Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

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Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs.

I instead recommended that we grasp the essential reasons for the Meier contacts, now that the still irreproducible UFO evidence has stirred the controversy and the “higher standard of proof”, i.e. the voluminous, specific, prophetically accurate information, has gotten our attention. Both of these elements were intended to lead us to our study, testing and implementation of the spiritual teaching.

Since 2004, I’ve said that the Meier contacts are the key to our future survival and the spiritual teaching is the how-to-assure-it. Beyond that, in fact, it’s the way to live.

Right on Schedule

We only need to go to Sfath’s 1948 letter to see that recent news from Italy, about earthquakes and potential volcanic activity regarding Campi Flegri, appear to be coming…right on schedule.

There’s no need to panic though. We can’t stop the inevitable fulfillment of these predictions (acquired through time travel, meaning they will happen with certainty) but we can do our best to avoid them and warn others.

Don’t waste your time though with the know-it-alls and smug, so-called scientists at the USGS and SETI, or the dabblers at MUFON. So far, the whole lot of them appear to be more interested in preserving their jobs, tenure, celebrity status, etc., even if it means going down with the proverbial ship…or planet.

The Whole Crop of Them

And that seems to apply to scientists in a wide array of fields. Even in the fields where the crops are grown.

Science, like many other things, is a double-edged sword. The problem is that the mentality of human beings, especially among the military of countries like ours, and others, is to use that sword to cut its own throat…and that of as many other human beings they can possibly take with them.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Please see: The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: New Prophecies & Predictions in preparations for our next show,  which will discuss Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions.

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And then there’s this:

Stets bleibe ich entspannt und gewinne dadurch Macht über mich selbst.

I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself.

Recommended Reading:

The Way to Live

Humankind doesn’t have the faintest idea regarding what life’s all about and how to live it. Consider this your personal sanity and survival system.

Get it here!

Thanks to Luka Botica for info on the new quake in Italy.

152 Replies to “Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020”

  1. OK, Melisa of course we can agree to disagree.. lt is my opinion that the a civil war is NOT PREDICTED and is”100% AVOIDABLE, based on case fact. l was simply asking you to justify your opinion in regard to those facts. lf you found that as a form of aggression or hostility, then please be assured l will not ask you to do so again.

    On a another note, Sanfrancisco still remains intact at the time of the great quake, which deals a death blow to hysterical notions of a WW4 event between now and then.

    The assertion that certain preceding time markers are mute considerations, is not backed up by any LITERAL STATEMENT by Billy or the Plejaren. Irresponsible opinion based projections, ignore case fact, foster fear, agitation and add to the possibility of a conflict. Salome

    1. Irene, you really have no way of knowing when the San Francisco quake will occur and whether or not the city was rebuilt or repaired after the war. I don’t know why you keep basing your whole theory around San Francisco’s earthquake. Just because Billy tells Quetzal to take him to Frisco doesn’t mean that the city is exactly the same as it is today. Any damage could have been repaired. It’s also possible that San Francisco doesn’t sustain as much damage as some of the larger cities. Look at parts of Syria that are already being rebuilt after years of devastating civil war. Some places that were completely destroyed have been rebuilt to where it looks like nothing happened.

      We aren’t making projections here, this information is based on research, observation, life experience and Billy Meier’s own statements regarding the coming American civil wars. It’s unfortunate that others can’t see what is happening, but that shows the lack of reasoning and thinking ability that the average Earth human exhibits.

      The truth should always be told regardless of it being fearful or not. The key is to tell the truth in a calm neutral manner. Our past is evidence of what the near future will hold. No one can outrun cause and effect — not even America.


  2. Melisa, if you think the odds favor Sanfrancisco being spared in a nuclear world war, which will wipe out all life in the northern hemisphere or somehow it escapes major damage to be rebuilt in an almost exact manner, then you are welcome to that belief..

    FACT:- Neither WW4 nor a civil war is inevitable.. how many times does that need to be said? The notion that a civil war is already underway is absolutely ridiculous.. Do the elements exist? Yes of course.. Has a war started? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

    1. Wars never start with bombs and guns and we most definitely ARE in the early stages of a civil war. No one is saying anything about a definite world war.

      If you can’t see the writing on the wall, I don’t know what to tell you, but I do know for sure that I’m done with this conversation. It’s a waste of our time, Irene. We could be doing so many other productive things like studying the spiritual teaching, meditating or helping someone who is truly interested in learning more about the Creational truth. What are we accomplishing here? NOTHING! Salome

        1. As an Australian and intending on being born down here in the Southern Hemisphere again, I tend to lean toward a very large depopulation event occurring, be it from natural or un-natural causes or both, so as to have a habitableish planet for Nokodemion’s spirit-form to be born on for the last time, soonish. (3.999) 😉

  3. l seem to have disturbed the inmates .. it reminds me of an old movie ”midnight express” when Billy was confined with the criminally insane and walked counterclockwise against their clockwise circular procession.

    Really? a civil war? Where is the rampant civil unrest, political assassination, economic collapse, or cities in meltdown?.. l dont see a single terminal symptom.. l must be a bad robot!!

    1. Use your brains Irene
      Take a deep breath, walk outside your house and look around.
      What do you see
      He’ll of a lot of cars parked on the streets
      Well where are the human beings.
      I thought so.
      Not too many around.
      What does that tell you.
      Yes you are correct nothing, sweet F all right.
      People have become very insulated, confined in the illusion of safety in their own homes behind the bricks and mortar.
      So are their minds.
      Insulated and as thick as roofing insulation confined in their own little world full of fear, doubts, shortcomings and worst of all delusional illusions.
      Spurred on by the idiot box they hate the world, full of suspicion and resentment.
      They play act around people just to put on a face compelled by the social forces and acute sense that they must somehow play along but in the end they just don’t like it.
      Now what has this got to do with anything especially the civil war
      Well good question
      Well because there exist a humongous tear in the social fabric where nothing is sacred anymore.
      It’s either fight or flight these days
      People had enough
      They are upset and angry
      They want to get rid of the source of their pent up frustration and rage.
      It doesn’t take much to be fired up these days and people’s toxic emotions do go awry.
      Couple this with non existent social cohesion and genuine human-ness why wouldn’t people want to murder and kill other people to get their frustration out and exact revenge.
      Why wouldn’t anyone if push comes to shove.
      It doesn’t take much these days.
      This is the current state of the world and it’s people.
      Highly strung up and in desperate need of release.
      Look around will take.

    2. Matt might be alluding to the likes of pompeo screeching in Egypt that the usa is a FORCE for GOOD in the Middle East and schumer and polesi have VOTED OR LOBBIED for the usa’s security in the past and $38B for israels security.
      Politics is the stupid art of advantage for oneself, not you and yours!
      Somone is laughing all the way to the bank and everything is being recorded so that someone in a future personality can apply a Creational Natural Law in a Creational Natural manner!

      1. Andrew you might be onto something there but dare I say it applies to Santa Clause and Jesus friggin Christ as well.
        Oh Mohammed just berated me for leaving him out.
        Oh well the good the bad and the ugly just got uglier.

  4. lf you start addressing me with trash talk like ”use your brains” don’t expect me to read another word and don’t address me again. Thankyou

    1. Irene, while we don’t approve comments that are harassing, intimidating or derogatory, everyone is free to express their opinions here. Salome

      1. Perhaps some reading comprehension classes would be good for you since you seem to have zero talent or ability when it comes to any form of it.. Read the post again! l havn’t told anyone they have no right to an opinion.. l simply dont care to read trash talk from fools who live in a doomsday fantasy world and that is my right. Goodbye Melisa we are done conversing, l find absolutely no value in reading you.

        1. Perhaps it is you who needs the reading comprehension classes since you are the one who told Matt not to address you again. As a moderator here, I was simply reiterating the fact that everyone here is free to address you with their opinions. It was actually quite clear and concise to be honest. I hope you can reflect a bit and use your reasoning skills to accurately access the coming times. Living in a safety bubble or echo chamber will not help you when the time comes.

          I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving us as it’s always interesting conversing with new folks. I hope to see you around again.
          Bye & Salome

          1. (Melisas lesson number one) Telling someone not to address me again, has naught to do with any opinion, which he may post in open forum for all to see. l simply prefer he not comment directly to me, as l find them offensive and worthless.

            l will not be leaving, (another misunderstanding on your part) l predict you will either censor or ban me on some flimsy pretext such as lam a ”trouble maker” because your ego simply cannot take being shown up as inept, when it comes to deciphering this material.

            This thread is full of spineless intellectual jellyfish with a gang mentality and little else to offer. l will offer my opinion, though it is looking more and more like feeding strawberries to pigs.

            1. You’re very confused, Irene.

              Matt has every right to address you and that was the gist of what I said. I just happened to add the word opinion to the sentence since comments, for the most part, are opinions. Anyways, have a nice day. Salome

            2. Irene, you are way out of line and ridiculously confused. EVERYONE has the right to address you with their thoughts, ideas and (Gasp) opinions. No one has threatened to ban you for anything. This is another delusional misstatement on your part. Instead of accusing everyone else of misunderstanding, maybe take a look at your own refusal to read and comprehend what people are saying.

            3. Hi Irene,

              There was a situation between a couple of people on the blog in the past who were laying into each other, so to speak. With a small bit of encouragement, they cleared up their combative behavior with each other and developed a much better rapport and reasonableness, showing that it can be done.

              I think it would be helpful if you also saw the derogatory tone and the words you use to describe people who comment here. And I would also add that it is apparent did you are nowhere near as familiar with the content of the material as many people here are, nor that their points of view are entirely accurate, more valuable, etc.

              And while you suggested previously that you would be blocked or censored, etc., that isn’t the way we generally deal with things here. However, if you are as unhappy with your fellow participants here as it appears to be, I think that we might make more progress by discussing ways in which the mutual communications can be improved. Having said that, perhaps you could state in a bit more neutral terms what you see is wrong and – even more importantly – how do you think the communications could be improved and result in more mutual respect.

    2. I am going to do and say whatever the f*** I want Irene.
      Please excuse my vulgarity but it is what it is.
      Please get with it.
      Doubt all you want but get your facts into your head first before you display such imbecilic incredulity.
      There is a third world fire
      Do you understand the implication.
      Can you see why in the FIGU circle people who are truly tied in with the mission are working day and night trying to warn the ignorant masses of what lies ahead.
      It’s based on love ok.
      Loving thy neighbour enough to help them save themselves from themselves.
      So why do you persist with your childish contentions without getting your facts straight.
      And you wonder why such language from me is hurled at you
      So be it but ever action has its reaction
      It’s cause and effect at work darling
      So stop your whinning and self reflect.
      Who am I to judge right.

      1. Hi Matt it’s “enlightening” to know where Clow is coming from. Who knew the imaginary 9th dimension has morphed in 11 haha:
        I think they forgot the “N” at the end of their name. Maybe they’ll be sued for negligence for telling everyone that everything is just fine but more likely they are looking for new information to incorporate into their mindless drivel.

        1. Ah yes, Sheila, the delusional, deceitful, greedy spreaders of disinformation and garbage about the imaginary “Pleiadians”. More workshops, “healings” and utter mumbo-jumbo from shameless frauds like B.H. Clow and her partner in con artistry. These kinds of people do as much damage as the government, as they fish for, and pick the pockets of, the gullible, dependent, lazy “seekers” in the New Age/Paranormal/UFO community.

          Let’s hope that our friend Irene is just coincidentally sharing a name with these charlatans and phonies. As students of the spiritual teaching know, the willful promotion of these outright lies and fantasies brings the appropriate consequences to those who peddle them…sooner or later.

        2. Gee Sheila I’ve just realised that I have a new found admiration for your wit and humour
          Mate that was Ronald McDonald classic at it best.
          But like a fake nothing burgers that they serve eventually people will become weary of being served Macfamines and sue them for false advertising.

  5. Strength in numbers ? l make an sincere effort to never address anyone in a manner l would not do in person.. As for my name? its always been mine make of it what you will.. Put an ‘N’ on it if it makes you feel somehow above me.. The cowardly little man, Matt Lee, internet tough guy and Sheila Clark? I’ve never discussed a darn thing with her, yet she claims the right to infer lam a fool and lacks the spine to do it directly or in any subjective context. Another internet coward.. l suppose in the absence of any backbone or mind of their own, they attack as a group, anyone who has an opinion which threatens the herd..

    1. Hi Irene,

      Just a note, as I’m not wanting to contribute to any disputes, misunderstandings, etc. I noticed that, time and again , you misstated and/or misunderstood things that Meier had said, which is different than disagreeing with them (or disagreeing with anyone here).

      I think that other people may have also noticed a kind of sense of denial, from our perspective meaning that those who’ve spent a good deal of time delving into, and testing, the accuracy of the prophetic/predictive information from Meier and the Plejaren have determined that their accuracy (and the accuracy of the previous prophets with whom they were in contact) is unparalleled. It certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t be wrong about things, that still may remain to be seen.

      But in discussing something like the coming civil wars, I found your comments weren’t indicating a comprehensive understanding of how events develop and the fact that we are, undeniably, already experiencing conflicts and trends that, viewing them through the understanding of cause and effect, would indicate that we are indeed in the early stages of societal breakdown, anarchy, civil war, etc. – certainly as opposed to the prospect of all of this leading to increased harmony, mutual understanding, peace, etc.

      As for harsh, offensive comments, etc., I’m not a proponent of them and I also try, for the most part, to let people reason and work things out with each other. Hopefully, there can be some productive experiences, exchanges and reconciliation here.

    2. Why don’t we all just calm down a bit. There’s no need for us to attack each other’s character. We can debate each other’s ideas without name calling and harassment.

      Let this be the first and hopefully last notice that we should debate the ideas and not attack the person behind them. No matter how delusional an idea may sound, we are all human beings of equal value who are all striving for love, peace, freedom and harmony. Salome

    3. Okay Irene, I take issue with your retarded Pleiadian Agenda, that it’s insincere and delusional and you’re not doing your fellow human beings any favours by spewing that nonsense. The only thing your doing is stopping people from finding the real truth of the Meier contact reports and that’s why I take issue with you personally because your Pleiaidian Agenda says not to worry, everything will be all right. It’s not all right and I don’t care how many stupid levels of Ascension planes you dream up, none of it is based in reality. And if you want to give me your address I will tell you the same thing to your clown face.

      1. Hi Sheila,

        I think you may be confusing Irene with Barbara Hand Clow(n) and I’m pretty sure they’re two entirely different people.

        As I mentioned in my last comment, I do hope people will be less attacking personally, as Irene also has been, and instead do battle regarding, and on the basis of, ideas. As I’ve also clearly expressed to Irene, in my opinion her perspectives about the coming civil wars, etc., while she’s certainly entitled to them, don’t accord with a view of events as considered in accordance with the law of cause and effect. When I spoke about “reverse engineering the prophecies and predictions” I was encouraging the consideration of events as the consequences of causes, etc.

        So, let’s restrain ourselves, become more reasonable and embody the teaching we profess to study and treasure.

        1. No Michael, there’s no confusion.


          December 30, 2018 at 4:49 AM

          Irene Handhorn Clow
          We Pleiadians do not express ourselves via sexual gender, but we are the guardians of the Goddess and we have a very feminine vibration. As we speak of “whamen,” we speak of Gaia in each one of you. Your male and female selves are both goddess and god, and as Earth has witnessed an overabundance of male energy, we Pleiadians are here to help all of you awaken the Goddess within.
          During this most recent journey through the Galactic Night, you became highly self-reflective and your brains are getting very activated. You’ve developed yourselves magnificently so that you would be ready to challenge forces that control your reality at the Cosmic Party.
We Pleiadians like to refer to these forces as the World Management Team, first named through channel Barbara Marciniak, and as far as I, Satya, can ascertain as I read your vibrations, these forces are directed on Earth by the Anunnaki, the Nephilim of the Bible, which means in Hebrew, “gods who came down to Earth.”
These Anunnaki/Nephilim are the ones who established the extensive and deeply ingrained management system –  the Net – at Zero Point. (the exact moment between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. ) For a gilded and engraved Party invitation, you still have time to challenge your inner belief systems about these great gods. Nobody with residual “God” poison gets an invitation to the Cosmic Party in 2012.
To exorcise these lords, you must integrate the stellar intelligence of Gaia. Gaia does not resonate with superior and separated white male gods. She quakes, belches, and vomits in response to their oppression.
          Once you have integrated Gaia by awakening your inner male and female, your next stage will be directed by beautiful male teachers who cherish Earth women and who have integrated their next level of male intelligence, which is Sirian.
The women are running the show right now because they can feel Gaia as she first reawakens. The men will truly feel her by 1998, when men and women will remember how to express the resonant vibrations of Gaia sexually.

          1. Yikes! Sheila, it looks like you indeed have clarified the matter. I didn’t know that Irene was indulging in such utterly delusional crap, which also explains her denial about Meier’s info and her lambasting people here. Mind-boggling, really, I’m a bit stunned, as well as completely Handhornified. I guess we have Mahesh to thank for making a kind of asylum for the confused.

            Well, Irene, you’re certainly free to post here but we do reserve the right to not give space to such nonsense about non-existent “Pleiadians”, etc.

            Whew, that was a cold shower!

            P.S. It also appears that “Irene” (if that even is her real name) was completely dishonest in her seemingly innocent ignorance about Barbara Hand Clow(n) too…and had the nerve to come here to mislead with all that barf.

            1. After reading this and scrubbing my eyeballs with sand-soap, I demand to know where my “gilded and engraved Party invitation” is! 😉 And the following that I was about to post is now clearly BS:

              As this is where this all started, I am interested in where the CR is that this stated in, has been found yet?
              DECEMBER 23, 2018 AT 3:04 PM
              l read a contact note prior to Trumps election where Ptaaah said that if ”certain forces” took power in the US, that lslamic state would be defeated, America would be rebuilt and that the US would not collapse in 2020.. It seems he was referring to Donald Trump.

            2. You are formally invited, Andrew. That contact report has not been found because it never existed, at least not in this dimension.

            3. Gee Michael what is happening with you lately.
              Has old age got the better of you or are you just tired?
              Too much of that green stuff is actually increasing your mercury level.
              Me thinks Sheila has a fantastic intuition only a woman can possess.
              Thou shall not doubt a woman high on logic.

            4. Matt,
              What if, for instance, we only 10 people interested at $77/day and thought big, 1000 interested at $144/weekend; how could we market this? Let’s start an argument on an opposing blog that didn’t answer our nonsensical arguments to show that “they” don’t agree with us, especially because they never mentioned “a gilded and engraved Party invitation”, OMG, where and how fast can I part with my cash…….

            5. How clow magically shows what it peddles is the truth does not interest me. How clow magically shows what it peddles is not false, interests me! And what else interests me is, why it used a true name, in part, to start it’s unintelligent argument?

            6. Probably to sound somewhat legitimate Andrew. By using a woman’s name it automatically guarantees that his posts will make him more “male friendly” as well. Women’s posts are least likely to be attacked.
              They come here to attack those they feel are the biggest threat to their nonsense.

            7. Melissa you did well to point out and to counter this person’s schizophrenic ramblings.
              Well it was a good exercise nonetheless in keeping sharp and logical.

            8. Thanks Matt, they were playing word games and deliberately being unreasonable. In my opinion, the goal was to try to make it look like we are cult-like and pick on anyone who doesn’t toe the line, which we know is farthest from the truth. If someone comes here and asks a questions or wants an opinion, don’t be surprised when you get the answer. They made themselves look completely ridiculous because even a child would be able to tell you that the world is in utter chaos and plunging quickly. We never try to coerce or force people to join the mission. Everyone comes here on their own accord out of a desire to learn or strive for the mission. Salome

            9. No Matt, it’s not intuition, it’s research. I’ve been keeping an eye on the hoodlums at that forum. I would imagine that most of the postings there are by Mahesh himself. He deleted months of Taro proving the WCUFO was a real craft, on purpose I’m sure. Nothing has changed since CR 666. All the disrupters are coming from that site. Of course we all want to see the goodness in people who are genuinely searching for the truth, but there is no goodness coming from there. So for future reference I would check for the name there first because no one wants to end up Handhornified like MH.

            10. Well Sheila whatever the case may be this recent episode serve as a reminder that, as Billy mentioned, there will be new round of attacks on him.
              To this day I am still mystified as to how a person like Mehesh can regress from a position of being well informed of the Billy Meier case after all the research he has done to one of an ardent saboteur and detractor.
              Maybe has was never convinced in the first place.
              Or he started out with an agenda.

  6. Sorry Melisa but it is you are ”way out of line” l have never said no one has the right to address me or post an opinion.. l said ”dont address me” Also l have never stated that anyone has threatened to ban me.. Really you just dont read very well do you!!
    Do your own sanity a favor..Kindly stop & think before you type and PLEASE stop mis characterizing my posts!

    1. Have fun playing your games. Maybe someone else will come along who will be interested in your nonsense, but I have no interest in talking to someone who has no desire to be honest. Your incoherent rants are just par for the course now. You are not the first and certainly won’t be the last to play these games. Goodbye Irene

      1. Sheila was right.
        These clowns and their silly little games.
        Kids these days have too much time on their hands.
        I’ll do her a favour by never addressing a clow…………………………n

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