Just some items to shake your head at this weekend

There are right and wrong ways to use the might of the thoughts, that which emanates from our minds and…heads.

Having lost both, conservatives figure that funding what amounts to mass suicide (or genocide for those who would prefer to live) is a great idea because, at least until everyone’s choked out by the pollution, they can still make money off of it. Is this a great country, or what?

Hey, here’s a great idea! Cremate your body, fill your dead head with anti-freeze and…have a nice someday!

And speaking of heads, more news about the idiot who wants to play musical heads with the desperately willing.

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57 comments on “Wrong-Headed Human Beings

  • Hello Michael have you seen that Jed bush has announce his bid for presidency. I saw the add on the computer because I don’t see much TV

  • Whats even worse are the conspiracy theorists who believe the fake studies and then fight against saving the planet. Talk about gullible.

    • The use of the phrase “conspiracy theorist” is one of the tools propagandists use to ridicule people who are telling the truth, so that no one else listens to them. Many “conspiracy theorists” are simply curious, rational people who are misled.
      I would be cautious about using that term, since the more you empower the phrase “conspiracy theorist”, the more powerful it will be if it were ever used against you, or anyone else here.
      After all, what Meier and the space cousins are doing, with their secret meetings, is in fact a conspiracy.

      • Let’s remember that in secret meetings like the Bilderberg’s, etc., they don’t…publish the verbatim transcripts of what everyone said. There’s a vast difference in the honesty and actual openness in the meetings between Meier and the Plejaren – intended for the betterment of humanity – and real conspiracies, let alone machinations of all sorts of terrestrial political, military, economic and religious groups.

      • You are assuming that I think all CT’s are the same and I think we know they are not. I’m talking about the ones who don’t recognize the damage we have and are doing to the planet because their belief in something has clouded their minds. I’m not saying some theories aren’t accurate, because some are, but most of them are made up or extremely exaggerated which tends to attract those type of thinkers. Aka… They are easily manipulated and refuse to look at any evidence to the contrary.

  • Greg , I hear what you saying . The water is underground displaced in other areas below the earths crust in massive amounts , their is no shortage of water. I will find the link to it shortly . We had a migration of dolphins a few years ago 7 miles wide by 10 miles wide leaving the west coast of the US and now have a toxic bloom from San Diego up into Alaska that is blood red overtaking the west coast like never documented before. And to think this was from an X class solar flair from the sun just burping , hitting us dead on in Japan causing 120 foot Tsunami waves leading to Fukashima. The ongoing unanswered death sentence. Nobody knows what to do. Just like the BP disaster. Its an extinction event and I am just saying because anyone on the West Coast of the US needs to get a good grip and plan on leaving. Why would you stay ? getting radiation in your air , food , water and dry like a stone awaiting a massive quake or volcanic event. How can a tinderbox like California go on for much longer without consequence? Its day to day in obvious scrutiny.

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