Dumber than a Rock

From bio chips to nose rings people are led in the wrong direction

Where are all the fundamentalist Christians when we need them? Don’t they want to warn the dumb-as-a-rock employees at the Wisconsin company promoting this sinister “convenience” that they’re about to get the infamous “Mark of the Beast” jammed into their nice little hands, ostensibly to make it easier for them to…shop?*

Seemingly still inspired by George Bush’s “just go shopping” comments after 9/11, these folks are anxious to prove that they’re about as smart as the rest of the cows in the state, and probably less useful. That young people have already been conditioned, in addition to every other form of self-mutilation, to willingly wear rings in their noses and be led around like cows, certainly has emboldened the powers that be to accelerate their time table for enslaving the rest of all-too-compliant masses.

Again, not too surprising when we consider how easy it’s been to convince hordes of women with inferiority complexes that they also have a silicone deficiency.

Rock Our World

Speaking of rocks and being-dumb-as-a, scientists (who may be less informed than comic book readers) are again mulling over the potential dangers of asteroid Apophis.** Hopefully, more of them will catch up in time to the specific warnings Billy Meier received, in 1981, as the Russians appear to have done.

Regarding rocks that also roll, at about 8:24 here, Dutchsinse mentions the Eifel volcanic fields, in northern Germany, which caught my attention because I only recently became aware of it when reading Sfath’s 1948 letter. You can file that under coming attractions (or destructions) for future reference.

The National Nose

Speaking of destruction, in the good ol’ American tradition of sticking our national nose in everyone’s business – especially if we want what they have – apparently the CIA has “plans” for Venezuela. That gives us another opportunity to turn our attention to that fuzzy little thing in the distance that appears to be…coming our way. While we can’t quite make out the details yet, we can be absolutely certain it’s got something to do with our perpetual “global conflicts” and the unstoppable consequences of that immutable, “dumb” law of cause and effect.

So, while we may snicker at the examples of gullible workers anxious to be bio-chipped, or naïve young people and their bovine submissiveness, the fact is that the people of this country have long been led around by their collective nose. For the most part, they’ve gone willingly, never noticing, or deliberately ignoring, how that nosing around has ruined the lives of multitudes of other people around the world, all under the banner of “American interests”.

It isn’t the good things that we have done, as individuals and/or as a country, that are coming back to haunt us. It’s the consequences of having succumbed to the religio-political imprisoned way of living, instead of having learned the way to live according to the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which is based in complete self-responsibility for our own lives, and is founded in true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

When people live in accordance with the elements of the spiritual teaching, they don’t violate the rights of others to do the same in the name of any imaginary God, politics, so-called national interests, or for any other reason, etc.


We are not meant to be led around by our noses, nor controlled by the will of others, through technology, coercion, fear, etc. The spiritual teaching is presented freely and openly so that it may be studied in the same manner. There are no threats of punishment, purgatory, guilt or grief forcing one into subservience and submission.

There is only the reclaiming of one’s sovereignty over themselves, their entire lives, their thoughts, feelings and actions, as was intended by the Creation itself.


What Are You Drinking?

Here is another recent warning about cancer-causing chemicals, this time in California drinking water.

I don’t know why the list linked from the newspaper article includes so many filters that won’t remove the contaminants. But I suggest that you click here to find the one water filter that will indeed remove all the contaminants on this list and has NSF certification.

UFOs: Who Cares and Why?

Here’s a new article of mine, UFOs: Who Cares and Why?, at Luke Gohegan’s site.


*From 1958:

“40.) And it will be that even before the time of the Third Millennium, and indeed in 1993, a political and commercial European dictator will arise that will be called the “European Union” and, in evil, will carry the number 666, as through this the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a “biometric identification system” that would be overseen and controlled through a “central data bank” whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter. First the USA and later the European Union will introduce this modern human enslavement, thereafter, then other countries will also follow, all preceding the Swiss, whereby, through this process, the personal and national citizens’ human rights will be drastically trimmed, which fundamentally will be originally already planned at the construction of the European Union, whereby the citizen is finally deemed fully incapable of managing his own affairs, and should be governed only by the authorities, without having a right to a say regarding certain government things and decisions.”

**Yes, I’ve commented before on Apophis, as well as those happily getting bio-chipped. As repetition is a basis for learning, we can see that it may take a bit more reminding, as Americans, among others, are very slow learners.


Thanks to Michael Flynn, John Bryant, Annie Newman and Norm DeCindis.




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  1. Thanks Luis, I`ll think about that. Went to the doctor yesterday and said I have oteo arthritis in the knees as well as my back which will flair up once in a while and just get worse untill I`m dead. I have to go for physical therapy for six weeks and come back to see if this will help:(. I`m going to try a lot of things to see what works and what doesn`t work. Salome. Terry

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