Had Obama known the truth he would have never sought the presidency

In a recent bulletin, Ptaah explained to Billy Meier that President Obama has long had to endure the influence and effective control of various powerful hidden parties…under threat of death to his family and himself:

“Had Obama known this prior to his efforts for the US presidency – I have fathomed very exactly – that he would be forcibly manipulated by his counselors, the militarily mighty ones and secret services, as well as all around him, who decide above his authority matters of the military and political issues of the State, then he would never have tried for the presidency. Unfortunately, the whole is not completely aware to him, so he gives into evil whispers, while on the other hand it is clear to him that he has to do a lot of things, therefore being sneakily influenced, because he knows very well, that this is the only way to protect his life and the life of his family. Had he not acted according to the will of those influencing him, who of course remain in the background, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, as much as under circumstances this applies to his family.

This especially, because Obama and his family are Afro-Americans.”*

While the shrill, strident voices of right-wing critics of Obama and what they presume are his policies have a field day heaping scorn and abuse on him, they don’t realize that many of the things that they hate him for are not of his own design. Likewise, neither are drone strikes, torture, etc., that bother the more liberal people.

Of course, whichever incompetent ascends to the presidency isn’t going to rescind any of the powers signed into law by Obama that they too can use in order to further the negative, aggressive agenda.

And while there also were things that Obama may have created in his own right that were not wise, it still boggles the mind that this country fought hard to not find a workable way to make affordable healthcare available to its citizens. But it really shouldn’t be mysterious when one understands that the actual national priorities are for militarization, destruction, world control, etc.

I have long said to people that “they”, the powers that be, call them the Shadow Government, Deep State, Dark Order, etc., showed Obama the Zapruder film. For those who don’t know, it’s the film of the JFK (John F. Kennedy) assassination, meaning that Obama was informed, one way or another, what the price for going against the real powers that be would be. It appears that what Ptaah told Meier corroborates this.

Those powers that be have an agenda, which includes polarization of the citizens of this country to the point of civil war, attempts at martial law, etc., that is proceeding almost ceaselessly. There is also much said in this particular contact about how American policies for world domination may result in provoking Russia to the point of nuclear war that envelopes all of Europe…and the US as well.

Obama did what he could to carry out his personal vision of a better country and a better world. He certainly must be suffering greatly in silence, not daring to say anything and very unlikely to do so once he’s out of office.

Perhaps in retrospect people will better understand and appreciate the great difficulties that Obama faced and his actual good and very principled character and inner strength.

As the breakdown in the US proceeds, we may well see the proliferation of desperate, pseudo “patriots” and Ramboesque, Mad Max mayhem, the demonizing of people of different races, religions and belief systems, the flag-waving and religious hysteria, etc. The long foretold, two coming civil wars may prove to be also be inevitable.

The answer, as has been previously stated, is to delve into the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching. It’s the answer because it explains and demystifies how thinking actually works, how we really do create our world – consciously or unconsciously – through our thoughts, feelings and actions. However that may sound, the truth is that few people really do know and understand – let alone apply – this teaching. Now is the time to do so.

For those who want even more specific information that is applicable to how to deal with these times, I highly recommend The Might of the Thoughts and The Way to Live, available here.


*Thanks to Bruce Lulla for the translation.









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  • It seems one of the groups manipulating president barack hussein obama is the muslim brotherhood. Few know about their history. They werew bankrolled and help founded by adolf hitler in the early 30’s i think. And the bush family has ties to them in the sense that U.S senator and traitor prescott bush was bankrolling nazi germany while america was at war with nazi germany. He almost got charged with treason but everyone knows rich people like him never face the penalties that the rest of us would. Also Prescott bush is a member of yales skull and bones. Same as george sr and george jr and alot of other political and corporate elites. This lodge at yale called skull and bones is supposedly tied to another lodge in bavaria germany that adolf hitler was a member of. And also a member of skull and bones , cant remember who, actually help found the CIA . The very organization destined to cause americas destruction and the worlds hardship. ANd later george bush senior was director of the cia. And purportedly shipped in tons and tons of cocaine into america. ANd later when george jr got into the white house , he passes the patriot act allowing spying on alll american citizens wether their terrorists or patriots is irrelevant. And the muslim brotherhood has huge sway over obama and his staff. FBI guys were freaking out obama was meeting with people on the U.S terrorist list. ANd also, durring ww2, nazi germany tried instigating war between mexico, backed by the nazi’s and the U.S. And today what 2 groups are still around acting as a thorn in americas side. The muslim brotherhood controls obama and the white house. He wont even acknowlede muslim terrorism. ANd Laraza , the pro hispanic radical political organization keeps influencing law makers and the media for open borders and increasing legal immigration by the millions even when americans cant find any employment. Laraza is also pushing for amnesty for milllions of illegal fence hoppers of course as well. So when trump questions the loyalty and ethics of this hispanic judge thats part of laraza, i think hes right to do so. And the bush family are tied to saudi arabia which supports terrorism and probably isis etc. . George jr knew osama bin laden as a teenager when he was growing up. And the king of saudi arabia has Bush in his last name which is quite long to begin with. And the bush family courts the hispanic people and causes constantly. Jeb bush is married to one, the bush family pushes for open borders and free trade. So this bush family seems to be filled with traitors over several generations. In addition if you look on youtube etc, theres alot of info on the bush families involvement in satanic rituals and abuse. It seems the only reason their trying to destroy america and really all of western society is because they beleive in being evil. ANd that sneaky , conivivng traitors like them should rule the world. For our benefit of course, because these rich , sneaky, arrogant, cowardly, tratorous bastards are so much better than the rest of us. And Hillary is taking tons of money from the saudi royal family which supports terrrorism and probably was involved with 9/11. Trump 2016, by far is a better choice. Hes the only one fighting against the establishment and trying to keep america and the west free and independant . Hopefully until free energy is perfected or is stopped from being covered up and suppressed. As Billy has predicted in his writings. And currently the GOP is trying to replace trump and guess whos leading the pact. JEB BUSH AND GEORGE SENIOR AND GEORGE JUNIOR. THESE SNEAKY BASTARDS ARE WORKING OVERTIME TO DESTROY AMERICA AND ENSLAVE HUMANITY. Also those who need to be watched are the corporate executives of americas military industrial complex. LOCKHEED, BETCHEL, RATHEON, GENERAL ELECTRIC, TRW, NORTH RUPP GRUMANN, BOEING. These companies get half the tax dollars the american people are taxed for every year. Thats why they instigate war. To make huge profits and bonuses for sneaky, coniving, traitorous ceo’s. If they were true patriots why would they instigate war that ends up putting american troops lives in danger. The reason is simple. Few if any ceo’s, rich people or global elite are patriots. The only thing they care about is money and saving their own skin. Cowards and traitors the vast majority of the global elite are. The betchels, rockefellers, the rothchilds, bush family, etc. In collusion with outsiders like the terrorist supporting saudi royal family.

  • Their are so many truths in this world that I would even question if they are able to be safely learned of. I equate it to leapfrog. When one hits you so hard , you think you cannot be any more shocked. Then their is the next one if you keep digging into the rabbit hole. You ask yourself ‘why did I do this’ . Then the next one comes along. It takes weeks at times to literally get over the trauma. And then their is the next one. I believe learning who the President is will be one of these events if you choose to look closely. Scapegoat is the furthest term I would use knowing who this man is and the path of his life discloses.That being said this world is sick. Most cannot think clearly. Not by fault of their own , just getting healthy step by step , drop by drop of clean water and air will only get you close enough to digest and evolve. The teaching shows the power of one person in this state. Its more power than a singular individual who can destroy an entire civilization , planet and threaten the wellbeing of other worlds light years away. I say that because their are hundreds of humans that can destroy civilization yet 7 billion that can save it. I like our odds.

  • When Obama became president in 2008/2009 I heard that he is half Jewish since his mother was Jewish and lived in Kansas while Obama`s father was from Kenya in Africa. At least that is what I heard back then. That is why Obama is half white and half black but I don `t think Obama is Muslim but half Christian and half Jewish. At least that is what I heard back then but I could be wrong. Frankly I don`t knoiw and I couldn’t care less since to me religion, politics, corporations and the military to me is a bunch of rotten dirty shills and cabals trying everything they possibly can to destroy everything and life on Earth and they just don`t give a bloody damn if we live or die! Alkl they want is our blood and money etc,etc,etc! I think these scums would rather we suffer and die so they these cabals and shills can take everything from us and run to Mars and get away with all our hard earned cash and soak themselves with alkl our ill gotten cahs to live in the lap of luxturey on Mars and get away murder while the rest of us all die in living hell here on Earth!

  • Mark Gilbo: Yes, I agree that terrorists such as ISIS are a very significant, and major threat to Western nations, and this threat must be neutralized immediately, before they eventually overthrow the West, and throw us all down to the lowest level of misery (contact 215 sentences 175-178). I only mentioned Trump should curtail his “restore the US to dominant world-leader” mentality, because no single country should aspire to be #1, as in an ideal world this coveted spot could be a heavily shared position (all countries equal, and equivalent) among the major participating countries of the multi-national-peacekeeping-troop for starters.

    I also do not want to see Eastern nations rise up against the Western nations, and vice-versa as contact 215, sentence 169 indicates, and planetary unification through a multi-national-peacekeeping-troop we all have been posting about would alleviate this dire situation. This troop would most likely have to be the largest coordinated operation the modern planet Earth has ever seen.

    Terrorism could easily spread worldwide, and shake the entire Earth, and the only thing that will remedy this situation is a multi-national-peacekeeping-troop, and banishment for all terrorists, to make examples out of them for the sleepers. That’s it. ISIS could try and enslave the Earth, if they get their way, because they are enslaved in their parietal and temporal lobes of their brains because of their fanatical, and insane God-delusion-belief, such as: Maidens in the presence of Allah for martyrs who commit jihad, what a lie! There are no maidens, nor “gods” in the beyond, just neutral energy.

    Your correct that books such as “Goblet of the Truth” will not protect me from ISIS, I’ll have to rely on more defensive means, but Geisteslehre books will aid me to have the knowledge, and wisdom to find my center of negative/postive equalisedness (German = “Negativ-Positiv Ausgeglichenheit”, also known in English as “neutral-positive”), to not only aid my spirit-form and my consciousness to evolutionary develop (if only one pole is present, development of the spirit-from and consciousness is not possible [“Arahat Athersata” page 141 verse 362 -German only], but also may assist my consciousness in my next lifetime, if, and when I would draw on the stored essences of love, knowledge, wisdom, stored in the consciousness-block of my new personality, so in other words, it’s possible my future successor personality will be aided by the profound cognitions I have made with my present personality where I have been studying the Geisteslehre loyally, because I have increased my high-values, and virtues such as: love, knowledge, wisdom, not to mention my logic (Logik), intellect (Verstand), and rationality (Vernunft), thus I have been partaking in a personal consciousness-revolution, and I hope this is a multi-lifetime development.

    Have a great day sir! 🙂

    • Corey,

      I love the fact you take Billy’s teachings seriously but eventually you have to have an opinion of your own. A trend I am seeing are people actually talking like Billy and regurgitating everything he says without a thought of their own, the exact opposite of what he is trying to accomplish(my assumption). Billy’s teachings are amazingly universal, his comments about the world are right on, but he doesn’t give a huge amount of info on purpose so people can think for themselves and make up their own minds using their OWN language skills and knowledge (no matter how good or bad). When someone writes on a post about Billy and all they tend to use are Billy’s exact quotes, sentences, style, like its their OWN… it tells me that person really hasn’t grasped what Billy is trying to do. When you write something in public, Figu(Billy) has always stated to write in your own style using the knowledge you have and are able to grasp, NOT to plagiarize everything he says that we can ALL get by reading the contact notes and books or posting a link to the actual quote.

      I’m trying not to be critical but if I was a newbie visiting this blog and I read your post without any prior knowledge of Billy’s work, I would 1) not fully understand what you are saying 2) leave and go find a blog that speaks in layman terms. 3) probably think people here are a little cookoo and never come back 4) feel I’m too stupid to grasp it and move on (for those with self esteem issues).

      My point being, if you are going to write comments about Billy, I think we owe it to the people that may not know who he is, to keep it simple. Use layman words that explain the topic they can relate to and write like you are writing to a person who has never seen Billy’s work before. One truly knows the teachings when he can explain it in his own words.

      I’m glad you agree ISIS is a threat but they are a threat to the whole world, not just the west.

  • Mark Gilbo: even though you were critical of my post, I will still radiate love to you, as a swinging-wave, and hope that you (or someone else) can receive it.

    • Its not critical Corey, its an obvious trend in the circles I see from folks that follow Billy whom tend to raise themselves above others (stupidly) with Billy’s own words and/or language and very little of their own. I would post on a blog like you are talking to someone at a kitchen table and I’m assuming at that table you wouldn’t speak an English word and then slap someone with the german equivalent too. If you do, I’m assuming you have several lonely conversations at night. Billy does it in books, as I’m sure you know, because finding an English equivalent can be tough at times. Fortunately for us, this isn’t his book.. Its a place to share ideas, learn about a topic and maybe make a few friends.

      Some may disagree with me whole heartedly but this is my opinion.

      Its all good Corey. I have nothing but good thoughts back to you.

  • Mark Gilbo: a few more elaborations based on your response: I hear what you are saying about putting it in one’s own words, which I explain below: and if you were able to read the many sources of original German I based my post on, you would see my post was truly my own personal thoughts of the topics, based on my interpretation of the material, however it is true the post included Geisteslehre terms, but this is for an important reason, and not to simply recycle Billy’s material to be like a mindless robot. I literally posted how I think, nothing more, and as you can tell, Billy’s (encoded) material is a big inspiration on my personal thoughts.

    One of the reasons FIGU (Marianne Uehlinger) has worked so hard on the FIGU dictionary for the last 8.5 years, is for one to grasp the diverse essences of Geisteslehre, one has to start thinking in the correct terms, in the correct tense, and make adjustments in their lives to “bend” themselves (change) to the Geisteslehre in their thoughts and actions. not the other way around, as I am sure you have figured out, the laws and recommendations of Creation, nor the Geisteslehre do not bend (change) themselves to the directives of human will, it needs to be the other way around or the human will suffer calamity, etc.

    Maintaining the essence of the terms in the correct tense is very critical, so the terms can transmit the correct thoughts, and is one of the reasons official FIGU translations are not watered down (for newbies like you are suggesting I do for my blog posts) but instead, as I’m sure you know, they try to remain as close to the original German language as humanly possible so human-beings of Earth can personally start thinking in Geisteslehre terms so they can make the correct/appropriate changes in their thoughts, feelings, actions, and deeds.

    I will freely tell you that you are correct with your points you made, as far as truly making Billy’s teaching a part of your living-experience (Erleben), based on what you can personally grasp, One of the better pamphlets I have been reading over the last 10 years, is one where it is explained to truly understand what Billy writes, and to make it your own, for instance when Billy writes about a virtue, you have to do more then read about the virtue, you have to change so you can become that virtue, and thus make it a part of your living-experience (Erleben), into a living part of the essence of what makes you you, so you can become a small, personal living-embodiment of Billy’s teaching in your own way that is correct for your evolutionary development.

    My post included virtues such as logic (Logik), intellect (Verstand), rationality (Vernunft), [and I forgot to list the critical: love for the next one (Nächstenliebe), and feeling for others (Mitgefühl)] not just because I read about them in some book, and decided to post about them mindless-robotically, but because over the course of time, I have slowly made them a part of my living-experience, a part of the embodiment of what makes me who I am, what makes me me, in an effort to understand my essences of these virtues, and add to these essences in a positive-wise for the reason my other post included. I hope you understand that just because a post includes Geisteslehre terms, does not automatically make one a mindless-robotic-recycler of Billy’s material, and in my defense, my post did not include direct translations, direct links, or any other indication I was just quoting material without understanding it first, and the was not anything other them my own thoughts that I have worked on very hard based on some information I have read, and tried to make it my own.

    I am helping others learn about these virtues as well, My study group, who cannot read German, is studying these very same virtues, and I am helping them learn about them, based on my experiences with the virtues, and I am reciprocally learning from them at the same time, based on their own experiences with the virtues (so everything is coming full-circle).

    I hear what you are saying about being delicate with the newbies, if you were able to read the original German I drew the information from, you would see it is much more complex, I (kept it as simple as I could) and all I can say is, Billy writes in almost darn near every book the importance of intellect, and rationality, and these two items are not overall taught to the average dumbed-down Earthling, it is something we all have to teach ourselves as we slowly liberate our consciousness from religion, etc.

    I hope you can see I drafted this response in friendship, in an effort to materialize positive discussion, and I truly wish you the best in all your endeavors, and I wish you (and everyone else on this blog) will survive the possible ISIS attacts in your country, possible WW4, civil-wars, etc. Stay well, and good.

  • Thank you for the response Corey. Sometimes the simplest words can move an entire mountain. I can feel your eagerness for the material and my objective isn’t to douse that with any critical comments. My comments are strictly from observation and are my own opinions and are just a suggestion.

    I have always found that when I discuss Billy’s material with people its already mind blowing for most without having to drag in another language they cannot grasp. In a study group, I can see how those people may expect your German equivalent so they can better understand the writings and even the German Language over time. Can absolutely see your point and understand why you write the way you do.

    I’m not one to drag on responses so thank you for the information and clarification my friend.

    • I am a relative “newbie” to the Meier group too, Mark, and I can say that I wholly agree with your observations. A further aspect to communicating with this group is that friends of Meier are very hesitant to contradict anything he says, even though the contact reports themselves are full of seeming contradictions. If Billy is confronted with a contradiction he finds a way to weasel out of it, so to speak. . . . . He is very smart and I have no doubt that he is a re-incarnation of the Old Testament Prophet Henoch who also incarnated as Muhammed. . . . . So his words carry the same weight with some people as these previous incarnations would have carried. That is to say, some people regard him as not “the voice of God” (because God doesn’t exist as far as they are concerned), but more like the “voice of Saruman”. . . . a voice which you dare not contradict. Any argument with the presented material will be dealt with harshly by the followers of the Prophet.

      I do not dispute at all that Billy is this Prophet; however people are reacting with hostility and fear if anyone challenges Billy’s information. I could say that I read the Henoch Prophecies with aversion and disgust at the barbaric cruelty predicted for our future on the earth. I can only hope that the benevolent ET’s will take things in hand as far as possible and prevent the worst from becoming reality.

      Billy Meier is a good friend to all those who do not question him. He might be very dangerous to people who challenge him. I say this with integrity. You know, Middle Earth could be more than a fiction, and the actors in the great drama that occurred on that planet might now be incarnate on the earth. There is a great war going on between the good ones and the evil ones. We should never deny the reality of the power of evil, nor should we scoff at the ones who are attempting to defend innocent people against the evil powers. If the earth humans even half-understood what is going on here, they would collectively be frightened beyond belief and become totally insane. The fearsome powers that threaten good people are beyond my ability to describe. Everyone is in great danger and everyone should take great care.

      • Carolyn,

        On what do you base your statements about Meier not being questioned, “weaseling out” of anything, being “dangerous” to people, etc.? As someone who’s been to the center numerous times, knows many of the CG members, etc., I can tell you that people absolutely do disagree with Meier when they feel like it. There are people who’ve left the group, as is their prerogative to do so. They aren’t being treated like the people who leave Scientology, etc.

        When you make those statements it’s necessary to substantiate them.

        Meier isn’t the one trying to kill anyone, nor to force obedience to illogical, bloodthirsty religions, etc.

        A huge part of the barbarity, evil, etc., is laid at the feet of the crazy religions, which also set themselves up against each other.

        And we certainly don’t need fiction to divert us away from the painful, factuality about the real source of our problems. It wasn’t and isn’t from any of the prophets, it’s from the painful ignorance and aggression of human beings and their delusional, dead-end politics and religions.

        • Michael, I do myself feel a certain amount of trepidation to say anything at all about subjects that Meier forbids us to talk about: Agartha and the Inner Earth, Reptilian and Sauronian aliens visiting the planet, real experiences of real people debunked as “frauds” and “delusions”. . . . and the list goes on. If the almighty “Ptaah” says something is true or false, well then that becomes the “gospel according to Meier” so to speak an no one dare question it. Is this not true?

          Michael, what really happened to Semjase? What do you think? Please take good care of yourself! When I say that Meier is someone who I personally “remember” from a past time, please believe me! He is and can be as dangerous or as harmless as you believe him to be. . . . much like a Beorn or a Tom Bombadil.

          When Billy says that the Plejaren have discounted and proven false every alternative view of the past 50 years and everybody else’s experiences to be delusional, what does that say about Billy Meier? I too have had experiences that are odd, but I’d hesitate very much to tell anybody about them, lest I be declared “false”, “delusional” or a person who is being manipulated by the Illuminati, the Bafaath, the Nazis or some other equally perfidious and dangerous group.

          If I had any real knowledge or information about ANYTHING you can be sure I’m not sharing it with ANYBODY.

          • Carolyn,

            Please show that “Meier forbids us to talk about” anything…and that ANYONE has ever been “forbidden” thereby.

            As for “Reptilians and Sauronian aliens” – do you have even ONE piece of credible evidence for these things?

            People’s “experiences” are subjective, untestable and irrelevant to finding the truth.

            I’m really not sure how or why you come up with this stuff and get yourself worked up about it.

          • Carolyn,
            Firstly, it is not my responsibility to teach you; and
            Secondly, you do not possess the amount of filthy lucre required to cover the deposit if I where to be so irresponsible as to take the task to hand.
            Sooo, I will only type this out once and you will have to find the wherewithal to obtain the money, place the order, take receipt of and find the time to study the remainder of the wisdom that BEAM has outlined in his book, The Way to Live:

            Effective perception, recognition, cognisance, knowledge, living experience, practical experience and wisdom are not the privilege of great masters and gurus, and so forth; rather, they are simple values which every human being can achieve and attain. Together, all of it can also be called enlightenment, in which every human being can likewise take part, if he/she makes the effort for it; consequently, it therefore needs neither any masters nor gurus, as is so readily disseminated by sects and religions through their irrational teachings. The human being is always content enough with himself/herself and, furthermore, is great enough, to perceive and experience all knowledge and all truth himself/herself if he/she is really master of all his/her senses. And there have always been many human beings who attained their enlightenment through their own powers, without having been taught by masters and gurus and so forth. Therefore the Buddhist assertion is wrong which explains that there has never been a human being who has attained enlightenment without him/her being thereby assigned the support of a master. (p. 292)

            Thirdly, ANY further relationship between yourself and I will only occur if you can verify, with evidence, your following thought: “even though the contact reports themselves are full of seeming contradictions.”, keeping in mind that I am designating “full” as the operative word.

            Fourthly and finally, I have not read the fictional work, Silmarillion, so please don’t go drawing parallels and quoting, from it. 😉

          • Of utmost importance in the above is:
            “if he/she is really master of all his/her senses.”

          • Oh Andrew, there is really no need for you to interact with me personally. I choose my friends very carefully, and I don’t think I’d invite you into my inner circle. . . . . Cheers and “have a great day!”

          • Of utmost importance in the above is:
            “I don’t think”
            Still waiting to see your thoughts on your thought:
            “even though the contact reports themselves are full of seeming contradictions.”…….
            ……. Didn’t think so!

          • OK, I’ll take the higher ground and impart a wee bit of knowledge; you, Carolyn do think, only not correctly, ie. not logically, rationally self-responsibly, deeply nor long.
            If you’re in this Universe you have a relationship with me, whether you, I or anyone else likes it or not. Unless of course you want to and can disprove quantum mechanics.
            Sooo, I send out to you and all as much true love, peace, freedom, harmony, feelings for others and the ability to improve one’s knowledge, as I can muster up.

      • For some of us whom do not fall for the lord of the rings mythology, nor church on Sunday, let alone many days singing among st, to the flock. We don’t always follow blindly to phantasmagoria, fairy-tales, beliefs, half truths, etc.
        Billy is by far followed blindly by many yet to those whom see that he is actually in contact with humans from the cosmos…. as it always has to be followed blindly as that is all many ever see, if not found in the ‘center of the earth’, or here on its surface? Those whom seem to benefit the most from all of this, the spiritual teachings are those among-st the highest consciously truth oriented on this overly populated rock. Just detaching from the heard is enough to see past basically everything written here Carolyn, well, in my opinion at least, as a free thinking, truth seeking individual ‘human’. Many things Billy talks about have long since been within me before finding him…. as this is our world to see, observe, think about, express, experience, strive within……What is there to contradict based on what is put into its place within ‘human’ beliefs?

  • Corey; I like what you have to say. Itotally agree with you. Ijuist thought of an idea. Why not teach all of us how to read and speak german the way Billy does soi we can all learn to read all of Billy`s material and try to learn and understand what Billy is teaching us.It`s hard work but if you and or somebody else who can speak,read, and teach us all Billy`s German say on You Tube for example etc, and teach us how to read and understand Goblet of Truth for example maby we can all learn and grasp the spiritual techings with a better and clear understanding we might be able to follow all these spiritual information the the P`s are teaching and giving billy. This way we can all learn,understand and follow Billy`s example we might just be able to get out of this horrible mess we are in here on Earth and we can all finallly straighten our lives out for the better and avoid the two civil wars and WW4 if somebody would straiten us all out and teach us all in the German language on You Tube for example etc. At least we can all finally understand Billy better and finally straiten our lives out when we understand Billy better by learn how to read and speak German if someone has the time,energy,availability to teach us all likeminded spiriuliat how to speak and read and understand the German language on You Tube or some otherway etc.I heard that Ben Stevens and MH are two others trying to take a course in German but be warned German is a very difficult language to learn as my father told me years ago when he went toi coillkege before I was born,German is very time intensive and timeconsumming! German willk eat up a lot of yours or anyone else`s time,it`s very labor intensive.

    • For all you guys who are politically “obtuse”, Billy Meier and Figu represent politically the right-wing Germanic type of ideology that you all love to hate. . . . If you read the Figu publications carefully you will discover that Billy’s organization supports the German nationalist agenda which was made popular at the time of the Third Reich. I say this tongue in cheek because my father who is lounging away his last days in a safe place provided by the Canadian government, was one of Adolf Hitler’s truest and most loyal servants. . . . and still is. My late mother was Canadian of Swiss German extraction and it is to her that I owe my sanity, whatever that is.. . ..

      • And if you think that Billy doesn’t know about Agartha and everything that’s connected to Agartha and the Hollow Earth, you are only fooling yourselves.

      • No, Carolyn, you’re confusing Meier and FIGU’s support for national and cultural identity and sovereignty, non-aggression, nondiscrimination, non-racism, etc., with something completely different.

        Let’s also remember, that in the final analysis and experience of consciousness, we are only as “safe” as the actions of our life have made us.

      • Carolyn, you may want to think about the genetic legacy transferred to you from your father and the total willingness to be someone’s slave. You’re no one’s slave, so you may want to work on losing the victim mentality as it has done you more harm than good. When it comes to the underground race I would just as soon hear nothing about it since it may jeapardise their existence. In the same context as the search for Sasquatch has lead to many just wanting to kill them to prove they exist.

  • Mrs. Terry Carch: That is quite an idea you had, I could teach people how to read German of course, but i could not teach people how to speak it, this is a side-effect of me not having access to native German speakers to learn correct pronunciation, and context when I taught myself how to read the language, as well as, a side-effect of me not taking German as a collegiate course.

    Maybe when I get to Arizona in a year or two, I could be a part of MH, and Ben Stevens German course. I have already memorized many of the official definitions of German spiritual teaching terms released in the FIGU dictionary.

    That is the beauty of the “Goblet of Truth”, this book has already been beautifully translated into English in a very well-done official fashion by FIGU, by native German speakers who accurately translated the German words to close as possible English equivalents, so you could already possess all the answers you need to totally set-up the Earth’s society totally based in Creational law, and it is already totally available in English in “Goblet of the Truth” so we could easily neutrailize this mess we are all in.

    I am currently working on that could help us clean up this planetary mess as well, something that I hope MH will host on his site, that will turn out to be a lengthy downloadable PDF, but it will contain Billy’s direct instructions on gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit, and banishment for criminals, and most of this information that I want in the PDF is passages from “Goblet of the Truth” (and a few contact reports). It is my wish to get this PDF done as soon as possible, before WW4 breaks out, the logical-force of gewaltsame Gewaltsamkeit, and the idea of banishment is out of the normal thought boundaries of the average person, so I want the information easily accessible to people to sow a few seeds if you will, but this project will take me some more time, because it is a lot of verbatim transcription.

    • Hi Corey:Thanlyou so very much for all your hard work .We need all the help we can get to stop and neutralize this horrible mess we got ourselves into. I was just watching Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and she had a video broadcast from Chicago about a Progressive Forum with Juan Gonzales,Naiomi Kline and Rosario dawson and they all agreed that we need to get rid of politics because politics is just ruining this world and I also think religions,ciorporations and militiaries are also ruining this world too. All these groups are just making matters worse and making a horrible mess of planet and we need to start to clean all this up so we can finally join the Plejaren Federation so we can akll live on g and prosper and live long lvies like the Ps are doing so we too can become more spritiual through the laws of Creation and the spiritual teachings etc and live to be 1,000 years old maby even100,000 years old and livie among all our cosmic brothers and sisters too. The soioner the better, “Make It So Engage!”

  • Corey,

    Would it be possible for you to give me your e-mail address? I’m asking because I would like to ask you a few questions about the contact reports. I don’t want to discuss it here because I would be going off-topic. Thank you.

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