What Are the Criteria that Reasonable People Use to Determine the Truth?

A cooperative venture with all who want to discover and know the truth about the Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland, ongoing since 1942

This blog is an evolutionary result of the previous debate with and about Antonio Paris of API that he himself has effectively birthed through his expressed willingness to now openly explore the evidence in the Billy Meier UFO contact case. The premise expressed in the title, the focal point, will be the one I am also using in new my cooperative venture with MUFON, which will be linked from here as soon as the page is up on their site.

This discussion is open to all interested parties and especially to all those who have long disagreed with such claims, such as those here, and anyone who, for whatever reasons, think the Meier case is a hoax, isn’t sure, wants to know the truth, etc. For many years, skeptics of the Meier case have walked in the proverbial room, yelled, “It’s a proven hoax!” and stormed out…without ever substantiating their attacks, or the ones they were parroting. Now they’re all invited to come and stay a while, participate discuss, debate but to do so using the criteria that reasonable people use to determine the truth.

This means that we will proceed in a logical, fact-seeking manner. We won’t entertain unsubstantiated claims, or attacks on anyone, pro or con the Meier case. We want to use good, logical, objective, scientifically based and oriented methodologies and thinking in examining the evidence. That includes looking at any solidly based skeptical claims.

We shall also utilize certain very reasonable, reality based, detective-like skills and methods when considering circumstances and circumstantial evidence. Certainly we will want to respect, encompass and utilize any and all criteria that reasonable people use to determine the truth. The processes and criteria we will use in examining the Meier case will of course be applicable for examining any other claimed UFO cases, for those who wish to do so.

Why UFOs?

Why, if I’ve said for over 16 years that the really important parts of the Meier case are to be found in the prophetic information and ultimately in the spiritual teaching, is all this time still spent discussing UFOs? Many of us already take the existence of extraterrestrial life and their flying craft as established facts. But so far the world of science doesn’t, perhaps because they haven’t yet examined the best evidence or used the criteria that reasonable people use to determine the truth. To present incontrovertible evidence for the existence of, and contact with, extraterrestrial life forms would be unprecedented; it would be the most important discovery in all of science…and human history.

The fact of the matter is that this overall (and sometimes deservedly) much maligned, marginalized and tabloidized topic of UFOs has provoked a controversy for a reason. Let’s also realize that the reason isn’t for people to be chasing illusive lights in the sky, and thereby their own tails, nor is it to create careers for speakers and “UFO experts”.

UFOs exist, by definition, and the truth about what they are, who’s responsible for them and the reason for them is exactly what we want to determine. And I think we have a historically unique opportunity to do just that.

The Truth

To find and know the real truth is akin to discovering an inexhaustible treasure, one that is actually…free for all of humanity to partake of. That kind of stuff is not what the proponents of the old profit-motivated model of domination over others are really too thrilled about. Hence, they have seen to it that the term UFO has largely become associated with “evil aliens”, hoaxes, mere entertainment and all sorts of other deliberately misleading disinformation.

The truth is all that matters and will always, ultimately prevail. So let’s come together and see what we’ve actually got here. And let’s start by defining the criteria that reasonable people use to determine the truth and hit the road running by applying them to determining the authenticity of this photograph of the WCUFO, taken in 1981, with a 35mm film camera:

WCUFO extended cupola
WCUFO extended cupola

If we can agree that PhotoShop is a credible tool for this process, then the suggestion is to enhance the brightness of this image and perhaps lower the contrast.

What is the result that you get? Is it similar to what you see here? If so and you’re a skeptic, you now have to debunk…yourself.


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  1. There’s always this discussion about the reality of the WCUFO photo in particular and that is easy to do it with Photoshop, a garbage can lid etc, but for me is important to remember that the guy has hundreds, not a few, not dozens, but hundreds of incredible photos, much of them analised at the time, in an era way before photoshop or any digital editors, even if we think on analog edition and model photos… the guy was poor and one handed, had no access to any advanced tecnology and still presented hundreds of amazing photos, dozens of videos, a sound extremely difficult to reprocude at the time, samples extremely particular examined by no incompetent, as many claim, but Dr. Vogel.
    The guy at least deserve more investigation!

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