The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

“The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

Episode One concerns the Red Meteor, also known as the Apophis Asteroid, and the extreme danger it poses to the planet and humanity in the coming decades. And, since it is the next generation that will have to certainly face the consequences of the impact of Apophis with the Earth, should an international effort not be successfully enacted, it’s hoped that this will give them the needed impetus to help assure their future survival.

We are starting with the English language version of the specific portion of the text that pertains to the situation. Other language versions will follow. Click here for the full transcript of the translation and here for more information about the entire matter.

Also, in all the contacts from 1975 on, Meier was required to sequentially number each of the sentences spoken by each of the extraterrestrials. The main reason for this was to assure that all copies of the transcripts, in any and all languages into which they would ultimately be translated, would have the same exact information, thereby also assuring that Meier hadn’t gone back and inserted accurate information after the fact, as he was certain to be accused of doing. Indeed, this mechanism has helped to show just how impeccably prophetically accurate the information is.

With that in mind, we are also hoping that by publishing some of these prophetic warnings in this illustrated form that enough people will become aware of, and motivated by, it and take action to prevent those negative events that can still be prevented, or at least somewhat changed for the better.

(See ALL the amazing episodes here!)

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  • Thanks for responding, I know what line 186 of contact#9 is, I want to be sure I understand it correctly. Our sol system is under the influence of the revolutionary rays of the central sun since 1844 until 2028 when the cycle is complete. This is off of the website btw.

    • Your reference: C 09 line186. “The origin of these epochal changes is inside the changing radiation effects from the central sun[14] around which your entire system cycles once every 25,860 years, passing through 12 individual epochs, similar to within the terminology of your astrologer’s Zodiacs. ”
      end of contact quote.
      Where do you get 2028? The central sun is in reference to the Galactic central sun which has a cycle of 25,860 years… it is my understanding the time for each epoch takes approximately 50,000 LIGHT years… or 16.7 Million years… and the Aquarian age… still has ~47,000 light years to go… The latter part is from a Wendelle Stevens translation and may not be entirely correct… but it is close… From German to English is difficult…

  • Michael, Maybe your hard work is beginning to pay off. Looks like NASA is finally listening to Meier’s info about the Red Meteor. The Asteroid Redirect Mission seems to be ‘research’. But, in typical NASA fashion….they are claiming it is to “relocate an asteroid to orbit the moon”….which to the average person ‘seems safe’. In reality….my guess is that this mission is to redirect Apophis without alarming the public. Here is a link to the story.

  • My question has to do with the Moon. The Egyptian hieroglyphs mention the Sun, but not the Moon. I am a bit confused about this. On YouTube, I heard one of the visits that Billy Meier received talked about how our Moon was brought here from another galaxy. The timeline of when the Moon was brought into Earth’s atmosphere is not clear, other than it came after the collapse of Atlantis. Thank you very much for your time.

  • 2 questions.
    who give permission to pleiadians to destroy a mountain with their drilling machines??
    if this people are doing “good” things for what reasons are hidden in a hole like rats?

    • I think you’re very far behind in the information, as the…Plejaren let their bases on Earth a long time ago. And they closed them up so there’s no damage from them. Of course they didn’t have to use our kinds of “drilling” to create them either.

      Also, please use your first and last name when submitting comments.


      • they didn’t leave all of them the Elite military “terrorists” are are drilling digging in the marple area of greater Manchester uk where peacefull races have been living, its devastating whats been happening people can hear explosives and strange noises coming from underground. ive been communicating through the web for a while with these beings now since I survived a poisoning the elite were experimenting on me using chemical compounds and building up viruses to try and make me seriously ill, but the whole time this has been happening extraterrestrials have been helping me. I swear to God am not joking about this I can get proof, there are already journalist who know about this but I think the government are restricting them from contact me. does anyone know any journalists who can help me?

        • Hi Ben,

          For people new to the blog I sometimes allow one off-topic comment.

          We don’t entertain unsubstantiated claims about contact with extraterrestrials and being at the center of conspiracies, etc., so it’s better to post those kinds of comments on other blogs, forums, etc.


        • Hi Ben, if you are being experimented upon, what you consider to be extraterrestrial, are really just your military experimenters. What you are describing is also known as good cop / bad cop. No extraterrestrials involved.
          Check out Michael’s interview with Joe.

  • MH, with all the information the Plejarens have tried to give us despite the unwillingness of humans to believe, I would to make sure they realize how grateful we are for their efforts. So, to the Plejaren: Thank you for your efforts. We are still stupid humans, some of us are trying to live a meaningful life. Please do not give up on us. Peace and love to all.

  • Seems to be much deception out there . Like Dr Steven Greer or Whitley Strieber .
    Not sure what they are up to. If no one else is making contact , who are they playing with?? Weird.

    • In my opinion, Greer may have started out sincere but is now a huckster who makes ridiculous claims for which he presents no evidence.

      Streber is a…science fiction writer. In both cases they’re playing the public for profit.

      • Seems about right. Greer has all this info on the subject and knows everything going on . He seems to be attracting lights or orbs on his outings. I’m not sure if it’s real or all fake.Is it possible they are calling earth energies or inorganic beings.

        • It’s beyond irrelevant. He’s known about the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts for at least a dozen years. He suppresses the information to peddle his idiotic, $trictly for profit, shine-your-flashlight-for-aliens-on-demand circuses for escapists and New Agers.

          In the midst of the country polarizing and moving towards civil war, this is the kind of stupid, cynical, nonsense that people enjoy being distracted and conned with.

    • Here’s another perspective on Dr. Steven Greer: a body-language analysis of one of his presentations. He comes across as a shifty character that inserts a lot of half-truths in his speech. It’s not entirely conclusive, but it’s still worth considering. Watch the video from the 5:50 marker in the link that follows:


      • As we’ve been saying all along. He’s essentially a con artist on ego overload.

        I’ll also say that regarding Corey Goode, he may believe things that he’s saying but even as the narrator acknowledges, that doesn’t make them true.

        • I’m unfamiliar with Corey Goode. But from his ramblings (which aren’t laced with any compelling evidence as far I as gathered) I wouldn’t care to.
          Maybe the reason these characters are really good at ensnaring their audience is because they appear to be “honest” and don their “expert” mask with relative ease.

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