Corroborates Billy Meier’s 1989 information on methane danger

In Dahr Jamail’s most recent of several articles dealing with the danger from methane gas, he discusses a recent report warning about the potentially apocalyptic consequences of more Arctic methane release.

Mr. Jamail has been doing important investigative work in this field for some time. His article also quotes Natalia Shakhova, whose comments immediately establish that she too understands the dire nature of the situation and the danger from large, “non-gradual” methane releases. Neither of them appear to have compromised their interest in the truth for material considerations, such as is the case with so many scientists (and others) who are climate change deniers, etc.

This article serves to bring their work to our attention, as well as to inform them of Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific, environmental, astronomical, etc., information.

The People Were Warned

Those of us who’ve long been familiar with Billy Meier’s environmental warnings – he’s the first person to specifically warn of manmade climate change and global warming in the 1950s – also know that he’s provided specific information on the danger of atmospheric collapse from a variety of contributing factors. He also warned about methane gas being released by the thawing of the permafrost, first pointing out that methane was even more damaging to the ozone layer than CFCs in 1989*.

As is the case with so much of the scientific information provided to Meier by the Plejaren, we find that our scientists unknowingly corroborate the information anywhere from a few years to several decades later, with their “new discoveries”.

Perhaps, because of the nature of his other political works, Mr. Jamail would be interested in Meier’s warnings about the two US-Iraq Gulf Wars – and many other things – that he published in 1958. And it is to be hoped that both he and Ms. Shakhova would likewise be courageous enough to carefully examine Meier’s information and its implications.

Our Future Survival

I would be glad to provide them with any further information they need so they can inform other credible, non bought-off scientists who are also truly concerned with helping humankind to assure our own very threatened future survival.

* Contact 229, July 31, 1989:

Thanks, your explanation says more than I expected. Then I still have another question regarding CFCs. Concerning this, you once told me that certain gases, which are stored under the bottom of the sea and which rise up, cause even greater damage to the ozone layer than CFCs. Now, I no longer know what gas this was and out of what it arises.

54. It concerns methane gas, which is stored as methane hydrate under the sea.

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Thanks to Bruce Lulla for Mr. Jamail’s article.


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39 comments on “Apocalyptic Consequences of more Arctic Methane Release

  • If the reaserch tells the truth…a 50-gigaton methane “burp” coming from the innards of mother Earth is to be taken seriously maybe… I almost hope that their estimate is overinflated…

    “Such a “burp” would be the equivalent of at least 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide. (For perspective, humans have released approximately 1,475 gigatons in total carbon dioxide since the year 1850.)”

    scary :/

    I wonder on witch scale such an event would be placed amongst the worst cases scenarios, compared to fukushima for exemple or others catastrophic events… It seems like a catastrophe like this could really happen during the comming years. It would would inevitable make everything even worse.

  • Well MH just look who is doing all the talking in the White house and congress who are some of the WORST offenders who think they got it made with fossil fuels, nuclear power, and looking for all and any other way to clean up Planet Earth by denying that Earth is OK when we all know that Earth is NOT OK since they are ALL Climate Deniers!!! Oh we just lost the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia!!! When are we going to start to face the REAL FACTS that Global Warming is REAL and kINDLY PLEASE use safe CLEAN sustainable alternatives to fosil fuels and nuclear power by switching to solar,wind, geothermal as the people in iceland are doing now and water,etc??? It doesn`t seem like anybody is going to wake up anytime soon we are loosing al the glasers, and ice on both the North and south Pole too!!! Are any of those stupid politicians going to listen to reason at all???: I very much doubt that,guess they don`t care!:_(((

    • Hi Terry,

      In an effort to aid, please refrain from entering any text in the website handle if you do not have a website.

      When Google crawlers find false-lead links, they will de-rank the site from SEO optimization because Google’s AI determines the site as ‘junk’, leading to less folks finding it naturally.

      • Sorry MH but could you please state that in plain English since I`m technically challenged in other worlds without the technical jargon,technobabble ??? Sorry about that. My apologies. Thanks

        • Terry,

          I think what Jedaiah is saying is that with your comments this is included as your URL: http://startpage

          I’ve removed it from your recent comments, including this one. I don’t know if you can see it when you submit your comments.

          • Hi MH Yes i just so the startpage without the URL. Sorry about the mishap. I only use Google Crome for the foreign translations. I much prefer startpage for privacy reasons due to the government spying on innocent people like you and me but my startpage is dated. Due to being spied and being watched I avoid upgrades but even Crome uses adds which is so annoying. I`v tried Adblock but it tackes days rather than minutes and I`v complained to them about Adblock taking forever. If I use URL these nefarous sinister governments spies will watch ever move and key stroke I do on the internet and that scares me to death especially now that Trump and his cronies and the Deep State are watching us all. “Np more net nuetrality!!!” I Aplogies for my mistake but i don`t like spies and adds watching my every move and key stroke. What ever happened to privacy and free speech here in the US?

  • Apologies my tech-challenged self doesn’t know how to post links. “Monster Climate Essay”, “Climate Summary and Update.” on climate (Dahr Jamail)
    Youtube: Jennifer Hynes: “The Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise”
    Youtube: Peter Wadhams (arguably the world’s most experienced Arctic researcher) on the Arctic Ice

    The only question is whether a “scientific Hail Mary” will arrive in time. Many claim that without signifucant geoengineering our gooses are cooked.
    At 3.0 C above 1880’s baseline plants (crops) die. The very crops and grains that we use to feed animals and humans.
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said it is dangerous to cross 1.5 C (Paris Agreement).

    We are in terrible trouble. GuyMcPherson, Professor of the University of Arizona, recently stated in a television interview that he “doubted that any humans on the planet will be alive in 10 years.”
    Some say less than 5 years.
    N.Shakova said that that large “burp” (quick release) of methane is “possible at any time.”
    Methane is 100 times as potent a greenhouse gas as Carbon Dioxide over a 10-year time frame before it gradually breaks down into CO2.
    Please, no wagering. Sleep well.

    • According to Sfath as told to Billy in 1948 the human beings on Earth will prevail, probably not many but…..133 “Human life, however, will go on and on, regardless of whether or not a further global war will affect the Earth’s humanity, as well as the changes in the Earth caused by the migration of the Poles.” Yet this line only talks about the migration of the poles. Wonder if the methane bubbles in Arctic are included in this?

  • Lets be realistic. The good god fearing folks are doing exactly what god instructed them to do, “be fruitful and multiple. And replenish the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish in the sea and over the fowl in the air, and every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” on a scale of 1 to 10, we get a 10 for multiplying. Regarding dominion over everthing that moveth, we get 10++. Billy Miere wants us to observe what nature does to create balance. Nature is doing just that. Overpopulation, bam. Methane bubble. Crop depletion bam, starvation population control. If we can’t do it mother nature will do it for us. Unless humans beat mother nature with option “b”. If anyone knows Edgar Cayce. He had a dream where he reincarnated 200 years later somewhere on the west coast. The west coast was not California. Over population was resolved. He noticed that the landscape appeared to have been shaped by war. But it was a better time. Technology was advanced also. At least his dream is in line with BEAM.

  • I see this “burp” as a euphemism. Methane is not in burps but farts. Our world is farting in our faces at what we have done to it, and there’s no leaving the room.

  • Yeah be fruitful and multiply; we’re breeding worse than bunnies. At least bunnies have predators if they’re not extinct yet. It’s just a matter of time the atmosphere will stop taking C02. The government has impose carbon tax which makes no sense, taxing our after tax income here in Alberta Canada. Then they have implemented this program giving the people free led light bulbs which of course they obediently take. Basically, the government is giving us crumbs, dictating how we should spend our money. The real problem is not really being address: overpopulation. I think that topic is taboo, no one sees that as a major issue.

    • How many of all the definitions of the word, worse, do you know?

      Is the Jackass penguin extinct, or could a few more million of US help it onto the list?

      • From one of your, no doubt, favourite sites:
        “Once extremely numerous, the African penguin is declining due to a combination of threats and is classified as endangered…In 2010, the number was estimated to be only at 55,000. If this decline is not halted, the African penguin is expected to be extinct within 15 years.[15]”

  • Wouldn’t the solution to the methane release be to capture it or burn it off? I’m asking because I’m not sure that leaving it like that, waiting for it to release into the atmosphere is the right solution.

      • The 1st two paragraphs and the 1st sentence of the 3rd is enough for me:

        With drillers tapping into massive stores of natural gas across the United States, scientists are researching ways to capture it more effectively.

        “Natural gas mostly consists of methane but has smaller amounts of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen in the mix. Energy companies are looking for a cheap way to separate these gases to yield a pure methane stream. Developers also want to control methane leaks because the gas is an especially potent heat trapper in the atmosphere.

        But methane is a shy molecule, one that doesn’t interact much with its surroundings, unlike its more gregarious companions like carbon dioxide…”

        !@#$ our own future and everyone and everything else’s, let’s make as much Mammon out of this as “Humanly” possible and hoodwink the goyim into believing that it’s not all that dangerous while we’re at it.

        • Say, how’s your imagined magical materialism working out for us? Rising to the top or sinking to the bottom?
          Keep mistakenly rising to new levels of lows by hoodwinking, yourself and those you “love”.
          Your profitable solution might have profited our survival 5yrs ago, meanwhile…
          I’m all for innovative new technologies to benefit us all.
          If I could fly, why would I need an airport?
          You’re clear to land in the sty on Hollywood Boulevard.

        • Hi Evelyn,

          Everyone’s certainly free to comment and express their opinions. I would prefer though that we don’t go the route of personal attacks, which we indeed have had here before.

          I understand, I hope, that you’re expressing a concern and perhaps if there are going to be any conversations that are mutually engaged in pertaining to personal problems, etc., that an appropriate blog is where people will submit them…if we do have such a blog here. If people want to communicate with each other in the spirit of mutual helpfulness, etc., they can state their intention and, if both parties are willing, I could put them in touch with each other.

        • This “idiot” doesn’t need or want any assessments nor any further communication in any form with this “Evelyn”.

  • For the past 41/2 years my apartment co-op complex has been using natural gas which could very well breed MORE methane into the environment to say nothing that this stupid boiler under my bed STILL keeps me up at night with this noisy turbine wrecking me sleep at night,etc,etc,etc!!!

    • Terry,

      With boilers and turbines under your bed you should double check that you’re not actually living on a large ship, instead of an apartment!

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