Alien Life? Look Through the Telescope, Prof. Wright

An invitation to find what you’re seeking

Dear Prof. Jason T. Wright & associates,

While this is an open letter and not a scientific paper, the information within it should serve as an invitation, provoking sufficient interest to warrant further examination, certainly before concluding that it’s… outré.

That’s not the Way It’s Supposed to Happen

Regarding your association with SETI, our team suggests that while scenarios such as contact through a form of mathematics, radio waves, cryptic signals, or rarified scientific language is fitting for a science fiction movie, we should allow the possibility that space traveling extraterrestrials from a Type III Civilization would be intelligent enough to learn, and reach out to us, in one of our own terrestrial languages, utilizing their advanced versions of language learning technologies such as we already possess.

While that’s not the way it’s supposed to happen, according to SETI’s assumptions that they would be the de facto choice for such contact, we suggest that an advanced and benevolent extraterrestrial civilization would actually  be capable of also communicating in a way that was equally accessible, and understandable, to scientists and lay people alike.

Conveying the Science

A most elegant, and non-invasive, means for a Type III Civilization to effect such historical contact would be for them to convey specific scientific information in a clear and unambiguous manner – well prior to our “officially” discovering it. Once we confirmed its accuracy, through subsequent corroborating discoveries, we could go about ascertaining the reason* a far more advanced race would seek contact with a demonstrably far more primitive and warlike one.

The time between the provision and corroboration of the information would allow scientists, governments, leaders, etc., to prepare for this unprecedented development and, quite possibly, actual, subsequent direct contact.

SETI has its preconceptions, including that searching for extraterrestrial life is the means by which contact will be established. But, since the advanced race would determine the terms of contact, it could even be with a lay person, ego-deflating as that may be.

Can we really say just how this event would occur and proceed?

Actually, yes.

Beyond Theories

Skeptical? Of course, but please read on.

In 1978, a nearly 10-year-long preliminary investigation was led by a USAF Lt. Colonel, and his team of professional investigators and scientists, concerning several categories of physical and informational evidence provided to them by “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, in Switzerland. Meier claimed that as a five-year-old boy, in 1942, long prior to SETI’s inception, he was first contacted by representatives of a human space traveling race. The contacts are claimed to continue to this day, more than 75 years later. Over the past 40 years, the varied evidence has been independently examined, analyzed and authenticated by respected scientific experts and is freely available to you for your own evaluation, testing, etc.

Regarding advance knowledge of soon-to-be scientific facts, it has been – and continues to be – provided in abundance. To date we have over 200 specific examples, the majority established as ironclad by the existence of copyrights and verifiable publication dates, all well prior to “official discovery”, in fact, often decades earlier.

No information is ever presented as theoretical and, to date, there has been no erroneous information. The only revision of estimates, etc., comes from organizations like NASA. (More articles about Apophis here.)

Credible international reporting on Mr. Meier and his photographic evidence dates back to 1964 and this USAF OSI military investigator explains why it makes the Meier case ironclad..

But how could this, arguably the most important event in human history, possibly have occurred, yet gone unnoticed by respected scientists, such as you and your associates?

SETI’s Rigorous Avoidance

The attempts to present this evidence and information to numerous scientists around the world span decades. A few courageous scientific experts risked the opprobrium of their associates – and loss of funding, tenure, reputation, etc. – and looked through the proverbial telescope.

As indicated, your own professional analyses, questions, challenges are welcome. Hopefully, they would be more credible – and scientific – than what Mr. Robert Muir received from Seth Shostak, on June 15, 2015, in response to his suggestion to investigate the Meier material:

Dear Robert,

Thanks for the email. The SETI Institute doesn’t investigate UFO phenomena — it’s not our field of research. I might also note that the majority of people that I’ve talked to consider the Meier evidence to be faked. Certainly looks that way to me. And there’s an important point to be noted: We’ve learned nothing from it.

Seth Shostak

Dr. Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer and Director of the Center for SETI Research
SETI Institute
189 Bernardo Ave.
Suite 100
Mountain View, CA 94043

A Piece of Pluto, Please

So, unlike defense industry aeronautical engineer, Dr. David Froning, Seth Shostak “learned nothing from it.” But Prof. Lisa Chien at NAU (Northern Arizona University) was consumed with curiosity as she perused hundreds of Meier’s clear, primarily daytime UFO photos (all taken on 35mm film, pre-computer, pre-digital era). Conversely, professor and Department Chair of the NAU Physics and Astronomy Department, Dr. Stephen Tegler, wouldn’t deign to look through the proverbial telescope.

Expressing that he had “no interest in seeing photographs; bring me a piece of a bumper from one of the things”, Dr. Tegler was nonetheless unable to produce a piece of Pluto to demonstrate the same evidence-in-hand requirements.

We do rely on various kinds of photographs of Pluto; the closest were taken 8,000 miles from it. Meier’s closest photos of the WCUFO were taken within…15’. Please see this 74-page analysis, using today’s state-of-the-art computer technology, which also includes the protocols used by Mr. Zahi, so that you can reproduce the testing.

He also discovered that putting one of Meier’s 35mm film photographs, from 1981, in Photoshop and adjusting brightness and contrast settings, revealed what has been hidden, not quite in plain sight, for 33 years. Please feel free to perform this simple experiment yourself, as many people around the world have now done.

The internet has not only “democratized” access to information but also modalities of testing that now allow a 10-year-old child to attempt to determine certain things for themselves, without relying on outside experts.

In fact, it was at about that age that Marcel Vogel synthesized the chemicals that produce bioluminescence in fireflies.

The Benefits of Skepticism

While skepticism is expected, rather than directly confront the claims and voluminous evidence anymore, the tactic has been mainly to ignore it and pretend that it’s the same as…no evidence at all. Fortunately, Prof. Scott Antes, a skeptical professor, demonstrated rare intellectual honesty and facilitated two, historic presentations at NAU.

Determined skeptics seeking to debunk Meier’s information on Jupiter, etc. – including the fact that Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system –  instead corroborated that he published it five months before the Voyager probe arrived.

As we said, this is not a scientific paper so much as an invitation, amply supported with an abundance of un-dismissible evidence. To date there are over 26,000 pages of information, five categories of still irreproducible physical evidence, 125+ eyewitnesses and five photographers other than Meier.

It is hoped that you and your associates will be curious and gracious enough to…look through the telescope and respond with your comments, questions and/or challenges. Hopefully our discussion would be more enlightening than the way the media deals with this topic, which could make it easier for astronomers to “discuss the possibility of alien life”.

My team and I, as well as our readers from 192 countries around the world, will be most happy to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Michael Horn, Authorized American Media Representative

Kenneth Smith, Director of Operations at Orbital Launch System Group (Ret)

Matthew Wieczkiewicz, Nasa Aerospace Engineer (Ret)

Harry Lear, Measuring Pi Squaring Phi

Christer Svenson

*Regarding the reason they came here, let’s see how we do with this step first.


Please see also:

Official Contact Report 220, Wednesday, December 2, 1987

Billy: …why does the density ratio of the Moon on the front and the back vary so much?

Quetzal: The whole thing is founded in the mass and the attractive force of the Earth. Through the Earth’s attractive force, the Moon, during the course of its existence as an Earth satellite, has shifted the focal point of its mass away from the Earth, by what means its geometric center has shifted.


Moon’s bulge linked to early orbit’, August 3, 2006

“Planetary scientists have proposed a solution to the centuries-old problem of why the Moon’s far side bulges at its equator. Ian Garrick-Bethell and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that the bulge was caused by the Moon being much closer to the Earth early on its history and moving in a much more eccentric elliptical orbit than it does now. This would have allowed the bulge to “freeze in” as the still-molten Moon began to solidify, the researchers say.”

NOTE: It is well known that there is no life in the Pleiades constellation and why this term was originally used is explained in the documentation.



72 Replies to “Alien Life? Look Through the Telescope, Prof. Wright”

  1. Hi MH What are these phony SETI UFO guys afraid of in the first place since these phony guys are afraid to face the reality of REAL HUMAN ETs who are being very honest and telling it like it is in the first place since these very real humans are from the future warning us of what will happen if we don`t take action now to right the wrongs of earth`s society now! Look at what Trump and congress are doing now to start two civil wars now???

    1. Makes a person wonder what SETI will be doing during the civil wars when they receive NO FUNDING at all. It’s in their best interest to read Billy Meier’s material so they can continue sucking…

      1. Hi Sheila,
        I just read the paper Prof. Jason Wright wrote in April. This is what he said on SETI:
        “SETI work on searches for alien artifacts in the Solar System typically presumes
        that such artifacts would be of extrasolar origin, even though life is known
        to have existed in the Solar System, on Earth, for eons.
        But if a prior technological, perhaps spacefaring, species ever arose in the
        Solar System, it might have produced artifacts or other technosignatures that
        have survived to present day, meaning Solar System artifact SETI provides a
        potential path to resolving astrobiology’s question.”
        This guy wants technosignatures- all he needs to do is to go to Billy Meier’s location, he will find the evidence there. But I guess that might be too easy especially if his work is funded by universities and other organizations. Writing theories instead of matter of facts is much more harder to read I find, especially he has a long footnotes at the end of his essay. He references to a lot of other people’s works, websites, etc.. even on Star Trek Voyageur…If this young man spends some of his precious time studying the Meier material, his writings will change from theories to true reality…no more fantasy!

        BTW, your acronyms on SETI are hilarious, even you MH.

        1. I should have proofread my reply before I sent it.
          I meant to say ” READING theories” instead of Writing theories.

        2. Hi Dolly,

          The OED just can’t get enough of themselves and their pseudoscience. They are simply too willfully ignorant to examine the voluminous evidence – that they didn’t discover – and that would reveal the extent of their pomposity and ridiculousness.

          Yes, Sheila nails these guys who See Everything Through Ignorance.

          1. Hi MH and Dolly I wonder what ever happened to Richard C. Hoagland wh used to be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory telling us listeners about artifacts on Mars, the Moon etc. Mabye if Richard C. Hoagland is still around why not send him all the Billy Meier info and see if Richard C. can grasp all this info on artifacts in this solar system.

  2. Hi MH I heard a few years ago that he wants to buy and build properties on Mars with al those coporate crucks trying to do the same so they can get away with murder just like the did millions of years ago when there was a nuclear war between Mars and Malona which is now the asteroid belt between mars and what was once malona which could happen all over again! How stupid can you get with this mars thing again millions of years later. There is an article from Coast to Coast AM Home In The News about Stphen Hawking say the same thing about Mars too if you want to check that out. “This world is getting extreamly very very insane again millions of years later our time with all these political corporate military sickos are threating animation all over again millions of years later. Look what happened to Mu and Atlantis,the same old broken record story again!!! As the old saying goes,history repeats itself all over again!:-((( “

  3. Dear lord, I made the mistake of watching my first Seth Sloshschtick video. NEVER EVER watch one of his talks on youtube, unless you want to purposely spike your cortisol. I mean, I didn’t watch the whole thing, I could only take a few seconds at a time, and no where in the galaxy is there a bigger scammer who is more ignorant of the evidence of found extra terrestrial intelligence than this guy. He thinks that just because he doesn’t know the answers, no one else does or can.

    1. He’s a first class fraud and phony, like MUFON, Greer, etc., etc. These are the people who’ve done immense damage to this country through their ignorance, ambition, greed and their deliberate suppression of the Meier case.

      1. Funny part is when the world will look back (in the future) and laugh, and shudder at the sheer idiocy of today’s lunatics in positions of influence. Like, I can (somewhat) understand their love for fantasy in the first few weeks, maybe months, but ongoing years of phony conceptions, outright lies and just sheer stupidity – one has to ask, does it ever get exhausting?

      2. I think if MUFON gave in to the Billy Meier case than they would no longer qualify to be exempt from paying Federal Income Tax for scientific research because the tables would turn. MUFON most likely qualifies as a church instead and could qualify for those tax exemptions in contrary. I am not sure of this but here is a link that might explain it.

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