Dear Esteemed Hosts,

I thank you for the opportunities that you’ve extended to me to present the Billy Meier material. Please pardon this public format but I have been receiving emails from listeners to many of the shows I’ve done with you, over the past 10 years.

What I’m now hearing the most about from them is the way in which Meier’s prophecies keep coming true. As you may also know, many people always ask, “Why doesn’t he predict something new so we’ll know it’s true?” My answer didn’t always satisfy everyone, “Keep watching the news and checking back to see if what he already foretold is coming true.”

The fact is there’s no way that anyone could effectively go and backdate the numerous articles, PDFs, etc. with Meier’s prophecies and predictions that have found their way all over the internet, nor could they seriously argue with previously published, copyrighted, dated books. For anyone who would even consider this, well, read no further.

Perhaps one of the most startling developments has been the announcement that Russia was going to move troops into Arkhangelsk, a place in northern Russia that I had never heard of…until I first read the Henoch Prophecies, in 2002. Now only the most stubbornly skeptical person would not take a double-take and stop to ponder the likelihood that a so-called “UFO hoaxer” would have been so “lucky” as to come up with this very specific warning…back in 1987.

Then there’s the recent “new discovery” of flowing water on Mars. But of course we pointed out some time ago that Meier was first told about water on Mars, and other details, as early as 1976 and 1987. As a matter of fact, when you search all the prophecies and predictions, and a compilation (that we’ve basically stopped updating because there’s so much) it’s undeniable that Meier is exactly who he’s said to be, i.e. the prophet for these times.

And the fact that I’m now making it quite clear exactly who Meier is, in the spiritual and historical sense, has bothered more than a few religious people of a number of faiths. I wrote about the difficulty in perceiving and accepting who is among us now, largely because of fossilized stereotypes promoted by the various religions for ages, all describing some idealized “Savior”, “Messiah” or “Mahdi”who would come to “save” everyone from their sins, i.e. from their own…self-responsibility.

That won’t happen and that isn’t what has happened. What has happened is that the final prophet for earth humanity is here among us now…and he’s not here to be worshipped, save anyone, pluck the “faithful” up into the clouds, etc., as I’ve also written. Naturally, this is in itself controversial, offensive, ridiculous, crazy, etc. to many people. I understand. However, I’m simply stating a fact, one that certainly requires no blind faith or acceptance, no belief. This has absolutely, positively nothing to do with any religion, cult, belief system or any of their imaginary gods, saviors, saints, etc. And it’s up to each and every interested person to research and think all of this through for themselves, if they want to.

Now, as you know, you are among the few members of the media that have brought me on your shows to discuss the Meier information. It’s no secret that there is a virtual mainstream media blackout on the case, perhaps with the exception of our having gotten the documentary on Meier onto various cable networks for a few months. And many of the so-called scientists, who are little more than celebrity seeking wannabes, feel so threatened by Meier and his information that they also make sure that no mention of it is no longer allowed on their own blogs, such as is the case with the rather insecure, publicity seeking Phil Plait. Even the proudly hardcore skeptics who specialize in “debunking hoaxes”, psychics, UFOs, etc. will now no longer engage in what they formerly saw as an easy battle to win.

The plain fact is that there simply is no other authentic, still ongoing UFO contact case, much to the displeasure also of the disinformation industry that is known as the “UFO community”, MUFON, Exopolitics, etc. This should be plainly obvious now since no one, and I mean no one, has produced one ounce of verifiable evidence to support claims to the contrary. Sorry, it may be good “entertainment” but there’s not much more to the UFO or so-called paranormal topic than just that. And saying so most likely won’t win me an invitation back to your shows but if that’s the case, so be it.

The truth of the matter is that from here on it would be wise for everyone to only focus on…the truth of the matter. The reason the mainstream media won’t touch the Meier case is that it’s…bad for business. And that’s all that matters to a very large segment of our world, chasing the (ever declining) dollar. Of course, it is indeed also ever more important to try to make money in these increasingly chaotic and financially insecure times. (Not surprisingly, Meier also foretold the current, and coming, debt crisis and the financial situation concerning the decline of our own dollar.)

But focusing on the effects that we are now seeing is no substitute for finding the truth that overshadows, and the causes that underlie, all of the various worldly situations. The answers to our worldly problems are, therefore, also to be found in eternal spiritual truths and universal laws, such as the laws of cause and effect. And this is precisely what Meier and the Plejaren have come to bring us, the teaching of truth, the teaching of life, the teaching of the spirit.

This isn’t about UFOs, “aliens”, religion, etc. It is, as I have long said, about helping us to help ourselves to assure our own future survival. It’s very serious business indeed, which, under the best of conditions, will take us a very, very long time to secure and establish.

Enough said here and now. If you do wish to again explore – or challenge – this information on your shows, with and for your audiences, please feel free to contact me.

Michael Horn

Authorized North & South American Media Representative

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