Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air? Part 2

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces

The concerns I expressed in Part 1 are not limited to the Billy Meier UFO case of course. In fact, the dangers of the ubiquitous use of destructive pesticides and irresponsible GMO from companies like Monsanto and others is either under reported or considered to be a fringe topic. When whistleblower scientists have tried to bring the truth forward they’ve been harshly attacked for their efforts.

Many of the residents of the Hawaiian island of Kauai have been fighting very hard to rid the island of the poisons-for-profit pesticide industry. Their battle has hardly made any news at all. You can learn more and support their efforts here.

The Double-Edged Sword

As with everything, science presents a double-edged sword. Properly used, genetic engineering holds the promise of better nutrition and increased plant yields, being able to obtain protein for human consumption without the need to kill animals, as well as the elimination of all forms of diseases, etc. Meier has pointed out that radical vegetarians have been their own, and everyone else’s, worst enemy since they oppose all genetic engineering and scientific efforts to effect the very changes that they call for.

But as the film points out from the start, the business of business is first and foremost to make money, with concerns for the health of the people, plants, animals and life on the planet hardly a consideration. And anyone, scientists included, who dare to challenge the greedy and irresponsible corporations risk paying a very heavy price.

Seen in this light, we can understand why the various scientists, writers, even former whistleblowers don’t want to touch the Meier case, not even to try to debunk it, lest they inadvertently draw more attention to it…and to themselves.

Playing It Safe

I recently contacted yet another scientist/futurist at CSI ASU who said that he’d look at the evidence in the Meier case. I told him that, as a futurist, he’d probably be quite interested in Meier’s rather spectacular and unparalleled record of prophetic accuracy. He was quick to state the old “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” bromide that I rebutted with “extraordinary claims only require the application of the scientific method to determine their validity”. Obviously, what’s considered “extraordinary” can change over time, as Galileo, among others, demonstrated.

So far, despite follow up emails and voice messages, I haven’t heard a peep from him. But giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’ll wait before writing him off as another play-it-safe, self-seeker who doesn’t want to find what he claims to be looking for. I would much prefer having a reason to remark on his intellectual honesty and courage, which could lead to opening the doors to presenting the Meier material at CSI ASU, which so far has been content to feed its students the likes of Looney Tunes instead, unlike the opportunities provided by skeptical professor Scott Antes at NAU.

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces. Prof. Antes created the opportunities for students to learn about the Meier case, while not having to abandon his own objectivity, skepticism, etc. He simply allowed another viewpoint and information to be presented and put the responsibility on the students to make up their own minds.


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Thanks to Mariann Uehlinger for the link to the video.

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  1. Here’s some interesting news!

    “This smart, harmless pesticide patent could take down Monsanto and change the world…

    …Anonymous notes that some executives of the pesticide industry have remarked that the patent he filed was the most disruptive they had ever seen…

    …”The present invention relates to the use of fungal mycelium as a biopesticide. More particularly, the invention relates to the control and destruction of insects, including carpenter ants, fire ants, termites, flies, beetles, cockroaches and other pests, using fungal mycelia as both attractant and infectious agent,” the patent says…”


    Could there be a possible unbalancing of environments through this?
    Apparently the fungus is non-sporulating.

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