Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air? Part 2

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces

The concerns I expressed in Part 1 are not limited to the Billy Meier UFO case of course. In fact, the dangers of the ubiquitous use of destructive pesticides and irresponsible GMO from companies like Monsanto and others is either under reported or considered to be a fringe topic. When whistleblower scientists have tried to bring the truth forward they’ve been harshly attacked for their efforts.

Many of the residents of the Hawaiian island of Kauai have been fighting very hard to rid the island of the poisons-for-profit pesticide industry. Their battle has hardly made any news at all. You can learn more and support their efforts here.

The Double-Edged Sword

As with everything, science presents a double-edged sword. Properly used, genetic engineering holds the promise of better nutrition and increased plant yields, being able to obtain protein for human consumption without the need to kill animals, as well as the elimination of all forms of diseases, etc. Meier has pointed out that radical vegetarians have been their own, and everyone else’s, worst enemy since they oppose all genetic engineering and scientific efforts to effect the very changes that they call for.

But as the film points out from the start, the business of business is first and foremost to make money, with concerns for the health of the people, plants, animals and life on the planet hardly a consideration. And anyone, scientists included, who dare to challenge the greedy and irresponsible corporations risk paying a very heavy price.

Seen in this light, we can understand why the various scientists, writers, even former whistleblowers don’t want to touch the Meier case, not even to try to debunk it, lest they inadvertently draw more attention to it…and to themselves.

Playing It Safe

I recently contacted yet another scientist/futurist at CSI ASU who said that he’d look at the evidence in the Meier case. I told him that, as a futurist, he’d probably be quite interested in Meier’s rather spectacular and unparalleled record of prophetic accuracy. He was quick to state the old “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” bromide that I rebutted with “extraordinary claims only require the application of the scientific method to determine their validity”. Obviously, what’s considered “extraordinary” can change over time, as Galileo, among others, demonstrated.

So far, despite follow up emails and voice messages, I haven’t heard a peep from him. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll wait before writing him off as another play-it-safe, self-seeker who doesn’t want to find what he claims to be looking for. I would much prefer having a reason to remark on his intellectual honesty and courage, which could lead to opening the doors to presenting the Meier material at CSI ASU, which so far has been content to feed its students the likes of Looney Tunes instead, unlike the opportunities provided by skeptical professor Scott Antes at NAU.

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces. Prof. Antes created the opportunities for students to learn about the Meier case, while not having to abandon his own objectivity, skepticism, etc. He simply allowed another viewpoint and information to be presented and put the responsibility on the students to make up their own minds.


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Thanks to Mariann Uehlinger for the link to the video.

24 Replies to “Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air? Part 2”

  1. A friend of mine, about 82 years old likes to have discussions and write proposals to his friends to keep his mind sharp. He was debating “is Jesus God?”. And citing books and experts who have researched all of these historical documents. But I told him his entire point of view would change when he reads the Talmud of Jmmanuel. To which he replied, without proof of its existence, it’s all fiction. So I’ve always been wondering, other than the german translation, were any pictures ever taken of the original scrolls?

    1. No photos were taken. Of course none were taken of the supposedly “original” Bible.

      I think if you direct him to http://www.tjresearch.info he might find a good bit of very reasonable information.

      Also, to the best of my knowledge, while there were some 60 historians living in the area at the time that “Jesus” supposedly lived, notONE of them ever mentioned the guy who supposedly was walking on water, raising the dead, etc. Your friend may have his priorities reversed.

    2. “…without proof of its existence, it’s all fiction.”

      This is a logical fallacy. It’s the same argument atheists use:

      There is no proof for the existence of “God” therefore “He” does not exist. However

      “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” ~Carl Sagan

      The existence of subatomic particles did not change once they were proven so. The lack of physical evidence for the TJ scrolls does not automatically rule out its existence. Although there is no DIRECT evidence for their existence, the logical approach demonstrates a very high probability:

      The scrolls were found by Meier.
      The scrolls involve alleged extraterrestrial involvement.
      Meier has provided evidence for these extraterrestrial contacts.
      This evidence has been scientifically validated free of hoax.
      This science has never been PROPERLY refuted.
      His evidence has never been duplicated to these same scientific standards.
      The study of this evidence spans multiple scientific disciplines.
      Meier has never been proven to have been intentionally deceptive.

      A COMPLETE study of this evidence and corresponding refutation/debunk attempts will reveal an astronomically low probability of hoax, CERTAINLY not a “simple” hoax.

      A truly logical individual(the true and honest skeptic) would not ignore this line of reasoning. Anyone is free to refute my approach, including your friend.

  2. Hello, MH. Thanks for everything you do in helping to spread the truth. I have a couple of questions for you and I hope you don’t mind that they’re off topic.

    First, I read a post of yours on the figu forum where you stated that you talked to Billy and that you had some information about the Plejaren you are going to publish soon. Any idea as to when you’re going to share the information and how is Billy’s health?

    Have you ever talked to Michael Cremo, the “Forbidden Archeologist”? Do you know if he is familiar with the Meier case?

    Thanks for your time.
    Peace, Scott Reed.

    1. Hi Scott,

      I have to wait until I get some more info from him. He’s doing fine, just a lot of challenges as usual.

      I’ve never met or spoken with Michael Cremo.

  3. I think genetic manipulation is fine if it follows natural/ceational laws, not economic laws. They are Laws like biodiversity (diverse organisms complementing to each other) and evolutive generation (transmit good or better genes to the next generation). Monsanto follows economic laws ( to get richer and richer). They are creating plants that do not transmit their genes, good ones, to the next generation. Greed for power is the worst “dissease” that is affecting seriously our world. Monsanto has this sickness.

    1. Rhal, I am totally and completely in agreement with you 100% Thankyou so very much for mentioning that. Yes we need to follow the laws of Creation not the laws of Monsanto and all those other corporations and politicians who are ruining and making a horrible mess on Planet Earth. I`m finally learnin g not to even listen to thje news anymore because all it is is crime and punishment and just making this world even dirtier and uglier. There is an old saying that goes “No news is good news!” This world is getting so negative and so depressing,why even bother to listen to the news anymore. As an enlightened human being I prefer to think positive thoughts. For every problem there is a salution,there has to be away out of this horrible mess or else what are we here for in the first place if we are alive and living,.

  4. At least we have Meier engaging with alleged ETs about real issues on this planet. Not really sure why folks run at the first site of engagement over interesting subjects presented over real issues. You would THINK that someone’s curiosity would be peaked at this point.

    Instead …

    I can rely on the UFAILO folks and MUFAIL to spin folks right round looking for extra-terrestrial love, like a record baby right round, round, round. Basically, debating endlessly about junk seeing who can look Sirius the longest without cracking a chuckle. Though one burning question I have with the CE5 loving arms contact initiatives if the Bradley amendment applies to dead-beat ET dads? I guess maybe that is a question for the self-credited Ambassadors like Salla and Paola to tackle if they have the generous time schooling folks. At least Giorgio doesn’t bother to hide it.

  5. Oh, if anyone has doubt Stevey G and crew are not spin artists has to look no further by comparing how Meier has done his contacts in contrast to the backward CE-FAIL initiatives that haven’t produced much of anything, even with mobile phones! Night vision video is great but you would figure if you can summon or “vector” a UFO to appear you would have MORE day light verifiable photos than the ones in Meier’s collection. Also, if the issue is other people and bad vibes them aliens get from the yokels, then he can do it alone like Meier did if he’s some chosen advocate of some sort. So, it’s no excuse with modern technology to not have it from his own sources if he’s really this guru on the subject and gave up his important medical career saving lives to not have these aliens do a photo op.

    No wonder why they instantly got rid of anyone that came in contact with the Meier material from their organization. You can’t have “competition” if you don’t believe they exist and just want to embellish all day then turn around and believe all the stuff you just made up. It’s like they never stopped “playing pretend” from when they were a kid.

  6. When pulling weeds the other day so many people came along and said I should use roundup instead which opened the dialogue on how harmful this chemical is. “It’s perfectly safe, my family has used it for years”. My response “How many of your family members have died of cancer?”
    Monsanto has terminator seed which means you can’t save the seed and plant it next year. You are forced to buy new seed every year and pay them extra for their stupid technology fee. One farmer told me Monsanto claimed his yields would increase by 30% which was a total lie. After his wheat crop was sprayed with herbicide, pesticide, insecticide and fertilized, it was send back from the elevator because it had bugs. Then it had to be fumigated. Then they take the chaff and sell it as chicken feed. It’s a nasty money grubbing business, that Monsanto. Only one farmer Percy Schmeizer (?spelling) successfully sued Monsanto for a whopping $600 and no gag order.

  7. Because of what I have just been studying, I see our main problems of today stemming from competition.
    “National Security”
    So short-minded, so material-god-am-i, divide and conquer mentality BS.
    Human Being, or at least, my fellow Human Being be damned.
    How sad and infuriating.
    And if you think that we of responsibility can frog leap the coming events, I ask you, who will guard the treasure?

    1. Before you get the wrong idea, I don’t agree with the United States of America’s idea of “National Security”.
      I don’t agree with economic refugees.
      I’m saying, are we not all Human Beings on the only planet we can currently get to in a hurry.

  8. A Whistleblower he ain’t!

    I’m sure you are all aware of Robert De Niro and how a whistleblower he ain’t; well yet, maybe. If not, search the world wide web for him and Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

    So, I share with you this from Human being of Earth, it is high time for you to change for the better and for the good (May 21st, 2009):
    “… , there are degeneracies existing across-the-board, therefore in medicine, …”
    http://www futureofmankind co uk/Billy_Meier/Human_being_of_the_Earth

    And one of my most favorite quotes of all time:
    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

    We know that genetic engineering is part and parcel of evolution, but there is doing it for good and doing it for evil profiteering and maybe even evil depopulation.

    But, oh, how the winds of truth blow:
    Robert De Niro to Produce Documentary Exposing Corruption Within the Vaccine Industry.
    (I won’t link any of the pathetic ad riddled sites I found this on)
    Maybe he checked his bank account and thought, “What have I got to lose” (an estimated $150 million, just quietly).

    Your fellow food for thought finder,
    If anyone has any health issues, I recently discovered
    MMS (Master Mineral Solution) & DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide).
    They have been suppressed for 20 plus years and appear to be quite life saving from most accounts. quantumleap dot is has an hour long video on MMS.

    1. Actually he is. Ask yourself why Sweden wants Assange for a bogus rape when they have no desire to find several rapists from New Year’s Eve? Can you say politically motivated?
      There are many cures they don’t want you to know about. Just ask Kevin Trudeau.

      1. Kevin has another 7 years to ponder his antics.
        Maybe he won’t want to leave his cell when he sees what he faces outside.
        He just wasn’t flying high with the right people and they thought all that money was better off in their pockets than his. He might have saved a few lives when people couldn’t afford their meds. ;->

      1. Matthew,
        This was written by BEAM seven (7) years ago.
        Are you trying to say he can tell the future (just kidding).
        I think anyone would be hard pressed to find anyone who calls
        Zika and other infections, including you ;->, medicine.

  9. Here’s some interesting news!

    “This smart, harmless pesticide patent could take down Monsanto and change the world…

    …Anonymous notes that some executives of the pesticide industry have remarked that the patent he filed was the most disruptive they had ever seen…

    …”The present invention relates to the use of fungal mycelium as a biopesticide. More particularly, the invention relates to the control and destruction of insects, including carpenter ants, fire ants, termites, flies, beetles, cockroaches and other pests, using fungal mycelia as both attractant and infectious agent,” the patent says…”


    Could there be a possible unbalancing of environments through this?
    Apparently the fungus is non-sporulating.

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