The QAnon Con

It’s time to take self-responsibility for your own life and stop conning yourself

Nobody’s coming to save us, the “evil elite” aren’t going to be magically whisked off the planet and, unless you stop being merely a spectator in life, there are many rude surprises in store.

As I say in my video, the problem isn’t that QAnon rightly identifies some of the problems, as well as many people’s hopes and dreams. The problem is that too many people are conning themselves into thinking that just because some nice videos have gone online…the problems are over.

They’re not. Many are just beginning. And the real solutions aren’t to be found in anyone’s videos, in any political rhetoric, or “a-savior-do-be-a-comin'” religious sermons. This has never been the way of real progress and it won’t be now.

For those who get their dose of hyper-happy hope from QAnon, or any other form of…entertainment, sober up and become the hero in your own life because, truly, there’s not much you can do about all that stuff “out there” now.

The time for that is passed.

Now is certainly the time to forge good, solid, meaningful, healthily interdependent relationships with like-minded people. Study the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching and make the best of this life, the one you actually live, not the phantasmagoria (See: 127) that you’re addicted to online, in movies, video games, etc., which indeed turns people into “humble beings, like cringing dogs”.

Pay close attention to what Billy Meier has said about those who don’t agree with the policies of the powers that be:

Please also see the information at the links below, from a source that has proved to be impeccably accurate, for a more realistic, albeit unpleasant assessment of what’s coming our way, here in America, as well as the rest of the world:

NEW Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier

REAL News from 1948 to…2250!

Excerpt of the 705th Contact Regarding “Elites” – by Larry Driscoll

Did Victor Davis Hanson Just Endorse Billy Meier Prophecies?

Henoch Prophecies

Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia

Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings

The Way to Live

There really is a way to live in peace, love, freedom, harmony and…inner strength.


91 Replies to “The QAnon Con”

  1. I am constantly investigating as entertainment in addition to the vast amount of time I spend outdoors away from it all meditating . I found Q anon interesting to watch develop. I am not going to get into deep analysis, just some observations. The originations of this movement have been located and the progression tracked as well. So its not a Q Clearance level Government operation. Its some folks who were trying to wake others up to the level of global corruption by using Questions and encouraging research on behalf of people to open their eyes. They have seemed to encourage a large amount of people to do just this. I do see the normal followers that don’t do much research and just trust blindly, however, I do see many that have really taken the deep dive globally and dug up quite a bit.

    As far as organization, their is none. No real ability to effect change imo, just created some vigorous investigators. After mid term elections we will see how it goes regarding “The Plan” and the 45k sealed indictments. The Q movement seems to hinge on Sessions actually prosecuting and actual arrests of wrong doing. This up to this point is non existent. So all these people are riding a wave of hope that ‘justice’ be revealed.

    The underlying premise is that their hedging their bets on ‘whitemail’ as opposed to blackmail. Mueller is a known criminal whom was approached to lead an investigation into the Russian Collusion and to collect information regarding ALL crimes. This includes a vast cast of characters. The theory is that these are the sealed indictments. The other premise is that Q is a platform to have those who are ‘woke’ to help aid the people in dealing with the arrests and take down of the political criminals. Child Trafficking , Drug Dealing, Charitable Fraud, Satanic Cults up to and including the Royal Family and Hollywood are all compiled in the rampant ‘mainstream’ corruption. Mueller is a focal point of the Howling Left to take down Trump, they now trust him and his investigation. Hence the ‘white mail’. Do the job, keep your head down, right the wrongs.

    The Presidents EO from November outlines ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ as well indicating financial accounts will be frozen in these cases . So its an extensive awakening movement that has turned into a public awakening of global corruption instead of a ‘Government Insider’.

    The movement has been doxxed since January of 2018. SO , instead of it being a thrown away, it took on a ‘we are Q’ understanding. Meaning we are the source of investigating the truth. We answered the questions, we did the work, we know we have to work to find the truth.

    My optimism is that if they can research, they can dig up truth. And along the way, I’ve been able to point people to Billy and his teachings. The main reason is the Q community put together what they call ‘Q proofs’ listing the closest things they have to somebody inside the Government coming out and confirming it.

    I just point out that its not proof. It might be enough for someone to believe in Q. But there is no proof or confirmation. That just opens the doors for Billy and his teachings.

    Michael always does a great job with his work and transmissions. My main inspiration to write this is that Q might be a very good opportunity to wake up some truth seekers. As long as you have Qanon in the title on a you tube transmission, the algorithm will pick it up and suggest it with Q viewers. So it makes sense to me as an opportunity. Something like ‘Beyond Qanon…” for example.

    So that’s all folks, I highly suggest Billys book ‘How to Live’ still digesting that one! Salome ~ David

      1. Hey Stefan,
        I’ve read quite a bit of both over time and I find a lot of stuff enjoyable to read and find positive messages in their work, I just have no way to verify things. I find a lot of the folks in the threads of the work they do quite established in many of the industries with the exception of Gaia. Gaia has shown their dark ways. David was honest immediately as things unfolded and it has proven to be another awful display of control and sensorship with terrible intent.

        I keep an open mind and try to stay neutral positive for the most part. I’m intrigued about whats next, enjoying the time we have left here and trying to stay in line with Billys work and wisdom. I would love to see them show interest in Billys work as well, that would be very exciting if the exposure and interaction was possible.

        Stefen , what are your positions on Cory and David, and how far along are you into your discovery of Billy? Join in and please use your full name along with all of our other participants. Thanks for checking out my comments, David

        1. Salome & G’Day David,
          Thank You for a very valuable lesson in Neutral-Positive-Equalised thinking there. Much appreciated and much Love sent your way, naturally!

        2. Thank you for the reply. To answer the second part of your question first, I have been following Billy since the seventies, joined the English Blog in 2007 and even visit the center in Switzerland a few years ago. It is was what I have always known about life but could not find until 2007 as far as the teachings are concerned.

          When it comes to David and Corey, the jury is still out. My initial reaction is that it is great science fiction. For if the Ps to be believed then those two go well beyond what they have given us. But it raises some questions (I may have been doubting Thomas in a previous life :).) I know in the end that it does not matter what either side says, it is the teachings that matter. With that said, David and Corey have mentioned the Meier case on occasion (positively I might add but only in passing).

          With reference to Q, he may have good intention but I feel in the end that this will be the cause of the civil wars in America.

          Finally, I enjoyed reading your post. And I apologize for not using my last name in my initial post to you.

          1. Stefan,

            In relation to Cory and David; I recently researched them and gut feelings are the same as yours.

            Corey put me off when talking about how ‘God’ or whatever the ‘ultimate’ is as being in need of experiencing itself, and then he flowed with a number of other ‘needs.’

            This has been debated by ancient Indian Yogis for thousands of years and deduced that any ‘Creator’ that produces everything could not need anything.

            There’s only information from both; zero about how to become a more patient, loving human being – or about human psychology in relation to mind-programming. .

            1. In addition to this, I must say that I’m unpleasantly surprised that there would be even a moment’s thought and discussion about these two charlatans and quacks, Goode and Wilcock.

              I guess I will have to remind people where they are. This is a blog focused around the evidence, work, information and experiences of Billy Meier, the only human being who has produced evidence contact with extra terrestrial human beings…and has survived 23 attempts on his life for his trouble. This in itself makes it the single most important true story in human history.

              In contrast, you have a self-admitted, walking mind control experiment in Mr. Goode, and a whining phony who complains about his paycheck in Mr. Wilcock. Of course, like every other profiteer working this ridiculous field of ufology, neither of these clowns has one piece– not in one piece–of actual evidence to support any of their claims.

              And yet here on our nice little blog people actually are pondering if these shameless fools could possibly be telling the truth. What has happened to discernment, people?

              1. You beat me to it, Michael. Those two are complete charlatans. They like to lead folks along without ever giving any real evidence for their claims. I have come to the conclusion long ago that they deliberately lead people down dead end rabbit holes so they won’t look anywhere else. Salome

                1. Hi Melissa,

                  Exactly. And I would hope by now that people realize that it’s an absolute waste of time to talk about so-called “contactees” unless and until actual, credible, authenticated evidence is presented. But even if such would ever be presented…WHO CARES? What more could humankind want than the entirety of the Meier case, basically freely available to all? The only answer is that in place of reality they want escapism, distraction, disinformation and…entertainment.

                  Please let’s not contaminate ourselves, and this forum, with those things that lead us away from the truth.

  2. There was a comment to mentioning David Wilcox and Corey Goode by M.H and Melissa, so would like to offer a perspective on their reaction.

    Both D.W and CG teamed up not so long ago and now with another man (who has been interviewing for a number of years) to launch an interactive chat with David and Cory only, and they are pumping out shows daily. It’s high level costly investing.

    Another factor is that they and other ‘new-agers’ also team up and boy is there a heavy almost sickly feeling watching them perform. And watch I do, for at least 10 minutes in order to gauge the collective psyche which I’ve been doing for around 60 years.

    This is the strangest time – quite literally insane things are going on – on every conceivable level.

    For those who don’t know who these men are, and have only just seen them popping up all over YT, and it has to be said with an open mind to assess for ones self, then they may take a look – and why not? If prejudice and confinement to one perspective becomes a must on this blog, then it’s more like a cult rather than something to discuss to open our eyes and expand awareness.

    This massive dramatic fiasco going today needs to be explored in order to be understood.

    1. Hi Mary, of course everyone is free to watch or research these fellows as much as they want, but we rather not waste time here going down those rabbit holes. This blog is a discussion place for the Meier case and the voluminous information involved with it. We also discuss world events, climate change and overpopulation as these are all directly related to Meier’s information. No one here is obliged to believe anything, but as Michael said, we do like to practice discernment and critical thinking. Salome

    2. Expanding awareness, yes, but giving any time and space to the noxious disinformation agents is not something that I want this blog to be about.

      Certainly people can go and check all these liars out to their heart’s content. But having seen ZERO evidence of ANY other authentic contactee with credible, tested and authenticated evidence to support their claims, over almost 40 years of research, I see no reason to bother with that garbage here.

  3. In our daily lives, we can not but bombarded endless amounts of information and forgive me for being human, I had what you might call a moment of weakness if you will. For I am a thinking, I hope rational being and I’d like to think for myself. And, like I said I have a “doubting Thomas mind”. With that said, I am not going to be a “Monk” to the teaching since that what it is not about. It’s about being and living positive-neutral as much as we can under our current understands and hopefully continue to grow while learning from our mistakes. Sorry, I made a mistake by polluting your blog with this subject.

  4. Thinking for oneself is what it’s all about. And you can decide for yourself of course what you think of anyone’s claims, evidence, etc.

    Let’s be clear, no one is asking you to be “a ‘Monk’ to the teaching”, it’s not stated, implied, suggested, etc. And if YOU consider something a mistake, then you know that everyone makes them and there’s no blame attached to that…nor is it implied here either.

    It’s just that the time has come (even much longer ago than now) to be very clear about some obvious things. One of them is the crap from the so-called UFO community, New Age community, so-called channels, contactees, abductees, and every other piece of nonsense that is without evidence, substantiation, merit, credibility, authenticity, etc.

    This isn’t a “my-contactee-is-better-than-your-contactee” club, cult, or anything of the like. So, in case it isn’t clear, you’re not being personally attacked. Many of us have waded through all the disinformation for a long time and see no reason to have to do any more of it. I will add this personal question though, do you think the “jury is still out” about the existence of “Blue Avians”, “Reptoids”, etc.?

    The coming times – and even the present ones – demand that people toughen up, use discernment, focus on what’s truly important and essential in their lives and for their future survival. Ask yourself if you think that, for instance, there are a lot of people in Russia, China and many other countries, who give one moment’s attention to all the disinformation artists that clog up the airwaves over here? Just something to reflect on, for a bit of perspective.

    1. Yes, Michael. And personally it feels like time to pull back from all of this. Not having been on line like most of you have, it’s been a real opener to see just what state humanity is now in.

      However, you mention that many people are not tuning into such stuff. If the remotest Himalayas is anything to go by, tribal people in tribal dress and ways of living clutch firm hold of their Smart phones that are constantly online to FaceBook.

      As already mention, Buddhist monks walk around with them swinging from their necks. illiterate manual road-workers have walking of the edge of cliff streaming through endless images. There must be billions walking around being microwaved and brainwashed at the same time.

      They say there are well over 3 billion on line now. Seeing the amount of old people here who , like everyone else, carry them on their bodies and near to their hearts, it’s also shown that people want to see what others are with people like CG, who words things in a way that both the young and new-agers like.

      It’s all marketing. They pay to get a name and have huge clicks the same day stuff is released. There’s a network of paid clickers and not just automated systems giving a thumbs down and removing ‘likes.’ Some are paid to write nasty comments, or who are sadistic and get gratification.

      There is one talk by Corey that has drawn a lot of people recently which I posted to a number of diverse people to test the collective waters. The results are too long to go into now because I’m on the road and in flux. But it’s enough to say that people in general are focusing on anything to distract them from the main root cause which is within them.

      As raved on about, it all points to a lack of love as a way of being and living. No one can show me any problem, personal or otherwise, that doesn’t have a lack of love’s attributes as the root cause. And as Michael says, we need to be facing reality now, inwardly and outwardly preparing.

      What I’ve seen in the past few weeks on the front-line has shown there are some people who are possessed by ‘evil.’ And I never thought that, with psychological understanding, it could be summed up like this. Self-centered action has been pumped into us via the media, and there are many becoming very nasty now. But there are always rays of light….

      Also from research, there’s a false notion that everything will go down with the grids. But the DP are not dumb. They have their back-up systems when the time comes.

      For us, simply turning of from the grid for 48 hours can show how we will react and what is needed at hand.

      Love from a really cute Krishna temple that’ over-flows with kindness and humbleness.

    2. Totally agree MH.

      “The recorded audio took a great deal of editing, to make the published version a lot more coherent than the original really was. There were many long pauses, hesitations, ramblings, and stumblings. Corey stated that he was on quite heavy pain medication, was on disability, had problems with his memory, and had not been working for quite a while. (He lied about this later, publicly claiming that he’d been earning a ‘six figure income’. This was a flat-out falsehood.) I have all the original raw audio archived.
      All this time, he’d been continuing to make valid and interesting contributions to the forum. It seemed as if he might know something, somehow, but by the time we reached December 2014 it was clear that he was damaged or compromised in some way.
      Further problems appeared that same month, when it became known that Corey was ‘counseling’ over 30 Milabs (military abductees), despite being quite unqualified to do anything of the sort. The forum has a duty of protection, as Milabs are real people with often real and very serious problems, that need the most expert help.”

      On the negative side – Too many Sigmund Freud’s pretending to be someone they’re not in the UFO industry. Why would anyone take an MK Ultra person as an authority on any subject? How would you even know if they were telling the truth? I watched a video of another MK Ultra spaz by the name of Angela Power Disney. She really needs to tell people what she is instead of using her recently acquired psychology “gifts” because oddly I agree with Bill Ryan that damaged people should not be counselling anyone. Plus I think they use the MK Ultra shield as an excuse for not taking personal responsibility for their actions.
      Looking on the positive side – I imagine David Wilcox as being one of those surgically altered to look like an alien. Maybe that’s why they make such a good team!

      1. LOL Sheila, I got as far as reading to, “(Very possibly connected with this, Corey had a couple months earlier been granted security access to the FBI database, and could use this to check up on any person he wanted — something he Skyped to me in person.)” and had to pick myself up off the floor and change my pants so as to avoid embarrassment from and for any unexpected visitors!

  5. There’s no need to apologize, Stefan. When someone comes to the blog and asks about certain individuals, as you did, it’s only right that we give you an answer based on fact. It is then up to you to take that information and apply your own reason and thinking to it. By all means, continue to do your research because it is the responsibility of every single human being to search for and find the truth. Mistakes, as you mentioned, are the cornerstone of evolution. Salome

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