Predictions from 1948 and 2017 on Verge of Fulfilling

Campi Flegri volcano and economy show more signs of coming eruptions

NOTE: Certain items have been rendered colored and in bold that specifically refer to the fact that they pertain to , and were obtained through, actual time travel, not the fanciful, entertainment-oriented stuff of online fantasy purveyors.

Michael Horn Live, EP 42

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time

The latest news shows that now inevitable eruption of Campi Flegri, aka the Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is edging ever closer. Its actual, future eruption was seen by Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial mentor, Sfath, during a time travel, as he reported to then 11-year-old Meier, in 1948:

224. Also the caldera, that is to say, the super volcano, Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is already making itself more and more noticeable in order to tear open the Earth in the distant future.

As surely as this event – and all the rest that Sfath described to Meier – has occurred and will continue to occur in the future, you can rest assured that the “average” person to whom this is pointed out now still before the eruption, as well as after it occurs, will utter the also predictable, and thoroughly inane, “Anybody could’ve said that.”

In fact, as each of the now inevitable and unpreventable predictions in the Henoch Prophecies, the Predictions of Jeremia, the  1958 Letteretc., fulfill, your dear fellow humans will, for the most part, still exhibit various degrees of denial extending all the way to up to complete deadness of brain.

This will also be ubiquitous, even especially so, among people who profess interest in UFOs, New Age, paranormal, and conspiracy topics, as well as the religious fundamentalists and political prognosticators. Have we left anyone out?

But be of good cheer…and steer clear of the panicked minions, whose maddening mantras will include, “Why didn’t anyone warn us?” and “How can this be happening to us?”

Coming Financial Collapse

Ron Paul recently expressed his concern that “an epic market collapse” may be forthcoming. Financial expert, Bill Bonner, has also been forecasting such a monumental collapse. Based on what Meier has foretold in his 2017 prophecies and predictions  it would be of catastrophic proportions. And based on what Sfath foretold 72 years ago, it…will be. And that’s because, as we’ve had the opportunity to point out before*, Sfath gained his information from time travel, meaning that all the events he “predicted” were personally witnessed by him, when he traveled into the future. 

Murderous Robots

A scientist has voiced concerns about robots and AI that precisely echoes the most dire warnings of the Henoch Prophecies:

227. Even when the North American continent will be stricken by the most terrible catastrophe which has ever been recorded, evil military powers will wreak havoc with computerised and nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, whereby it will also happen that computerised weapons become independent and cannot be controlled any longer by human beings.

But new information from Meier spells out the unimaginable scope of destruction:

“In the future, however, there will be many other things that the whole of mankind on earth will have to think about in depth, for there will be far-reaching computerization, electronization and their far-reaching networking, which will drive terrestrial mankind to the edge of its existence if the cybernetic mania of humans is not stopped, which is out to develop electronic machines with an artificial form of consciousness and intelligence that ultimately supercomputers and electronic cyber beings will gain power over mankind. And if this actually happens, then the continued existence of the entire earthly population will be questioned, as will the continued existence of the planet itself. If the artificial consciousness and the artificial intelligence come into being, then sooner or later they will become independent and powerful and take command of the Internet with regard to all imaginable things, and then the whole networked infrastructure will be used against humanity itself, with the finite goal of cyber-hegemony and the complete destruction of humanity on earth.”

There are already indications that AI is capable of a variety of perhaps unforeseen abilities.  As seemingly innocuous and merely entertaining as they may initially seem to some people, much of trouble we are in, and that’s coming our way, has come from underestimating the potential consequences of our actions. 

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Michael Horn Live, EP 42

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time

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Thanks to Jacob Smits for the excerpt from Zeitzeichen 108.

8 Replies to “Predictions from 1948 and 2017 on Verge of Fulfilling”

  1. I just read the 1948 predictions about the Pelgian Fields in Italy but where exactly is Cami Flegari in Italy? Also the AI menses does the military around the world want to kill,maim and destroy all human life here on Earth? What ever happened to all the moral ethical values here on Earth of do no harm to the human life here on earth meaning we mean do no harm or is all the militaries of this world with its ALs don`t care aor give a damn for life here on earth? Are all these AIs and militaries all that savage mean, indiscriminate, selfish and inhuman on earth,what gives? Will I be one of those unlucky once these AIs and militaries want to kill off?

  2. Hi MH I just watched you on EP 42 and a thought came to my mind that I think I mentioned dome time back about the Original Star Trek episode Errand of mercy where Kirk and Spock came across these people called the Oregonians who have long past the stage of once being humans like us but are now non-corporeal pure energy beings. Billy`s spirit is really from the Lashon world of pure energy non-corporeal beings who no longer exist. My point is I wonder if those few of us are now ready to enter into this non-corporeal energy stage of evolution thanks to all of Billy`s spiritual teachings and to start thinking positive thoughts as the people from Erra and Timars are now doing if we want to save our lives from these horrible menacing AIs and military dictatorships of this savage cruel world called Earth. Are some of us like minded people such as you and I are ready to enter into this stage of evolution and move on into such an Oregonian like world to live out our lives for 100,00 years or more and to move on so that no harm will ever happen to us any more etc?

  3. When I watch TV I won`t watch a violent destructive movie and or TV series because as human beings we have to learn to grow up, ,become more co-operative and learn to get along with one another or else we will not survive on earth. This is why l like Star Trek The Next Generation and the Homemark TV channel movies where people learn to come up with solutions without getting into a fight with one another even if they don`t agree with one another. “We can learn to get along with each other peacefully around the world without the use of violent acts which causes wars in the first place. Star Trek and the spiritual teachings teach us how to become more moral ethical positive human beings where no harm can come to us in the first place etc.”

  4. This is nuts. I just read the entire CR 251. The megalomaniac scientist have no bounds into their inflated ego and stupidity. It’s going to come to bite us big time in future incarnations. I’m not sure how far into the future CR 251 is coming to be, but to me it’s worse than watching a bad science fiction.
    Seriously, this is not the time to be passive. The Spiritual Teachings help us navigate in these very challenging times.

  5. Ijust heard on the news that the stock market went down 700 points and that this looks to be the worst since the 1930s. Trump just fired the last defence of state for another defence of state? Funny I never ever used to watch the TV series the Aprentist with Trump but yo me Trump is running his administration and the country just like that TV series the Apprentice exactly like his TV series the Apprentice. TRump hires and fires eveyone all in one day! How can anybody keep up with Trump`s chanadaganse! “YIKES!”

  6. This whole scenario reminds me of the German science fiction series, Perry Rhodan, where an advanced race called the Arkonides became increasingly decadent, caught up in so-called “fictional games” which were basically telenosis machines that spat out garbage at the player, that they considered “games”, but also had a terribly addictive effect, much as our own computer games.

    Eventually they handed more and more over to robots, letting their entire space fleet become robotic and handing over leadership of their government to a robot regent, who ruled with a brutal iron fist.

    Apparently the authors of Perry Rhodan were impulsed by the Baawi, there’s a discussion about that somewhere on the FIGU forum.

    In real life, according to Billy there was a race from a planet called “Arkon”, which suffered an unpredictable planetary catastrophe which left Gilgamesh and his then living compatriots the only survivors, as no other Arkonide was off world at that time.

    And yet these Arkonides apparently had lifespans of 300,000 years! And hailed from a galaxy in our own spacetime configuration some millions of light years away.

    Just how does a race advanced enough to live so long, and capable of intergalactic travel have no one except a small expedition off world? Makes me wonder if the scenario from Perry Rhodan was not based on reality…

    It does mention in contact report 251 that the robot-humans (humans, probably clones as far as I can figure, fitted with steering devices so as to become robots with human bodies) do briefly take over in about 85 years from when they are first created.

    They do so after the first jump-drive-equipped expedition returns with ET-gained knowledge on how to build full and completely safe androids, which would replace the robot-humans, and so they rebel and take over for a while, but are shortly afterwards eliminated once and for all.

    These robot-humans are apparently created some 6 years or so before the actions of the “space institution” leads to another war. Sounds a lot like Elon’s Neuralink and SpaceX.

    On a related note, CR 251 mentions that at the same time as the robot-humans are developed, so to are biological-machinelike-electronic robots.

    That is, robots fitted with early bioelectronic computers, moving in the direction of the Plejaren androids…

  7. “The ONLY way out of this overpopulated climate change warlike attitude is to take the next big step in becoming non-corporeal pure energy beings like the Organians or die out like the Akart from Proxima Centauri!”

  8. From Democracy for Thursday December 27th 2018 Headlines: Russia Test New Hypersonic Nuclear capable Missile

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