As the Time Fulfills the Pendulum Returns

But don’t pity us poor Americans for what we’ve brought upon ourselves

The inevitable can’t be postponed forever. We’ve now entered the time of a massive, unstoppable global decline, geopolitically, environmentally and financially.

We’ve spoken before about reverse engineering the Billy Meier predictions and every day we see more evidence of what will later, in retrospect, be seen to have negatively contributed to world and life-changing events. There will be many decades and even millennia of contributing factors to reflect upon, while  pondering the never-ending play of cause and effect.

Of course, there will be no shortage of futile attempts and desperate stop-gap measures, hurriedly concocted in the same spirit of ignorance, arrogance and greed that led to the breakdown and collapse they will impotently try to prevent.

No Time for Pity

So many people in this country have willingly become subservient prisoners of politics and/or anti-life, mind-enslaving religions. Among them also are the mindless masses rushing to be reduced to nameless, bio-chipped cattle, as Meier foretold in 1958.

But don’t pity us poor Americans for what we’ve brought upon ourselves…while we focused on doing unto others what is now beginning to be done unto us. As the time fulfills, the pendulum returns…with a vengeance.

In a futile attempt to prevent China from its now inevitable rise to being a major world power, Trump blusters and thrashes about, as his supporters learn that he’s not quite the financial genius they may have thought. The equally stupid Rocket Man joins the chorus of those who will no longer tolerate being bullied by the US, which leads to the fulfillment of this from the Henoch Prophecies:

198. Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation.

Add to all this the relentless American attempts to provoke Russia into a conflict with the west, recently detailed by Meier, and the ultimate, fatal consequences of which are also foretold in the ancient prophecies and, because human beings are very slow learners, presented again here too:

The Irony of It All

Ironically, things that contribute to the also long foretold social breakdown and the coming US civil wars continue to increase, because America can’t protect its own borders and people, either from the lunatics on the left or the illegal immigrants, while it continues to focus on world domination. The reality is that it isn’t profitable enough to mind our own business and take care of our own.

The online pundits, while quick to jump on every new bit of drama and disinformation, can offer no real insights…or answers.  So, while Alex Jones (among others) riles up his followers and exhorts them to confrontation (and ultimately to civil war) the censorship hammer that’s come down on right-leaning media largely because of him has now landed on Laura Loomer. Clearly, she didn’t understand that poking the bear wasn’t going to work out well for her in the long run.

Those, also mainly on the right, who’ve scoffed at climate change because of the extreme winter conditions, confuse it with global warming, which is only part of the equation, as global cooling and all sorts of other affects and anomalies are part of the manifestation of climate destruction, as Meier was warning long ago.

But the Rednecks Got It Right?

In our highly polarized society, where politics has indeed made people abysmally stupid, occasionally the seemingly least-likely-to-get-it-right…gets it right. Or at least very close to it.

While Georgia may not be known as a bastion of highly evolutionary thought, human rights, etc., their recently signed heartbeat abortion ban  more closely corresponds to the information provided to Meier by the Plejaren pertaining to abortion, i.e. that the spirit enlivens the embryo on the 21st day of conception, whereby the fetus is now considered a living human being. Therefore, under most conditions, an abortion after that time is considered murder, with specific exceptions.

Another southern state, Mississippi, also has a heartbeat abortion law which, like the Georgia law, may also be contested. There is further debate in the US about whether a Democrat sponsored bill actually allows infanticide. As I wrote in 1999:

“Imagine if we knew when the (as yet unrecognized or debated) human spirit was present, wouldn’t that put an end to the polarizing pro-/anti-abortion conflict? Or would we still figure out a way to war with each other over it?”

The Key to Our Future Survival

Those who’ve paid attention to the warnings, prophecies and predictions in the Meier contacts already know the script and how the movie …ends. But this isn’t about being either despairing or fatalistic, it’s about being sober, realistic and getting about the business of preparing for long-term survival, which is about more than having all sorts of necessary supplies. Of even greater importance is cultivating and maintaining the right state of mind, i.e. learning to think properly, as well as forming cooperative, mutually interdependent relationships.

And in the Distant Times

This is important not only for us now but also for the survivors, the future generations who must have access to, and be taught, neutral-positive thinking, rationality and logic, completely devoid of polluting religious and/or political beliefs, delusions, etc.

In other words, we must learn and build upon a new and correct way of thinking for humankind that will ultimately lead to the healing and rebalancing of life on Earth in the “distant times”, as Meier described here more than 60 years ago. For these new times must, and will also, fulfill, resulting in a new spiritual teaching people, arising on planet Earth.

The best way to move towards the fulfillment of the promise of the new times is to study the spiritual teaching and to find other like-minded people with whom to discuss it, so that all concerned can benefit from each other’s individual study and insights. You’ll find that what Anthony says below applies to all of the invaluable spiritual teaching, the key to our future survival, which is to be found in Meier’s books:

“I just finished reading the newly translated Arahat Athersata and I must say that it is the most helpful book I have ever read. The book puts it in simple and easy terms how anyone can change their bad thinking nearly overnight, a manual for a healthy mind if you will. And a human can not only eliminate pain, anxiety, doubt, desperation, etc. but also real illnesses by just thinking as nature intended it for the human being.”

Anthony A.

Arahat Athersata

Available Here!


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16 Replies to “As the Time Fulfills the Pendulum Returns”

  1. My mother’s side of the family is German, so I grew up immersed in German culture and German-American clubs. At a recent “practice-speaking-German-language group” get together, I read Billy’s essay called “Silent Devotion”. It made a very positive impression on some people, because it is quite a powerful message. They even requested to have a copy of the text emailed to them.
    So one can share Billy’s writings even when his identity is unknown, and make a positive impact, without mentioning E.T.s or beamships. It’s the wisdom that is the real treasure that our impoverished society needs.

    1. Hi Greg, I agree, I think al lot of people will have similar feelings towards the Meier material, once they start to get the grasp of what it is about. In other words, if they find the motivation, time etc. to dig into it a little bit. So, how to make clear to others that it is really ‘the good stuff’ and not just some other ‘UFO story'(?), but you might have just given the answer. At the same time, the ‘UFO part’ might help to get people interested in the first place, so I find it somewhat difficult (to find the right approach towards other people).

  2. I follow a guy’s youtube channel,
    HighImpactVlogs (his first channel HighImpactFix was banned from youtube because of very questionable youtube “strikes”), and he does still get strikes for telling the truth.
    In my opinion he makes really great videos about how things get out of control in general, often regarding authorities. His last contribution shows how things get really out of bounds
    in a bad way, when people can no longer think, feel and act in ways that make sense.
    I don’t know if I am allowed to post a direct link? If so, I can reply to my own message with the link, otherwise search on youtube for his channel, and his latest contribution, a video of only 8 minutes, which is called “WTH?!? CONVERSE Promotes Little Drag Kid in New Ad Campaign!”. It is about ‘justified child exploitation’, so to speak.

  3. HiArnoud I just saw the video you mentioned. I seem to remember a movie I once saw years ago called Cabaret with Joel Gray and Liza Minelli which took place during the 1930s when Germany was being occupied by Hitler when the LGB community was not even mentioned. This points to the fact that even in this day and age when this whole world and not just here in the US are being so polarized that we might end up being ostracized for who we really are no matter who or what you believe in such as Jews against Muslims for example. My point is this, even if you doing agree or go along with that persons culture.background what ever the case may be there is one very extramly important word and that is respect for one anothers culture and beliefs even if you don`t agree with one another and this is something that you will all have to face one way or another otherwise there will be wars apon wars as Billy and MH has tried to explained you all. While even I don`t don`t agree with everything other cultures and customs of other people, I think you need to respect that that is their right and free will if that is what they believe and want to follow if that is there free will and their right to do as they wish to do so even if you don`t agree with them,the least you can do as have a little respect for their rights and bvkliefs even if you don`t agree with them! I think that is what is now tearing the very fabric of this world called Earth apart and sooner than latter you will find the two civil wars and WW4 if we don`t learn to respect one another. “This is only one world in a sea of other worlds that have learn to grow u,p and abide by and evolved if we are all going to have to get along and have peace here on earth! This is something that Trump is going to have to deal with etc!”

  4. Hi Around The message is to learn to respect each other even if you don`t agree with one another. I think this is what is causing so much animosity and hate not just around the world but here in the US too. will just have to grow up and learn otherwise there will be two civil wars and WW4 etc!

    1. Terry, I, and also the guy behind this channel btw, do respect other people and other cultures, you can be assured of that. I don’t respect people who abuse (their or other) children who are at an age they can’t be assumed to already speak for themselves.

  5. The comments I have read through repeat the idea of respecting different thoughts and ideas of our fellow humans yet within the comments there were statement about Jews against Muslims and innuendo regarding Trump’s need of maturity understanding. As I recall, the latest 100+ rounds of rockets came toward Israel. Our great Pres Trump leads only one branch of the US 3-branches of government so he, in and of himself, cannot be the only mind responsible for conditions in the US or the world in general. What is the United Nations, Britain,, EU, list all governments of the world, doing regarding serious issues affecting humanity’s perilous future? These commenters, through their comments, have expressed their inherent biases that as humans we all have toward anyone whose mind we believe does not agree with our own. Until we humans can stop seeing “others” and start truly believing in human equality, then the governments and religions on this planet, whose goal is power and control, will continue to imperil our human future. It is so tiring to read, hear, and see people blame the Jews and Pres Trump for the troubles on this planet when there are at least 8 billion other humans, governments and religions that have been around for generations while Pres Trump has been in office for around two years. All of this mess has many causes and can’t be ascribed to one person or group of people.

    1. I think if you search and for “Israel” you’ll find a lot of otherwise unknown and/or unavailable information on Israel. I found it quite upsetting to read it because, the more I studied it and also the Old Testament, the more I found that it was disturbingly true and accurate.

      See also:

      As far as Trump goes, he’s certainly not a miracle worker. And I suggest that you read (as well the various prophecies and predictions at: Truth is often very harsh.

    2. Hi Barbara,

      I think if you dig around a bit more, as Michael suggested, you’ll find much agreeable and enlightening info regarding your statement: “Until we humans can stop seeing “others” and start truly believing in human equality, then the governments and religions on this planet, whose goal is power and control, will continue to imperil our human future.” The only thing I would change in your statement is the believing part — there is no belief when it comes to human equality. Human equality is a truth and a fact that has been stomped on since time immemorial.

      One other thing you may have to come to terms with is the fact that the United States has been one of the biggest troublemakers of them all.

  6. These weather extremes are hitting records all the time now. I just reread CR 131 a few days ago, as the deluge is happening in the U.S.

    33. But as it also always is, the fact is today that through the fault of the whole of terrestrial humankind, much of the mainland will slowly but surely become a water-infested marsh and swamp, in which disease and death will reign.
    You mean because of the rain?
    34. Not only because of this rain, no, but because the natural climate has been destroyed through the fault of the human beings of Earth, and the Earth has already been over-saturated with rain for decades, as will also happen, however, in the coming time in even worse measures.
    You mean that the Earth will drown in the water or in the rain?
    35. So it will come approximately, through the fault of the human being of Earth himself.
    And nothing can be done against it, I know, because the human beings of this world neither let themselves be taught, nor do they want to change.
    36. That’s right.
    So they now also bear, so to speak, a share of the blame for the fact that it rains so much that one might think that a new deluge would come.
    37. That’s also right.

    We are going from drought to exessive rain in succession, this is very bad for nature and farmers as the nutrients wash away in this unnatural cycle.
    Lot of talk about climate change but very little about its driving causes, over population and over consumption. As a reminder from CR 131 about the causes.
    I know. In the main and in first place, the atom bombs are to blame for this, then in second place is chemistry with all of its products, exhaust gases and wastes, then in third place are the aircraft and, therefore, the airlines and the armies, then automobiles and industries as well as the whole of humankind with all environmentally destructive evils.

  7. MH, how come you stopped making the weekly hour long videos?? With all the new things happening around the world on a weekly basis it cannot be because there is nothing to talk about. Please continue making them because they are good and I enjoy them immensly.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks, I’ve had a bunch of other things connected to travel, interviews, blogs, etc., to focus on. But I’ll see if I can get another one out soon.

  8. One of the biggest blames is not only overpopulation but also people who who not only give births but multiple births all at once like rabbits cats and dogs which only adds to the misery and the religious fanaticism of more babies the merrier! This just adds to the burden to have more children like a clutch of hens and chickens which will cause more and more climate destruction. We need to add birth control to all of the colleges, schools as part of the education curricula or else we will have mor climate destruction,wars, cults who believe in such ridiculously religious fanaticism extremes and what not etc! “Time to get rid of regions,cults,fanaticism and politics! This is the root of all hate here on Earth!”

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