The Deceit and Dishonesty of Derek Bartholomaus

A legacy of lies, thievery, plagiarism, plague UFO skeptic

The mere mention of UFOs brings out all sorts of opinions; it’s an often rightly marginalized topic, full of hucksterism, and usually better suited to tabloids than intelligent conversation.

The Singularly Authentic Billy Meier UFO Contacts

However, the exception is the singularly authentic, historically unprecedented, Billy Meier UFO contact case from Switzerland, which has been analyzed and authenticated by independent experts several times over the past 30 years.

Most recently, two top-level, independent experts – with no connection to the UFO field – one a retired US Air Force OSI investigator, and the other a former prosecutor-trial lawyer, have concluded that the Billy Meier case, and its evidence, are 100%, ironclad and authentic.

Skeptic Tried to Sue When Exposed

In making our award-winning film, The Silent Revolution of Truth, released in 2008, I extended the offer to skeptic Derek Bartholomaus to include a segment in the Special Features section, in which he could present the skeptical perspective, unedited and uncensored. We were kind enough to provide Bartholomaus with the opportunity to try to rebut the evidence. He signed off on the segment…including my rebuttal to his comments.

Then, shortly after the film came out, he retracted his claims that Meier used UFO models and miniatures trees. In fact, he threatened to sue me for publishing his retraction.

Some time after that, Bartholomaus was caught falsifying my comments.

In November, 2011, there was more inaccurate information from CFI, which was not only refuted by the actual evidence but also with the assistance of…skeptic Mahesh Karumudi.

It didn’t end there.

Bartholomaus Refuted by Experts

Bartholomaus’ bogus, unsubstantiated claims about Meier’s films and photographs contradicted the informed opinions of real special effects and photographic experts. These included Wally Gentleman (2001: A Space Odyssey), the Academy Award-winning company, Uncharted Territory, Dr. Michael Malin (NASA), Eric Eliason (USGS), Robert Post (JPL), Nippon TV, as well as photographic expert (and expert legal witness) Jim Diletosso, who – contrary to Bartholomaus’ claims – not only examined and authenticated four of Meier’s actual negatives, but also created special technological protocols “for analyzing and evaluating UFO photographs for the purpose of detecting and exposing fraudulent hoaxes and misrepresentation”.

Further, as I also pointed out in my on-screen rebuttal, Bartholomaus made more inaccurate claims in his attempts to debunk the analysis of the metal samples by multi-patent holding, IBM research chemist, Marcel Vogel.

Bartholomaus went on to try to discredit the analysis of the UFO sounds – the still testable physical evidence! – recorded in an open field in front of 17 witnesses (including a plainclothes policeman). But, again, the conclusions of experts like Nils Rognerud and Steve Ambrose, the engineers at Excalibur Studios and experts Steven Williams and Howard Ilson, at the Naval Undersea Sound Center, in Groton, Connecticut, solidly refuted Bartholomaus and affirmed the unique properties of Meier’s sound recordings, which still remain irreproducible.

False Statements

Bartholomaus was recently interviewed by Kevin Randle, during which time he made a number of factual errors and false statements.

He singled out one of Meier’s prophecies warning of a preventable nuclear accident near Lyon, France. Not only did we present the documentation that refuted Bartholomaus’ criticisms (Special Features Segment, The Silent Revolution of Truth) but even Kevin Randle, who himself is skeptical of the Meier case, conceded that Meier’s information had “an element of accuracy that you could point at”, even though he wouldn’t (because he’s a skeptic). In fact, Meier’s prediction of the danger of accidents at nuclear power plants increasing is accurate and engendering concern now.

During the interview with Randle, Bartholomaus falsely stated that:

No negatives of Meier’s photos were ever tested 1

Films that Meier made weren’t clear enough to determine authenticity 2

Things that Meier claimed other people said were “lies” 3

The Asket and Nera photos were hoaxed 4

UFO can’t be seen going behind the hill  5

Information on prophecies has been changed 6

Eyewitness testimony is “useless in a forensic case”, etc., etc. 7

No one has been able to provide any verifiable evidence for any of the claims 8

Bartholomaus failed to acknowledge that Nippon TV did indeed examine and analyze Meier’s films. He also failed to mention that a number of the actual – unbroken – film strips in UFO contact from the Pleiades – A Supplementary Investigation Report, etc. – show the UFO appearing, or disappearing, in one frame of the uncut film. The two Investigation Reports contain a combined 1,084 pages of documentation, covering all of the elements of the multi-year, on-site investigation into the evidence, by the original team, which included Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, Lee and Brit Elders, Jim Diletosso, Tom Welch and others.

To be clear, all of Bartholomaus’ statements above have been shown to be…false (See footnotes below*). This is a prime example why the field of skepticism is so wretched. It’s filled with people who are biased and unscientific. They are, at best, incompetent, at worst you have completely unethical, deceitful and dishonest people like Bartholomaus, who recklessly and arrogantly defame people to try to boost their own reputations.

Stolen Valor

In a civilian version of stolen valor, Bartholomaus shamelessly calls his website and also has stolen and plagiarized my website’s name,, by using, deliberately misleading the public to think that his is a legitimate site affiliated with both the Billy Meier UFO case and my site, as opposed to what it is, a hatchet job by a jealous and devious plagiarizer.

When we accidentally sent Bartholomaus additional footage that we didn’t include in The Silent Revolution of Truth, as Bartholomaus even acknowledges, rather than ask our permission to use it, he has instead boastfully displayed it – for well over a decade – on his fraudulent site, claiming “fair use”, which it is not, as it’s never been broadcast and is our copyrighted intellectual property. This is a shameless form of thievery by Bartholomaus, who feels that he can misrepresent and misappropriate other people’s intellectual property, for the sole reason of prosecuting his skeptical agenda and unsubstantiated, defamatory remarks.

Derek the Defamer

On Randle’s show, Bartholomaus attacked Meier regarding his experiences and troubles as a teenager, which Meier himself first revealed. However, here we have Bartholomaus, a grown man who is a thief, liar, plagiarist, defamer, incompetent “investigator”, etc., criticizing the actions of a then young man, who also took the self-responsibility to correct and atone for them.

With the corroboration, authentication and endorsement of real investigators spanning 40 years, there is no reason to tolerate dishonest wannabes who resort to lies, disinformation and plagiarism, who show they will do anything to try to suppress the truth that they can’t handle. We’ll see if Bartholomaus takes Meier’s example and cleans up the mess he’s made.


It is incumbent upon Derek Bartholomaus to:

Remove our copyrighted film clip

Remove  false claims that Meier “claims to have engaged in the grave robbing of a site he claims to have been the tomb of Jesus Christ in 1963” and that Meier claimed to be the “reincarnation of Jesus Christ”.

Cease using BillyMeierUFOCase, and theyfly – which is my brand, associated with my website, blog, online show and film production company, etc.

Remove any and all defamatory information from his site, or provide credible, factually substantiated evidence to support his claims, including all of the points raised in this article.


1 Of course the negatives were tested. See: Jim Diletosso’s interview (30:10). See also: Analysis of Meier’s ET UFO Photographs; UFO…Contact From The Pleiades, Volume I, 1979, regarding the protocols used in, and the results of the testing of, Meier’s UFO photographs:









2 Meier’s films are clear enough for real experts and lay people alike. Nippon TV authenticated them. You can see examples in The Silent Revolution of Truth.
3 Meier has never been shown to have “lied” about any of the evidence, information, etc. All available evidence pertaining to what other people have said has, whenever possible, been signed off on, i.e. such as: Scientific Experts’ Comments on Meier’s UFO Evidence.
4 The skeptics claim that the Asket and Nera photos were hoaxed…by Meier. Yet they’ve offered absolutely zero proof. In fact, they’ve never been able to provide evidence that US TV, and The Dean Martin Show in particular, was available in Switzerland, and/or the area where Meier lived, at that time.
The skeptics have never provided credible, factually substantiated answers to these questions:
Where is the evidence that Meier had a color TV at the time and that he would have known about and watched the show?
Where are the lines from the cathode ray tube (CRT)?
Where is the reflection of a flash?
How does a camera with a stuck setting for infinity take a clear close up photo?
Why did Michelle DellaFave request, and then go to see Billy Meier, in early 2017, saying that she knew he was an honest man?
The real debate ender, however, is that it’s impossible that Meier hoaxed the photos because, as the documentation in Contact 31 shows, he had photographed them on December 3, 1975. At the same time, he was informed of the look-alikes in America. When Meier inquired further, he was told by Ptaah that there were reasons why he wouldn’t provide more details.
However, The Dean Martin Show  ended in early…1974.  The videotapes of the show couldn’t have aired in Europe – for which there is no evidence they ever were – before 1979…which was five years after the Asket and Nera photos were taken.

The fact that the Asket and Nera photos were tampered with – by someone other than Meier – is further evidenced by the photos below. In the photo on the left, we see singer Susan Lund, in the middle, with a collarless top. However, in the manipulated photo on the right, she is, magically, wearing a shirt with a large collar. Since Meier couldn’t have had access to any material from a US TV show, which ended a year and one-half before he took his photos of Asket and Nera, the photo manipulations had to have been done by parties that had access to both the footage of the TV show and Meier’s actual photos of Asket and Nera.









5 At 5:50 of Bartholomaus’ segment in the Special Features portion of The Silent Revolution of Truth, he says that the ship doesn’t dip behind the hill…while we see it doing exactly that!
6 The record of the specific, prophetically accurate information from Meier now exceeds 200, error-free examples, many of which are here, with many additional ones regularly updated here.
In fact, several recent, specific examples of Meier’s prophetically accurate scientific information, scooped our scientists by at least…30 years:
7 Eyewitness testimony from just one or two people is easily called into question. However, in the Meier case there over 125 eyewitnesses…and five other photographers. (I happen to be one of the eyewitnesses, having been within 20′ of a small monitoring craft, in the mountains of Brazil, on October 3, 2011, at 10:05 PM.)
Let’s remember that history itself is largely based on eyewitness accounts. Please note that many of these witnesses had multiple sightings of the UFOs:
A  B C
8 One of Bartholomaus’ most ridiculous claims, that there is “no verifiable evidence”, is refuted by all of the evidence, analyses and authentication to be found, and linked from, here:
Corroboration & Evidence
It’s 1964 All Over Again
Billy Meier UFO Case: Beyond a Reasonable 

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the WCUFO

Rahl Zahi’s Analysis Report on the Pendulum UFO

Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock’s Analysis on The Energy Ships


NOTE: I have offered to debate not only Bartholomaus but any and all of the skeptics connected to IIG, The James Randi Foundation, as well as Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, Stephen Novella, Stuart Robbins, Phil Plait, etc. Naturally, they all declined.

The skeptics attempted to debunk and discredit Meier’s information on Jupiter, Io, etc. – and ended up corroborating that Meier published it first instead. You’ll notice the mention of pseudo-scientist, Stuart Robbins who still refuses to look through the proverbial telescope, such is the quality of thinkers being churned out by colleges and universities. There’s a long list of such celebrity-seeking, lightweights out there…suppressing the truth for their own profit and recognition.


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Thanks to Michael Vasudeva for pointing out the difference in clothing in the Asket and Nera photographs.










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    The spiritual teachings have turned my life around in such a short period of time and knowing this is just the beginning is truly wonderful.
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