The QAnon Con

It’s time to take self-responsibility for your own life and stop conning yourself

Nobody’s coming to save us, the “evil elite” aren’t going to be magically whisked off the planet and, unless you stop being merely a spectator in life, there are many rude surprises in store.

As I say in my video, the problem isn’t that QAnon rightly identifies some of the problems, as well as many people’s hopes and dreams. The problem is that too many people are conning themselves into thinking that just because some nice videos have gone online…the problems are over.

They’re not. Many are just beginning. And the real solutions aren’t to be found in anyone’s videos, in any political rhetoric, or “a-savior-do-be-a-comin'” religious sermons. This has never been the way of real progress and it won’t be now.

For those who get their dose of hyper-happy hope from QAnon, or any other form of…entertainment, sober up and become the hero in your own life because, truly, there’s not much you can do about all that stuff “out there” now.

The time for that is passed.

Now is certainly the time to forge good, solid, meaningful, healthily interdependent relationships with like-minded people. Study the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching and make the best of this life, the one you actually live, not the phantasmagoria (See: 127) that you’re addicted to online, in movies, video games, etc., which indeed turns people into “humble beings, like cringing dogs”.

Pay close attention to what Billy Meier has said about those who don’t agree with the policies of the powers that be:

Please also see the information at the links below, from a source that has proved to be impeccably accurate, for a more realistic, albeit unpleasant assessment of what’s coming our way, here in America, as well as the rest of the world:

NEW Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier

REAL News from 1948 to…2250!

Excerpt of the 705th Contact Regarding “Elites” – by Larry Driscoll

Did Victor Davis Hanson Just Endorse Billy Meier Prophecies?

Henoch Prophecies

Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia

Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings

The Way to Live

There really is a way to live in peace, love, freedom, harmony and…inner strength.


31 Replies to “The QAnon Con”

  1. Thank you Michael. I am new to this material and am reading the materials provided on your website as much as I can. I am living in New Zealand at present with plans to return to Canada in 2019 and wondering if you know of any groups in NZ working with Meier material/teachings? Also, getting books delivered to NZ is cost prohibitive. Im am travelling to Australia in few weeks time, do you have a contact that i can reach out to to perhaps get books? Thank you Michael

    1. You’re welcome Sandra.

      I suggest contacting the Australian FIGU group, for books as well as possibly info on NZ connections. There may also be some people here who may know of meetings, groups there, etc.

  2. Cue doesn’t address the two biggest problems in the world- overpopulation and religious delusion. In fact, he instigates religious fervor, righteousness, fanaticism, revenge, biblical verses, and blind patriotism.

    1. Tom, I hope you are joking because not only is that ridiculous, it’s completely untrue.

      Also, please use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks

    2. As I pointed out when you posted this same nonsense on one of our videos, there are NO “Pleiadians” and you should prioritize learning to think. Your life may well depend on it.

      Please also use your first and last name when submitting comments.



      1. On a lighter note…I sense that the best way to test the accuracy of the Pi calculation affirmed by the Plejaren and calculated by Harry Lear (thank you all by the way). Is to simply test it in application…simply put, press a record with new calculations as the dimensions. Mozart would be suitable for such test in my opinion. Salome

  3. This QAnon nonsense is politics, most likely Trump supporters. Although I agree that part of Trump’s base are the deplorable of society, racists, white supremacists, misogynists, etc., a good portion are just folks looking for a government who is looking out for them. And Trump has used religion to rat catch all his followers into thinking that he now leads a party for them, when in fact he is betraying this base and catering to billionaires, including himself.

    Here is the couple with the Q cut-out that Trump supposedly pointed out at one of his crazy rallies I feel sorry for these folks because like the rest of their like minded Trump supporters, they think they are part of something big that will produce great change. Instead they are being conned and used by some ignorant, and highly religious Trump supporter group that is mostly like spreading Trump insider crazy theories.

    The QAnon secret info is as bat bleep crazy as what Trump spews on a daily basis. Yes these folks are hooked like crack heads, and need to take a good long hard look at their own lives, take responsibility, and start making corrections right at home and with their neighbors, as you say. The problem in this case is not Hollywood or video game makers, it is a horrible obsession with politics. Politics, thanks in part to the TV antics of Trump, has become an obsession among many Americans today more than ever before. People are glued to political talk shows because of the circus. And this fire is being fanned by an egotistical brand of president who is clearly not seeing reality along with his illogical criticism of anything he does not like the sound of; which is riling up simple minded folk like the Q cut-out couple, Alex Jones supporters or the rest of the QAnon rally freaks who are too dependent on religion that they ARE NEVER going to find the spiritual teaching this lifetime, even if you mailed them the GOT. Millions of like minded Trump supporters have NO IDEA that they need to channel all their erroneous views about the world and subsequent anger, into a peaceful exploration of themselves. This I am afraid is at least 800 years into the future in my opinion. So thank goodness there is a good movie and popcorn out there!

    Personally, I detest politics and can not stand watching the news. However, I do try to stay up on current events. But thank goodness for a little phantasmagoria on a moderate scale in these crazy times; I am just glad Patrick Steward or Captain Picard or Locutus of Borg is back for more Star Trek! I am sure fellow Trekkie Terry is stoked too.

      1. Yikes Melissa I NEVER EVER voted for Trump! and I NEVER EVER will vote for Trump! Trump thinks he`s above the law. Guess what,he wants to run for president again in 2020 and I`m not even sure I`m going to even vote in the 2018 midterm elections either! Quite frankly I can`t stand the fact that Trump even wants to punish ANY country wit stiff tarrifs and fines which is a very very sure sign of WW4 no later than 2020 at the latest!!! “Better to abolish nuclear weapons, overpopulation, climate catastrophies, religions,etc,etc,etc!!!

        1. Terry, I know that, believe me, I know how you feel about Trump.

          I was talking about you being a big fan of Star Trek. I told Anthony that I think you’re their biggest fan. Read down to the very last paragraph of Anthony’s comment. Salome

          1. Melissa I`m not a fanatic of Trek. I used to watch a lot of Trek years ago but now I just watch the episodes of The Next Generation that I like and that’s it I`m just a Treker after a fashion. Iove the Star Trek technology of touch screen monitors, voice activated commands, com bages, rycorders from The Next Generation etc.

        2. I just heard on the news that Trump is proposing to turn NASA into a space based military industrial complex including weapions in space to colunter and challange the Chinese and Russian influence in space!:-((((

          1. There is more 1. From Democracy Now! for Friday August 10th, 2918 in the News: Pence Calls for Military Space Force to “Maintain American Supremecy in outer Space” 2. and in for Friday August 10-Sunday August 12, 2018 Weekend Edition Military Space Starship Troopers,Same As It Ever Was by David Price

            1. From Democracy Now Monday August 13,2018 In the News: Trump to Sign $716 Billion Spending Bill With over $20 Billion For nuclear Weapons

    1. This might 😉 get you loving politics:
      “… (1982) Democrats alleged Republicans were trying intimidate minority voters in New Jersey and brought the legal action. The RNC, inexplicably, decided to agree to a consent decree before a Democrat-appointed judge rather than fight the claims.

      The judge, Dickinson Debevoise, appointed by Jimmy Carter, later retired but decided he would continue to control the case. The decision requires the RNC – but not the DNC – to “refrain from undertaking any ballot security activities in polling places or election districts where the racial or ethnic composition of such districts is a factor in the decision to conduct, or the actual conduct of, such activities there and where a purpose or significant effect of such activities is to deter qualified voters from voting; and the conduct of such activities disproportionately in or directed toward districts that have a substantial proportion of racial or ethnic populations shall be considered relevant evidence of the existence of such a factor and purpose…” (sorry about the mobile site, my “smart”phone, ya no)

      “However, an Obama appointed judge overturned this law in January of 2018.” (via Jim Stone )

      Anthony, does the 23 mean you watched a Jim Carrey movie recently?

      1. Andrew,

        Why do you focus on this crap? As far as I am concerned let the savages beat each other senselessly with clubs, just stay out of their way.

        You ask me what the number 23 means? I deals with the law of 5. On the Symbols of the Spiritual teaching thread I give my opinion on various numbers and symbols. Five deals with the relationship of a sine curve to the unit circle, and the critical points. Notice that during a full rotation the x-axis is intersected three times, this shows becoming and passing in infinity. The other two points represent a maximum positive value and a maximum negative value to represent equalisation of polarity in nature.

        So you see I am too busy to think about the illogical, which includes politics. My suggestion dear Andrew is to “just say no to politics” it will fry your brain. Go buy a Symbols of the Spiritual Teaching book instead….

        1. Anthony,

          I wouldn’t use the word focus, myself, more of a keeping tabs on what might set certain effects into action and giving others closer to that action a heads up, maybe?!!?!
          I am but 1 teensy weensy part-piece that has a stake in all this oneness, after all.

          And I will leave the mathematics to a future time, maybe this lifetime if I fine the inclination, maybe not. I respect your knowledge in such areas!

          Salome Mate, and Smile while holding your head high!

  4. The only good thing I can say about QAnon is that they, whoever they may be, are opening the eyes of many more people to the corruption at the highest levels. That in itself is a good thing, but the religious leanings, the blind faith and all the other hope and praying are not going to solve any of our problems. We need real action and real change in our thinking before most of the larger problems can begin to be addressed.

    Q may even eventually instigate vigilante groups to go out and take care of some of these people who are viewed as evil. This is the last thing we need because we still don’t know exactly how the civil war is going to kick off, if it does, and I fear that this may be one of the fuses that helps to start the fire. Revenge and chaos are not the answer to millennia old problems. Changing our current paradigm and taking logical steps to clean up the system and the planet are what we need.

  5. Not only that Melissa but also we need to clean out and get rid of ALL the crooks who trying to run this planet to the ground,mud ashes and so on including “getting rid of nuclear weapons and nuclear bombs!!!”

      1. Melissa Here is my very own personal feeling “ALL POKLITICIANS CROOKS AND CRIMINALS WITH BAD SKELATINS IN THEIR CLOSETS!!!” Why even bother to send a note to Trump when we ALL KNOW these politicians are just plain criminals why try hard to make off with a fast buck(tax breaks for themselves) and leaving the rest of us(you and me) with “NOTHING” to pay off our hard earned cash and leaving us ALL in Dept(heavy taxes) to have to pay this thugs off While these stupid fat cats make off with ALL our hard earned cash for military fights here on earth and there in space too just to try to maim,kill and shioot us ALL DEAD(short life span) Guess what? theses crook are just hankering for ALL the BAD ETs instead of the GOOD ETs like the Plejaren Federation in Outer Space! How stupid can you get with these twerps adverizing “Starship Troopers in Outer Space” just to save their necks NOT ours,you and me!

        1. Well, since you put it that way, now I understand. I wasn’t sure, up until now, how you really felt about politicians. This clears everything up.

          It’s still not a bad idea to send a letter to politicians every once in a while. You never know, they might just turn over a new leaf. I’m sure the Plejaren had to start somewhere when they were more primitive like us. They had wars and corruption just like us, Terry. I’ll bet that some of them sent letters to those in charge…and eventually someone listened. They’ve had peace now for 50,000 years. Wouldn’t it be something if we took that kind of initiative here on Earth? Salome

        2. So much for military might on earth and outer space. All theses nefarious dark forces want is to hurt,maim, and destroy ALL life here on earth and in outer space next thing you know the bad malevolent ETs will just come and take over and eat and destroy EVERTHING including the earths solar system, etc,etc,etc! Do these dark forces care? You tell me? WW4,WW5 WW6 and ion and on and ion into a black hole! Go figure!

    1. Give them a chance to sort themselves out… they’re only recently over a thousand year dependency on the trillion dollar religios industry for all their supporting needs. Any addiction takes time to get back into life again.

      1. Kay don`t forget the Star Troopers in space which will surely bringWW4 and a whole bunch a bad ETs who would like nothing better than to cannibalize Planet Earth! Remember what Semjase told Billy back in the mid 1970s when Billy first met and learned from Semjase about the very reasons why the Plejaarens don`t travel all over the universes because there are good and bad all over just as there are good and bad everywhere here on Earth too. Having Space Troopers in space is sending the wrong message which might just get us in trouble with the wrong ETs who don`t want love,peace, liogic and so on.

  6. Whilst it may appear to many at this point that only those with money and property have the luxury of saving themselves, whilst the less lucky won’t have the same options for preparedness, can I assure everyone that this won’t be the case.

    Those who have been lucky (yes, that’s a real thing – luck – as it can hardly be argued that every lotto winner has been hard attending Tony Robbins’ seminars, or, delving into the GoT) keep telling the already-converted to read the teaching, like they apparently do, these should know that their luck is temporary and not of any real or lasting value.

    The teaching in some form, I am convinced from experience, has been registered in me for many lifetimes now and I’ll be ready, as always, to receive the truth again in my future lives and when the world is populated more reasonably. Whilst many lucky ones are fools for not acknowledging this luck (as they could garner a real habit from it), instead, many in the far-Western paradigm think this gives them some kind of BS guru status. However, the fact that top salaries/incomes should have a limits according to the teaching, tells me that finanical success is no comment on ones ability to fight in the battle of survival-of-the-fittest. If economic success was all about only getting our just desserts, the recommendation would not be needed as all the responsible ones would be the richest and care about others.

    I find it perplexing when those who did get lucky at some point in this lifetime, from doing what they like, or, from doing bugger all, e.g., lucky investment, inheritance, etc., think this qualifies them for promoting themselves as gurus or boot-camp workers telling us to ‘Push’ and read that one more line from the GoT before that salad lunch. This exposes them as self-made frauds and ignorant of any real value in this area.

    To them I would say, we aren’t looking for anyone to save us as we know saviours are a lie and we know already that only we can save ourselves, but, some of us have experienced unfortunate events, lack of funds, unfair work dismissals, expensive divorces, injustices, grief, mental anguish, etc., (cue the counsellors) and, significantly, in the coming times, only those who mastered these and carried on and developed good intuition, which in no way can be significantly built up in a decade or so, as well as, premonitive abilities, foretelling dreams, etc., a skill which can only be built up to useful levels by many previous lifetimes’ worth of dedication, will be in a practical position to save themselves and regardless of their economic situation. The lucky ones who havent worked for it will face their real abilities like everyone else when the SHTF and they may regret putting lady luck down.

    I’ve had all the warnings and signs I need already to survive what is coming, but, haven’t decided if I want that yet. I am also getting more from my dreams, thinking and abilities and yet I’ve only a few grand in my account, but, this suits my personality and my wanting not to a be smarmy, one-hit, guru-wonder like the many tiring and endless string of self-made entrepeneurs and get-rich-quick-and-be-given-authority schemers.

    As Bernadette told me once, “Try to have some fun, Matt”. That includes annoying the hell out of all the spiritual preachers who perceive their luck as “effort” and promote their brand of shepherding to bring the flock in to gormlessly stare at THEIR good fortune and that they failed to recognise as such. I’m honestly not that stupid, or, as lucky and I know my survival won;t be dependent on memorisijg a recent verse from the GoT and that being the “fittest” and surviving has nothing to do with money, possessions, or, luck-preceived-as-knowledge = cultic behaviour, etc.

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