Arizona Officials & Media: The Deadly Cost of Incompetence

Arrogant, criminally negligent officials and media in Arizona suppressed life-saving COVID information, children by the hundreds paying the price 

Hundreds of children being admitted to Arizona hospitals for COVID-19

It’s enough to make any actual…human being weep.

Here’s what a reporter for ABC15 Phoenix TV news, with whom I’ve spoken before, had to say about the situation and why she’s “not interested” in any of the impeccably accurate COVID information I’ve sent her:


If it’s happening here, it’s also most likely happening in many places around the country we’ve sent this information to, since March 5. Speak up now, before it takes you “by surprise” in…your city and state.


In case anyone thinks this is an exception to the way things go in America, please review this:


And this from last March:

Live Calls to National TV News!


Awaiting a Reply

I also sent the following to Becky Armendariz, public relations person for Banner Health, via Twitter:

Dear Becky,

I began warning the utterly incompetent, arrogant officials and media throughout AZ on March 5, when there were…5 cases in the state. We are working on a documentary about this absolutely criminal abrogation of duty and responsibility, to expose and nail the people whose defiance and neglect have already cost thousands of lives.

The AZ Daily Sun and the Tucson Sentinel, KNAU in Flagstaff, Jeff Orvitz, as well as all of the people on the email list* must be held responsible. Oh wait, our source is “controversial”. Well, let them tell that to the hundreds of thousands of sufferers in the state, their relatives, friends and loved ones, tell it to the survivors, and to the families who’ve lost people – by the thousands – to this disease.

If you’re an exception to the rule, i.e. if you’re a competent, concerned person, someone who is willing to do what none of these miserable failures were, then I invite your questions, challenges and investigation.

This disease isn’t going away and neither are we ,who will see to it that what also amounts to massive child abuse and neglect, is exposed.
You may contact me here:

And this is also now…part of the record.





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David Gray

There is something ‘wrong’ in our approach. There must be some way to get through to some not so arrogant people hit the middle layer? We have to ask the question of ourselves.
you must feel like smashing something after an interview like that.

500,000 dead that’s probably 3 to 4 million in grief ANGER if we could reach out to them? Like to hear your thoughts.

Luis Sanchez

This age terrestrial humans are embarking on is one that in positive neutrally asks for one another. There’s many correlations to the present circumstances of the world and seeing the effects of hatred outlasting generations. And so terrestrial humans must ask themselves, how to continue into this coming age? It shouldn’t be so by large words or long winded speaking. Thought is the seed…action is the fruit. Overpopulation, and all the other problems they bring cannot go disregarded to the wind in order for the next generation to experience it effects as echo of sirens on this solitude island that is earth. The warnings from the Ban Srut, Eduard has provided the teachings of the truth, the teachings of spirit the teachings of life…the leadership of all things is the leadership that the universe itself is loyal to…the truth. Clearly this moment in history one to not rummage to…if glimpsed or is only is only dust within the Sevenness high into the firmaments that only the maximum perfection…and peace can recognize. But supersede into the beyond, let the leadership of the spiritual teachings guide the course so that what has been glimpsed in this already past, is not multiplied in any unworthiness of a true humanness. Salome

Carlos Cosmos

Also in Spain and as far as I know in several European countries

Carlos Cosmos

It seems that our rulers and the media do not care at all about the information submitted ( I sent clear data to my Health Ministry about what we know, about the truth), the answer was that the Government is just considering my request. Nothing else, nothing more.

People are confused with so many different laws and restrictions depending on where you live and which wing your representatives belong to.

These all knowing high officials are just pulling our legs day by day. Some locations ( Autonomic counties we have like in USA, Germany or Switzerland) demand a stricter lockdown but due to elections, economy and lack of responsibility or proper courage nothing is done for the sake of the citizens.

News are not the same depending on the Channel, the media or the knowsitall influencers.

We are going to become extinct as species; where reason does not rule, screaming takes its place.

I am so upset…

Terry Carch

Hi Carlos, England is now in its third and strictest lock down ever! The Plejarens are also human beings like us though much more advanced than us and even though they are more advanced, they are not perfect too only human beings!

Terry Carch

“I just heard that a guy in California just died from being vaccinated for the COVID 19 virus today Sunday January 24th, 2021!” I also heard rumors that these COVID 19 vaccines are blood thinners which might cause nose bleeds. Sounds like these vaccines are just as deadly as the corona virus itself. Ptaah and Billy are right, more study and research are definitely needed if we want to save lives! “When are we EVER going to learn that there is a much safer way to vaccinate human beings using hypo-sprays in the neck with NO needles!?” Go figure!!