The proverbial sins of the fathers lurk ominously

We Want What’s Yours…or Else

What are the chances that this latest upsurge in American aggression is also fundamentally about the same things that the Iraq War was? A recent article expounds on what Billy Meier casually mentioned 10 years ago. It also reminds us of the coming revolt “against the American hegemony” mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies from 1987*.

American Interests

When we hear the words “American interests” it usually means that some country and its people have been targeted to have death and destruction rain down upon their heads because they have things America wants and feels entitled to take at any cost…usually to them.

America and its citizens have never known the joys of having their country invaded, attacked, firebombed, etc. And so when Billy Meier says that already in 1975, he was told that “the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then” shall we assume that “America will be wrecked” is now a foregone conclusion?

A significant number of, now very disappointed, people voted for Trump because he presented a strong anti-war position. Despite some back-peddling on invading Syria, we already see clear indications that Trump will ultimately do the bidding of the Deep State. He, and most of the people around him, have a lot to lose personally, unless they planned all along to go into the cigarette business.

Parsing the Prophecies

It should be clear to the wisest among us that we can’t outsmart the prophecies. We can, however, learn to understand, and live in accordance with, the law of cause and effect, upon which all of them are based and derived. Religions give lip service to it as The Golden Rule. It was spelled out in grim, specific clarity even longer ago.** Consider also the similarity of what’s said in this article to the Henoch Prophecies.

It’s not only the long warned about alliance between Russia and China but also other countries that will come against the US, as the environment rebels worldwide as well.*** The proverbial sins of the fathers lurk ominously, unwelcome visitors approaching, invited through human greed, ignorance and arrogance.

Or, as Billy Meier put it, “America will be wrecked.” And a lot more of the world as well, if we don’t learn from, and heed, the prophecies and apply the wisdom in the non-religious, belief-free, spiritual teaching.


*From the Henoch Prophecies:

192. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism it invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousand-fold deaths to the populations.

193. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time [sic].

194. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.

195. And this will point towards the possibility that a Third World War could develop from it, if human beings as a whole will not finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible who have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.

196. If this does not happen, many small and great nations will lose their independence and their cultural identity and will be beaten down, because the USA will gain predominance over them and with evil force bring them down under its rule.

197. At first, many countries will howl with the wolves of the US, partially due to fear of American aggressions and sanctions, as will be the case with many, many irresponsible [ones] in Switzerland and Germany but also of other countries. In part, others will join in because they will be forced somehow to do so or will be misled by irresponsible promoters of American propaganda.

198. Finally, many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony, once they recognise that the United States of America is only taking advantage of them for purposes of war, conquest and exploitation.

**217. Far in the West, it will be different; the United States of America will be a country of total destruction.

218. The cause for this will be manifold.

219. With its global conflicts which are continuously instigated by it and which will continue far into the future, America is creating enormous hatred against itself, worldwide, in many countries.

220. As a result, America will experience enormous catastrophes which will reach proportions barely imaginable to people of Earth.

221. The destruction of the WTC, i.e., the World Trade Center, by terrorists will only be the beginning.

***222. Yet all the apocalyptic events will not only be brought about due to the use of unbelievably deadly and destructive weapons—such as chemical, laser and others—and by cloned murder machines; but in addition to this, the Earth and nature, maltreated to the deepest depths by the irresponsible human beings of Earth, will rise up and cause destruction and bring death onto the Earth.

223. Enormous firestorms and gigantic hurricanes will sweep over the USA and bring devastation, destruction and annihilation, as this from time immemorial never before will have happened.

224. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.e., Third World countries, will not only soon lose influence over these but must defend themselves against them.

See also:



146 comments on ““America Will Be Wrecked”

  • A wrecked America is an America that has healthcare ripped away from millions of people, without a better solution. A wrecked America is one that turns back the clock on women’s rights, taking away pro-choice. A wrecked America is one where planned parenthood is scrapped so that pregnancies, STDs, run rampant. Think more overpopulation! A wrecked America is one where public schools are eliminated and privatized. A wrecked America is one that blurs the separation of Church and State, bringing Christianity to policies and policy making. A wrecked America is rounding up millions of undocumented residents, many who have spent nearly their whole lives here, and separating families. A wrecked America is one that takes away gay rights that were just won. A wrecked America is one were the president destroys the credibility of a free press, yelling “fake news” at every turn, when it hurts his ego. A wrecked America is taking away all the Wall Street regulations so that traders and bankers can go back to the unrestricted party before 2008. A wrecked America is spending billions on a border wall, taking away from the people to do this, instead of working with Mexico to strengthen border towns so that nobody has to leave for a job or their safety. A wrecked America is pulling away from our allies, breaking up the west, and the economic strength that is achieved by this synergy. I could go on and on. But it seems what Trump is doing, is what is wrecking America.

    • Based on the points you made, I probably agree with your political views, but I think you might be underestimating what Billy means by “America will be wrecked”. He’s not speaking about policies that Americans quarrel over politically, but in terms of sheer death & destruction…which is what America has been dishing out to its foes wholesale since at least World War 1. America must first stop being the police of the world, then perhaps it can finally focus on the many good points you raised.

      • America is not one race or religion, but rather represents ALL the colors and beliefs, philosophies, etc that are on planet earth. We are German, Swiss, Italian, English, Spanish, French, Russians, Asians, Arabs, Africans, etc. What we have established, although far from perfect, is the MOST free and open society on the planet, with the opportunity to make what ever you want of your life, in the material. And the freedom of religion to think however you see fit. So if you consider that the USA is a small microcosm of the entire planet’s peoples, we are policing OURSELVES. We are policing dictators and oppressors so that ALL people have a better, freer more opportune life. If we survive it won’t just be Russians and Chinese, but ALL of us.

    • …where is America taking away gay rights?

      Kindly link evidence, thanks.

      This pretty much identifies this guy’s problem here. Too caught up in the political sphere (leftist) to grasp the reality of the situation with a serious issue toward Michael personally. Drop the politics, it’ll do you well in the long run.

        • Linking conjecture and not officiated evidence (aka a congressional hearing, a presidential statement etc.) does not prove gay rights are being taken away.

          You’re welcomed to try again, though, I’d warn you that it is unlikely you’d find anything – because, well, it doesn’t exist beyond the nonsense being pushed by agenda-swindlers.

          • Conjecture? I don’t “believe” anything. I am a researcher and investigator. YOU assume my position is one of “democrat or liberal” and you are partially right, but mostly wrong. I am pointing out natural laws and showing how this might fit in to our topic. This is the point of the spiritual teaching.

          • Are you done evading?

            This is the second time you’ve done this. You linked me an article as evidence that Trump is taking away gay rights — and it was conjecture.

            This is the meaning of conjecture:

            an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

            Incomplete information indeed — because as I suspected, your opinion based off the information you gathered was incomplete and most likely because of liberal-like hysteria.

            Funniest part is that I have a whole team that did this research months ago, and that article (the subject of it) was being pushed a few months back by paid protesters, instigators and the like; some off the pretense that it was okay to allow grown men in bathrooms with little girls.

            The more you know though.

            Also this was funny:

            “YOU assume my position is one of “democrat or liberal” and you are partially right…”

            — Lol

            “but mostly wrong.”

            — Convincing. Not that it matters to me to tell you the truth. I only respond based off what you’re posting here which has been absurdly questionable.

          • Trump ended Federal protection and left it up to the states. Where is the conjecture? You are a conspiracy theorist who thinks media like Fortune is fake news. I can not have a discussion with someone who can not recognize baselines.

          • Fake news is not the problem. It is the responsibility of each human to find the truth for themselves rather than be told by an outside source. As far as I am concerned, it is a great exercise to sift thru the various news to find the truth for yourself. There is a lot of BS out there; but this can be equated to necessary resistance, like a stair climber, to become stronger and stronger at seeing reality. Bring on CNN, FOX, Variety, VOX, CNBC, and NBC. These things are better than dumbbells!

        • It’d be well if you, and anyone else in this boat of anti-trump madness, do yourselves a favor, take a step back, and stop blindly looking for reason to hate.

          As expressed before, I, like many others, are disappointed in what is happening – but we are also not completely informed, and we have to be wary of false information being pushed our way – something disinformation agencies specialize in.

          CIA’s general strategy for example, is disinformation to both sides of the spectrum, producing a result that is total confusion and division; allowing the public to fall into a state of panic which allows the big dogs to rule easily. I’m seeing this panic flow here.


          We only have guesses why Trump has changed in policies. It is stupid, but don’t lose yourselves and become the liberal lunatics or the fanatic alt-rights. This is not balance.

          • I heard that the CIA hates wikileaks. As far as I`m concerned this world still doesn`t want to grow up and evolve into a more spiritual society. This explains why there is still politics,religions,corporations, and the military industrial complex,etc,etc,etc!

        • “Trump ended Federal protection and left it up to the states.”

          — Here’s another opportunity to provide the exact statement of gay rights being ended, taken away etc. without your opinion based on the information collected to cater your box. Take your time, I’ll be waiting.

          “Where is the conjecture?”

          — Is english your first language?

          “You are a conspiracy theorist…”

          — What was that line Billy said about attacks stemmed from others are generally self-insecurities / projections?

          “…who thinks media like Fortune is fake news.”

          — Because that topic being pushed IS fake news. Some true, neutral-based, and not feeling-political-based research, would unveil this to you unless you still enjoy living in a bubble.

          “I can not have a discussion with someone who can not recognize baselines.”

          — This feels like something I should be saying. You’ve literally evaded 3 of my posts at this point. It’s honestly impressive.

    • Hi Anthony, not only that I have a meeting with AARP Wednesday April 26th at 11am because AARP wants to cut my weekly $200 dollar checks in havle to pay for medical bills if you believe just how cruel and savage this Trump and the Deep State is getting in order to pay for all the stupid money that goes into this savage war mongering machine is getting!!! Please tell me just how am I going to fight these barbaric criminals who insist on cutting and chopping into innocent senior citizens with multiple disabiliotiers SSD checks money to buy food,clothing,etc,all the things that human beings need to get buy and live on???

      • I am not in USA, because if I am, I will be striking and shouting all over for peace and against any form of war mongering activity and do whatever necessary to prevent my interest against it. Expose any related war mongering activities to anyone around you, spread the word with reason and logic, when asked the source, concisely point to theyfly with enough reason for reasonable and active people to understand the wise contents they want to know. I try to spread the words I understanded and comprehended of the content to people I can reason with. In fact, there ain’t any reason to be in fear of silence anymore now.

        • I’m sorry Zhenbin but America is at the top of the food chain here on overpopulated fish bowl. And any natural creature is competing to survive. It would be religious for America to just roll over and die. Unless overpopulation is curbed on this planet, you are going to have humans fighting it out for resources, this is nature at work. And we should respect this nature.

          • Think you are mistaking flagrant egoism and warmongering with nature.

            Controlled studies have consistently shown that when overpopulation occurs in nature, that species dies out. Before that happens though, alpha mice, for example, become listless, stop mating and only the weaker ones fight.

            If warmongers know of these studies then this may explain why all the dominant power groups assail humankind with wicked lies about the real effects of overpopulation and let all the weaker males “fight” for them in word or deed.


          • Matt,

            The difference is that Man today is not applying the creational-natural laws and directives. So he is not in balance with the rest of nature. But remember the nature follows the law of love, everything is connected to create one system. When overpopulation occurs, with an immature and often crazy human race, the need for survival still exists for humanity, so nature is in full swing so the humans are following this law even though religious. And the need for survival pushes a species to die out if it overpopulates and overtakes the REST of nature. And as we see in nature, which as a whole just like a tree for example, is adhering to the law of becoming and passing away. So overpopulation creates a die out as you point out.

            But in nature there exists animals for example, which are either herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. All would have different drives. BUT, where the Earth human beings make the mistake is that, knowing that overpopulation kills in nature, still continues to overpopulate. This is madness and not in flow with nature of course. Because a species in flow with nature would have the sense to stop mating. And a carnivore species would enjoy a greater hunt if their prey is in overpopulation. But this same carnivore would not next year hunt at the same capacity to drive the prey out of extinction. No… this carnivore is adhering to the law of love, and enjoys a lesser season. And maybe in a few years might might find it’s species overpopulated, only to find scarce food to have die offs to bring it naturally back into balance again.

            Then the system repeats itself and the habitat, humans included, are reborn so to speak, has it’s time and will no doubt pass away. So this should be expected if one is a student of the spiritual teaching.

            I have come to the conclusion that this human overpopulation will kill large numbers of humans because once Man gobbles up and pollutes and destroys his ecosystem, he will have difficulty surviving in vast numbers. But since Man is warlike on this planet, MUCH of this die off will NO DOUBT be attributed to wars as Billy has said we have had only a few hundred years of peace on this planet in the last thousands. I really think another WW is a forgone conclusion unless Man suddenly changes course and stops overpopulation. And that is NOT going to happen, sadly.


          • Are “humans included” through their overpopulation in natural cycles, the food chain, etc? Akartans or Malonans may have a thing to say about that. It’s not ‘be treated as another would treat you’, it’s ‘do to others as you would have them do to yourself’ and forcefully if necessary.

            Should this “be expected if one is a student of the spiritual teaching”? No. Is this, “…nature at work. And we should respect this nature”? My view: Everything in nature grows and evolves and natural death is a part of that, as are predatory aspects of the food chain. What humans are doing through Overpopulation is unnatural, with no natural (neutral-positive) outcomes (when not viewed from a comfy room in the West) and that should not be respected at all. Devolution is a reality. Things are what they are. No positive spin from relative comfort necessary.

        • The Meier material has pretty strongly worded overpopulation issues and the insanity of Earth Humanity – world wide.

          I don’t see Earth Humanity “striking and shouting” at the upheavals the trampling mess that is coming into the future pretty quickly from overpopulation ills. This impacts all nations of the Earth which more than likely most nations of the world will – follow the USA – as foretold in the Henok prophecies. In fact, the prophecies don’t mention which countries “make it” because … none do (not even Russia). Though, folks in that area will, at least mentioned, make some peaceful effort of sorts but no actual mention with regards to the nations of the Earth.

      • Terry,

        Contact your state representatives. Hit them up with e-mails regularly. This is an easy thing to do with much impact. You have more power than you realize.

      • I just found out it`s the state NOT AARP,trouble is this is the second time in ten years that these malevolent Deep State Cark Energies are throwing a monkey wrench right in my face all over again because these BAD ORION SYNDICATES ARE TRYING TO DO ME IN ONCE AGAIN $100 AGAIN? What are these shills up again,more money for them and less money for me, the old criminalk bag trick all over again!!!

        • Terry,

          Somehow, you’re still entering this: http://startpage and I have to keep removing it.

          Now, if it’s somehow happening automatically, please let me know…or better yet, REMOVE it before posting comments.


          • Hi MH , Seems to me this is automatic. I tried to remove it but the http keeps coming back why I don`t know. Please if you can remove it thanks. If not something is wrong. I don`t know whether it`s Google Crome,but I don`t think startpage would do this to me. Thanks to Trump and his shills there no longer is any net nutrality. I opted out of regular e-mails becuase of these dark sinister cabals such as the Deep State.etc.

          • Terry, you need to delete your browsing history, form data and passwords. It shouldn’t pop-up in there if you delete all your history. Go to your TOOLS tab up on the top left and it should say “delete browsing history” or something similar. Once you click on “delete browsing history”, a box should pop-up asking you what you want to delete. You can check the boxes to delete browsing history, form data and passwords. That should clear it out and if you don’t type it back in, it will stay out.

    • Well said. The America Michael is describing is the United Russia Republican America. It’s importatnt to differentiate between the Democratic (Democracy) Party and the Communist waring oppression pollution Party aka The Guns Oil Prisons Party (GOP). When 10% owns 90% of the wealth and 1% of that 10% controls the government that’s Communism. America is not bad when the Democrats are in power and they never would lose power if it weren’t for electronic voting machines, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act which allowed for 7MM people with Democrat sounding last names to be crosschecked this past election, Citizens United (travesty to Democracy) and the slaver appeasing Electoral College. These are the workings of the evil international illuminaughty 1%’s NWO agenda. It’s so evil and un-human I think it’s alien. We need publically financed elections, we need to abolish the Electoral College, overturn Citizens United, and destroy Jim Crow again along with all electronic voting machines. Here is my top 100 ways to save the world.

  • Like many Americans, I feel betrayed. When Trump had Gen. Michael Flynn fired it gave me an ominous foreboding that he would cave in to the so-called Deep State (apparently, even sooner than Obama.) Flynn was not only a smart choice for National Security advisor, but also one of the few truly qualified and honorable people in Trump’s cabinet.
    And given his haphazard approach to devising his policies, I fear that Trump will fumble his way through the presidency, incapable of determining any clear and sensible direction to lead his country in, and that he may well be the one that paves the way for the USA’s collapse in 2020.
    I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong.


    • Well David, I heard on a Youtube video a month ago from a psychic that by Christmas of 2017 Trump will be assassinated! think it has something to do with all the money he has tied up in his bank account but I could be wrong. I just don`t see how can last more than a year more or less.

        • Hi MH I hope I got it right Sorry for the mistake. I cut outr thehttp and jut use startpage,but I don`t understand why all the complications of websides and passwords,it`s such a nucance to have to type all this in since computers and website are nmot like TV where you can just turn on TV and watch what you want where as on the internet you have to go through all these steps to read and watch youtube ,etc, etc. Why all this nucance??? I`m not an engineer nor am I robot who can do all these complicaded steps if I want to be on the internet, it`s not like TV,besides I hate typing! What a pain ithe neck these computuers are if you want to get on the internt.yikes. Sorry for the comment but I wish there were a simpler way than this,oh well???

      • Hi, Terry.
        I try to keep as far away as possible from so-called psychics and those who sell themselves as “seers” of the future. Unless they present documentation or corroborating evidence proving their claims, you should give them a wide berth, too.
        And about your psychic’s foretelling of Trump’s death, the last thing we need in the USA is another violent event that will stir up negativity and likely cause even more division, acts of rioting, vandalism and aggression to spike; not to mention that no person deserves to be killed in such a wanton way, no matter who they are or how you feel about them.


    • David the United Russia Republican Party is completely owned by the Kremlin stepchildren aka the Koch Bros who’s father started their family business drilling oil for Stalin. True story. Look it up. They are all a part of the Illuminaughty which is the deep state. When will you non triple comma club Republican voters learn? The Democratic party is the party of the people. The 99%. The red team is for the 1%.

      • Politics, the dead-end partisan politics, is simply not the answer and is as much the source of the problem as is religion.

        Now the Democrats are the War Party. And there’s just as much financial corruption in both. The Republicans salivate over their imaginary “Jesus Christ”, while they crave capital punishment. It’s all a bad joke.

        The principles in the spiritual teaching are meant to help guide humanity, without coercion, etc.

        See also:

        P.S. We had a tad of etiquette here, if you know what I mean. So please don’t make me edit out any inappropriate/aggressively insulting comments. We’re trying to civilize things a bit here, unlike what happens in the political arena.

        • MH you sound like a Putin propagandist or someone with your head up your a**. The United Russia Republicans took us into Iraq and Afghanistan remember? Bill Clinton didn’t take us into any large scale land wars and neither did Obama. Stop trying to rewrite history illuminaughty…

          • Ah Jason, are you the same guy who has this YouTube channel with the decidedly Democrat-Left leanings (

            It’s fine if you are but in your particular zeal you not only want to associate me with a political party that I’m not a supporter of but you also want to kinda slip by the grotesqueries of the various Democrats, including the warmonger who, fortunately, didn’t get elected to be president. Certainly you’re familiar with her track record regarding wars, assassinations, etc., etc., etc. Just for the sake of balance of course, there are nuts like John McCain who happily chime in for war with Russia…loudly called for by plenty of Democrats.

            Again, note that this isn’t a partisan political blog. Also, has it escaped your notice that the prevailing insanity, violence, social disruption, etc., is indeed coming from the loony left? Don’t worry though, the also crazy right, i.e. Neo-Nazis, KKK, white supremacists, etc., which, as I already pointed out ( will respond to the provocation and, voila, we can observe yet another of Meier’s prophetic warnings fulfill (

            Please also note that many people associated with the Meier material were quite hopeful about Obama, who unfortunately also got “turned” and effected some terrible invasions, both by drones and on…our privacy.

            So pardon me if I don’t approve any more dead-end, politically flavored posts. You’ve certainly had your opportunity to make some, just like I’ve allowed a few religiously oriented ones.

            If you’d like to discuss the kinds of principles that transcend both politics and religions, and how to develop reason, rationality, love, peace, freedom and harmony, please continue to submit your comments.

          • Liberal lunacy at its finest.

            The conservative party, while it is unquestionably influenced by religious dogma, also has an equal contender of idiocy in the modern day democratic party – which is just the polar opposite containing hedonistic, self-destructive ideologies. Both have a sick craving for war and terror so we’ll just leave that part there.

            Also to note: KKK was actually created from democratic influence and during the original civil war, it was the democrats who wanted to keep the slaves. So the KKK of today being hard-right are not only stupid but confused as to their origins which rests in the opposite party.


            And this my friends is why politics are so incredibly asinine. It is devoid of all logic and an endless loop of nonsense, talking and terror. Identifying yourself in any of the like, even in the slightest, is laughably stupid because all of it is flawed by default.

            PS: For the Hillary fan —

            Do you enjoy pizza parties with handkerchiefs as much as Hillary and co.?

          • MH,

            You are ridiculous with your blog. It is not necessarily democrat vs republican that is being spoken. It is what policies that each party supports that is furthest from religion and closer to recognizing natural law, that is of value here. I would support republican if they recognized climate change and other environmental issues, for example. You are so dense in your reasoning that you see politics when some of us are just pointing out the policies.

            What policies are in line (or attempting to be) with the laws of Creation? This is where we should be focusing. Make a T-Bar chart: What are the democrats doing that is approaching the truth and what are the republicans doing that is approaching the truth? Which side has the longer list? It is not politics per se….

          • AJJA,

            I guess it’s ridiculous and dense to point out that politics – which has been touted as “the art of the possible” – is nothing more than the “art of advantage”.

            You speak of “this side” and “that side”…instead of noticing that the polarization created by politics is actually contrary to the creation of peace, love, freedom and harmony. Why do you want to settle for “What are the democrats doing that is approaching the truth and what are the republicans doing that is approaching the truth?”…INSTEAD of focusing on the truth without these contemptible, profit hungry, secular religions?

            Yes, it’s politics per se, a shabby, primitive, failed substitute for PERSONAL SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, right thinking and acting, etc.

          • MH,

            We can NOT ignore politics, leaders and just do the truth. We are all in this together. We need to find like minded people and act as a community. We can’t just retreat to the few Billy Meier people, ignore politics, and expect larger change.

            I agree politics is “art of advantage” and primitive. But what else are we going to work with? We need to take the system we have to work with, no matter how primitive, and recognize a path that will eventually lead us to a better system that is devoid of politics.

        • Well said, MH.
          I can only add that even people who have never heard of the Spirit Teachings can and must still apply some common sense. Many people seem to obssess a lot, especially nowadays, with labels (i.e. the right, the left, “progressive,” LGBT, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, etcetera) ignoring the fact that this all leads to polarization, aggression, disharmony. Instead of building a constructive debate, each side of the spectrum seeks to prove the other side wrong using the same old us-versus-them mentality. And when both sides clash, well, chaos and violence often erupt. Civil wars begin this way.

          • He’s a g good thinker and may also benefit from knowing about the spiritual teaching and the people worldwide who are learn gin about Meier’s work.

          • It makes me wonder when I see people proudly proclaim their allegiance to either being a liberal or conservative. As mentioned before, politics is now a sport. Each team having their veterans, bench players, future prospects, rated rookies…Next will be jerseys and trading cards. It’s all a game to separate us to stop unity. And so many gladly play…Why not be for what’s moral? Either side…Morals should top all political allegiances. I know it’s a common sense statement but so many neglects their morals and would rather root on their team. Wtf. It’s so obvious how the CIA is playing us, it’s maddening sometimes…

          • It’s very maddening to watch as the country crumbles. I’ve been watching the escalation of these riots that have been unfolding since the election. People are starting to seriously get injured, and for some reason, the police are being ordered to stand down in certain areas. There is no longer any peaceful assembly with these protests and who is calling the stand down orders? The sole reason some of these folks are going to these protests is to kick someone’s butt on the “other team”. They have lost all their marbles and I would bet that over half of them don’t even know what they’re fighting about. It’s a scary thought to think that a civil war may start because of rumors and lies.

          • Why send in your Rooks when the pawns are fighting each other?

            It makes better “cents” to save your Rooks, Bishops and Knights to protect you when the opposing Rooks, Bishops and Knights come looking for you!

  • Thanks MH for the link to the Follow The Money Daily website!

    I am a smarter man for having read that article, and am yet to read Parts 2, 3 and 4. When I was young and stupid I wanted all the material trappings, but when I realized what it took to gather these things around me, I found that I was NOT prepared to do what it takes. I have been on and off welfare for all my working life due to my refusal to work for the vast amount of my previous employers and their bent for materialism and uninterest in my knowledge and abilities, and desire to use them for equality for all. A better society would have less people to “fight” with to have a roof over my head, food on my table and clothes on my back. I can’t build a roof or sew clothes as well as some others, but I can grow food, both vegetable and meat. What if I exchange my skills of growing food with you who have the better skills to build a house and you who have the better skills to sew, so that I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back and you two have food? And while one or the other isn’t doing that, we could be learning about and doing other things, such as medicine or building Beamships!

    @ Ant-man – If you think that you have seen “fighting over resources for survival” among Humans in this lifetime, so far, it is my opinion that you are mistaken. The nations and people that the English, Spanish, French, etc… conquered, didn’t and couldn’t put up much of a “fight” in the face of more advanced weapons and thoughts, feelings & actions of superiority founded on a delusional belief in an imaginary creator-god (which was the “true” one as opposed to the one of the conquered, if they had one). I am amazed that the English language even contains the word “equal”, outside of mathematical (and other sciences) and financial language.
    In regards to your fish, have you experimented with having only 1 shark in the tank or giving the 3 sharks the power of Consciousness Evolution and not just Instinct Evolution? 😉
    Ant-man, it might come as a ginormously humongisal surprise to you that “we” all have negative thoughts just like you have, and then we go about having positive ones, too, and tend to “mainly” post comments that reflect the more positive side of our thoughts and feelings, otherwise known as actions; or post things that “might” get others to think and feel outside their present mindset. You know, neutral-positive-equalisedness. Are you aware that the ones that secretly video taped Planned Parenthood “harvesting” aborted beating hearts to “SELL” to the “vaccine” “INDUSTRY” are the ones in prison. Are you aware of the consequences to a Human Body by using the Human Body attached to something that should be attacked as something foreign by using Human Body parts to culture the “vaccines” in, when it is injected into the Human Body? Have you heard of Margaret Sanger or Eugenics?

    So, now I think that we are in the predicament of having to wait until the last bullet, missile and biological, chemical and conventional bomb is used and then all we have to do is get out of the hands of the cloned murder machines the weapons that don’t need bullets, IE. lasers and the likes (ray-type weapons). When I read about the red cylinders of fire, I imagined a circle of drones that produce a large circumference laser. If I could imagine it, more nefarious minds could also. Although, it could “just” be a type of whirlwind of fire brought about by the Yellowstone Caldera opening up.

    Here, in Australia, it seems that if you murder, rape or are a pedophile, you get a light sentence but if you !#@$ with a financial institute, you get life. “Justice” reflects the lifestyle of those that write the “laws”. Every now and again “they” will put up a pedophile and hand out societies expected justice so as to take the attention away from “them”.

    Here’s a couple of articles that have helped and changed me personally quite a lot toward the positive lately:
    Killing in Ausartung and the Law of Elimination
    What is the True Self-love, and What is the Detrimental Narcissistic Ego-Love?

    • “In regards to your fish, have you experimented with having only 1 shark in the tank or giving the 3 sharks the power of Consciousness Evolution and not just Instinct Evolution?”

      Giving consciousness evolution to my fish? Are you bleeping kidding?

      I have made many mistakes with my tank. But I learn as I go. It is a challenge to get an established tank. All the pet stores claimed that these sharks only get so big and will be community fish. My sharks have since taken over the tank, but this was not always the case. I had a small schools of tetras that I established first that took to the top of the food chain. This school remained, even as I introduced the sharks. For a long time the sharks would hide in a corner, while the tetras has full roam of the tank. When I cleaned the tank, and changed the decorations around, it became like a new territory for the fish. Eventually the sharks got the upper fin, and took over. Once they took over they began to dominate the entire tank. I don’t mind just having a tank of sharks as these are beautiful, space-ship silver colored and look just like mini great whites. Now I just throw in gold fish feeders, and pretend they are eating mini trumps;)

      • Ahem, “In nature, in a confined habitat”

        It is my opinion that a fish tank is so far removed from nature it’s laughable; are you looking for followers? Have you detonated any nuclear bombs in your fish tank, yet?

        Why not: “In nature, in a zoo”?

  • If the purpose of the Earth was to fertilise positive outcomes and instead you have used the Earth to fertilise your delusional superiority, what’s the chances that the purpose of the Earth still is to fertilise positive outcomes?

  • This is an improvement and correction of the translation of the extract of the prophecies of Henoch I recieved on my e-mail on April 14th that usually arrive in English language. I believe that translations into Spanish (when there are very rarely) are flawed or too literal when you use resources like the Google translate device. I think the messages from Billy Meier are an important matter and it should be able for persons who doesn`t speaks English or German. So, here I send you my corrected version and I hope it can be useful for you:

    192. En total, Estados Unidos desempeñará el papel más decisivo cuando, con el pretexto de luchar por la paz y luchar contra el terrorismo, invada muchos países de la Tierra, bombardee y destruya todo, provocando miles de muertes entre las poblaciones.

    193. La política militar de los Estados Unidos tampoco tendrá límites, al igual que sus instituciones económicas y otras instituciones políticas que se centrarán en la construcción y operación de una fuerza policial mundial, como ya hace mucho tiempo [sic] .

    194. Pero eso no será suficiente y, bajo el disfraz de una llamada globalización pacífica, la política estadounidense aspirará a obtener el control absoluto del mundo en base a la supremacía sobre economía.

    195. Y esto apuntará a la posibilidad de que una Tercera Guerra Mundial pueda desarrollarse a partir de ella, si el ser humano en conjunto no reflexiona finalmente sobre la razón, se hace razonable y emprende los pasos necesarios contra las locas maquinaciones de sus gobiernos y poderes militares, Así como de sus servicios secretos, para poner fin al poder de los irresponsables que han abandonado su responsabilidad en todas las áreas.

    196. Si esto no sucede, muchas naciones, tanto pequeñas como grandes perderán su independencia y su identidad cultural y serán derrotadas, porque los Estados Unidos va a predominar sobre ellas y con la fuerza del mal las va a derribar bajo su gobierno.

    197. Al principio, muchos países aullarán al unìsono con los lobos de los Estados Unidos, en parte debido al temor por las agresiones y sanciones americanas, como sucederá con muchos, muchos, irresponsables en Suiza y Alemania, pero también con otros países. En parte, otros paises se unirán porque se verán obligados de alguna manera a hacerlo o serán engañados por promotores irresponsables de la propaganda americana.

    198. Por último, muchos Estados asiáticos, africanos y europeos se levantarán en contra de la hegemonía americana, una vez que reconozcan que los Estados Unidos de América sólo se aprovechan de ellos para fines de guerra, conquista y explotación.

    ** 217. Lejos en Occidente, será diferente; Los Estados Unidos de América serán un país de destrucción total.

    218. La causa de esto será múltiple.

    219. Con sus conflictos mundiales que están continuamente instigados por ellos y que seguirán en el futuro, Estados Unidos está creando un enorme odio contra sí mismo, en todo el mundo, en muchos países.

    220. Como resultado, Estados Unidos experimentará enormes catástrofes que alcanzarán proporciones apenas imaginables para la gente de la Tierra.

    221. La destrucción del WTC, es decir, el World Trade Center, por parte de terroristas sólo será el comienzo.

    *** 222. Sin embargo, todos los acontecimientos apocalípticos no sólo se producirán debido al uso de armas increíblemente mortales y destructivas – talescomo productos químicos, láser y otros- y por máquinas de asesinato clonadas; sino que además de esto, la Tierra y la naturaleza, maltratadas en lo mas hondo de sus profundidades por los seres humanos irresponsables de la Tierra, se levantará y causará la destrucción y traerá muerte a la misma.

    223. Enormes tormentas de fuego y gigantescos huracanes recorrerán los Estados Unidos trayendo devastación, destrucción y aniquilación, como nunca se ha visto desde tiempos inmemoriales.

    224. No sólo Estados Unidos, sino también todos los demás países industrializados occidentales que todavía viven al comienzo del nuevo milenio en la ilusión de que podrían dominar y gobernar a las naciones subdesarrolladas, es decir, a los países del Tercer Mundo, no sólo perderán pronto influencia sobre los mismos, sino que ademas tendràn defenderse de ellos.

  • When we are reborn into our next lifetime, this could be a very different Earth to be born to. Some countries will have risen, others fallen from being rich and powerful. Some areas of the Earth may be seeping with nuclear radiations (if nukes were used) or from leaking power plants. Effects from overpopulation may be in full effect, countries may have sunk into the ocean, volcanoes may have destroyed population centeres, there may have been heavy earthquakes (heavy casualties), there may be areas of the world where society has collapsed, and there are mass starvation’s, and thirst, for food and drink. People in this time may still pray to a non-existent God, and he will not have an ear for this world, but there will be truth-seekers, and I want to be one of them. Future FIGU will be there for those future people in need of knowledge, and wisdom.

    • Corey, my every day thoughts are along the same lines now. With Trump changing his allegiance to that of the deep state, while maintaining the appearance of a right/left paradigm, I’ve become disgusted with the entire facade. I think FIGU needs to focus most of it’s efforts at this point on building itself as a landed organization that will survive the coming centuries.

      • Hi Michael Helfert and Corey,Count me in too. I`m so damn fed up with political corporate military religious ballgame that I run out for ice cream and just laugh at how mindless spinelessly stupid this world is getting,it`s like watching a three ring circus and finding the one act really sucks. Let it bleed and play ball-)) It means I`m fed up with all this stupid football game!!!

        • Terry,

          Somehow, you’re still entering this: http://startpage and I have to keep removing it.

          Now, if it’s somehow happening automatically, please let me know…or better yet, REMOVE it before posting comments.


      • Thanks MH. I thought i did something wrong. Mabye I need to take a refresher course on how to use the internet As you know by now I`m not tech savy. Oh well, thanks.

        • Terry,

          Now this is appearing in your post:


          We don’t need that, it can be removed by you before you post. Please see if you can do that when you comment.


  • What is left to say but get out the popcorn and watch everything unfold from the best seats in the house….it’s very very sad but what are we going to do!!!

  • Sorry if this is a bit off-topic:
    Perhaps Alex Jones should start posting a disclaimer on his website saying he’s merely “a performance artist”. This could help his followers from taking some of the more absurd conspiracy theories seriously and possibly help in bridging the overly politicized divide in America before it’s too late:

    “In Travis County custody case, jury will search for real Alex Jones”–regional-govt–politics/travis-county-custody-case-jury-will-search-for-real-alex-jones/rnbWzMHnFCd5SOPgP3A34J/

  • I just found out that it`s the state NOT AARP which means I could be reduced back to $100 a week thanks to the Deep State and their rotten shills for more money for them and less money for me!!! thanks to the states gettin g less money and more for the feds to pay for their rotten warmongering dark shills and cabals,etc,etc,etc!!!

    • Terry,

      Somehow, you’re still entering this: http://startpage and I have to keep removing it.

      Now, if it’s somehow happening automatically, please let me know…or better yet, REMOVE it before posting comments.


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