Another 1948 Prediction About to Fulfill?

Campi Flegrei moves closer to certain massive eruption foreseen in 1948 time travel by extraterrestrial

Michael Horn Live, EP 39

It was only a week ago that we drew attention to the 1948 predictions by Sfath, Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher. Now Newsweek brings to worldwide attention that Campi Flegri is approaching “a pre-eruption state”. Of course, this is the same Campi Flegri Sfath warned about. Its eruption is as certain as that of the other specifically named volcanoes in Italy, Mount Etna, Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Marsili. And so, therefore, will parts of five countries also go into the sea.

The reason that these are certainties is because Sfath observed them in his time travels into the future. Yes, we “know” that it simply isn’t possible to time travel…unless, of course, it is for those who are far more advanced than we are.

In the Days to Come

FromThe Goblet of the Truth, Chapter 2:

63)  Truly, the knowing ones, the wise ones, the black ones, the yellow ones, the red ones, the white ones, blue ones, green ones and everyone of any kind who truly stands in the knowledge about the truth of the formation (Creation), they will receive their fair reward during their lifetimes; and no fear will come over them, nor will they sorrow.

An example of the consequences of the insanity of American military policies – and the complete ignorance of, and disregard for, the law of cause and effect – is this latest revelation about US-supported, far-right neo-Nazi’s now training white supremacist groups in the US. The far-left has been at it for some time as well, the attack on Tucker Carlson’s house being a recent example. And Meier has also long warned about a resurgence in neo-Nazism.

And, as if there isn’t enough real danger from political extremists on both sides, the dependably hyperbolic, civil-war pushing Alex Jones manufactured this, fortunately unrealized bit of terror phantasmagoria:

So, in the days to come, there will be much unpleasantness. Bored, snotty, left-leaning kids who thought it was fun and exciting to dress up in their little black-masked Halloween costumes, and to disrupt political rallies and terrorize women in their homes, will at some point be confronted by even more vicious, dedicated thugs on the right who are already salivating at the opportunity. Then escalation from the left, some fanatical religious terrorism, more from the right, etc., and anarchy and civil war arrive in America, as predictably as winter follows the…fall.

Let’s revisit the verse from The Goblet of the Truth, Chapter 2:

63)  Truly, the knowing ones, the wise ones, the black ones, the yellow ones, the red ones, the white ones, blue ones, green ones and everyone of any kind who truly stands in the knowledge about the truth of the formation (Creation), they will receive their fair reward during their lifetimes; and no fear will come over them, nor will they sorrow.

You may ask how, in the face of all that is inevitably approaching, does that and will that “protect” you…in the days to come. The answer isn’t to be found in “having faith”, beliefs, or pretending that things are other than they really are, etc. On the contrary, the answer lies in understanding how it pertains to “everyone of any kind who truly stands in the knowledge about the truth of the formation (Creation)”. That truth is found throughout The Goblet of the Truth and all of the spiritual teaching.

The Truth, the Life and the Spirit

The study of the truth leads to and includes the right use of the might of the thoughts, as well as experiencing and understanding how the focus on the truth also awakens one’s own inner knowing and inner guidance. Just as it’s said that “advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, the development of our consciousness produces changes in awareness – and resultant effects – that may seem like “magic” to some people, when in reality it’s more about the attainment and/or refinement of thinking and finer sensing abilities which, when paid attention to, help us to guide ourselves along preferred paths.

This is in no way to say that there is a special or chosen people of any kind, rather there is a “spiritual teaching people”, which is non-exclusive, open to all and is a freely made choice. And all people will and must encounter challenges, difficulties and hardships as part of the evolutionary process. The more deeply the immersion in the study of the truth, the life and the spirit, the more inwardly free and understanding one becomes. And that inner freedom then makes it easier to make better outer choices, decisions, etc.

This in itself produces greater inner and outer peace, love, freedom and harmony, which reduce fear and conditioned reactivity acquired from a life-long exposure to relentless, media-reinforced, fear-inducing politics and religion.

Michael Horn Live, EP 39

Thursday, November 15, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time

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I live in Peace.

I live in Freedom.

I live in Harmony

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Thanks to Norm for the article on the white supremacist groups and to Bill Wilson for Meier’s inner mediation.

13 Replies to “Another 1948 Prediction About to Fulfill?”

  1. MH have u ever been to Badger pass Yosemite? We may have met I am looking forward to meeting you again. I believe a friend knew BEAM and introduced us. I would like to go to the SSSC someday. I hope you are well. Keep up the good work!

  2. I believe the sense of fear is lost or diminished by knowing what lies ahead. The more prepared a person is, the less nervous and fearful they become. This holds true in any aspects of life. Example, being around and helping relatives raise their kids, reduced my fear of becoming a father. I was prepared. One thing I do fear “as the time fulfills “, iss the safety for my family. But preparing for these future events, thus reduces my fear.

    Great and relatable post.
    Best wishes to all.

  3. Sorry for the off comment but you need to read this article from for Friday November 16th 2018 by Rob Urie. The article is “Nuclear Weapons are a Nightmare Made in America” “Personally I think the America is being made the laughing stock of the world due to all these shills and cabals wasting “GAZILLIONS” of money and military hardware on nuclear and conventional weapons to keep all these hideous forever nightmare wars going on indefinitely for good just for the sake of killing us ALL of Planet Earth!!!”

  4. One other thing that should also be thought about besides telephone wires above ground is cell phone towers too close to residential neighborhoods that could also cause cancer clusters too. With the fires in California and climate change we better star to think about safer less dangerous ways to live such as living off the grid too. One very good example is deep geo thermal energy that Iceland has been doing for years if we want to prevent more climate castraphies from happening. “:ENOUGH with fossil fuels and nuclear power!!!”

  5. Hi MH I fi8nally got to see and listen to your lecture on EP39 and thought this was the best EP you`ve ever don. Great blog and Great EP39. Hope there will be more to come soon. Keep up the great work you are doing. Salome Terry

  6. There are 2 things on the predictions that Billy and the Plejarens that will son become a REAL NIGHTMARE: From for Friday November 23rd,2018 “Chasing Down Fascists in Europe” (and the US too)” by Ron Jacobs Also on cable TV RNN Richard French had a one hour discussion on the present state of fascism around the world and also in the US to If you can obtain the Youtube video of this discuussion from cable channel RNN from Richard French you may want to check this out due to Billy`s and the Ps preditions. Salome

  7. l dont understand how the Plejaren can deny atmospheric spraying when water samples from high in mount Shasta for instance are showing extremely high levels of aluminum from rain water. Are they using a ploy to make us think for our selves, because the denial of an inside job on 911 defies the evidence.. l tire of people not addressing the evidence and l also tire of being labelled a ”conspiracy nut” as if that is some kind of intellectual rebuttal.

    1. No one need believe the information, we do have to think it through for ourselves.

      Here is what the Plejaren and Meier have said:

      There may be many sources for the contaminants in our food, air and water. And, if all of the conspiratorial claims were true, hospitals all over the world would be flooded with people showing high levels of the same contaminants, etc. There are other logical – and logistical – problems with the chemtrail theories. More important now is focusing on how one is going to deal with the indisputably inertial coming events such as environmental and geopolitical upheaval, the coming global financial collapse, civil wars coming to America, etc.

  8. I just heard on the news today Friday Niovemember 30th 2018 that there was a7.0 earthquake in Alaska centered around Anchorage, Alaska. Everthing rattled and went dark. Luckily there were no deaths and casualties. I wonder if Alaska is in the Ring of Fire? Could San Francisco be next?

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