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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Billy Meier UFO contacts singularly authentic ongoing for 80 years the key to our future survival

The Might of the Thoughts in Practice

In 2011 lived in Brazil for almost six months, part of the time as the guest of my friend Ricardo Ralston. One evening, unexpectedly, he said that we had to go into Sao Paolo and leave at about 8:30 or 9:00. I wasn’t feeling quite ready for it as it felt like a cold was coming on and all I really wanted to do was try to sleep it off but I decided to challenge myself.

The ride from where we were in up in the mountains in Campos do Jordão was going to take more than two hours. I realized that by the time we arrived I could be down with a full-blown cold and feeling quite miserable. So as we plunged through the night in Ricardo’s Land Rover I made a decision to vanquish my cold by the time I arrived.

In order to do this I envisioned an unending stream of electrons flowing towards me, through the windshield of the car and at the same time that our forward motion plunged us into the vast, inexhaustible sea of universal electron energy. I maintained my focus on this while we conversed as well as when we were silent. I kept intensifying my visualizing this perpetual ocean of energy engulfing us in the car, taking it in breath by breath and increasing my intention and confidence in our arrival coinciding with, and culminating in, my being fully relieved of my cold.

When we arrived in Sao Paolo…that is exactly what occurred.

Red -Hot

Several days ago I decided to take a walk in the forest a few minutes from where I live. It was overcast and there was rain in the forecast but it didn’t look imminent. I didn’t take a jacket or protective gear; I had a thin cotton pullover with a skimpy athletic tank top underneath and a hat. I trudged about three-quarters of a mile up the mountain road and found a nice spot to do some breathing exercises, Chi Gong, etc.

In about 20 minutes I noticed that the temperature had dropped, the wind had picked up and the clouds were darkening. Taking my cue I immediately started my return, just as the first drops of rain were falling. The intensity and volume picked up quickly and I realized that I was going to get quite soaked.

I don’t particularly enjoy being cold and wet and it was at that moment that I remembered the process that I’d done in Brazil. Having no protection from the rain and wind I decided that what I would really be experiencing would be tremendous…heat. I visualized a raging, red-hot fire within and all around me. I redefined the sensation of completely soaked, cold cotton pants clinging to my legs as being one of walking in ever-increasingly warm water. I intensified my projection of this fiery element with every breath I took; each short, forceful exhale fanning the flames and enveloping me completely in their heat.

To keep me from faltering I even imagined that I was getting too hot from this peripatetic inferno. By the time I was almost at my car I noticed that I was actually enjoying the sensations of this redefined wet warmth and wondering why I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable instead.

When I returned home, still smoldering from my un-extinguishable fire, not in the least worse off than when I first ventured out, I changed into fresh dry clothing.

Reference points:

100% complete self-responsibility requires that we:

See things exactly as they are.

Observe and control every thought and feeling.

Remember that we are the smiths of our own destiny.


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The Might of the Thoughts

The Psyche


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Blog Member
June 20, 2015 10:01 am

Thanks to all the respondents on this thread to guiding me to the Truth. I thought I knew what “faith” was but I stand corrected. Thus is the Power of Thought in guiding one to the Truth!

Anne Williams
Anne Williams
Blog Member
May 18, 2018 8:17 pm

Thought I’d share this…. the might of the thoughts…. in practice. Look at what happened after children at a school were given a 30-day experiment in bullying vs being nice – using two plants as subjects.

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