Beyond 2020: The Future of America & the World

C2 C Listener’s Guide for July 3 – 4

Michael Horn discusses Billy Meier’s prophetic information :



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26 Replies to “Beyond 2020: The Future of America & the World”

  1. In india already the govt s are into anti people activities and there were incidents of police openig fire and killing 15 people in a large group of protesters agitating against a copper smeltering facility.The protesters set fire to police vehicles in different parts of the state.
    This is just like meir said in his new prophesies and predictions.

  2. I didn`t know where to post the article from c2c in the News but you better check this serious article out: Sunday July 8,2018 from the website Unexplained Mysteries under Space&Astronomy Russia Warns of deadly mutant space bacteria Posted on Saturday 7 July 2018 I just read this article just now but this sounds like what Billy predicted if we start to travel into space and bring back these deadly mutant bacteria back to Earth. Salome Terry

  3. Here is a snippet from Contact Report 707.

    Ptaah: Unfortunately, this will be inevitable, because so far there are no signs that anything would change for the better, good or positive. Our forecasts have not yet given us any indication that there will be any positive changes in the foreseeable future either.

    Billy: That’s not to be expected. But how long do you look into the future or to what extent do you look into the future?

    Ptaah: Foresight(*) has been made for the next 1000 years, but due to the unpleasantness of what is to come we should not talk openly about it and avoid fear and negation, but as far as our foresight(**) is concerned, it is only a few decades, but it is also very unpleasant, which we should not talk openly about either. In addition, you yourself know much that will happen in the future and bring much misery, suffering and distress for the Earthly people.

    * This seems to imply looks into the future from everyone involved. All those human beings from other races that assist with the mission. Perhaps this also includes foresight from higher spiritual levels.

    ** This seems to imply looks into the future made only by the Plejaren.

    So, between now and Apophis looks like a real barrel of laughs.

        1. Billy: Und dies geschieht insbesondere durch die idiotisch-verrückt herangezüchtete Überbevölkerung, was einerseits niemand wahrhaben will und diese daher anderseits unaufhaltsam weiter mehr und mehr in die Höhe getrieben wird, woraus weitere Machenschaften und Auswirkungen entstehen, die stetig mehr Unheil, Unfrieden, Unfreiheit, Ungerechtigkeit, Kriege, Verbrechen, Elend und Not über die gesamte Welt und deren Menschheit bringen. Für diese Konsequenzen fundiert das ganze Hauptsächliche allem voran in den Religionen und in der Machtgier sowie Geld- resp. Reichtum-Besessenheit der Menschen, wobei diese drei Faktoren untrennbar miteinander verbundensind und seit alters her Unheil bringen, wie das auch zukünftig so sein und also weitergehen wird.

          Course translation:
          Billy: And this is done in particular by the idiotic-crazy-bred overpopulation, which on the one hand no one wants to admit and therefore on the other hand inexorably further and more driven up, resulting in further machinations and effects, the ever more mischief, strife, bondage, injustice, Bring wars, crimes, misery and misery to the whole world and their humanity. For all these consequences, the whole main thing is based on religions and the lust for power as well as money resp. Wealth obsession of the people, whereby these three factors are inseparable and have been causing mischief since time immemorial, as will and will continue in the future.

          He’s right about no one wanting to admit to over population or wealth obsession and instead do a bait and switch routine or what-about-ism to deflect or deny the reality of the situation. This is a very good point brought up by Billy and what Earth Humanity does to ignore this reality on a constant basis (even outside the topics of Over Population, Wealth Obsession, etc).

          In fact, based on my experiences online I’ve seen this type of baiting and switching done by people on there, especially by conspiracy oriented folks, AND will do that even while doing something leisurely like playing video games or posting online as an anon at places like reddit. This is done in MOST cases in order to deflect the fact some people are not good or as knowledgeable as they think they are with the subject matter on just what they are talking about. You do in fact have that in “videogames” when people play “competitively” all the time as some people cannot cope with the fact that there are other people online that are better at what they are doing OR admit they’re B-A-D at the games they play. It goes to show how being online can result in folks trapping themselves in an echo chamber and simply refuse the fact or reality of a situation and out of sheer frustration will defer to beliefs because folks don’t understand why other people stand out. You do have folks that have put in thousands of hours to play these game and do little or marginal improvement and yet turn around and claim to have some sort of expertise in the games they play because of the fact they put in thousands of hours. If you’re really lucky you will be blessed by self-proclaimed “experts” at these said games that go on and make “newbie” guides and garner a following trying to be some guru at these games.

          If this behavior sounds familiar it SHOULD be. This is the same in the UFO field and all the nuts that I’ve seen Michael Horn encounter. Just because some UFO “researcher” spent decades looking for lights in the sky isn’t going to make him automatically become a guru or expert because of the fact that he put hours into digging holes in the ground or running around in crop circles. Not surprisingly, there are people that are that way in other genres or activities people engage in which fit the bill precisely in that manner. So, out of deflection on their own ignorance they will slander the actual expert just to maintain their alleged aura of guru-ship and avoid the actual real discussion that should take place.

          John Cleese on stupidity:

    1. Stephen, Thanks for posting that reminder.

      It may not look good but it also depends on our perspective. If we cling on to anything here, including a sense of self, then of course there will be a wrench. We are in and out here because of Karma but there are far greater places to incarnate in an infinite ocean of forms/matter.

      This is not wafting but born from hard-won insight and experience. There are people known who are hellishly evil and others known who are like saints. Where are they coming from -because it’s certainly no the same place.

          1. Thanks a lot Sheila 😉 , That experience had the potential of reducing my IQ by 100 points, at least.
            How excitement it must be for them to post their insanity online; one of them even posts the fact that he posts here using someone else’s name, schizophrenic MUCH?!!??!
            I see that I have planted a teensy weensy seed in one of the tiny underdeveloped consciousnesses there with being “Tagged” in your linked page, along with other posters from here.
            I noticed that Newinitiation and Taro are busy planting seeds there and I too loved Allen Anderson’s comment.
            Oh, and don’t be stranger so long next year! 🙂

          2. Haha no doubt Andrew about the lowering of the IQ. Yes 3 pages of crazy nonsense and probably a whole lot more. There are definitely some fighters for the truth there doing some awesome work, as you say. Interesting they were actually hacking into replies on THIS site to ??? change answers, steal passwords, identity theft, fraud (which is a crime I might add). Weirdly that specific link popped up when I was searching “someone’s name” that blogs on this site. A person who claims to have seen UFO lights in northern Canada (not the UK) posted on April 19, 2018. A person who claims that Billy’s material is helping her lose her religious tendencies.
            And I wouldn’t put it past some of those tards to come to this site pretending they are loving and warm women…
            Spring is always a taxing time for me and blogging distracts from work plus I was trying to clean up the mess at my municipal govt job but found out that it’s impossible and now I have no desire to ever work for corrupt govt again. If that was happening in a village of 350 people the larger centres are worse. No accounting audit will ever catch the corruption so that’s why I warned people that when the SHTF citizens will always be the last to know. Nice to see (you) your posts again Andrew.

      1. WHAT? No really, WHAT?!!??!
        “It may not look good but it also depends on our perspective. If we cling on to anything here, including a sense of self, then of course there will be a wrench. We are in and out here because of Karma but there are far greater places to incarnate in an infinite ocean of forms/matter.”
        In case you missed it, you are here:
        The Spiritual Teaching, Billy Meier UFO Case, Truth, Michael Horn, FIGU, Plejaren

        Truth being the operative word!

        If you don’t have a sense of self what is stopping you from having the sense of being a cactus? What would happen to someone who insists that they are a cactus? Would they be treated differently to someone who insists they are a typewriter ink ribbon spool?

        TRUTH, DAMN IT!!!

  4. I cannot for the life of me remember where I clicked on this link but it might as well be here under this topic.
    Some may remember me mentioning the Fabian Society and their old flag of a wolf in sheeps clothing and their newer one of a tortoise (When I strike I strike hard). Several times whilst reading this article I recalled the dangers we are warned about from mixing races, globalization and the Giza Intelligences shenanigans and its 200ish yrs of lingering effects.


    From Australia’s ABC’s 7.30 (7.30 provides the best analysis of local, national and international events from an Australian perspective, weeknights on ABC.)
    Australia’s population will double to almost 50 million over the next 40 years.

    Dr Liz Allen (one of THOSE Doctors), a demographer at the ANU (Australian National University) Centre for Social Research: “Do you know what, the future that we have in front of us is quite an exciting one.

    We are presented in the media and from politicians at the moment that there is a bit of a doomsday feel about what we’re headed for, and this idea that we are in an out-of-control population space, we are booming – this is not the case… ”
    John Brockhoff, the Principal Policy Officer at the Planning Institute of Australia: “…We want Tokyo’s, Paris’s and New York’s, and we can do that by planning well, and we can do that by understanding that when we look at the changes that are sweeping over us, the growth that we are expecting, that we look to provide a dividend along with that growth… Having a basis for knowing which are the places that we want to support, where are the growth hot-spots, where are the regional centres that have great prospects and how can we support them?

    So to the presenter it is all a big joke, to Liz it is all very exciting and to John it is all about picking and choosing where you think you can make the most coin.

    Watch at your own risk (9.03min):

    1. It’s so disgusting that all these western policy makers want to keep flooding their countries with thousands and thousands of people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter that the native populations are begging and screaming to stop bringing in more people. All these different groups of people are the ones who have to live among each other with segregated communities, no-go zones and ghettos. No, these politicians don’t give a hoot because they stay locked up in their gated communities and don’t have to worry about robbery, assault, rape and murder. Just look at the faces of the people on the streets–they are miserable and almost robotic. There is very little genuine social cohesion and camaraderie. We are creating a giant mess and the future generations will live in misery and chaos.

      1. Another consequence of this, as Meier has pointed out, will be a lot of unwarranted violence against people of different races, religions, colors, etc. And of course this violent venting will target many innocent people, even people who are citizens of the various countries. All in all, it seems like ultimately this all leads to anarchy, civil wars and even a global war.

        1. It’s such a sad shame. The hatred is already apparent in many places, and as a consequence, we see these segregated communities popping up. The mixing of cultures creates misunderstandings, animosity, and usually leads to violence. The innocent people, who want to live peacefully, are the ones who will suffer the most. And once again, like fighting over resources, we see that the underlying and painfully obvious problem is overpopulation.

        1. Paying to have kids is ridiculous too. It seems to be more Europe at the moment who are flooding themselves with people, but Canada and the UK are following in their footsteps. The U.S. has been overpopulated for a long time and I hear some Australians complaining that their neighborhoods are turning into crime infested areas due to migrant influxes. I guess it depends on where you live and who you ask, but it’s all out of control.

        2. Whenever politicians speak about sustainability and development that’s code for Agenda 2030 (told to me by one of those rare honest politicians).
          Governments don’t care whether immigrants have jobs or kids. They only care about taxing them on their property that they can’t afford. After three years of nonpayment the property goes up for sale and the municipality reaps the whole benefit of the sale minus the amount that is owing to the bank for the mortgage. You can see why politicians encourage it and why banks have no problem lending the money for the purchase.
          But there are rare politicians who haven’t been “schooled” who are against immigration.

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