Doubt vs. Discernment

Certainly it’s best to let people figure things out for themselves.

Of course if one simply looks at the Henoch Prophecies (HP) now they see things like the foretold upsurge in Islamic fanaticism, as well as the very specific Russian military movements and the exact countries that Russia is already now engaging in some manner, i.e. Norway, Sweden, Canada, the US, etc., as well as the exact major, strategic city they moved they troops to, i.e. Arkhangelsk, as well as naming the specific epidemic now spreading, i.e. Ebola, plus American globalization, computerized weapons, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, we may soon see other aspects of that prophecy fulfill.

And, since anyone can now reasonably conclude that the HP were both authentic and accurate, let’s remember that the HP also foretold…the attack on the WTC. We absolutely know that the HP were even online long before any of those developments except 9/11. But of course there are many people who lack common sense and the ability to reason, as well as who completely fail to understand that the world – and certainly Billy Meier and the Plejaren – aren’t here to jump through hoops like trained circus animal, nor to perform every little “trick” to their satisfaction and perfection, etc. Let’s remember that this is about…self-responsibility.

As I long ago stated, the authenticity of the prophecies and predictions – and thereby the Meier case – will be confirmed as and when certain specific events foretold in them occur and that reasonable people will then see that the other foretold events in those prophecies were obviously also foretold.

So it’s best to let the doubters go their own way and, using discernment, understand and act in accord with that old saying “a word to the wise” is sufficient. There will be many people, entire countries in fact, that will loudly wail, “Why didn’t somebody warn us?”

And sad as that may be, it’s really best to…not be among them.

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  1. Previously should have read Eric Holder. USA attorney general abruptly retired. Should have been encarserated twelve times over . Even now he should be in chains.

  2. BTW the whole point was that Hitler was planted and he did get slaughtered after Jon Jpn . Your Intel is just wrong . Nor do I care about being right . I just serve out up from the ashes .

  3. I have already been through this , all the scientists were brought back to America some time traveled on their
    Last escapades. Hitler was transport end and maybe learning why Kennedy and Hitler were killed means more than you currently realize its not the how , its the why. Know and learn the why . The undisclosed is what you need to know or at
    Least want to. Let me be clear ,my grammatical shortcomings have been a virus that has me so pissed off. I write for a partial living and every paragraph I front gets altered. I spend more time correcting than connecting. Darn shame. I apologize for substandard rubbish. David

  4. Yes I was talking to my mom in Corpus Christi Texas and she told me that she here it on TV he was thinking of running for president. I try ex on finding the links on that subject be will post a soon as I can…

  5. Contact Report #5 – Semjase:
    12. But human beings who are just intellectual is what you have a lot of on Earth; and of all people they are often the ones who lack spiritual-consciousness based knowledge, and because of this they can’t develop an understanding of the real and the logical.

    13. With these must also be mentioned those who are misled by religions, and those who are neither advanced in intellect nor in spiritual consciousness.

    14. They all are the most evil opponents of the truth, of the real and of the irrefutable Creative logic.

    15. Their criticism and their denial of certain things portray them as human beings living in primitive stupidity.

    16. Earth human beings who always want to know everything better, but who in reality are as ignorant as the ape creatures that populate your jungles.

    17. By their contesting of facts or possibilities they make their consciousness-related narrowness and their primitiveness evident.

      “WASHINGTON, May 29, 2013–Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the following statement about notification received today from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) upgrading the United States’ risk classification for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) to negligible risk:
      I am very pleased with OIE’s decision to grant the United States negligible risk status for BSE. This is a significant achievement that has been many years in the making for the United States, American beef producers and businesses, and federal and state partners who work together to maintain a system of interlocking safeguards against BSE that protect our public and animal health. This decision demonstrates OIE’s belief that both our surveillance for, and safeguards against, BSE are strong. U.S. beef and beef products are of the highest quality, wholesome and produced to the highest safety standards in the world.”

      Sounds good until I got to this part:
      “The BSE surveillance program is NOT FOR THE PURPOSES OF DETERMINING FOOD SAFETY. Rather, it is an animal health surveillance program. USDA’s BSE surveillance program allows USDA to detect the disease if it exists at very low levels in the U.S. cattle population and provides assurances to consumers and our international trading partners that the interlocking system of safeguards in place to prevent BSE are working.”

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