Extraterrestrials Warn of Threats to US East and West Coasts

Predicted volcanic eruption, earthquakes will produce devastating tsunamis

First, it’s important to point out that, contrary to the way it may seem, we’re not here to spread “doom and gloom”. As far as the prophetic information in the Billy Meier contacts – and its unparalleled, impeccable accuracy – is concerned, the entire point of the warnings is for humankind to become aware of, and proactively engaged in, implementing solutions to them, for the sake of our own future survival.

In order to do that, we must see things exactly as they are, not how we fear, or hope, them to be. The greatest obstacles to our ability to do that, to live in reality, has been our surrendering the responsibility for our own lives to outside “leaders”, especially including those of the eternally divisive, advantage-oriented, dead-end, partisan politics and the myriad of belief systems, with their various imaginary gods, saviors, saints, demons and devils, etc.

The Sword of Truth

And all of this has been ever more compounded to the point of extreme confusion, misdirection and hopelessness by our easy access to digital technologies, the misuse of which has rendered so many people unable to distinguish between the real and the unreal. That genie is out of the bottle. But we also must acknowledge, and remember, that most things, scientific and technological developments included, present a…double-edged sword.

It’s up to each of us as to how we will wield it.

Time Is of the Essence

With the world’s attention on the coronavirus threat, perhaps the fact that it was clearly forewarned of by Meier will result in people also paying more attention to other forewarned of, serious threats to our future survival.

And there is no shortage of such dangers.

As is the case with asteroid Apophis (illustrated and translated into six languages) the Plejaren extraterrestrials have warned our scientists about the great dangers coming from the certain eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, as I wrote about, almost nine years ago.

Just as they advised regarding Apophis, i.e. that our scientists must come to gather to deflect it – rather than blow it up – the Plejaren specifically advised the best way to prevent the Cumbre Vieja disaster, which could otherwise take 20 – 30 millions lives:

“Besides, the entire thing can be prevented if the correct measures are taken which consist of a systematic, “quiet” dismantling of the part of the volcano, which is at risk.

And if it is not dealt with in this manner then a catastrophe is unavoidable if it does not naturally occur that, by and by, only a small part of the side of the volcano, which is at risk slips away.”

Last year, a leading volcanologist, who most likely doesn’t know anything about Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren, also expressed his concern about the dangers posed by Cumbre Vieja.

Let’s also note that Meier was provided with very specific information pertaining to how to detect a coming volcanic eruption. In fact, as you can see, even the translation of Meier’s information was published well before “official discovery”.

In 2005, Billy Meier was given information about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the coming quakes and tsunamis that will proceed from them, which I referred to in this press release. The exact conversation between Meier and Ptaah can be read here.

And of course you can read the report, subsequently published by the OSU scientists, here.

The massive destruction from the eruption of Cumbre Vieja – should the Plejaren recommendations continue to be ignored – and from the equally certain mega-quake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, will be compounded by mega-tsunamis that will hugely impact our East and West coasts and potentially cost millions of lives.

And while we weren’t given the exact dates of these events, we should know that they were given as…predictions, meaning that they will occur with certainty.

Based on the unparalleled, impeccable accuracy of the prophetic warnings, from Meier and the Plejaren, it would be prudent to prepare accordingly.

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8 Replies to “Extraterrestrials Warn of Threats to US East and West Coasts”

  1. Hopefully people come to reason and…gravitate to harness the abundant primary geo thermal energy in volcanoes to not only strive to become an Intelligent energy management civilization but also a civilization that prevents catastrophes. But if a civilization cannot even master the fire beneath their feet within underneath streams of volcanic magma and release it to heat and energize themselves and their neighbors, then certainly they cannot catch the heavy weight of particles in streams of energy above their heads in the cosmos…to visit their distant neighbors.

  2. Time is indeed short to prepare for these events that will hit the USA. As you know, Michael, I have had my own visions of the Cumbre Vieja eruption and tsunami — I think it is what first brought us together in communications because after my visions I saw Billy Meier’s material on the event.

    The world is indeed deaf to warnings. I too wrote of this event in Osaka University of Arts Junior College bulletin #31 in 2007. In an article titled “Modern Geogical Science and an Arcane Medieval Literary Prognostication Present the Same Message” I explainedi line for line how even Nostradamus has predicted this event in one of his quatrains. Of course, know-it-alls insist we cannot know a Nostradamus predition in advance, despite the fact he let many people know of things before they happened while he was alive. But a know-it-all cannot be told anything. In my article I too wrote of two preventive measures either of which needed prompt action to prevent an otherwise inevitable disaster of unheard of proportions.

    The two possible actions I called for were either horizontal drilling through he pourus water-holding rifts inside the volcano that would drain off the water that upon eruption expands and causes a catastrophic flank collapse and mega tsunami 900 metres high. Alternatively, a slow dismantling of the entire flank and manual dumping of it piecemeal into the ocean thus obviating a one-time catastrophic collapse.

    The article was, of course, met with stony silence, although a Japanese friend has published it in Japanese and a dozen or so people have perused it. We are indeed voices crying in the desert, but the cries must go forth because we must never give up. So thank you for this reminder, Michael.

    May the world take heed; what Meier says about this is true; I have seen it.

  3. The world has become so fast and attention spans almost non existent , the warnings are a voice crying in the wilderness.

  4. Michael,

    You are a voice of sanity in the raging storm…

    All we can do is be observers and instill the reason why all this is happening in the collective psyche of humanity – for the next time around.

    I sure hope we have earned our right to break out of the loop %)

    1. Mary, Mary, Mary,
      Chapter 23 of Goblet of the Truth (BEAM’s teaching is from Chapter 21 onwards) is what you have not allowed yourself to realise so far this lifetime.

  5. It will be the future generations who can imagine, reason and learn. And let the doctrine of the truth be their leader

  6. Key California reservoir to be drained due to earthquake risk
    SAN JOSE, Calif. — In a dramatic decision that could significantly impact Silicon Valley’s water supply, federal dam regulators have ordered Anderson Reservoir, the largest reservoir in Santa Clara County, to be completely drained starting Oct. 1.

    The 240-foot earthen dam, built in 1950 and located east of Highway 101 between Morgan Hill and San Jose, poses too great of a risk of collapse during a major earthquake, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which regulates dams, has concluded.

  7. Just to add my last statement, today’s youth have absolutely no clue to the overall unnatural inheritance due to the circumstances the world accelerates towards in mercilessness particularly overpopulation. Their is an anxiety and disorientation to them which they can’t even articulate because their not fully aware of the cause, which really in truth is the suppression of the truth my only advice to today’s younger generations is this..become your own leaders and let the spiritual teachings of the truth be your leadership. Most of the leaders around the world today lack the necessary knowledge in the truth to build a virtuous civilization.

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