Delusion, Distraction & Disinformation

Confronting the problem of insomnia caused by imaginary creatures from other worlds

A Bad Case of Reptile Dysfunction

Here is a Facebook post by someone who thinks there’s a big problem with insomnia caused by…Reptilians:

“Question: My team and I have been hearing from experiencers of Reptilian contact who cannot close their eyes at night without being in a Reptilian presence. Some of this contact is positive and some is negative. But the significant problem is their inability to sleep as this scenario plays out night after night. They are not suffering from a major mental illness. The primary problem is with sleep. Have you encountered this and what is the solution?”

This person also thinks that they are capable of “regressing” people through hypnosis to “uncover hidden memories of your Alien Abduction/Contact experiences”, etc., etc. And they have issued a plea for “the End of Discrimination Against Experiencers”. “Experiencers” is the new, politically correct term for people who think they’ve been contacted and/or abducted by “Non-human intelligences (NHI)”, the new, politically correct term for the beings formerly known as extraterrestrials or aliens.

Further, this person is involved in bogus “research” that promotes the nonsensical idea that people are, and can be, having, “’contact’ with non-human intelligent beings” through other delusional means, including “NDEs, OBEs, Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, Shamanic Journeys, Spirits & Ghosts, Hypnotic Regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, etc.”.

If “aliens” are such a big problem, why court “contact” with them? Oh right, some of them are gonna save us from ourselves, in this pseudoscientific admixture of religion, New Age gobbledygook, drug-induced escapism and schizophrenic  channeling , etc.

All of this is an unfortunate testament to how successfully the mass consciousness is polluted – for profit – at every level and how the singularly authentic Billy Meier contacts are ignored, suppressed, marginalized, etc., by such means as have their origin in the secret military and intelligence services, dedicated to keeping the truth from humankind.

Regarding all of the hysterical claims, in Contact 443, Meier and Ptaah discuss “reptilians” and Meier commented on the delusional contributions of the late Prof. Mack, and the outright fraud Barbara Marciniak, as well as the truth about the real origin of abductions and animal mutilations. We are gratuitously reminded of the Lizard Lady of a few years ago.

Of course, the worldwide spread of this idiocy has its origins in America where, fortunately, we don’t have more serious problems to deal with and can indulge ourselves in the…regression of our consciousness instead*.


As many readers already know, presentations on the Billy Meier UFO contacts are largely blacklisted in the so-called UFO industry, which promotes the abundance of delusional nonsense and gibberish in a growing number of venues internationally. There are some exceptions, for which I’m grateful.

I recently made two presentations in Canada, both of which ran well over their scheduled time, due to the interest of the audiences. And I recently did this interview that may be helpful to people interested in the truth who haven’t known about the Meier contacts, the vast body of prophetically accurate scientific information and, especially, the spiritual teaching, which is the key to our future survival.

My upcoming presentations here should also be interesting, as many of the people who claim knowledge about UFOs, extraterrestrials, etc., will also be presenting there…including people who think the biggest problem facing people today is insomnia caused by imaginary creatures from other worlds.

Wish me luck.

*From Billy Meier:

In general, the hysteria, such as the one about alleged abductions and sexual activities by extraterrestrials, is a psychosis to which the purported abductees have succumbed. One must keep in mind, however, that many of these abduction claims arise from inferiority complexes, reasons of the individual’s own image, and factors of self-esteem and the like. Oligophrenia may frequently play a role as well, though, and individuals afflicted by it fail to realize what nonsense they are telling others. In such cases, oligophrenia is linked with a psychosis as well.

Oligophrenia (Greek) – A weakness of the intellect or, rather, feeblemindedness. This infirmity of the intellect may be inherited or acquired as the result of brain damage that generally has its roots in infancy; oligophrenia can also be caused by inherited metabolic anomalies. Depending on the severity of oligophrenia, serious disturbances of the thinking and speaking process may manifest themselves. There are usually four degrees of differentiation: retardation, debility (slightly feebleminded), imbecility (demi-feeblemindedness) and idiocy.



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  1. Why can`t these stupid feebleminded people understand that there are NO such lizzies etc,etcetc? “There are ONLY human beings like the rest of us ere on Earth that live elsewhere in this huge giant vastness called the COSMOS?

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