Suspicious But Not Inquisitive

NOTE: This blog formerly contained information about very negative communications from Trevor Toler, a still current contributor to one of Ben Davidson’s Suspicious0bservers channels.

I recently engaged in an email exchange with Ben because, understandably, he was upset by my revealing that information in the blog. We arrived at an agreement for my removing the mutually offending material, with the following statement from Ben:

“The language used by a member of the suspicious0bservers community in emails with Mr. Horn was completely unacceptable. Neither myself nor Space Weather News endorses or supports the statements that were made. This individual is one of the +300,000 who watch, interact, and learn, and one of the hundreds who have one of our email accounts. The person who made the comments is also a prominent and popular member of the community, known for his antics and crude behavior (much the way Beavis and Butthead were popular, or Tom Greene), and unfortunately, this situation witnessed this character step over boundaries which have no place in academic discourse, or any mature conversation. Due to the prominence of this individual in the community, these actions cast a shadow on the community as a whole. Everything about the situation is regrettable, and on behalf of the entire community, the sincerest apologies to Mr. Horn are in order.”

I do appreciate Ben’s acknowledgment and apology. I have left my other comments about Ben’s professional work, remain as my opinions, criticisms, etc. My feelings about his comments, and lack of knowledge, about the scientific information in the Billy Meier case also stand. These are differences of opinion and certainly disagreements often occur, especially in regards to discourse over very important topics.



There’s an old and wise saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

Sometimes it turns out to be a four-lane highway.

Case in point, recently Greg Dougall informed me that he had reached out to Ben Davidson, the creator and owner of a number of websites pertaining to “investigating solar activity, earthquakes, physics and weather.” Ben’s resume also seems credible enough and here’s a quote of his (bold emphasis added):

“…Long-standing paradigms must be questioned, and this cannot be done without being suspicious of the status quo.”

-Ben Davidson

So, in light ofBen’s invitation to his readers to submit information about topics under discussion, Greg logically thought that Ben and his associates would want to know about the abundant, specific, prophetically accurate scientific information – in those areas of interest – from Billy Meier, dating back to 1948, that preempts, and is effectively confirmed and corroborated by, our scientists.

In his enthusiasm, Greg offered Ben $100 to just look at the information, so hopeful was Greg that a seemingly scientifically minded person would benefit from knowing, and possibly utilizing and disseminating, the information. Instead, Ben was dismissive, self-promoting and a bit arrogant in his response, which included:

 “I know Billy Meier’s work. I believe in aliens, but this guy takes it WAY too far. The #1 reason our community has so much evidence and information but yet remains excluded and ‘insane’ according to the rest of the world is this: PEOPLE DON’T STICK TO FACTS AND TAKE CONCLUSIONS WAY BEYOND WHAT IS LEGITIMATE.”

I Speak Your Language!

When I saw the exchange I thought, hey, I can speak Arrogantese, I’ll just send Ben a few very specific links,* tweak his ego a tad and maybe he’ll discuss these matters, to the benefit of all concerned.

The response I got from Ben was surprisingly angry and aggressive. After referring to his “belief in aliens”, he…threatened a “dogfight” if I tried to inform him about any evidence, etc. Ben wasn’t at all specific about what he actually disagreed with in the Meier information, to the extent that he had even looked at it, just...angry.

In my opinion, actually being inquisitive and genuinely, scientifically and intellectually curious would have been a much better response.

The Environmental Cause

Their environmental cause may be good and it’s tough enough trying to bring people the truth about the very real and pressing environmental destruction, etc. I’m no stranger to debate and confrontation, to mounting a vigorous defense, etc. But I do it in response to attacks, not just to anyone who questions and challenges in pursuit of the truth.

Judging from his video, it seems that Ben may see himself as a bright new shining light in science. But it seems to  me that, instead of having the capacity to welcome more knowledge, he feels…threatened by it. And threatened by the existence of the historically unprecedented, singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the fact thatMeier has been preempting our scientists’ “new discoveries” for over 65 years, in sciences like astronomy, astrophysics, biology, geology, archeology, chemistry, genetics, etc.

This kind of arrogance and unwarranted hostility is simply something I’ve never encountered before. And all of it started with an offer of free information, no wait, it actually started with Greg Dougall offering Ben Davidson $100 to just look through the proverbial telescope.

The Other Shoe Drops

It’s only after writing most of this article that I saw the following quote Greg received from Davidson:

“Billy M is not someone worth following. Like everyone else claiming to have ‘been there’ – he is saying what he is told to say, for the SOLE PURPOSE of distracting US and making us look stupid.”

Apart from pointing out that people often don’t need help to look stupid, had I noticed all this before contacting him…I wouldn’t have bothered. While I certainly don’t shy away from responding to overt attacks on the authenticity of the Meier contact case, If someone doesn’t want to know something, that has to be respected.

So, my attempts could be seen as some kind of “missionizing”, which is my fault and unfortunate too.



*The links I included in my original email to Ben:

Dr. Cornish, Billy Meier Revealed It 30 Years Ago

Scientists Confirm Billy Meier’s Space Travel Information 



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