MUFON BOMBSHELL: “…most of MUFON’s public information was intentionally bogus or redacted…The U.S. State Dept. and the CIA basically control this activity.”

I normally don’t post unattributed and/or anonymous quotes about anything but the following was sent to me by Ken Smith, a friend of the person who requested that his name and company not be published. Ken and I have been in communication since September of last year and he gave me permission to use his name. I independently verified the identity of the person quoted below and the company he now works for:

“Before I became a Rehired Annuitant agent, I was contacted by a (now former) friend of mine who became a regional director for MUFON. He and I had worked together on a project related to Area 51 and he was always asking leading questions about 51’s activities. When I retired from Federal service and before I came to (company redacted), my friend and I had lunch and he wanted to recruit me. The offer was enticing until he related that most of MUFON’s public information was intentionally bogus or redacted to the point that the common person would be interested in their reports and not challenge it. I plainly told him that I report what I see and hear and that I have never manufactured information for the sake of notoriety. He fired back that MUFON is a respected organization, which has conducted valid investigations, but the completed investigations have never been released as the U.S. State Dept. and the CIA basically control this activity. Financial connection? – You bet.”

Name Redacted


P.S. As was the case with the previous posts regarding MUFON, this one is also forwarded to over 60 MUFON members. They are certainly free to rebut, question, challenge all of this information. Of course they are also free to do the same concerning MUFON. Maybe now we better understand why an organization – in business for 45 years – has completely failed to present/publish anything of substance pertaining to the field that they claim to research, investigate, study and for which they…collect money from their members.

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  1. Craig,

    You said, “many within MUFON disagree with Michael Horn”, well, “many” within MUFON are seriously incorrect and deceived!

    Read and learn the truth, if that’s what you are truly interested in.

    “Naturally, in respect of all these things there are also charlatans, deceivers and swindlers and every other sort, yet the secret service machinations are probably indeed the worst, because it is precisely through these that disinformation is established, through which the genuine and actual events in this regard are bedeviled and made laughable.”

    The nasty machinations of the government, military and secret service people in respect of the demonizing of extraterrestrials have increased ever more since 1938 – indeed slowly and successively, thus, however all the more incessantly and expansively, until in the eighties, essentially, the greatest machination for the bedevilment of extraterrestrials began – through a shifty structure in the fashion of the secret service, as well as miscellaneous UFO and extraterrestrial enemies. Stories came about like the ghastly human and animal mutilations, the theft of human babies and the impregnating of terrestrial women through foreign visitors out of outer space.”

    1. Is there really a 2nd gov with its own forces to fool and fear the earth public against all whats alien? For the existing and staying war and fossile fuels mongers? I mean we re facing a pollutive extinction and we ve killed half of all animal races since we ve shown off here for 200.000years now.Thats a goal you must even be aware of.Unbelievable.How can such a selfdestructive and brutal lying species ever be evolved like we did? I mean with our abilities we must ve erased ourselves much faster than that now.Before we were living together with other primates.Like the denisova,neanderthals and this hobbit like human just a height.And more.Whats happen to them all? Did we kill them like we done it with most of the beside living animals? Or ate them? Was this the main thing ? IF its comes to homo sapiens sapiens you can expect everything.Its a very bad species.If i were alien i would make a huge bow around all.this humans.Cause hello means cutting you up.Thanks.Haha..

  2. MIchael,You`re right, this world is just so screwed up nothing will matter anymore. “If people won`t pay attention to Billy Meier,who will, just you and I will but will anybody else? I just hope planet Earth will still be here for you and I to look forward to. Yes this is world just a mess and getting worse, even the US presidents just keep getting worse all the time,so miuch for all these politians and their coeprate lovers in bed,how about that for a buch of baddies.

    1. Terry, while many of us are aware of how grim things are in the world, we still should be of good cheer because ultimately the truth will win out. And we’ll probably find our (new) selves plopped right down here on this Earth for a good number more lives to come.

      1. Yes Michael, i as well as many of us will have i recon at least six more lifetimes before we get to a point of becoming awake. Talk about learning the hard way (massive war, fire storms, china invading) etc etc. Can i just get the acid’s changed in my brain and fast forward 800 years please.

        1. Gordon,

          It can be a bit depressing to open one’s eyes in the morning and realize that we’re in a world drowning in materialism, lies, deceit and cynicism that’s abandoned even rational self-interest.

          Let us know if you do find the place that changes our cosmic battery acids sooner rather than later.

  3. Interesting part from Richard Dolan’s new book ‘UFOs for the 21st century mind’ page 336-337:

    ‘The same issues pervaded MUFON from its inception. The organizations’s Navy connection have already been mentioned. But there was also Richard Hall, who had previously worked closely with Keyhoe in NICAP, and who was prominent for years in MUFON. Hall had been former air Air Force officer, and even as a young man in his twenties had shocked Keyhoe by how much he knew about UFOs. Now, with MUFON, Hall was a leading light, and consistently downplayed the government cover-up angle of UFOs, just as the entire organisation did for years and years. A review of MUFON’s leadership through the years shows a remarkably high numbers of figures with government and intelligence community connections, scattered throughout the organisation. During the 21st century, MUFON developed a brief relationship with the billionaire Robert Bigelow, an important figure in the U.S. defense and aerospace community. For about a year, Bigelow poured money into MUFON’s investigative capabilities, with the proviso that his own team had up to date access to all MUFON investigations. The matter ended acrimoniously, with each side claiming the other reneged on its agreement. There remain members of MUFON who believe the organization gave Bigelow’s group much more access to it’s files than it should have. By itself, that is not necessarily a disturbing situation, except when one considers that MUFON’s cases are almost never publicly reported, other than brief summaries that appear temporarily on the public website. Over the years, MUFON has been accused of being an organisation in which all data goes in, and very little comes out, unless it is going to the appropriate intelligence channels. Whether this is true, or to what extent it is true, is still a matter of speculation. Regardless of the answer, MUFON is in need of a public relations facelift. Unlike real-life plastic surgery, however, its changes need to be more than cosmetic.’

    I think it’s safe to say MUFON is all but an independent organisation, regardless of the genuine intentions SOME members or leaders may have.

    1. How do you ‘public relation’ the UFO circuit when you’ve made a habit of making yourself look ridiculous and talk about things of no real significance? Lights in the sky are just that. There is nothing real or tangible to speculate on and to suggest that there is basically is literal wishful thinking. MUFON might as well investigate Nursery Rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

      By the way, CSETI is basically that too if I read correctly what Greer is pushing with his reporting application. Stuff goes in and little comes out other than ‘we have’ x, y, or z with a confidence posture or selected witness testimony. What good does that do anyone except have everyone in the room do nothing but say ‘it is what it is’ and leave the room?

  4. all the efforts to limit the surge of truth will be useless at the end. Things are different now in the modern era. The same old tactics that have been so criminally effective in the past, won’t work now, because the truth is out and cannot be falsified any more. What is probably the most difficult for secretive organisations now, is to change their own stategies and tactics, to adjust and reallign themselves in a more peaceful and harmonious way. The greed for power,  the need to domination over others, the total disregard for the fellow human, selfishness to the highest degree, degenerate violence and the unnatural delusion to feel sepetated from the whole, instead of becoming one and uniting in friendship, are the addictive factors that won’t change over night. We as the human race are deceiving ourselves. One must conclude that insanity, foolishness and stupidity dominate the mayority of mankind, and understandably so. Why would it be otherwise? The evil mascinations of the past, the genetic manipulations, the invention of religions, the deliberate falsification of the truth will have their deadly concequinces. The shear mass of negativety is so large, that to pretend that everything will miraculously sort itself out is wishfull thinking. Overpopulation, overpopulation and more overpopulation. We are indeed digging our own graves…And despite the fact, there is still a glimmer of hope, a tiny, ever so growing light in the darkness of our ignorance.

  5. I’m satisfied and do not need more confirmation than what I’ve seen and photographed. Its the luck of having two visual experiences, double-witnessed, and a set of two irrefutable emulsion slide images, that faux orgs avoid. Mufon never showed up -by appointment- to verify, as authentic, the two images shown here:

    I have degrees in Science, and am a published professional photographer and astrophotographer, and know what sufficient evidence is. We knew of Mufon’s flakiness after their first dodge a decade ago. They do not want the truth, so I offered it up without their help on my own public site.

    1. What you have photographed is an unidentified flying object. However, there’s nothing much more that one can say about it/them. The photos are very nice but, objectively speaking, compare those photos with the ones here:

      …and consider that anyone can test this photo themselves:

      Now, since the lights-in-the-sky photos are open to conjecture (and most likely could be secret military craft) and the fact that Meier was within…20′ of the WCUFO is not open to conjecture:

      …do people understand what a cynical, manipulative, profit-oriented, sham and deliberate disinformation and truth-suppressing front for the intelligence services, etc., that MUFON is?

      1. Well Michael you did try once last year.
        I mean you gave them the benefit of doubt with your open arms, now inevitably and quite justifiably you are up in arms

  6. Obviously MUFON is a profit-seeking entity and presents only wild imagination stories fit for television series! from their executives to their grassroots are obviously degenerated beings out to suppress and deny people facts! Wake up MUFON! there is an increasing number of generation wide awake and are no longer amused with lies, cover ups and sci fi television series! Billy Meir and his transcripts speaks the truth!

    1. Hi,

      We have a policy of having post using their real first and last names. Would you please do so in your next comments?

      Many thanks.

  7. Oh l see Michael is now labeling through evidence the truth about Mufon which l felt intuitively some 15 years ago when l called them and the time l went to a UFO conference in San Mateo CA and could flat out read the Mufon reps energy as hostile to the event..

      1. C’mon Michael there is no such a thing as conspiracies by our own governments
        You’ve got to be joking mate.
        Wake up to reality man.
        Why don’t we give MUFON and the Government.Inc some slack for their job well done and like the good citizens that we are let em micro chip us so that we can feel safe and protected from all these boogymen trying to hurt us.
        Have I gone overboard and too repetitive on this.
        Oh well

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