This is a follow up to my earlier blog updating my communications with MUFON and its executive director Jan Harzan. In my communications with Jan, I explained to him why I’ve bothered to go through all of the trouble, including making a lot of trouble, to get MUFON to participate in examining the Billy Meier UFO case.

The reason is simple, the more people who can become aware of the Meier case and investigate it for themselves, the more it may still be possible to alter some of the otherwise unalterable situations and consequences of unwise actions set in motion by human beings for a very long time. In simple terms, as I told him, I’m trying to do my part to prove the prophecies wrong. People like Jan and I aren’t the ones who will most likely face the worst of what may be on the horizon. It’s our children, grandchildren, etc.

And as meaningless as these words may seem to many people now, it will be those who will long survive us who may ultimately know and judge whether they were accurate and, if so, why so many people didn’t take the time to just look through the proverbial telescope…should they indeed fail to do so. Hopefully, as a result of Jan and MUFON’s participation, many more people than may otherwise be reached will indeed participate and make moot such dramatically phrased concerns, as even greater numbers of people participate in the examination of Billy Meier’s evidence and information than have been …allowed to up until now.

After all, should the assistance from the Plejaren, Meier and the prophets of old finally reach its broadest intended audience – the people of Earth – a great many questions and difficulties can be settled and a great many new positive directions and opportunities can thereby be taken and created. As you can see from Jan’s request in his P.S. below, our correspondence is being shared with his knowledge and permission. I’ll start with the high points that resulted from our last conversation on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Jan agreed to:

1. Promptly post information on the Billy Meier UFO case on the MUFON site as among the “Famous UFO Cases” with commonly posed objections, questions, etc. (No implied endorsements, etc.)

2. Let me, as the authorized representative for the Meier case, provide answers and information to MUFON in response to any of the issues MUFON lists in reference to the case, as opposed to MUFON’s using other opinions to address the online questions, challenges, etc. I will also do my best to answer any all and questions and challenges from MUFON members as well. MUFON will be welcome to post these exchanges as well.

I assume that the above will be posted by the beginning of the coming week (June 30). In our three conversations, which totaled over two hours altogether, Jan also told me that he asked 10 people at MUFON about the Billy Meier case and all of them said that it was a “hoax”. He asked them why they thought so. None of them had an answer…or interest in finding one. I would imagine that these people were among the ones listed here:

Functional Directors

Board of Directors

Science Review Board

Therefore, all MUFON and UFOCI members, as well as skeptics, scientists, etc., are invited to submit any and all questions and challenges about the Billy Meier UFO contact case, its evidence, information, etc., to me. I will not only respond to the questions but also forward the correspondence to Jan Harzan so that MUFON’s 3,000 international members and its executives, listed above, can review and address the information. Here’s our recent email exchange: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Michael, Here is what we discussed. Sorry for the delay in getting this to you. We’ve been really busy getting ready for the 2014 Symposium.

“MUFON’s mission is the “Scientific Study of UFOs for the benefit of Humanity.” One of our primary goals is to collect first hand sighting reports from the public and investigate them to determine the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. In doing so we encourage our field investigators to keep an open mind while collecting and investigating all the facts surrounding a given case before making a final decision on the case disposition. MUFON does not render opinions on historical cases, or cases that were not originally filed with MUFON, but we encourage independent investigators and the public to use the same thoughtful approach in evaluating all the facts of a given case before forming an opinion one way or the other on its validity.”

P.S. Please let me know if you plan to send this anywhere as I’d like to get a note out to my State Director’s before you do. I will also do my best to curtail any negative comments on the case from MUFON, just understand that I am dealing with volunteers, not employees, and everyone has a right to their opinion. Also, I appreciate your promise to do the same in regard to MUFON. We are all here trying to solve the same mystery.

God Speed, Jan C. Harzan Executive Director Mutual UFO Network 3822 Campus Drive, Suite 201 Newport Beach, CA 92660 949-47M-UFON or 949-476-8366 ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Jan, Thanks for getting back to me.

I have a lot of trouble with a mission statement from the major UFO investigating organization that cites “Scientific Study of UFOs for the benefit of Humanity” but at the same time eliminates “historical cases” that are still ongoing for 72+ years, that eliminates cases that weren’t “originally filed with MUFON” and relies on “volunteers” in the decision making process. How are such unscientific protocols supposed to benefit humanity?

How is the truth supposed to come out if it must be subordinated to arbitrary, unscientific and unprofessional considerations? If MUFON relies on “volunteers” – with no requirements as to their scientific qualifications – to make historical scientific decisions and determinations then not only is there no scientific validity to such a process but it only helps to marginalize and relegate the entire field of study to an amateurish status at best and at worst to a very suspect, possibly intentionally disinforming one in the eyes of people who are used to the highest scientifically based research standards.

It’s inconsistencies like these that quite honestly give the perception that this isn’t at all credible.

Since my impression of you from our conversations is that you’re a sincere, highly principled person, I’m sure you can appreciate my concern that MUFON’s mission statement is drastically inconsistent with, and even in opposition to, those principles.

It was my understanding that, starting this week, the case would be opened for discussion on the MUFON website, with my participating in providing information and answering any and all challenges. Has that changed?

Please make sure to read my new blog and the responses to it:

Skeptics: “We were wrong, the Billy Meier UFO case is authentic”

As you can see, it isn’t negative comments that are the issue, it’s unsubstantiated, unqualified, irresponsible comments that have contributed to hiding the truth from humanity.

As you can also see, I indicated that I would update everyone regarding our process. So of course I’ll post this as part of that process. I think you and I both agree that the truth will set you free. So I for one will keep everyone updated on our conversation and I’ll also invite any and all MUFON members to join in the discussion on my blog as well. But certainly I hope that the discussion will proceed on the MUFON site.

Best, Michael Horn Authorized American Media Representative The Billy Meier Contacts …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. NOTE: Jan seems like a sincere person and I want keep a positive tone to the conversation and comments. It’s more important to me to find common values than to agree about beliefs. Since we agree on the importance of finding the truth then let’s not settle for anything less than it and the best means of determining it. I’ve expressed my concerns in my email response to Jan and now I look forward to proceeding and hopefully finding that those concerns were unwarranted.


I frequently say that I’m trying to prove the prophecies wrong. By that I mean such things as the Henoch Prophecies, also known as Contact 215, as opposed to Contact 251. Though there numbers are similar, Contact 215 has information dating back millions of years and going thousands into the future.

For instance, in this recent development about microchip technology and the brain, we learn that “The microchip is connected to a port screwed onto Burkhart’s skull.” This echoes what Meier published in Contact 251, originally published in 1995 and verifiably online for many years) when he foretold, “Great progress in brain research will occur in the same period, including the implantation of micro modules into human and animal scalps. The micro modules will assume and execute all the brain’s control functions.” 

This is also not to be confused with what Meier published in his 1958 – Warning to All the Governments of Europe / Prophecies and Predictions. These examples not only add to the growing body of corroborations of Meier’s prophetic information, they show that it’s up to humanity to choose the kind of future we prefer.

The fascinating, and now indisputably authenticated, UFOs are the least important aspect of the Billy Meier contacts. They were intended to get our attention, stir controversy, lead us to the prophetic information and, hopefully, to the spiritual teaching, advice and recommendations from Meier, the Plejaren and the prophets of old, none of which was intended to be turned into any kind of belief systems.

Hopefully the good people of MUFON, the various skeptics, scientists and others will no proceed to ask, to challenge and to think through the Billy Meier UFO contacts, which I also refer to as…the key to our future survival.  


Thanks to Jacob Smits for the update on the microchip brain technology.

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  1. Don’t you just get sick and tired of reading opinion pieces on Billy Meier by people who have least done their homework but project an air of authority on the case from their armchairs.
    Now what the hell is going on here!
    Of all people it has to be these amateurs who doesn’t even understand the words ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ who are the most vociferous of the lot who have most to say about the BEAM case.
    Of course you can pick these idiots a mile away especially when they continue to use the word Pleidians
    When will John Lears of this world get it.

  2. Dear MUFON members please help all of us move from the era of BELIEF into the TRUTH of KNOWLEDGE…
    That truly there will be a… “Scientific Study of UFOs for the benefit of Humanity.”

  3. Michael, you are doing your best, and a very good job indeed of promoting Billy Meier, the prophecies and the Plejarans. I was interested in E-T phenomenae since I was a teenager growing up in the ‘seventies. I watched every E-T movie my parents would allow. I watched every sci-fi series that was broadcast in that time on TV. And over the years, I would casually glance at the sci-fi and “new age” sections of the bookstores, to see if anything jumped out at me that I thought would shed light on the subject. NEVER did I come across even the name Billy Meier. Now, since the internet has made information available, which was previously “hidden”, there is a veritable plethora of ET and UFO information to choose from. Still, I didn’t discover Billy until about eight weeks ago, when I had an “aha” moment, and thought, “SO THERE THEY ARE”! This was the information I had been searching for all these years, and for some reason never “discovered”. Now mind you, I haven’t got the internet at home yet, so I rely on public computers, and I have a fairly intensive work life. . . . and I am making excuses for not being more “assertive” in my search. However, now that I have found Billy and the Plejarans, I feel much more at ease inside my own soul, and much more hopeful about the outcome, not only of my life, but also of the overall future of the earth and its people. Someone IS out there, and DOES CARE about us.

    I think that sometime at the end of the ‘eighties there was a spiritual “seismic shift” in the spiritual constellation of this world. Not only did this “seismic shift” bring down the “iron curtain”, but it also altered the shape of the “cold war” and perhaps the working-out of the future as well. I saw and experienced this “seismic” change firsthand in the city I was living in at the time. It happened around the summer of 1987. I especially noticed how energies were affecting the appearance of just about every building in the city. . . . windows looked like gaping dark holes, doors like open mouths and everything cast a long and dark shadow with sharp edges. And, interestingly, what had been “home” suddenly felt strange, awesome, threatening and even frightening. People I had known and trusted became strangers, and I felt I was myself an alien in a strange and threatening environment. This literally happened “overnight”. Well, the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the Cold War ended, and overnight the Americans were becoming friends with the former Soviet Union and China (almost unheard of possibility in the ‘seventies). So, something changed, and the change was for the better. With this seismic spiritual change came other changes which will alter the outcome of the prophecies dramatically. I don’t know WHAT changed or WHY it changed, but I experienced this change myself and know THAT IT HAPPENED.

    Thank you again Michael for your very hard work. It must not be easy. Just take heart in the knowledge that you have. . . that you know the truth. If you cannot make anyone else believe it, it’s because their eyes and ears and spiritual minds are shut tight against it and their collective will is hardened so that they will not admit THAT THEY WERE WRONG.

  4. I don’t blame MUFON for their stance on this, after all, the Wife of Billy said alot of damaging things about him.. Have you seen her interview?
    Although the predicitons are coming true like clockwork, people only need one reason to doubt the whole thing because they never wanted to believe in the first place..
    Keep on following your heart MH so you can live the life your supposed to live..

    Peace and Love

    1. Thanks for contributing to the discussion too.

      Yes, it’s easy for people to stop at the first sign of trouble. But Meier’s ex-wife is also on record, with about 16 other people, of passing a lie detector test (100% truthful) in support of disclaims, etc. She also is on a video interview where she tells about her experiences, etc.

      Largely because of religions and their imaginary perfect Gods, saints, saviors, masters, etc., people fail to understand that all human beings are simply that, human beings and therefore imperfect with real problems, etc.

  5. Even though many of us know the in’s and the out’s of the case, most do not and a little “devil’s” advocate may be in order. Some of the main bones of contention that will need to be addressed as they will most assuredly be forthcoming, are the following just to name a few:
    1.) Why did they choose only one single Human to contact? Logically one would think just from a statistical point of view, this is highly unlikely.
    2.) As the Plejaren have stated, they will not take up contacts with governments due to their unpredictable natures of globbing onto technologies they have no business having. One would assume then that they would choose to convey their message(s) to as many other people as they could that reside outside any official government capacity which they state they will not do. Why?
    3.) If they were truely concerned with getting out the truth of their existence, they would make it very clear to people by allowing their craft to be at least seen in an obvious way.
    4.) Some of the smart folks in the “ufo” community will realize the authenticity of the case only to then say, “so what, now what do we do about it?”

    These are just a few things they will bring to the table and have already been voiced in other circles. We understand the reasoning behind the choices the Plejaren make regarding involvement here, but many will not. We may often forget how easy it is for us to simply admonish others who do not understand the case so well yet, because it does require a certain degree of interpretation, while other information is completely devoid of any evidence whatsover. It may be wise to stick to the physical evidence, which luckily there is plenty of.

    1. I am hopeful that those, as well as other, questions will be asked by the people who are ready to deal with the reality of the singular authenticity and monumental significance of the Meier case in its totality.

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