The Henoch Prophecies ceaselessly unfold right before our sleepy eyes

Many people are now familiar with the Henoch Prophecies and how they ceaselessly unfold right before our sleepy eyes. But some don’t think that they could possibly be accurate despite the undeniable events. Others feel unsatisfied because they want even more scary details so they can entertain themselves in their bored lives. And then there’s the “anybody could’ve said that” crowd. None of the aforementioned seem to care about the inherent warnings and lessons, just in finding fault with the one who brought them.

Just as the Germans, French and Belgians have already experienced – if not learned – the British are quite literally hell bent to undo their country and themselves, as they helplessly begin to feel the inevitable blow back (cause and effect) of hundreds of years of Empire building, etc.

175. And it will be that the fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe and all will shake and quiver.

176. Everything in the West will be destroyed; England will be conquered and thrown down to the lowest level of misery.

177. And the fanatics and warriors of Islam will retain their power for a long time.

178. However, not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the countries and peoples of the Earth, as the great horror expands to a war that will encompass the entire world.

Switzerland – Meier’s home country – may actually be learning and interested in self-preservation while our institutions of higher learning are excelling at teaching Whistling in the Dark classes, this time featuring a provocative look at Zombies from the UK, which may prove to be both a prescient and optimistic look at he troubles that will face England, etc. Yes, it’s that ASU, the one that banned And Did they Listen? and didn’t have room on their empty calendar for a presentation of the Billy Meier case by Matthew Wieczkiewicz and me.

Here in the US, the community minded Open Borders folks want to do their part to fulfill this grim stuff:

219. With her global conflicts which are continuously instigated by her and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221.The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

…and also help to bring about the two civil wars in America, previously viewed as at least as improbable China wiping out what amounts to the combined populations of several of the world’s largest cities. Hey, isn’t New Delhi among them?

Planet Stupicide

Well, speaking of all that, another one of the formerly, seemingly improbable events foretold – over 11,000 years ago ­– is the coming attack on India by China, at an unspecified date:

244.And China becomes dangerous, especially to India, as also at this time China maintains uneasy relations with her.

245. China will attack India; and if biological weapons are used, around 30 million human beings will be killed in the area of and around New Delhi alone.

246.However, this will not be the end yet—because the effect of biological bombs and missiles, etc., used cannot be controlled at that time, and terrible epidemics unknown up to that point in time will arise and will spread quickly to many areas.

247.Also Pakistan will allow herself to be misled to instigate a war against India, which will be especially dangerous in view of the fact that both countries are developing atomic weapons.

Never one to miss an opportunity, American aircraft manufacturer, Lockheed Martin is positioning itself to make the most of conflicts in the area which, in accordance with long standing American policies is always a better option than seeking peace and real prosperity.

And why not? If we’re to fulfill such things as:

272. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict.

276. As already mentioned, enormous natural catastrophes and rolling walls of fire and violent hurricanes will rage all across America, while, in addition, all the terrible effects of war will bring thousand-fold deaths, destruction and annihilation.

277. America’s largest cities will be absolutely destroyed, and firestorms will cause great disaster and misery.

…we’d better amp up this kind of stuff instead of listening to namby-pamby suggestions from the man who, you might say, has been warning us for millennia about it.

Totally Rad

While concern about the Fukushima disaster’s been submerged like the core of a damaged reactor, we can recall that Meier was the first one to reveal the real extent of the damage within days of the event. The global impact on the health of human beings and the entire food chain will be felt for decades, perhaps centuries, to come. Note also that he says there’s more quake damage coming to Japan and Tokyo. (Ooooops, those are already underway as of today.)

Think Globally, Shoot Locally

But all is not lost when civic minded public servants seek to improve the health of even lowly criminals. The Chicago police must have quickly assessed that this (handcuffed) guy had a rather rare lead deficiency so they inserted a pretty large dose, slightly killing him in the process. Oh well.

The Spiritual Teaching

Yes, it’s all a much too real bad dream, one that collective humanity has dreamed up in fact. The antidote to the nightmare will take a while to become effective, once we start to take it. I suggest immersing oneself in the spiritual teaching and in books like The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live. Read them and you’ll understand why.

Thanks to Mumtaz Khan, Greg O’Brien, Chris Lock and Norm DeCindis.

50 comments on “Some Light Weekend Reading

  • Phil Brandel: Yes, the key is in an individuals thoughts, i.e. to tune your thoughts to what is Creational, but it is not forced, like in a religion, you have to naturally let it develop, and blossom, while you control your thoughts, and feelings, at the same time. Billy writes “what one thinks, he will become”, many of my thoughts have come so far, and very deep, and profound, and thus, this also helps you with the inspirations from your subconsciousness, as you connect with the swinging-waves of your personal storage-bank frequency. I also have the benefit from reading the German material, to help me with my learning process is from the “evolution-code” as well. I think about great evolutive ideas for the planet Earth all day long, and sometimes even when I am at work, on break, or what have you, there is always space inside my mind for evolutive Earth ideas for terrestrial humanity. It takes time to do this correctly, and this is a lifelong study, so you don’t have to worry about running out of time (except for the inclusion of negative world events, which could cut billions of people’s time short).

    Yes, even African terrorism entities such as Boko Haram should be banished, as well as, Al-Qaeda affiliates in areas of the Middle East, etc, anyone who is guilty of being terrorist (extremist), and either provokes terrorism harm on the people of Earth, or is a known member of a group who is willing to provoke harm on the people of Earth, as a false extremist-group-ideology, etc., along with ISIS in it’s entirety, as they are the equivalent of Arab Nazis, and their genocide is intolerable for the good people of Earth, and ISIS must not be allowed to commit further atrocities to terrestrial humanity. ISIS recently threatened one of my state’s political leaders, who I know is a good man, thankfully they have not acted on this threat yet, and they must not be allowed to do so. Earth must not play these games anymore, and has to get serious with the banishments, this would really increase the safety factors for terrestrial humanity by quite a large factor, and would prevent these movements from occurring later on down the line, in Earth’s future, when we would have more precious development to protect, and precious human-life would mean more then it does today to greater amounts of people, if we could implement the gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, the places of fulfillment of guidelines, and the birth-stop, with 7 year birth-rate checks.

    -you made the correct choice for not having any children, your 8 siblings can carry on the family line, if they haven’t already.

    Corey Müske
    Red Wing, MN USA/I’m your distant neighbor!/

    • Wow, not so distant Corey!
      Well, for some of the distances needed to cover, to join others in the physical? Have you ever run across any other MN’s here, or elsewhere? Ever do a simple study group, meet up with other people discussing all this in the physical?
      This mess we are in is not completely cleaned of my person. Earlier in my life (34yrs old now), within a span of ten years apart have had two children. Both oddly enough, in the end were phone calls out of the blue, after they were born. I am not in a relationship with either of my children’s mothers though have full custody of my son, and 50-50 with my daughter. My choice(which should not have been mine to make) in stopping this madness was based also on evolutive thinking, after the fact, as a dangerous patern was growing and would have continued with or without my consent, and within my sexual desires. As relationships end with lost hope given within such an important process as bringing human life into this world. A better world is something that seems to come with much hardship for many, as much as a more evolutive way is hopefuly formed.
      We are on our own, as so many would think is necessary, no one, thing, entity, whatever is coming to save us or ‘return’ from anywhere. Only us as it would seem, to a better, more evolutive way. Maybe eventually so many of us won’t have to learn the hard way, over and over again. Understanding the cause and effect of our foot prints, life after life.
      A true international fighting force would not only crush this scourge, but would truly stop aiding them as well. Seems more than half of the issue is just basic support that is given to them. This true international peace keeping force would be extremely busy for awhile! As some host countries, most notably Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Israel, etc, etc, our ‘allies’, would need to be shown a heavy hand, as they buy arms, logistics from us, and give them to humanity’s extreme religiously fanatical degenerates. Though in a blurry way, most countries of this world would be given such standing by some within the cosmos…. and here on earth. Lest the biggest terrorists of them all reside right within our own govermnents.
      Though as stated and within a very simple and powerful message, what one thinks, he/ she will become. A lot of work to do on my part, a slow but steady process.

    • You know corey before we banish the IS scums do you know what I would like to do?
      I would start from the top of the food chain.

  • Phil Brandel: I almost forgot, as for what you mentioned about the Western view of a multinational peacekeeping troop: it’s possible that Russia, China, and the US could have the biggest amount of resources, and personnel into the troop initially, with smaller countries contributing what they can, as it gets more and more successful. The bond of Russia, China, and the US together cooperating would thus bond the 3 countries together, as a fusion, and the fact that this would not be a solely NATO, or US led coalition, and could work out quite nicely. All the Arab countries would definitely have to be involved (and contributing soldiers, and resources) as well, as well as, African countries, etc, this would involve absolutely everyone from the get go, so in an essence, it would not be a Western-led troop, it would be thus be a terrestrial led troop, as it gains more and more success, and more, and more popularity with terrestrial humanity.


    • I agree Corey. In retrospect I know this international coalition of peace fighting troops cannot come from the U.N. as it’s comprised of despots and dictators. The fact that recently the U.N. included rape as a crime against humanity really shocked me because I assumed rape was already included. It wasn’t. Now it is in 2016 which makes me think of who was against it being included before 2016?

  • Hi Michael

    Do you consider verse 247 of the Henoch prophecies to have now been fulfilled? Pakistan did indeed instigate a war against India through the sponsorship of terrorist organisations. Both countries now have nuclear weapons and after looking down the barrel of mutual Armageddon, both countries appear to have now toned down their ambitions against each other.

  • Sheila Clark: yes, our planet has to learn to respect our women (female = the negative pole), to defile a woman is equal to the crime of defiling your home planet, or the Creation itself, Rape should be considered a grave crime against humanity, and if it was my Earth, it would be punishable by banishment.

    When it comes to the multinational peacekeeping troop, if this means we sidestep the UN, then we sidestep the UN. Terrorists would learn to run away, and hide, if 3 of some of the most powerful countries on Earth (Russia, China, and the US), alongside all other countries of Earth were working together as one powerful coalition, and were coming after them (the terrorists), and banishing them for the rest of their natural lives. Our planet has the serious capabilities to perform this duty, and this would go down in the historical annals of our planet as the utmost very seriously heroic duty, thus ensuring systematic planetary development for the future as guardians of the Earth!

  • Sorry to be off topic but I just read another article from counterpunch which is exteamly important because apparently nobody is doing anything about the Fukushima Disaster to this very day in 2016. The article is In Insider`s Expose` of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster by Katsuga Hirano and Hirotaki Kakasi for 4/19/16 This article is very long and very serious and explanes what is really going on with Fukushima. To this very day ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being done to rid Japan of all of it`s nuclear material let alone if anything is being done about the two back to back earthquakes thaey had in southern Japan recently unhfortunately:-((((

  • If it wasn’t already mentioned Michael, those were LAPD Officers not Chicago PD that were lead poisoning the handcuffed subject. Again a great blog that tells it like it is. We had a chance for many decades to save ourselves, but it may be upticking to include the continued disastrous consequences. One of the ticking time bombs is the ludicrous open and conceal carry laws in of guns including assault rifles like the AR15. Those states where it’s legal you can witness the paranoid NRA supporters walk into a grocery store or Tavern strapped with the intimidating weapon of choice. Can’t imagine good choices from drinking and wearing a gun for all to see… it will be ‘shopping and shooting’ or revisiting the saloon days of the old west. We are definitely regressing to self destruct.

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