The Language of Science

How scientists respond may well determine if we do indeed survive

Regarding the first episode of How Did He Know BEFORE the Scientists?, we should consider that if a very advanced extraterrestrial race chose to contact us they wouldn’t use the complex means of doing so imagined by various sci-fi fantasists and groups like SETI who, as Billy Meier’s ongoing contacts show, falsely believe that they will be the “official” discoverers of, and the contact people for, intelligent extraterrestrial life.

The clearest way to contact us would not be “in the language of mathematics”, or with cryptic blips and primitive radio signals from outer space, it would be in one of the languages spoken on Earth. Any extraterrestrial race advanced enough to master traveling huge distances in space would certainly be capable of learning a language foreign to them as well. The Plejaren race, with whom Meier’s been in contact for over 77 years, have chosen German because its comprehensiveness, specificity and accuracy doesn’t exist in any other terrestrial language.

What we also learn from the information in the Billy Meier contacts is that they don’t resort to the kind of specialized language that our scientists do to describe things…and to elevate themselves above non-scientists.

The Plejaren speak to us in the real language of…science.They provided Meier with literally hundreds of examples of specific, impeccably accurate scientific information pertaining to discoveries, events, etc., that we would only confirm from years to decades later. They are contained in Meier’s books and documents, their ironclad authenticity assured by copyrights, the internationally recognized proof of first publication. Copyrights don’t assure the accuracy of the information. This was left to our own scientists who have – unknowingly – confirmed and corroborated hundreds of examples of them.

So, any scientist who tries to dismiss, ridicule or ignore the unprecedented factual reality of actual contact between an earth man and extraterrestrial human beings, should first debunk Joe Tysk’s definitive authentication of Meier’s evidence, as well as all other independent expert analyses and authentications done over the past 40 years.

While scientists, like most other human beings, have their own expectations about what should happen in life and how and when it should happen…life often has other ideas.

The abundant, still irreproducible, ironclad physical and informational evidence is here. The time is now to come to terms with it. Having seen this information, any scientist not deigning to respond, should they disagree without providing a credible rebuttal, is simply intellectually dishonesty and cowardly. It doesn’t change the facts. But it could relegate one to insignificance, as the dismissiveness towards the evidence would ultimately and deservedly be directed at them.

The real scientists have been spoken to in the language of science. It is intended to help us assure our own threatened future survival, which should override all lesser considerations about funding, tenure, credibility, rank, popularity, ego, etc.

How they will respond may well determine if we do indeed survive.

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  1. 2019 and we still have people who are to afraid to investigate anything! Talking about this sends almost every person into the deer in a headlight mode! The people who understand are just saying this is in everyone’s best interests.

  2. I find the Meier material very compelling and interesting. I’ve only really scratched the surface of the material, but already I find it isn’t afraid to alienate groups of people and exclude large sections of potential audience. Who does Billy Meier intend to reach after alienating much of those in religions and the UFO community? Many scientists would be too skeptical to take a track record of correct predictions as a guide to investigate prophecies. It seems the potential audience for the Meier material seems to be niche people who are open minded and find his material somehow.

    1. Hi Alex, it’s funny that you say that because Billy isn’t trying to reach an audience like many of the jokers in the UFO community and he’s not out to get rich and famous. His mission is to spread the teaching of the spirit and the teaching of the truth. Our responsibility is to search for and find the truth. The material is not intended to alienate, but it does deal only in truth. If the truth alienates someone, they might want to take a look at the reasons why. If people are truly interested in the truth of life, death and the reason for our existence, then having an open and searching mind is the only logical strategy. The deeper you get into the material, you’ll see just how much of a loving, peaceful and honourable man Billy Meier is. Scientists will probably be the last ones to board the train. Salome

    2. Skepticism is fine as long as it’s superseded by the application of the scientific method, etc.

      Actually, copyrighted proof that Meier’s published literally hundreds of examples of specific, prophetically accurate scientific information before “official discovery” absolutely demolishes any skeptical argument and exceeds even photos from the Mars Rover, etc. Let’s remember that many of these stuffed shirts, like Tegler at NAU, weren’t “interested” in Meier’s UFO photos – taken 15′ from the WCUFO but carry on about photos of Pluto, taken thousands of miles from it.

      Honestly, if these myopic geniuses applied the same standards in evaluating Meier’s evidence…they’d have some pretty big problems, since they’re not the ones who’ve been contacted, or “discovered” the information first, etc., and their pathetic, overinflated egos couldn’t handle it.

      The lack of…awe they display when shown the evidence tells me they’ve been so dumbed down themselves that, well, as Melissa said, “Scientists will probably be the last ones to board the train.” It would just be a tolerable bad joke…if so much grief wasn’t coming down on humanity because of their hubris and incompetence.

    3. So true Alex, I was just talking with someone about this, it does seem to be the more open minded person, niche people, who really get it, at least at the onset. We do have to think on those who are, or have been for awhile, feeling that little niggling feeling that something, or a lot, just doesn’t add up with what we, as a whole, have been taught to think and do. More and more people, I like to think, are questioning, due to events, unfortunately, of our time – or fortunately, the other side of the coin, bringing more to the teaching of understanding what true love, freedom, wisdom, harmony, knowledge and peace truly are and, hopefully, the responsibility inherited with it.

    4. The audience that this material is mainly aimed at are those who will be alive in a few centuries time, give or take. Everyone who is involved in this material now could be viewed as information collators, evidence presenters/disseminators etc. Those who are pursuing the teachings and researching the information may well be involved in a similar task in future incarnations. In this day and age, every aspect of life on Earth is recorded and preserved. In this current time, that which is provably true is dismissed and ridiculed by most people and that which cannot be true is defended to the death. Together with the Billy Meier information all of this will present a true picture for future generations of what is now ‘the age of insanity,’ as it will become known. From this, there will be a greater snowball effect in the spreading of the information until it will one day start to be discussed in all public spheres. The thinking of Earth humanity will change for the better.

      The alienation aspect, I suppose, is part of the whole future message. Future generations will be dumbfounded as to why the people of this time were so stupid to suppress and ignore this information. They will have the benefit of being able to study the resulting catastrophes that this stupidity caused together with the fact that we were warned time and again by Billy Meier but still continued to make things worse.

  3. Well, there appears to be a few issues; those notable scientists that fall into the area of tenure, funding and peer review rankings don’t dare step of their gravy train. These scientists would definitely suffer financial and popularity loss to some degree as already pointed out; so they take the safe lucrative route. Various noted scientists chose to ignore truthful facts that do not align with their pre-determined assumptions that don’t fit into their neat little ego paradoxical inconsistencies.

    Nonetheless, there are those scientists that do not fall into this conundrum that should make themselves heard! It is in fact, as many have pointed out, a matter of life and death for much of humanity, as Billy Meier has pointed out time and again with corroborated and documented events.

    I have met people that have difficulty looking at the extraterrestrial renderings that Billy Meier has been in contact with, as it does not fit into their inflexible thought pattern. Unfortunately, these folks are dumbed down to truthful authenticity, and in fact would much prefer to watch a nonsensical reality show on network TV that provides zero knowledge and spiritual growth.

    Excellent article Michael

    Ken Smith

  4. This makes me wonder if humanity will ever wake up to the REAL TRUTH as Billy and the Pleajarens have predicted before the gravy train hits them hard in the head! Great article MH. Glad to be back with a new pc and waiting for the new sterio speakers to watch you on Youtube. Salome

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