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Pseudo Stu Suddenly Surfaces at Disinformation Site

Mysteriously missing in action from his own blog, where he’s already censored at least four posts from people pressing him on his refusal to test Billy Meier’s WCUFO photo, and thereby unavoidably authenticating it for himself (as many people have already done worldwide), Pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins has popped up as a “regular panelist” on ATS Live, an online radio show connected to the largest disinformation site, AboveTopSecret.

Now if one thinks that it’s an exaggeration, I suggest joining their forums and to start posting about the Billy Meier case. In fact, go right to the heart of the matter and invite people to not only check out Prof. Rhal Zahi’s extensive research but to also go ahead and test the nighttime WCUFO photo themselves.

Most likely, true to their name, they’ll keep it…above top secret from anyone who visits their site. If you aren’t gone before you get started, you can also inform them about this. See just how far you get with any of that.

Progress with MUFON

I resumed my communications, at the end of last week, with Jan Harzan pertaining to expanding MUFON’s participation in opening up the Meier case to it’s members, as well as its Science Review Board, board of directors, etc.

Regarding my impressing upon Jan that Meier has the best, most abundant, scientifically corroborated evidence and information, Jan suggested that I try and get some scientists interested in coming together to review it. The problem, he said, was that MUFON receives literally thousands of reports of UFO sightings every month and that they can barely keep up with that.

I suggested the obvious solution to Jan, which is to actually…reverse the priorities. Since the Meier case not only has the best, clearest UFO evidence, and all the other “UFO cases” to date – all of them­ – are merely more of the endless reports of lights in the sky, MUFON should begin telling Edna in Iowa, Kenny in Kansas and all of those people who report their sightings to “get some scientists interested in coming together to review it” and, of course, to get MUFON’s personnel to hop to it on the Meier case which, after all, is still ongoing.

Since we don’t want MUFON itself fall prey to the “I Don‘t Want to Find What I’m Looking For” syndrome, which one of its own obviously very confused personnel has already succumbed to, I encouraged Jan to consider my logical, sensible approach over the weekend. We are scheduled to resume our communications this week and, since many MUFON members read this blog, I encourage them to endorse this approach as well. By prioritizing the investigation into the evidence in the Meier case, including of course Prof. Zahi’s new, ironclad analyses, MUFON can make its own definitive determinations if the case is a “hoax”, thereby ending the discussion. Or, if they determine that it’s authentic, it may end other (and so far proven futile) aspects of their work. But either way it’s a win for all concerned since, certainly, the truth is what we’re all searching for, right?

New Age Blues

Pertaining to my recent blog about being censored by some hyper-happy, Orwellian, New Age types I thought I’d at least share my more lyrical viewpoint on the “New Age”, as penned by me back in…1986. Gosh, I’ll bet a lot of those pie-in-the-sky, come-and-save-me-space-brothers types may not have even arrived on Earth back then and, though perhaps physically present now, many of them obviously still haven’t gotten back into their bodies and put their feet on the ground. (You can hear some of the songs here.)

Such a satirically satisfying target as it may be, the fact that all the New Age psychobabble still attracts people with its various vacuous, kooky claims and delusional, escapist content is really no laughing matter. And while I didn’t even get the chance to specifically critique the four presenters who followed me, despite accusations that I singled any out for special (and probably well deserved criticism, if not derision) I’m presenting their promo material as it appeared on the now defunct poster/page for the event. See if you can find any indication of, and/or links to, verifiable, credible, substantiation for any of the claims made by these four people. Please keep in mind that I was censored for “stating beliefs and not facts”:

Dolores Cannon:
Throughout the mid to late 1980s, Dolores work slowly began taking her in a completely new direction of exploration. She was introduced to the area of UFO and ET investigation in 1985 when she attended her first annual meeting for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), one of the largest and most respected investigative UFO organizations in the world.

(NOTE: Dolores Cannon, “sweet, smart older lady” that she may be, is referred to in the FIGU publication titled: Those Who Lie About Contacts, on pg.5)

Inelia Benz:
This is Inelia’s first incarnation on any planet, so she was born free from self-importance, attachments, personal agendas, personal evolution, or a desire for soul advancement. She arrived knowing only that the planet needed to vibrate at a higher level in order to undergo a global ascension. What she did not know was how to assist in raising the vibration and how to communicate the need for a higher vibration to others. Initially, Inelia tried emulating other people’s actions by getting married, having children having problems, and learning about human suffering. Although this gave her a deeper understanding of what others considered important, it did not assist in reaching the aim of global ascension.

Robert Potter:
Using Advanced ET Technologies for Healing our Planet and Ourselves Rob will be sharing the latest developments and plans for the liberation of planet from Inter dimensional Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters. Rob will share his Star Gate portal technology to help people actually develop and experience their own spiritual bodiesor Merkahbah conscious field. This “Promise Healing System” will actually help you understand quantum physics of how to integrate feeling and thought to accelerate the manifestation. This process of manifestation is sometimes called the secret and Rob will explain this in great detail.

Rob Gauthier:
“In 2007 I went to a spiritualism church. I went there because I decided to get my life back on track. I was looking into the dark for too long. Now I went there because this was the only place in the area that I could express my beliefs openly and meditate and be taught by many, many great psychics. As a child I was blessed with psychic abilities but as I digressed so did they. As I started learning from the great psychics in my area I learned many things. Including many experiences that I had as a child which were not figments of “just my imagination”. And when I had thought I met my grandmother for the first time when I was nine, after she had been dead for over twenty years, I was right. This all started making sense to me. Something made me continue. So I continued to learn more meditations and after a couple years of working with my abilities every day, and really being dedicated about them, I met Treb Bor yit-NE.”

Michael Horn:
UFOs: What’s the Point? In this presentation Michael Horn presents overwhelming evidence that the Billy Meier UFO case, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 70 years, is the only scientifically proven, UFO contact case and that it’s the real reason for the entire UFO cover-up Michael will show that despite any doubts or challenges, that there is zero evidence for any other claims of contacts with any extraterrestrials. Further, he will show that the actual reason for the Meier case and its spectacular, still irreproducible physical and prophetically accurate scientific information is to help us help ourselves to assure our own future survival.

As I say regarding my new film, the people were warned…and did they listen?

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  1. ATS are a bunch of snakes,I remember them banning you from the forum after you started that thread about one of the photos,every person on that forum is devoted to believing lies about Meier,they perpetuate the laughably ill informed hoax theories and dismiss the thorough investigation by Wendelle,Lee,Brit,Welch,Dilletosso,Deardorff,etc.

    1. You will get no argument from me. But they would, which is why I’m banned there. ANd feel free to join me, all you have to do is start presenting info on Meier.

  2. I remember telling my music teacher back in early highschool that along with being a musician, I would like to be a philosopher and she laughed at me stating “wow, two highly paid professions”. I guess I just always knew the importance of getting in the middle of the objective truth debate no matter how uncomfortable it makes me or other people. Truth is truth and to ignore it is to do so at your own peril. The meier case is really the perfect place to get to the crux of this matter. Nowhere else on earth will you find more impartial, none politicized, none religious, accurate scientific plethora of information (in all areas of life and science). Being the most important case in human history also makes it easy to predict the existence of without knowing anything about it. The maths are so simple if you can just let go of dearly held beliefs. To heck with them all. You just have to THINK. Think think think! Stop wasting time with what you know is obviously nonsense. I guess first, a person has to choose a method by which he chooses some information as valid and other information as invalid. My choice was probability. And it remains as the best method i could find to get accurate data. Nothing else makes you think more.

    1. Thanks, I hadn’t yet posted it here and we already have that information of Meier’s in “as the time fulfills”, released in 2012. I mentioned it on a news blog somewhere that had the story but I should probably include it in a blog again too.

      1. Yes I remember the first story broke out in 2006? I guess they are saying that this is much better conclusive evidence of the theory however. Reinforces it quite a bit.

  3. ‘Mysteriously missing in action from his own blog, where he’s already censored at least four posts from people pressing him on his refusal to test Billy Meier’s WCUFO photo, and thereby unavoidably authenticating it for himself (as many people have already done worldwide), Pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins has popped up as a “regular panelist” on ATS Live, an online radio show connected to the largest disinformation site, AboveTopSecret.’

    How does censoring posts about the WCUFO photo mean that he authenticated them for himself? Why couldn’t it simply mean: ‘I’m done with this’.

    From Contact 468, January 11, 2010:

    12. Thereto, according to Ptaah and Quetzal and from all of us who work together with them and discuss all necessary things with them, I now should advise that you and the Core Group members and passive members, as well as Michael Horn and others, in no further way ought to involve yourselves in any controversy in said form.
    13. Also, in the correspondence as well as on the FIGU forums and with journalists and visitors, and so forth, the whole thing ought not to be gone into, and thus no questions relevant to controversy or other questions which are directed at calling the truth into question, are to be answered any more.
    14. For the longest time, in the same way that evidence of the truth of our collective contacts has already been provided by many witnesses, as has the genuineness of your photos made of our beamships and various materials, which were given by Genesis III in the USA, to renowned scientific experts and institutions for scientific investigation and analysis and which proved that all the material corresponds to genuineness and that no counterfeits whatsoever are presented.
    15. Also, the investigations on the sites and locations where the photos, and so forth, were made showed that all your data correspond to the truth and that no deception whatsoever is present.
    16. This must finally be accepted. However, after all the evidence provided and after a time of more than 30 years, whoever – in regard to the presentation of evidence – still cannot accept this, is poor and paranoid in regard to intelligence and rationality.
    17. Therefore, neither you, nor other members or friends and acquaintances, ought to react to further discriminatory machinations and questions, rather declare that the evidence of the genuineness and truth in regard to the contacts and photos, as well as other materials is sufficiently provided, consequently it is nonsensical to still continue to talk about it.

    Using the same logic for Meier, would the fact that he/Figu doesn’t want to respond anymore to the skeptics mean that he admits they are right? It seems pretty clear to me this simply means: ‘This issue has been addressed enough, we’re done with it.’ Why couldn’t this apply so Stuart as well?

    1. The same logic? Robbins has basically said that Meier is a hoaxer and also that there is “no new evidence” to examine, etc. He has also censored posts that clearly refute his own theories, i.e. about quadcopters being the objects in videos of UFOs. So when I post a clear, 8mm film, taken in broad daylight of a UFO, with two lights flashing, taken of course by Meier in 1976, it’s censored.

      So this “scientist” let’s stand his now clearly refuted claims and his defamation because he can’t face the truth. Did he come out and say that Prof. Zahi’s analyses and proof of the authenticity of Meier’s evidence was a hoax, flawed, inaccurate? No, of course not, because he’s a spineless little celebrity seeker who’s fearful that now he’s bitten off more than he can chew and he can’t refute an inescapable conclusion. So…ignore and censor it is his strategy. And of course unlike Robbins who also has a blog, I’m not afraid to let people with opposing opinions have their say. Even more importantly, if someone has evidence to the contrary it won’t be censored here. And that doesn’t seem to apply for Stuart, does it?

      1. Well… he seems to have a comment policy:

        I had hoped that I did not need a comments policy, but it appears as if I now do. The comments policy is as follows:

        1. No foul language. I am the arbitrator of what this implies.
        2. Straight attack comments are not allowed.

        I haven’t seen a recent post on his website that has got anything to do with the WCUFO, so might that be the reason the comments were deleted?

          1. I just posted this, see how long it takes to disappear.
            Hi Stu, I sent you an email but you haven’t replied. It said this:
            What are your thoughts? Are you going to test it?
            A simple yes or no would be sufficient. But a non answer simply tells me that you agree with it. Thanks for the confirmation.

            I posted it on the Ken Ham thread. I tried reading those free books of Ken Hams I received from the local creation museum attendant but didn’t have the stomach for it and threw them out last week. What a bunch of garbage.

  4. Yeah kind of thought that Michael, since every time I go there it says no comments yet. And no darn reply to my personal email to him. You’d think he’d treat his lady fans better than that. sil

  5. “Pseudoscientist Stuart Robbins has popped up as a “regular panelist” on ATS Live, an online radio show connected to the largest disinformation site, AboveTopSecret.”

    MH, I’m not sure if you know but are you aware that ATS website/forums is run and funded by the CIA?

    1. SO I’ve heard but I don’t have any real evidence, just what one may infer form their blatant, anti-truth content and context.

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