“I Don‘t Want to Find What I’m Looking For”

I recently wrote about someone in the UFOCI who found the mother lode, who knows the truth but who’s so angry at me for outing them for unashamedly promoting a pathological liar as a “UFO contactee”, that they would rather pursue profit and fame than openly inform others about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case.

The publication of my latest press release elicited another response that seems so bizarre to me that I have to share it.

My release was picked up at a popular website and caught the attention of one Terry Montgomery Groff, a MUFON Deputy Director. It appears that Terry has taken the rather unique approach of joining an organization that looks for evidence of extraterrestrial UFOs…but doesn’t want to actually find what he’s looking for. Beyond that, faced with the information that the organization in which he’s a Deputy Director has now posted information about the Billy Meier case for its members to investigate, challenge and question, Terry had a minor meltdown. Excerpting from two of his posts:

“MUFON is NOT reopening this case and is NOT re-investigating this case and whoever told you that is lying. Yes, the story was posted on the MUFON website but that is all…No one from MUFON is investigating it. It is only there for visitors to read.”

So not only does Terry appear to be calling his Executive Director, Jan Harzan, a liar, he wants to make darn sure that, beyond not investigating and finding what he’s looking for, he doesn’t want anyone else to find what they’re looking for either.

Now this is clearly a hobby for Terry in which he’s somehow risen high up in the ranks while – no longer secretly – trying to make sure that neither he nor anyone else concerned doesn’t succeed with the presumed core purpose of the group. While this is a rather peculiar behavior – one could view it as a twist on the Greek myth about Sisyphus – one has to wonder if Terry represents more than a few of the dabblers and dilettantes in the UFOCI who simply love the distraction, the false significance, the fancy little titles, the cake and coffee socials and the comfort and security that never reaching the actual goal gives them.

After all, if they too find the mother lode, the thing they claim to be looking for, well, what fun will that be? Who wants to have to buckle down and take personal responsibility for everything in their lives, to stop chasing lights in the sky and alternating between seeking saviors, or fearing being abducted by “evil aliens”?

Perhaps Terry will clarify his position, somehow explain all this, or maybe just get…another hobby. Of course I hope it won’t be weaving, lest Terry emulate that clever woman named Penelope who figured out how to not finish a project that she really wasn’t interested in either.







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  1. Another wolf in sheeps clothing surfaces. You are garnering much attention Michael, regardless. Keep up the GREAT efforts and work. Thank you again for all of humanity on earth. Enough said.

  2. Perhaps Terry Montgomery Groff should give up this UFO thingy and start investing in laughing stock because his one share has already skyrocketed, thanks to Michael. This may backfire on Terry, but, at least if it does he can go back to gathering a team of “expert” MUFONS to invesitigate the crash site.

  3. The truth can peel their fingers from their eyes one by one. But with some people it really has to use a crow bar, cutting torch, etc. Well as for the some, having been in darkness for so long. The light can take a little time to get use to. The truth will welcome them, as it does us all. The truth may know it all, but it will not act like it. Unlike those that sell the truth. Go MH Go. Thank you so much. Salome, Robert.

  4. Michael “ I don’t want to find what I’m looking for,” may be also be true affecting the search for peace and wisdom. Could this be the concealed position of most religions and politicians? It may be challenging to Terry the Billy Meier UFO case is not a safe light in the sky but a life changing treasure chest of wisdom…

  5. This type of behavior from Terry and the other that commented there, seems to radiate from those with a lot of ‘beliefs’ to protect. Dime a dozen with these types!
    Live in a cult within themselves and have the audacity to call anything not also what they only know the same thing. It works so well when they cant come up with any other explanation, other than their beliefs being challenged. Someone has to challenge these peoples beliefs! Even if they will follow them to the grave. They put themselves in the position as people interested in….. wait for it, ET/UFO’s, or in Billy’s case… Humans/beamships!
    Words cant describe how important what is happening here… is!!!
    It’s a good thing Billy and the Plejaren have Michael to squeeze the cheese a little around here…..

    1. Matt !!! fantastic !! The Exchange was my waterhole for a few years mate !!
      I am embarrassed to say here that i am an — EX driller/mining (destroying the earth , )
      But……….!! like most , have/had to do what was necessary to put food on the table and to “fit” in with the rest of society ” the difference IS .that at least i know wrong from right , not like many who just plod along destroying earth and humanity without ……… the knowledge . And i have been out of the mining game now for years……. BTW My Fiancee at the time couldn’t handle the vibrations from the encounter all those years ago , she flipped out which is why the choice they gave me to “go with them” or Go back to the car because she was distraught (from a message from the craft (beamship) . I kept telling her to “shut-up” .But she kept Screaming and Screaming and i thought she was going to blow the engine up she was just screaming and revving the engine. UNFORTUNATELY, i went back to the car (i had a choice!)But i couldnt calm her down .we drove off , i looked out the window and the craft was making maneuvers then , seemed to change into an energy form like a cigarrette glowing in the dark wizzing around. went to my parents house told them . She had to have counseling and couldn’t sleep for weeks , we broke up a year later . She was a fitness instructor and had degrees and didn’t drink or smoke and last time i was told she is a prostitute now . The ordeal didn’t affect me whatsoever (obviously).The beamship was hovering about 10 meters away . there is much more i have left out but it would take up to much time here ,and I’d like to just learn from others input at hand here on Michaels site rather than waffle on about “my” past experiences “relevance”? if that makes sense! Its about everybody , not just me. But just needed to share it .

      1. Hi Wayne, since the Plejaren have to be 90 metres away from humans due to vibrations, I doubt it was them. But who knows for sure?

              1. My next cause for the mission is to learn German. i have a few German speaking friends that can and will help. I think maybe we can benefit from learning German.
                salome Wayne

        1. Hi Sheila !!!! Yeah ive known that for years . I didnt ‘see’ anyone , all i know that it was a form of beamship that look exactly like a plejaren craft. Which i have identified one within the photo’s of the Meier material . I also know that there have also been sightings that take on the same form that may “not ” be plejaren also. ive read “all” of the contact Notes , reports and every video , youtube ,book and translation over the past 24 years at least.(that i could) Debunkers the lot .I was always in the libraries every chance i could in cities and towns wherever my life had taken me “before the internet was around , And , I think you are a beautiful individual. Smart savvy interesting and intelligent.I like the way you think .
          Salome .Wayno

          1. Hi Wayne, thanks for the compliments but they are unwarranted since I’m actually fat, ugly and dumb sil. I was just going to say that the telemetre disks and beamships do not look anything alike and the 90 metre distance is a good measuring stick as far as who they might be. But since you found a beamship in Billy’s book to compare it to and that’s what it looked like, well sir I think you have a beamship sighting. Now in regards to the information that the Plejaran have previously given the Ashtar grouping some of their beamships, and considering the horrific experience it left on your girlfriend, I would highly suspect that it was indeed the Ashtards (pun intended). The Ashtar Sheran grouping obviously weren’t that upfront with the Plejaran about their real intentions as revealed in contacts 563 and 567. So if they tele-hypnotized you or your girlfriend you probably wouldn’t even know…you’d end up writing a book about the fabrics of reality…and giving project bluebook false information…you know, like what’s happened already. If you had gone with them, that would probably be the start of many more tele-hynotized abductions. I would definitely thank your former girlfriend for all that screaming.

            1. Yeah … I know where your at.
              There is more to the story that i didn’t want to explain here though ! Another 5 pages

      2. Thanks for sharing your personal experience for surely how would we know about one another if we don’t.
        Some years back I had done some contract work for Water Corporation at Kalgoorlie.
        The first thing I did before surveying my worksite was to take a peek at yhr Spuerpit and thought along the lines of ‘gees so this is how you destroy the planet’ and even back then semjase’s words about we humans depleting the life energies out of the planet with our mining activities and extraction of oil kept popping up inside my mind while I was working there.
        Kalgoorlie is also a place where I had another one of my numerous UFO sightings which was probably a warning of an impending earthquake that hit the place not long after I left.
        As for the Exchange yeah this drinking hole was my favourite whereby I would be there every night after work discussing Billy Meier and his warnings to other pissheads over a nice cold VB and Bundy and coke and spend some unmemorable times.
        Yeah me too I’d use that same rationale you used to justify myself working in a similar industry to put on yhe bloody table of course.
        Gees its kinda sad hearing about your misses but hey could’ve been a lot worse.
        Its kinda of a common theme isn’t that we the students of the teachings have had our fair share of trials and tribulations but also the weird and the incredible experiences that kinda acted as an impetus to eventually either bumping into the truth or for the truth to bump into us.
        Good on ya Wayne

  6. Terry Groff appears to be all spun up with only the UFO and Extraterrestrial issue. He is obviously threatened on a couple fronts; monetary may be one of them? He hasn’t even scratched the surface yet; what in the world is he going to do when he is shown that it’s not really about the UFO’s?

    1. Exactly and that’s why I said, “Who wants to have to buckle down and take personal responsibility for everything in their lives, to stop chasing lights in the sky and alternating between seeking saviors, or fearing being abducted by “evil aliens”?”

  7. And taking advantage of the good moment, some considerations and suggestions. The most important thing to the public credibility is to stop insisting on absurd as [BUT NOT ONLY] the photos Michelle and Susan. It is better to acknowledge honestly and explain honestly to all people, including a particular matter for a magazine, what really happened and is explained in the notes to contact and involved itself dancer, Michelle.

    That will do very well, working for positive, than say things that anyone can investigate and see that are not true. Not the truth, veracity, accuracy the important, even if it’s hard? So let’s take the example and collaborate:


    “I know that the picture of myself and Susie is from the Dean Martin show when the Golddiggers were guests on the show. I think it is about 1971 and I did wear my hair with little curls at the side of my face. It amazes me that he chose that picture. I guess it was when they did the reruns in Europe. I do not want anyone thinking I am causing any problems. I am simply stating the truth involved with these pictures. I just know a picture of myself when I see one, as anyone else would. I know it is from a segment when The Golddiggers would sit around Dean Martin and sing beautiful ballads ….'” (Testimonial from Michelle DellaFave)

    “Unfortunately, during my conversation with Ptaah he revealed that the two women depicted on the photos are not Asket and Nera from the DAL Universe, but two American look-alikes. These photos are malicious hoaxes and were switched upon the order of and in collaboration with the ‘Men in Black.'” (Billy s explanation)

    This was one of the events that have shaken much public credibility, in addition to others, and we should not insist. when I did a vcd years ago to publicize the case in a small circle, I arranged a text to explain how it works and taking counter-information which is false as false, and not insisting that everyone will know that makes no sense and has no support. Or only works opposite to the desired direction.

    There are other interesting images as Meier and Ptaah in Great Voyage viewed with a special protective apparatus. The sequence of the Great Spaceship near Jupiter . And many other witty and interesting things that can be shown and said. In imagens and notes. For who is able to see and understand or deduce correctly, of course.

    800 years is a very long time to wear ourselves only in that direction
    squandering energy trying to make others think and act like we want at any cost.

      1. Seriously people? Even the photographed person recognizing herself in the photos, which would not necessary, you insist that they are different?

        If so, I have nothing more to say here and I am assured that the truth was not invented by Beam and the Ps and we are well equipped to find it, even if they say otherwise. I am not fool, I have lecculture, understanding, and I am not a child.

        For the rest, I have nothing to do on this ship of fools who do not know how to react to not being with nonsense, inversions or vulgar words. And you will have so much time to do this, without altere one tiny iota in the reality and truth , wich is not property of nobody here or outside.

        And no worry, no problems, no fear, but also be assured that a good amount of serious and well-trained doctors and professionals are always near. No problems, no fears, the doctors and professionals are here! What a comedy!

        Open space (if my last response published, of course) to a truckload of nonsense below…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Have a good week.

  8. Michael,

    You sure told him in the comment section on the “popular website” and not one response from him after your second reply just like a coward to go running back to where he came from. I guess the investigation into this case will go on until Jan says otherwise, so Terry should just keep quiet for the time being. People like him are hell bent on destruction. Do they not know what this is really all about? UFO’s should have been an after thought from the minute we knew they existed there’s no progress in being stuck at the same place all the time……

    1. The entire UFO field is a deliberately dismal, distraction and disinformation spewing mess. And it’s attracted a huge number of people who really should stick to knitting, playing cards or otherwise not contributing to the suppressing of the truth…and possibly making a nice sweater, or sharing peanuts with like minded friends, etc.

  9. At this point in our evolution, if people fail to see it, they will never see it. You may be screaming into the empty night air my friend, although we need you to do so. The Humans here will simply not see it unless they SEE it. There is something very damaged with us here and linear time is not likely to alter events to the good if we are left to our own devices. This place is unique in its barbarity and ideology and to leave a species to its own demise within these confines is equally barbaric. At some point, terrestrial Humans must wake up. It is unlikely that we will at this point, only to repeat what happened before. It is illogical that others do not give people the information they need to evolve on their own terms. Billy is only one man and is physically incapable of doing this mission on his own, nor should he have ever been expected to do so. Certain previous determinations may have been faulty. The Human will not change. They kill, murder, rape, and exterpate everything in their path with no knowledge of truth. There is no more logic left here, if there ever was. This tiny rock with others who were stranded here along with the indigenous and those in between are victims now of the insanity of this place. A dangerous material game indeed. How can so many die and no one care. It is beyond belief.

    1. My question is what will break the degenerative pattern of warlords/dictators/those who want power for the sake of personal power taking control of the planet after the world war wiping out two thirds of the population….??

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