have to remember this.

  2. Hi Michael, That was the shortest and most direct lecture that I`v ever seen. Point in question is how are we going to convince enough people of Billy`s predictions and warning if we are ever going to turn things areound and get people to start thinking and using their heads instead of acting like chickens who lost their heads? That was the best video lecture I`v heard yet. Good ides and show MH.

  3. I would also add that folks generally make the effort and point out they’re here peacefully discussing whatever interests them following and respecting the rule of law. As we know this has nothing to do with religious behavior while discussing the Meier material, ensure to help folks with the understanding that comes with self responsibility and that no one here is forcing anyone to believe something they don’t want to either by isolating the person or over indulging in New Age love nonsense. In other words, keep things civil.

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