Wrong-Headed Human Beings

Just some items to shake your head at this weekend

There are right and wrong ways to use the might of the thoughts, that which emanates from our minds and…heads.

Having lost both, conservatives figure that funding what amounts to mass suicide (or genocide for those who would prefer to live) is a great idea because, at least until everyone’s choked out by the pollution, they can still make money off of it. Is this a great country, or what?

Hey, here’s a great idea! Cremate your body, fill your dead head with anti-freeze and…have a nice someday!

And speaking of heads, more news about the idiot who wants to play musical heads with the desperately willing.

See also:  The Might of the Thoughts in Practice

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David Scott

Michael , Tesla has developed free energy devices and his hometown is powered by them now as his last gift to those he loved. Its all technological suppression. The same basis for his death. He was viewed to compromise capitalism interests and was exterminated, his work stolen and suppressed. Sad to say but within this Jade Helm 15 exercise it has been identified that the armed forces are using the Tesla free energy power blocks in their strategic deployment. When the grid goes , the military has free energy. So sad to see this unfold , because it could in one instance change the world. Immediately pausing the pollution in an unimaginable way.

David Scott

Michael , I understand your comment crystal clear . I do however have a side that believes that hope is on the horizon . This only one technology amongst many cannot be kept down for that long. It has to see the light of day. I embrace the thought that many of these technologies will rise , they have to , they cannot be just buried. Take California and its ‘imposed’ drought. We could delsalinize we could pipe water from the great lakes if we could get a buy in . Its not that the tech is not here its the resistance in place by a bad group of controlling entities. We are more than that. We have had recent underscores of scientists uncover the water under ground that is hidden from the mainstream . Their is no lack of water in this instance its lack of freedom of information and the will to unlock it. We are dealing with the fourth largest economic entity in the entire world being California and the west coast of the United States. I would never just accept it as being ‘ that’s just the way it is’ mentality. I meditate towards this changing and many other scenarios globally that need to be changed . My own personal might of thoughts have cast huge amounts of change for the better and I know they do not go unanswered. We all know it here how our own personal thoughts cast hope and change in the right direction. Signs that these scenarios are exposed is the first stage in the fight and it will NOT stop when we join with these cast thoughts of change.
If the waterline stops the workings of the hoover damn then what ? We then have massive civil unrest and complete migration east towards water alone again upsetting the tectonic plate and an almost assuring that that plate will launch San Andreas north west into the sea of dead ocean. It does not have to be. Desalinization is years away from being built let alone implemented and who even knows what a dry hoover damn will bring. Firstly the NSA outfit in Utah is using an insane amount of water to just sustain itself . Not life , but a huge complex of computer espianouge that is selfish and not even fair to human kind. These things need to suspend or stop and real representitives need to take the wheel and drive the will to do the right thing. Just one example being Fukashima exemplifies the dangers of only one bank of nuclear reactors and highlights the danger as BEAM told of . Just one . Still we have no rational response and the only response is that we let a private company do nothing because they do not know of how to handle it . No governments know of how to handle it and yet Nuclear power is allowed to continue in its same state. Tesla and his sustainable power proved this all could be eliminated in a span of time that would take the time to produce these objects. They are in practice NOW with a mission of a church of all things supplying the technology all over the world to small fourth country civilizations having power for the first time and with clean water as well . The technology is here and flowing in small underground pockets of truth and practice. Its just like the methane example. Every landfill produces massive methane exhaust and some if smart harness the fuel to burn in generators for electricity and clean output. BUT , the natural enzymes exist that would make ANY landfill neutral being that the enzymes microbilly consume the waste and produce oxygen as a byproduct . Its a technology that is being suppressed for the elite to use to scrub the remains of tainted soils after a mass nuclear extinction. Used in concert with their huge seed banks and genetic banks to restore the world when its eliminated billions of people. Not a nice practice. It needs to be embraced and used accordingly NOW. We have to just wake up and realize we are not sheep , hearded . We have the solutions here and now and its up to us to apply them and accept nothing less than the appropriate means to the challenges . Stop accepting the spew of the mainstream media and our blackmailed politicians . They all fear the day they are swat teamed with the accusation of kiddie porn on their computer and a fresh 20-40 year sentence in prison. Yet is that not pale in comparison to a few billion deaths? yes, yes it is . Selfish leverage on steroids.


Vatican speaker and California Governor in push for massive depopulation… talk of ‘Planetary Court’ and removal of 6 billion people under new ‘Earth Constitution’ and ‘World Government’



Hello Michael have you seen that Jed bush has announce his bid for presidency. I saw the add on the computer because I don’t see much TV

Mark Gilbo

Whats even worse are the conspiracy theorists who believe the fake studies and then fight against saving the planet. Talk about gullible.


no kidding, got that right on, Mark


The use of the phrase “conspiracy theorist” is one of the tools propagandists use to ridicule people who are telling the truth, so that no one else listens to them. Many “conspiracy theorists” are simply curious, rational people who are misled.
I would be cautious about using that term, since the more you empower the phrase “conspiracy theorist”, the more powerful it will be if it were ever used against you, or anyone else here.
After all, what Meier and the space cousins are doing, with their secret meetings, is in fact a conspiracy.

Mark Gilbo

You are assuming that I think all CT’s are the same and I think we know they are not. I’m talking about the ones who don’t recognize the damage we have and are doing to the planet because their belief in something has clouded their minds. I’m not saying some theories aren’t accurate, because some are, but most of them are made up or extremely exaggerated which tends to attract those type of thinkers. Aka… They are easily manipulated and refuse to look at any evidence to the contrary.

Greg Dougall

Thirsty for more truth?
“21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers have passed their sustainability tipping points, meaning more water was removed than replaced during the decade-long study period, researchers announced Tuesday.”

David Scott

Greg , I hear what you saying . The water is underground displaced in other areas below the earths crust in massive amounts , their is no shortage of water. I will find the link to it shortly . We had a migration of dolphins a few years ago 7 miles wide by 10 miles wide leaving the west coast of the US and now have a toxic bloom from San Diego up into Alaska that is blood red overtaking the west coast like never documented before. And to think this was from an X class solar flair from the sun just burping , hitting us dead on in Japan causing 120 foot Tsunami waves leading to Fukashima. The ongoing unanswered death sentence. Nobody knows what to do. Just like the BP disaster. Its an extinction event and I am just saying because anyone on the West Coast of the US needs to get a good grip and plan on leaving. Why would you stay ? getting radiation in your air , food , water and dry like a stone awaiting a massive quake or volcanic event. How can a tinderbox like California go on for much longer without consequence? Its day to day in obvious scrutiny.

David Scott

Deborah Tavarese gave this interview regarding the water supply and the almost unlimited fresh water supply underground , globally not long ago…