Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen?

Should there be any questions about the specific, prophetic accuracy in Billy Meier’s warnings about Islamist terrorism it should be noted that , even long before 1981, in 1958, Meier stated:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world.

Which is echoed exactly in this quote in the Daily Mail:

“ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks across Paris, saying ‘eight brothers wearing explosive belts and carrying assault rifles’ conducted a ‘blessed attack on… Crusader France’.”*

The purpose for pointing out these unambiguous corroborations – and inescapable evidence of the immutable Law of Cause and Effect** – is the same as always, to help us assure our own very threatened future survival. It is in no way meant to justify the brutality and carnage, obviously.

For as long as Meier has been attempting to warn humanity of the coming tragic events birthed solely by human ignorance, irresponsibility and the complete disregard for truth, love, peace, freedom and harmony; for as long as people have willingly succumbed to these absolutely delusional, blood-thirsty, death-bring religions and the equally dead-end, power-greedy machinations of politicians and governments, these outcomes have loomed as inevitable, until and unless we actually wake up and make the necessary profound, positive changes in consciousness and direction…in time.

Still, even in the face of this inescapable, in-your-face evidence of the accuracy and the unimaginably altruistic intentions of Billy Meier and the Plejaren to forewarn humanity of the looming, mainly manmade dangers, we get twisted attacks such as this from skeptics:

“How big a douche do you have to be – other than a Republican presidential candidate – to try to capitalize on the terrorist attacks in Paris?  Apparently a douche named Michael because in his blog today, he claims Meier predicted this in 1981.”

Yes, in this magnificently dumbed down world, there are people who actually…complain about being shown the accuracy of the most trustworthy and potentially life-saving information because it’s from Billy Meier! These are often the same people, mostly in the US, who claim that Meier “hoaxed” his evidence and prophetic information. So successful have the efforts of government intelligence disinformation operatives – largely and enthusiastically promoted by the profit-motivated UFOCI and complicit people like Stanton Friedman, Jan Harzen of MUFON, etc. – that the snarling, salivating dogs instinctively go suicidal rather than break the invisible, self-secured chains on their now deranged consciousness.

It’s beyond ironic that a glimmer of recognition about Meier should pop up in a remote newspaper in Micronesia, while the majority of the world’s press dutifully suppresses the truth from humanity, which is done so that the last dollar can be wrung from the hands of the living or dying, so that absolute control (See: Number 40) can be accomplished over every single  human being on Earth – as Meier also said would be the case, almost 60 years ago.

Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen?


*You can find information on France’s role  in the Crusades here  and here.

**Cause and Effect or Is It any Wonder why “They” Hate Us?

If you want to survive…learn to think: The Might of the Thoughts


See more of the Spiritual Teaching.

Thanks to Billy Wilson for the Micronesia info.


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  • Don’t know if anyone saw any of the G20 meeting in Turkey today but Putin totally gets its, is completely open to a multinational coalition and says that is the only way and the best way to deal with the IS. Obama, on the other hand, says we will redouble our efforts at lobbing expensive bombs over Syria & Iraq, thereby lining the pockets of my puppet masters.

    • Quite possibly Putin does read Meier. Obama is hopelessly out of touch on all this, as are most of the Dems, liberals, left, etc. They are absolutely so paralyzed with guilt and political correctness they – literally – can’t say the words “radical Islamic terrorism”.

      • If Putin does read Meier material; why wouldn`t he warn Obama about Mr. Meier when they have a meeting or whenever they talk to each other. Does Obama simply does not want to listen or what is the deal with him? A few years ago I have read an article on futureofmankind page how BEAM or Pleyarans or someone has said how Obama is in line with BEAM mission, like he has also been in his past incarnations. What is the deal with that? Or has in that article someone just passed some lies.

      • The Left & their worship of PC is causing so much damage to society. PC is part of this Anti-logos. I’m in shock when I look back & decided to back Obama & the Democrats. Billy has some explaining to do when it come to his praise of Obama. Obama sure doesn’t seem like he cares about anything but his Leftist agenda. As does Merkel.

        • Meier already explained that – just as often happens in real life – that people can and do change, not always for the better. And I think that people are misguided in their concern that “Obama is a Muslim”, as opposed to his being someone heavily influenced POLITICALLY by the likes of George Soros and others, to do their bidding. Let’s at least notice that radical Islamists have openly called for Obama’s death, etc. Obama’s politically correct, suicidal immigration policies are indeed the stuff of the very left and are just as dopey as any pot head, prime minister or otherwise.

      • I have great hope that Arnold the governator listened to my post on his Facebook when I sent him my advice on stopping the ISIS petition. Those IS need to learn humanous activity and not death penalty tactics.

  • I just cinished watching Chrlie Rose of which I hate but one of the panelist came up with the idea of what the US didalmost twenty years ago when Bill Clinton was president. back in the late 90s that we should bomb ISIS the same way we did with Koxovol and Serbia. At least the war with ISIS will only last 1,2,3, years but it would be an intence war most like what the French are doing now with their air power plames. If we can`t get an internation Peace Keeping Force of 300,00 this would be the second alternative. This just an idea. Just keep the bombing raids going until every single on e of these mongsters are gone the same way the US did in Kosovol. At least won`t have to have a Fourth World War and we`d end all this terrorism pretty fast like we did in Kosovol. It`s got possibilities.


    France has been formally the lay/secular country since the 18th century. Anyway it’s the country wherein most Christ-focused people used to live, namely Albigenses/Albigensians and Waldensians. They, at the risk of death, in the Dark Ages, despite being hunted down and persecuted by the Vatican troops of the Holy Inquisition, kept spreading the Word of God/the Gospel, copying/rewriting its contents and smuggling it to all European countries because the Bible was one of the most forbidden books by the Vatican!!! If it hadn’t been for them, the Bible might not have survived to be available nowadays!

    God bless France and her people so that they will massively return to your throne of grace!!!

    • Hi Rob,

      to be clear, we’re anything but religious supporters here, though people are free to believe what they want. Since you’re new here I’m allowing you your one pro-religious comment. I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with the Meier material so you at least understand why we consider religion to be one of the most suppressive abominations humankind has inflicted upon itself.

      • To be more precise, you should take into account the fact that all those NWO Agendists responsible for what’s going on in the Middle East are also very “religious” people since they are Illuminatis/Freemasons worshipping Lucipher/Molech and sacrificing people to their god through wars they wage.


    There’s no getting around the fact that the same demonic powers are behind the gradual degradation and collapse of Europe these days as during the Dark Ages! But now these powers seem to be more devastating! And we’re in for more turmoil and havoc!!!

  • Have you all forgot that Obama is a Muslim and his appointed people are Muslims. Obama is a Muslim. Does that mean anything to any of you. We are at War right here and hardly anyone is getting it. Muslims protect Muslims. Obama sends millions of Dollars and weapons to the Muslims. Putin made these very comments. This is all True and you wonder why Obama does what he does????? Really!!!! Wake Up.

      • Terry can you tell me where I can research the Jew/Christian part of Obama? I don’t know where to start with that research, thank you

      • Terry, no, Obama is not officially a Muslim, but he attended Muslim schools and his step father was Muslim. He attended Muslim worship services also. Is he a Muslim sympathizer? I can’t say for sure, but his words and actions indicate to me that he is.

        • I know people who attended religious schools who were not of the the particular religion. Obama’s got a lot of radical Muslim wanting him dead. Not only do I doubt that he’s a Muslim, I think it’s irrelevant.

          Also, taking a wild a guess that your real name isn’t John Doe, please submit further comments using your…real name.


          P.S. One can be a “sympathizer” of people of any religion, etc., which doesn’t make either one a terrorist.

  • Zerohedge reporting : “There’s No Such Thing As ISIS”: Journalist Destroys West’s Terror Narrative, Warns Of Crackdown On “Dissidents”

    Video here.

    Islamist fundamentalism being used as a cover by elites to inflict terror to divide and conquer man on the street the world over. Best explanation so far for what appears to be a false flag in France – this time with actual casualties.

  • I am soooo glad my local PBS stations also include the Worldwide channel which has European news, mysterys, etc. I highly reccommend some of you people who write in here start watching France 24 and the German news, think it’s DN. Since watching foreign news agencies, I find that hearing people’s words straight up and often as it happens is far better than watching the stuff called news on American TV. Excepting for PBS news sources and even those can be lame. And it is so nice to hear leaders of other countries who have working brain cells talking about Daesh, economies, refugees, etc. Not that I agree all the time, far from it. I’ve not heard so much sensible, often quite reasonable talk in decades from American news sources. Wake up people. There’s other sides to the story, other people to listen to who apparently don’t live in a vaccuum. I get so doggone irritated reading stuff on theyfly blog from others who apparently aren’t capable of holistic thinking, meaning get a broader, more informed view before you spew your middle school level comments. I daresay, Michael Horn, you must have a lot of patience to read some of the stuff that passes thru the comments without feeling real beligerent after some time at the vast quantities of ignorance on this planet. I can only imagine the agony and frustration Billy must feel. Many blessings to both of you and all your crew for all you do.

  • So i see on the news here in the UK, that France’s leader, President Hollande, has stated that they will send the aircraft carrier to the gulf, along with Russia seeing the UK and French military as allies. He also stated that “the Islamic State group is “threatening the whole world” and the entire power of the government is to be put towards protecting French people against terrorists.”

    The head of security for the Kurdish KDP Peshmerga forces has told the BBC “So-called Islamic State could be defeated by militarily in months, perhaps even weeks, if western countries “fully engage” in the fight against them” – Didnt Billy and MH send a letter to the relevent heads of each country stating this a good while ago, a combined force of 300,000 military, from all countries including Islamic brothers against ISIS, if i remember rightly. Its time to wake up LEADERS OF THE WORLD! I hope these/our leaders now wake up and re-read the letter that Billy sent to them, maybe a spark of light will grow into something tangible….here’s hoping.

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