UPDATE: Coronavirus Is Mutation of SARS Virus

Billy Meier provided more details about the origin of the new epidemic

Further information has been provided by Billy Meier regarding the new coronavirus epidemic, updating the information here.

According to new information from Billy Meier, the actual current coronavirus is a mutation of the SARS virus, which has been produced in a secret bio lab in China. This time, again, the virus has “left” the lab, and two of the involved scientists have died in the meantime. While the research on these viruses continues, it’s important to know that the Chinese Government is NOT involved. There are two secret labs in China which are working on secret projects, the objectives of which Meier is not allowed to disclose.

Just as it is very much the case in the USA, the Chinese government is also not always aware of everything going on in/with all of the shady agencies, etc., etc. In other words: Just as the CIA is kind of a state behind the official American state, similar structures are also possible or probable in China, even though the Chinese government may be more aware about events in its country.

In Contact 230, 1989, Quetzal told Meier:

700. In the same way, this will be the case in the new millennium for a serious lung disease that results from a laboratory accident in China during criminal experiments for new biological weapons and is spread throughout the world.

In  Contact 251, 1995, there was this from Meier:

“A lung disease will also break out in humans through the guilt of China, where bioweapons are being researched and a carelessness is releasing pathogens.”

In Contact 341, 2003.

30. The fact is, which will of course be vehemently denied by China, that this lung disease was caused by experiments in a secret laboratory for biological weapons in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.


Additionally, there is this from Contact 692, 29 October 2017:

“Equally wise calculations also indicate, that secret-wise for the annihilation of humankind infectious working poisonous biological substances are exploited and their deadly effects are presented as new and unhealable plagues, whereby these toxic substances then penetrate through the respiratory system and the mouth as well as through the skin and mucous membranesinto the entire organism, whereby inevitably unavoidable mass mortality steps into appearance.”

It’s interesting to note that in Contact 341, from 2003, as in today’s information from Meier, it’s also explained that the experiments were conducted secretly.

I’m sure we will also discuss this tonight, on C2C.

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Scott Baxter

I think your right Michael about it not being the current interview…

Gerald Chamblack

Benjamin, post this video himself :

Randy Arena

Yes… it is real. Don’t be scared… be prepared. Do not touch your eyes, stay away from crowds. Folks remain Infectious for at least two weeks after exposure and there is a 2-4% chance that you will die from it. If you are full of natural nutrients, not processed foods but fresh foods you will be more immune to this virus which mutates rapidly and vaccines will not keep up. Wear a mask in crowds. If you get the flu or flu like symptoms (fever) then take care of yourself, wash your hands often rest and liquids. We can survive this with knowledge. No need to fear endlessly use your thoughts to prepare rather than react irrationally. It is spread via the air (water and air aerosol) Wear a simple cheap painters mask in popular places! It is fear that is causing folks to be force quarantined in China they are welding the doors shut, one girl screams as her mother is dead in her apt on the twentieth floor, no food no water on a balcony 20 floors up… Seriously sad. We will have to use our thoughts to remain happy even in this coming hardship. Be aware, be conscious and enjoy the beautiful day with a smile. This COVID19 mutation is caught I understand via Aerosol spread… stay away from liquid water vapor and sick folks. Wear a mask in crowds. Wash your hands often. Do not use inhalers or breathing chambers of vaporizers, dry atmosphere is safer.

Salome, (be greeted in peace and wisdom)

Also remember the four pillars of consciousness” Peace, love, harmony and wisdom “: all are dependent upon each other and no one can exist without the other…

PS> Be moderate and courteous buying canned goods, dry goods like rice, beans, pasta, then you don’t have to go out in public as often! Don’t Panic as those not aware will react and we will have more problems. Live and HELP live…

Melissa Osaki

Hi Randy,

We don’t really know the true fatality rate due to the real numbers not being released. If this virus is a mutation of SARS, as Billy has reported, the fatality rate could very likely be the same or much higher than SARS, which was around 14% for younger/middle-age folks and much higher for the older generation.

Also, Ptaah is recommending a full respirator mask and protective body suit as the masks they are using in China are completely useless. These were the important points conveyed by Ptaah.
•Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
•Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
•Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small
•Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
•Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
•Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
•The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk